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Far Far years Ago! Since our childhood, we are as crazy as you are about the lightsabers. As we understand how impactful and elite lightsabers are for keeping the balance in the Force. Be it phenomenal Star War inspired lightsabers or Anime inspired, we have it all covered for you in best of features and price.

My Story

Hi! this is Michael, the passion behind NEO Sabers, I am so confident about my products because what I do is not a redundant job but instead a passion. Which I believe, it runs in my blood, because my dad too has been a crazy superhero and intergalactic battles enthusiast. From my clothes to cartoons I watched to my stationary and anything you name was inspired by superheroes. My passion was not only limited to this, but I would get as much gear and Star Wars merch as possible to showcase in my room. 

Soon while entering college, reality hit me, and I had to focus on becoming a superhero in academia and a job to earn a living. However, the passion remained burning within me and NEO Sabers became my perfect platform to keep my passion alive. However, I was never satisfied with lightsabers available in the market. I always thought that they do not do justice to the concept portrayed in movies and books. 

This is how NEO Sabers was developed to build and offer others with the most authentic lightsaber which is built exactly how the books and movies described them to be. We offer unlimited advancement and variations to cater to all sorts of lightsabers that were mentioned in books or shown in movies. At NEO Sabers, we find it not our job to build a lightsaber but instead, its passion and daily fun thing in our factory. This ensures us to offer the very best to all our products and customers. Additionally, having considered this as fun keeps the environment of our platform extremely healthy and elevates the performance and experience for all.

There stand multiple factors which make us apart from the regular lightsaber brands. However, there are certain key features that we take immense care while making our lightsabers. This ensures us to be the leading brand. 

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with an intensive passion for lightsabers, we intend to disrupt the market with new amazing features with unbeatable price and quality. We strive everyday to achieve our goals and provide our customers with not just lightsabers but the sentimental value they desire.


We're committed to be honest and transparent with our lightsabers family. When it comes to work, we're strongly with the FORCE and we have no tolerance for any misbehaviour, politics, hidden agendas or anyone who tends to fall into the dark side of the force.

Our mIssion

Our mission is exactly as yours, too bring the balance in the force. NEO Sabers is not a practice of individual but a result of a mutual passion and effort. We work as a team, we push ourselves to make a positive difference in community.


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