A Guide to Choosing the Right Kyber Crystal For You

A Guide to Choosing the Right Kyber Crystal for You

Star Wars Enthusiasts! Welcome to the amazing world of colorful Kyber crystals, where the Force strongly binds with the very essence of lightsabers.

In the vast Star Wars universe, lightsabers represent more than just glowing weapons. They act as a visible representation of a Jedi or Sith’s true essence, deriving their power from Kyber crystals. Our comprehensive guide will explore different colors of kyber crystals, their meanings, and the iconic characters associated with them. 

More importantly, we will help you discover the perfect Kyber crystal color for your own journey.

Kyber Crytals

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Each crystal, with its peculiar hue, carries profound meaning. Selecting the right Kyber crystal goes beyond appearance; it is all about forming a personal connection with the Force.

From the calm and diplomatic blue to the passionate and powerful red, each color tells a story. We will guide you to choose a lightsaber color that aligns with your character, values, and destiny. We will also help you explore your own connection with the Force.

Your Star Wars journey starts with the perfect hue – let’s find it together!

What Are Kyber Crystals?

Kyber crystals are the heart of lightsabers, with a special link to the Force that goes beyond their physical form.The choice of crystal color, whether blue, green, or a rare shade, is a manifestation of the harmony between Jedi and crystal.

For Jedi, finding a Kyber crystal is like a sacred journey. It is a spiritual quest where they connect with the crystal that feels right for them. It is a way for Jedi to show their trust in the Force, letting it guide them to a crystal that matches their peculiar connection to the cosmic energy.

Kyber Crystal Cave

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On the other side, Sith, known for their darker ways, often get Kyber crystals by stealing them from Jedi or through shady methods. Even for the Sith, creating a lightsaber is a crucial ritual. It is a symbol of their tie to the Force, cementing their identity as wielders of its power.

Thus, these kyber crystals are a bridge between the Jedi, Sith, and the Force. 

How Kyber Crystals Resonate with Force-sensitive Individuals

Kyber Crystals are found in different regions of the galaxy, particularly in the icy caves of Ilum. Once a Jedi/Sith finds a Kyber crystal, a remarkable bond forms. 

At first colorless, a lightsaber crystal gains life when it is attuned and bonded with a Jedi. It emits a radiant glow, typically blue or green. In rare cases, other colors may appear.

Luke Skywalker

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When the crystal takes on a certain color, it keeps that color. It then becomes an important and unique part of the Sith/Jedi’s identity.

“Kyber crystals are like special batteries for lightsabers. They make Force-sensitive individuals feel the Force better. The crystal’s color, like blue or green, shows how well the Jedi and crystal work together. This helps them stay focused in the middle of fights.”

Different Kyber Crystals Colors

Blue Kyber Crystals

Blue Kyber Crystals

Image source: Lucasfilm

Among different shades of Kyber crystals, the blue hue holds a special significance.  It represents traits of calmness and diplomacy. When a Jedi wields a lightsaber with a blue Kyber crystal, it shows their commitment to maintaining peace and serenity in the face of conflict.

Meaning of Blue Crystals

Jedi who value open dialogue and mutual understanding are frequently shown with blue lightsabers. Blue crystals symbolize qualities such as tranquility, serenity, and faithfulness. It symbolizes a Jedi’s dedication to their order and their commitment to upholding truth and justice.

Opting for a blue lightsaber signifies a strong commitment, self-control, and a profound respect for the principles of the Jedi order.

Famous Wielders of Blue Lightsabers

Among the well-known characters proficient with blue lightsabers are Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ezra Bridger, Cal Kestis, Ben Solo, Plo Koon, Kanan Jarrus and Rey. 

Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan showed off their Jedi skills with blue lightsabers when they were Jedi Knights. Rey, inheriting Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber, which passed through Luke Skywalker, also embraced a blue lightsaber, connecting her to the legacy of these iconic characters.

If You Choose Blue

Choosing a blue lightsaber indicates that you are probably a person who values loyalty to loved ones, strives for peace, and is motivated to do what is right. 

Having an unwavering sense of discipline and being willing to work hard to achieve goals are intrinsic qualities associated with blue.

 Selecting a blue lightsaber indicates a strong Jedi, ready to combat for fairness and harmony throughout the expansive cosmos.

Green Kyber Crystals

Green Kyber Crystals

Image source: Lucasfilm

The green crystals represent more than just their color. They symbolize harmony and growth. It is closely linked with the Jedi Council and individuals possessing a deep connection to the Force.

Meaning of Green Crystals

The green Kyber crystal mirrors a balance between serenity and progress. Opting for a green lightsaber signals a Jedi’s dedication to nurturing growth and preserving harmony. Those who wield green lightsabers are often characterized by their willingness to learn, grow, and strive for equilibrium within the cosmic energies.

Famous Wielders of Green Lightsabers

These famous characters are known for their skill in wielding green lightsabers. 

After losing his first lightsaber, Luke obtained a green one that symbolized his strong bond with nature. 

Yoda, with a green lightsaber, demonstrated wisdom and thoughtfulness through his actions and teachings.

If you Choose Green 

Choosing a green crystal implies a connection to balance and growth. It shows a strong bond with nature.

Individuals who opt for the green kyber crystals are often characterized by their pursuit of balance, showing qualities such as wisdom and careful consideration. 

The connection between the color green and nature suggests that Jedi who wield green lightsabers are commonly regarded as wise and thoughtful members of the Jedi Order.

Red Kyber Crystals

Red Kyber Crystals

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The red hue holds a distinctive place among kyber crystal colors. It is commonly associated with the Sith. These crystals symbolize power, passion, and the allure of the evil side.

Meaning of Red Crystals

The red kyber crystals represent strength, passion, and a link to the dark side of the Force. It represents a person’s willingness to pursue power without considering the traditional Jedi principles, often disregarding their values.

Individuals who align themselves with the Sith and wield a red lightsaber are frequently prepared to go to great lengths to accomplish their objectives.

Famous Wielders of Red Lightsabers

Iconic characters known for wielding red lightsabers include:

These characters, who have a strong connection to the dark side, demonstrate the intimidating and powerful qualities of the red lightsaber.

If You Choose Red

Choosing a red lightsaber indicates a strong inclination towards power and passion. This demonstrates a readiness to access the more shadowy elements of the Force, seeking power and control.  

If you choose this particular color, it indicates that you frequently act on impulse and allow your emotions to govern your actions. Nonetheless, this can result in significant personal resilience and self-assurance. 

Opting for a red lightsaber indicates a divergence from the Jedi way.

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Purple Kyber Crystals

Purple Kyber Crystals

Image source: Wookieepedia-Fandom

The color purple, which is uncommon among Kyber crystal colors, holds special meaning and significant importance.  Jedi who wields a purple lightsaber frequently display an unorthodox approach to harnessing the Force. They demonstrate a willingness to push boundaries to accomplish their objectives.

Meaning of Purple Crystals

The purple kyber crystal is connected to individuals who have a distinct approach and don’t conform to conventional norms. It represents a balanced combination of the tranquility of blue and the intensity of red. 

Purple lightsaber wielders are those who embrace both aspects of the Force, seeking harmony between calmness and resolve.

Famous Wielders of Purple Lightsabers

  • Mace Windu

The color purple has a particular significance for Mace Windu’s lightsaber. The character reflects a distinct and self-reliant nature. He was not constrained by the strict rules of the Jedi Order, yet remained devoted to goodness and the principles upheld by the Jedi.

If You Choose Purple

Choosing a purple kyber crystal suggests a unique approach to the Force. Those who pick this color possess a distinct and self-reliant nature, while also remaining devoted to their core principles. They may carry a balance between tranquility and passion, much like Mace Windu.  

Purple signifies an individual who seeks harmony in the Force while remaining determined to uphold justice and peace.

Yellow Kyber Crystals

Yellow Kyber Crystal

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Yellow kyber crystals are very rare. Only a few characters are recognized for wielding lightsabers of this particular color. The Jedi temple guards are often associated with yellow lightsabers. It symbolizes acts of kindness and safeguarding.  

Meaning of Yellow Crystals

The yellow kyber crystals possess unique characteristics that represent qualities like wisdom and balance. Yellow is commonly associated with traits like intelligence and humility.

Choosing a yellow Kyber crystal suggests a Jedi with a harmonious connection to the Force, embracing both knowledge and intuition.

Famous Wielders of Yellow Lightsabers

  • Ahsoka Tano: The skilled and wise former Jedi Padawan.
  • Rey Skywalker:  A brave Jedi known for his calm demeanor.
  • Bastila Shan: A prominent figure during the Old Republic era.
  • Jedi Temple Guards: they are responsible for keeping the Jedi Order’s temples and records safe.

If You Choose Yellow

Choosing a yellow kyber crystal suggests that you have a well-rounded approach to facing challenges. You prioritize making wise decisions and acquiring knowledge, while also valuing the balance between various aspects of life. 

Opting for a yellow lightsaber signifies a Jedi who is prepared to skillfully navigate the intricacies of the Force using a combination of wisdom and instinct.

In short, if you pick a yellow blade, it means you are a faithful Jedi who will protect and preserve the Jedi order.

White Kyber Crystals

White Kyber Crystal

Image source: Wookieepedia-Fandom

Characters with a Sith background or a Sith who has departed from the path are linked to the white kyber crystal. White represents rebirth and purity for the Sith. 

Jedi figures who have abandoned the Jedi way of life and are seeking a fresh start frequently brandish white lightsabers.

Meaning of White Crystals

White is a color that stands for innocence, cleanliness, and rebirth. White lightsabers are symbolic of purity, balance, and a distinct alignment with the Force. 

A Jedi who selects a white Kyber crystal showcases a commitment to neutrality, balancing both Light and Dark aspects. It represents clarity and a harmonious connection to the Force.

Famous Wielders of White Lightsabers

  • Ahsoka Tano: The skilled and wise former Jedi Padawan, demonstrating her unique journey.

If You Choose White

Choosing for a white kyber crystal indicates a Jedi who prioritizes equilibrium and untainted principles. One can adopt a neutral standpoint, aiming to achieve clarity when making decisions. 

The white lightsaber symbolizes a dedication to maintaining harmony within the Force, representing a Jedi who is prepared to navigate the intricacies of the galaxy using a fair and well-balanced approach.

Orange Kyber Crystals

orange Kyber Crystal

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Orange Kyber crystals, used by “Gray Jedi,” demonstrate a distinctive equilibrium between the good and dark aspects of the Force. They seem to be in a neutral stance, not fully aligning themselves with either side.

Characters who are curious about the Force and seek knowledge are also often linked to the use of orange crystals. 

Individuals who possess orange lightsabers demonstrate a high level of proficiency in conducting research and investigating the tangible aspects of the galaxy.

Meaning of Orange Crystals

Orange kyber crystal signifies a fusion of passion, creativity, and a dash of independence. Choosing an orange lightsaber suggests an individual who embraces individuality and brings their own flair to the Force.

Individuals who opt for orange kyber crystals typically possess a different view on the Force. Their primary emphasis could be on adventure and discovery rather than combat. This color represents a lively connection, blending both determination and imagination.

Famous Wielders of Orange Lightsabers

If You Choose Orange

Selecting an orange lightsaber means you’re a Jedi with a lively and creative style. You value doing things your own way and connecting personally with the Force. The orange color reflects qualities like adventure, ambition, creativity, and friendliness. I

It is a choice that shows your determination, positivity, and a spirited approach to your journey. As a Jedi with an orange lightsaber, you bring creativity, independence, and a positive vibe to your path through the galaxy.

Black Kyber Crystals

Black Kyber Crystal

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The black Kyber crystal possesses distinct characteristics, representing power, dominance, and a hint of assertiveness.

The Darksaber, which is well-known, represents more than just a color. It signifies authority, heritage, and tradition within the Mandalorian warriors.

The black saber has been handed down over generations and is not limited to Force users. Anyone can use it.

Meaning of Black Crystals

In the terms of kyber crystal, black symbolizes darkness, strength, and mystery. It is often associated with the Sith and stands as an outlier compared to the Jedi. 

The black Kyber crystal’s origins are rooted in the historical conflict between Mandalorians and Jedi, serving as a potent instrument in warfare and showing the hopelessness and dismay felt by the Mandalorian people

Famous Wielders of Black Lightsabers

  • Tarre Vizsla: Sith Lord and founder of the Mandalorian Death Watch, the first Mandalorian to build a lightsaber. His black crystal, from a temple on Coruscant, became a relic in the Jedi Temple after capture by the Jedi Order.
  • Darth Maul: A formidable Sith Lord known for his double-bladed lightsaber.
  • Pre Vizsla: Leader of the Mandalorian Death Watch, wielding the Darksaber.
  • Sabine Wren: A skilled Mandalorian warrior who wielded the Darksaber.
  • The Mandalorian (Din Djarin): The central character in “The Mandalorian” series, showcases the use of a black lightsaber in the form of the Darksaber.

If You Choose Black

Picking a black kyber crystal is like saying you might be someone leaning towards the Dark Side of the Force. It is not a common choice, and it often means you are ready to face challenges with a bit of a tough edge.

 In the Star Wars world, black is linked to the Sith and a history of power struggles. So, if you choose black, it is a symbol of diving into the more intense and mysterious side of the Force.

Cyan Kyber Crystals

Cyan Kyber Crystal

Image source: Wookieepedia-Fandom

In the colorful array of Kyber crystals, cyan shines as a representation of tranquility, knowledge, bravery, and fairness. The cyan kyber crystal resembles a lighter variation of the blue crystals, symbolizing qualities such as youthfulness, vitality, and serenity. 

Meaning of Cyan Crystals

The color is a combination of blue and green, representing a harmonious equilibrium and reflecting the essential rationality of Jedi.

The cyan kyber crystals symbolize the unified blend of strength, serenity, and youthful spirit. This distinct hue also represents peacefulness, intelligence, and bravery, making it a selection that encompasses the finest qualities of a Jedi.

Famous Wielders of Cyan Lightsabers

Though, cyan color doesn’t appear much in the canonical Star Wars world. Cal Kestis does wield a dual-sided cyan lightsaber in “Jedi Fallen Order.” 

This highlights the potential of Jedi greatness and individuality linked to the cyan lightsaber.

If You Choose Cyan

Jedi values of wisdom, justice, peace, and bravery are embodied in the choice of a cyan lightsaber. Additionally, it represents a sense of calm, vitality, enthusiasm, and youth. 

If you choose a cyan kyber crystal, it is a sign that you are dedicated to being a good Jedi. You are committed to keeping the Jedi Order in harmony and reason.

Brown Kyber Crystal

Brown Kyber Crystal

Image source: Art Station

Brown Crystal holds unique significance, representing the Jedi consular’ commitment to diplomacy and nature’s harmony. This color signifies their ability to resolve conflicts peacefully and defend themselves when needed.

Meaning of Brown Crystals

Brown kyber crystals symbolize a Jedi’s connection to nature, diplomacy, and the art of keeping the peace. Jedi consular with brown lightsabers aim to live harmoniously and solve conflicts without resorting to violence.

Famous Wielders of Brown Lightsabers

  • Shaak Ti, a Togruta Jedi master

She is widely recognized as a notable user of brown kyber crystals. She is well-known for her calm demeanor and skill in diplomacy.

The brown lightsaber she has chosen is a symbol of her dedication to promoting harmony and resolving conflicts peacefully.

If You Choose Brown

Opting for a brown lightsaber suggests that you see yourself as a peaceful individual who prefers resolving conflicts without resorting to violence. 

If diplomacy and living in harmony with nature resonate with you, a brown lightsaber may be the ideal choice, aligning with the values of Jedi consulars.

Gray Kyber Crystals

Gray Kyber Crystal

Image source: 3Demon

In the array of Kyber crystals, gray signifies a balance between the light and dark sides of the Force.

Meaning of Gray Crystals

The gray kyber crystals symbolize a special balance achieved by Jedi who effectively manage both the light and dark sides of the Force. They utilize their abilities for the greater good while also resisting the temptation of the Dark Side.

Famous Wielders of Gray Kyber Crystals

Notable users of gray kyber crystals are: 

  • Jedi Knight Jolee Bindo, renowned for his independence
  • Jedi Master Kreia 

 Their choices demonstrate the skill to understand and navigate various perspectives.

If You Choose Gray

Opting for a gray kyber crystal indicates a preference for avoiding extremes and embracing equilibrium. If you consider yourself to be adept at understanding various viewpoints and intricacies of the Force, a gray kyber crystal resonates with your path as a Jedi, representing self-reliance and balance.

Pink Kyber Crystals

Pink Kyber Crystals

Image source: The Saber Armory

Within the vast and varied domain of Kyber crystals, the captivating shade of pink holds a special meaning, symbolizing special qualities and traits.

Meaning of Pink Crystals

Jedi who prioritize peace and harmony are frequently associated with pink kyber crystals. Individuals who possess pink lightsabers demonstrate proficiency in the art of diplomacy and possess an exceptional talent for resolving conflicts through non-violent means. 

The color represents passion, love, and friendship, highlighting the emotional bond that these Jedi share with the Force.

Famous Wielders of Pink Lightsabers

  • Adi Gallia: A respected Jedi Master and member of the Jedi Council, known for her exceptional ability to resolve conflicts peacefully.
  • Mara Jade: Another noteworthy female Jedi, associated with the rare pink lightsaber.

If You Choose Pink

Choosing a pink lightsaber indicates that you are probably a compassionate person who has strong emotional bonds with others. You have a strong belief in the inherent goodness of individuals and possess a talent for critical thinking, often opting for independent decision-making rather than conforming to societal norms. 

Kyber Crystal Chart: Discover Your Lightsaber Color

#Aspects Kyber Color Features
1Personal Growth and DevelopmentGreen – Knowledge, wisdom, and balance in the Force.
2Willingness to FightBlue – Symbol for justice and maintaining peace.
3View of JusticePurple – Willing to use force against evil, yet forgiving.
4Strong Connection to the ForceYellow – Highly skilled, exploring deeper levels of the Force.
5Connection to NatureBrown – Profound connection to nature, promoting harmony.
6Dealing with Fear and EmotionsWhite – Control over emotions, utilizing the Force calmly.
7LeadershipRed – Traditionally Sith, but may indicate leadership focus.
8Mastery of the ForceOrange – Using the Force to develop potential and skills.
9Following One’s Own PathBlack – Exploring a unique path and pushing the limits of the Force.
10Protecting OthersYellow – Prioritizing protection and willing to sacrifice.
11Maintaining Own IdentityGray – Not committing to a specific side, forging a unique path.
12Control Over EnvironmentPink – Using the Force to influence and control the environment.
13Knowledge and UnderstandingBlue – Focused on continuous development and seeking knowledge.

Lightsaber Journey with Neo Sabers

Selecting a kyber crystal for your lightsaber is a deeply personal decision influenced by various factors such as your values, goals, and beliefs.

It is crucial to understand that the color of your lightsaber isn’t tethered to a specific meaning or role; rather, it aligns with your individual tastes and preferences. Your Star Wars lightsaber is a unique extension of yourself.

Different colors of lightsabers

Image source: Amino Apps

Importantly, the choice of a kyber crystal doesn’t categorize you as a Jedi or Sith automatically. It serves as a tool for both, allowing them to wield the Force and defend their convictions. Beyond Force users, there are instances of non-Force users utilizing lightsabers, showcasing the versatility of these iconic weapons.

When seeking the right color for your Star Wars kyber crystal, focus on finding one that resonates with your personality and aligns with your preferences. No matter which color you choose, your lightsaber becomes a symbolic representation of your connection to the Force and a reflection of your uniqueness.

At Neo Sabers, the experience goes a step further. Here, you’re not limited to choosing just one color. All lightsabers are color-changeable, providing you the freedom to adapt your lightsaber to your evolving preferences and ensuring that your lightsaber remains a dynamic expression of who you are.

Additional Informational Guide to Kyber Crystals and Holocrons

Explore the captivating synergy of kyber crystals and holocrons, integral elements of your lightsaber journey. 

Each kyber crystal, available from various online stores, brings a unique thickness and resonates with iconic Star Wars characters. 

Kyber Crystals

Image source: Sith Slayer-YouTube

Kyber Crystal Voices in Holocrons

Color Character Cut Holocron Voice
Black Snoke Medium Sith Holocron: Snooke
BlueLuke SkywalkerThick Sith Holocron: Luke Skywalker
Blue Obi Wan Thin Sith Holocron: Obi-Wan Kenobi 
Green Qui-Gon JinnMedium Sith Holocron: Sith Holocron
Purple Mace Windu Thick Sith Holocron: Mace Windu
RedCount Dooku Thick Sith Holocron: Count Dooku
whiteAhsoka TanoMedium Sith Holocron: Ahsoka Tano
Yellow Kolloma ReeThick Sith Holocron: Kolloma Ree
Yellow Maz KatanaThin Sith Holocron: Maz Katana

Additional Holocron Insights

  • Jedi Holocron with an empty crystal: Voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Sith Holocron with an empty crystal: Voice of Darth Bane, the Sith Lord behind the “Rule of Two.”
  • Activating both Jedi and Sith holocrons together: Unveils the voice of the enigmatic Bendu.

Kyber Crystal Purchase

Get ready on your lightsaber journey by acquiring kyber crystals from diverse online stores. Each crystal color enriches your collection, connecting you to the Star Wars universe.

Connection of Kyber Crystal and Holocron

Insert a kyber crystal into a holocron to activate a symphony of voices, revealing character interactions and stories. The voices differ depending on the crystal color, providing a personalized and immersive experience.

Navigate the online marketplaces, choose your kyber crystals wisely, and unlock the voices within your holocrons. May the Force guide you on this remarkable lightsaber adventure!


Your Crystal, Your Journey

As you choose the right crystal, remember it is not just a color – it is a reflection of your connection to the Force.

Your Star Wars journey is personal, and your lightsaber is the storyteller. Let the chosen crystal resonate with your spirit, guiding your path through the galaxy. Your adventure awaits with every ignition.

May the saga continue, strong and true.


How do Jedi choose their kyber crystal?

Jedi younglings embarked on a pilgrimage to ice caves, harvesting crystals to construct their lightsabers. Guided by the Force, they found a crystal attuned to their Jedi essence.

What is the most powerful Kyber crystal color?

Purple stands out as one of the most powerful kyber crystal colors for lightsabers. However, a lightsaber’s true power lies not only in its color but in the connection between the wielder and the Force.

What is the weakest lightsaber crystal?

Kathracite crystals, among the weakest Adegan crystals, were often used for training lightsabers. Producing a feeble pale green blade, they served the Jedi younglings in their early training.

What is the least popular lightsaber color?

The black lightsaber, known for its rarity in the Star Wars universe, holds a reputation as one of the most elusive colors. Its scarcity contributes to the mysterious allure surrounding this unique weapon.

What is the most respected lightsaber color?

The blue lightsaber is highly esteemed and has been favored by many renowned Jedi over the course of history. The elegance and widespread usage of this particular lightsaber color have established it as a symbol of admiration.

Are red Kyber crystals evil?

The process of bleeding a kyber crystal involves imbuing it with anger, hatred, and fear, turning it crimson – the signature color associated with dark side users.

How do Sith obtain their kyber crystals?

Unlike Jedi, Sith often seize or steal kyber crystals, bending them to their dark will. The process is marked by corruption and manipulation, in stark contrast to the Jedi’s sacred pilgrimage.

What is the strongest lightsaber crystal?

The Solari crystal, ancient and powerful, graced the Jedi Order with its light orange radiance. Only a Jedi of pure spirit and devoted to the light side could harness its might.

Do lightsaber colors matter?

While there’s no right or wrong lightsaber color, each hue carries distinct meanings. Red may symbolize passion, aggression, or strength, while blue represents purity and nobility.

What is the most legendary lightsaber?

The Skywalker saber, passed down through Anakin, Luke, and Rey, stands as the most renowned lightsaber in Star Wars, a legendary artifact with a rich history.

Do Jedi pick their lightsaber color?

Jedi undergo a meditative process, resonating with the crystal’s energy to determine the color of their lightsaber blade.

Do lightsabers have two crystals?

Every lightsaber contains at least a single crystal at its core, resonating to create the efficient and powerful blade that is the hallmark of a Jedi’s weapon.

How are kyber crystals chosen?

Jedi let the Force guide them in choosing a kyber crystal. The crystal would feel cold to those not meant for it, but those chosen would sense its “music” and “harmony,” feeling drawn to it. Before being chosen, kyber crystals don’t have a specific color.

What color is Princess Leia’s lightsaber?

 The color of the lightsaber of Leia was blue. She used it during her training as a Jedi Padawan under her brother Luke Skywalker.

Did any Jedi use red lightsabers?

At times, Jedi resort to using red lightsabers in emergencies, particularly when they lack their own lightsabers and a Sith weapon is the only available option. In some cases in Legends, Jedi are shown using red lightsabers.

Can a Jedi bleed a kyber crystal?

Yes, in the High Republic Era, Jedi Knight Dagan Gera bled his kyber crystal, turning the normally yellow blade red. This process involves imbuing the crystal with negative emotions.

Does the Darksaber use a kyber crystal?

 Absolutely! The Darksaber is an exceptional weapon that, like traditional lightsabers, has a Kyber crystal at its core. Its distinct design, history, and bond with its wielder elevate it to a symbol of power, leadership, and pride within Mandalorian culture.


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