What does a Red Lightsaber mean? – History and Amazing Facts


Red lightsabers are one of the outstanding lightsabers from Star Wars. However, it is notorious among the other lightsabers in Star War mainly because it was mostly carried by the villainous characters, referred to as The Sith. These villains had the sole purpose of eliminating the Jedi order and gaining control and power over the galaxy as tyrants. The villains, Sith, walked along with the Rule of Two which stated that there stands one master and one apprentice. The apprentice would free themselves from all physical and mental deficiencies, in most cases, it included being under the control of the master to the point where the soul was shattered. This helped in bringing all the Sith close to one another however, there were several instances when the Sith Lord would go astray from the common goal only to go after their benefits and growth.

The Sith Legend

sith legend

The Sith Legends state that they started to use red lightsaber crystals because of need. Since the Jedi had a stronghold on the plant named Ilum. This planet was the home to the naturally growing lightsabers. Due to the control over this planet, they were required to make something similar without requiring the naturally growing crystal. Then, the Sith started to craft their synthetic lightsaber crystals with the use of deep meditation and custom furnaces.


To prepare it, they would sit along with crystal in furnaces while bringing upon excessive mental and physical pain or stress. Over there they would also meditate on the crystal and offer it their will and immense power. This all helped in forming the blood-red synthetic crystal for the lightsaber. Contrary to the Jedi, who carried various colored lightsabers, the Sith had only red colored lightsabers formed from the synthetic red crystal which showcased their unity.

Characteristic Building

The lightsaber colors were mainly defined by the identity and the characteristics of the user. The common characteristics of the red lightsaber included hasty, extreme vanity, yearning for power and control and lastly the unparalleled levels of narcissism. They also represented qualities like extremely brave and unable to be tied down; however, it was also associated with instability and wildness. Although the users of red lightsabers are eccentric, however, they focus on the plan laid down by their master and perform all the needed methods in their control to achieve it. Lastly, the red color also represented outrage, lack of empathy and dominance.


Moving on to the personality of red lightsabers, the individuals who had them would turn frantic easily. They are usually unable to control and contain their emotion and would choose brutality and violence to settle any matter. They are extremely consistent individuals who continue to work hard until they reach their goals even if they must sacrifice everything along the way. To be capable of destroying anything and everything which comes their way they have a great amount of mental

Strength and Capacity.

red saber

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Next, we will discuss the battling style of the users of red lightsabers. The users during duelists would fight fearlessly and with great aggression. Therefore, the Sith came under the most elite warriors of the galaxy. They utilized their innermost emotions and disdain to showcase their strength and force in the battle. Their dedication to the dark side would bring out the real excitement in battles. Since the fighting style asks for an intense commitment from mind and body, it immensely impacts the user’s body and causes severe strain.

Additionally, with the extraordinary lightsabers, the users would usually use a force-based attack to win over their opponents. The most used and adapted technique included force lighting, mind control and force choke. The force fighting is considered the most fearsome attack of all, with the streaks of electricity resonating from fingers and electrocuting the target until the person dies. Therefore, anyone who comes across the Sith Lord is good as dead.

History of the Red Lightsaber:

“At my request, the armorer analyzed the Sith lightsaber that I’d recovered from Wud Mortall. She confirmed that his lightsaber contained synthetic crystals, as did every other Sith lightsaber she ever examined.”

The red crystals as explained above are synthetic crystals which are usually referred to as the synth-crystal. The synthetic lightsaber crystals are made artificially to reenact the naturally formed crystals found on the planet owned by Jedi. Although the synthetic crystals are all red, however, some of them may differ in colors based on the previously mentioned characteristics.

red crystal

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Although there is no specific date to when the red crystal was utilized for making lightsabers, however, the oldest documentation for this is in the days of the Old Sith Empire. The first-ever documented Sith to utilize the red crystal for lightsaber was Karness Muur, who was originally a knight of the Jedi Order however, got carried away by his lust for power and turned into Dark Jedi. Then, multiple Dark Jedi followed his lead like Haazen, Exar Kun, Darth Malak and Darth Revan. This opened the door for the Sith followers to use the same color and show their unity. Therefore, all the red-hued crystal users were becoming part of the Dark-siders.

The key reason that synthetic lightsaber crystal quickly gained popularity among the Sith followers was their requirement to stay hidden from the Jedi and to differentiate themselves. The Jedi Order had since a long time ago mined planets like Illum, which contained plenty of normally developing gems. Ultimately, engineered gems got imbued in the way of life and custom of the Sith, with most individuals believing their red gems to be better than the gems utilized by the Jedi. The Sith thought about their interaction of repeating gems to show their force of control over the Force. 

red saber

Oppositely, the Jedi excused the making of engineered lightsaber gems, with the point of view that this was the speedy and simple way. Notwithstanding, there have been instances of Jedi utilizing manufactured gems when regular gems are not open. The most remarkable instance of this with an unmistakable Star Wars character was Luke Skywalker, who utilized a manufactured green gem for his first lightsaber. During the rule of the Galactic Empire, Darth Sidious told the obliteration of numerous destinations where precious stones were regularly found. This constrained the New Jedi Order to depend only on engineered precious stones to shape their lightsabers.

Creation of Red lightsaber:

Although manufactured gems were initially viewed as unsatisfactory for use in lightsabers, the Sith found that they could make synth-gems that were stimulated, charged, and changed utilizing heaters which made the precious stone gleam in consonant vibration. The red tone was an aftereffect of the manufacturing cycle, and the goal of the maker to increase the shading to the ruby tint we have come to know. Nicknamed “blood shine cutting edges,” the gem’s capacity to change to mirror the goals of the maker is supposed to cultivate a more grounded connection between the lightsaber and wielder, however, this is unsubstantiated.

creation of red saber

The furnace that the gems are framed in was worked to recreate the geographical states of regular red lightsaber precious stones. When the equation was consummated, gaining the crude materials important to assemble the gems were promptly opened. The materials would be put into the machine and left to back between 24 to 96 hours. During this time, the maker would stay with the precious stone and think about it through the Force, directing its development and supporting the strength of the subsequent gem. This is additionally where starts would increase the red lightsaber gem’s capacities to be most appropriate to the wielder’s necessities. Notwithstanding shading, there are various varieties of manufactured lightsaber precious stones which influence the center, qualities, and shortcomings of every sharp edge.


 These are the gauge manufactured precious stones initially made through the replication of the regular geologic cycles. They were, by and large, viewed as more impressive than regular precious stones and were more handily controlled than the other engineered variations. Sometimes, these precious stones were known to “break the sharp edge” of standard lightsabers by over-burdening the energy network and wearing out the other lightsaber. While this event was especially uncommon, it is anything but a startling chance which was a worry for every one of those that combat an adversary with a red lightsaber.


This variation was an aftereffect of the inability to precisely duplicate the ordinary geologic interaction that shaped precious stones. This came about in a lightsaber cutting edge that was impressively more slender than standard sharp edges. This permitted the client to exhibit more prominent exactness and control. A recognizing attribute of a packed gem were motions of energy that would run along the sharp edge in never-ending spans.


unstable crystals

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Similar to compacted precious stones, precarious gems are bombed endeavors to repeat the ordinary geologic interaction. These edges would snap with energy heartbeat in sporadic spans, periodically making sparkles or dashes of electrical energy burst from the sharp edge. Because of the excess of energy discharging from the edge, these gems were known to cause more harm when they hit adversaries. Notwithstanding, they were likewise inclined to shorting out, making the lightsaber deactivate and leaving the wielder defenseless against assault. Consequently, temperamental precious stones were seldom utilized by some other means than the more dangerous Sith.

Astounding Facts about Red Lightsabers:

  1. Although the lightsabers are not separated by their color, the Sith favored red lightsabers over everything and continued to use them to showcase their unity. The Sith are famously fierce and have never been modest about the executions they use.
  2. The red lightsaber is attached to the Sith however, there have been multiple Jedi like Adi Gallia, Quinlan Vos etc. who used red lightsabers. Vos appears to have gotten over for a piece; however, he was in profound cover and needed to keep up the ploy, which means he needed to nearly turn into a full Sith.
  3. The red-colored crystal blades are thought of as ‘bleeding’. The precious stones that are assembled for the utilization of fueling lightsabers are supposed to be Force-touchy, implying that they are as close to aware as can be without really passing that boundary. However, as the Sith take what they need and do however they see fit, the nature of the precious stone is changed forcibly and this debases its regular reason, which makes it ‘drain’ and go about as a force source, yet one that is adversely charged instead of kept on top of the Force.
  4. The ‘bleeding’ concept is relatively new in the Star War Universe. This was clarified in the book “Ahsoka” which is an independent story by Ahsoka Tano, Anakin’s previous student. Initially, George Lucas just thought the lightsaber was something cool to do, he did not place a ton of thought into it until some other time.
  5. Palpatine made all the lightsabers illegal to use. Darth Vader had the opportunity to keep his clear, yet this was more since he was the emperors faster than anything. Also, if it had boiled down to a battle among Vader and anybody endeavoring to take his lightsaber from him the aftermath would have been colossal.
  6. Red lightsaber does grow naturally too. This is perhaps the most well-known parts of the red lightsaber since while there are precious red stones that develop naturally, they are yet receptive to the Force like all the other things. Manufactured precious stones can be tuned to the clouded side a lot simpler since it does not include the defilement of the gem.
  7. Red color showcases the passion and aggression: This is something certifiable as much as it is a Star Wars thing as red is the shade of peril, hostility, and even energy. Red is a shading that numerous individual’s partner with power and an exceptionally adverse picture that can come when that force is utilized destructively.
  8. Kylo Ren’s red lightsaber has added alterations because of the precious stone it uses. His lightsaber included a cross watchman which is not standard on numerous lightsabers. This was because of the way that his precious stone, apparently a red manufactured, was broken and along these lines, its force was shaky and required additional venting. The lightsaber was still exceptionally utilitarian, yet it was less steady than numerous others.


Where did vader get his red lightsaber?

Vader followed Jedi Master Kirak Infil’a to the river moon of Al’doleem and went up against him. Vader in the long run killed the Jedi Master and recovered his lightsaber. He went to Mustafar, where he drained the saber’s crystal, transforming its color to red.

Who has a red lightsaber in star wars?

Usually the red lightsaber was associated with The Sith. Mostly the villains wielded it and popular ones include Vader, Sidious, Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, Rey and the Imperial Inquisitors.

Where do red lightsaber crystals come from?

Most manufactured precious crystal were red, an aftereffect of the fashioning interaction, and regularly the start’s purposeful controls, as most people who used engineered gems were Darksiders. However, red lightsaber crystal did grow naturally but extremely rarely. 

Why did adi gallia have a red lightsaber?

Subsequent to losing her unique saber in the line of obligation, Gallia made the new lightsaber with a green edge in her long periods of administration as a Knight around 75 BBY, then, at that point in her years as an expert she changed the precious stone to red in 60 BBY to create a dark red blade.

Which characters have red lightsabers in Star wars?

The Sith and the Dark Jedi characters in the Star Wars wielded the red lightsabers. The notable characters to have used red lightsaber include Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Darth Sidious, Count Dooku etc. 


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