What is a Neopixel Lightsaber?

What is a Neopixel Lightsaber?

A Neopixel blade is the one with a blade inside the LEDs which is equipped with LED strips that are flexible. Depending on the length, the blade contains upto 256 LEDs, 128 on each side. A popular, informal method of referring to the technology is to call it a “Pixel.”

Features of a Neopixel Lightsaber

Neopixel Lightsabers are practically more bright than other types of lightsabers and include in-hilt LED configuration. The visual effects of neopixel lightsabers are more intricate and adjustable (e.g. blade scrolling effects, blade animations, blaster bolt deflect, unstable blade effects, etc.). For a medium to light lightsaber combat, a neopixel lightsaber stocked with heavy grade or thick walled blade could be used. The resilience and strength of a particular product can be distinguished by asking the specific manufacturer of that lightsaber. 

NeoCore and Proffie – what makes them different

Neopixel blades never work with baselit sabers. But both the NeoCore and Proffie NeoCore sabers can drive Neopixel blades. 

NeoCore sabers are very alike to their baseline cousins and come equipped. These come with 6-9 sound fonts, 2 blade effects, lock up, blaster deflect, flash on clash and volume control. These are also full RGB color changing. Everything is hard coded, and the end users cannot change the board sounds, effects, and functions. This is perfect for the person with no intention of modifying it. The NeoCore is less expensive than proffie and with this you can get the brightness and scroll on/off effects that are not available in a baselit. Since everything is hard coded, the NeoCore will control things by default, like sleep mode and volume. That too, better than proffie. 


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The Proffie Neopixel is a whole new scene. The lightsaber comes with a configuration that showcases a number of advanced features. Melt effects with the tip glowing, localized flash on collision, and more effects are possible with the proffie. It can also be modified as well as programmable. The format is very famous. You can switch the sound fonts up along with blade styles and effects. There are multiple ways you can customize, the rainbow effects, flame effects and many more. Crimson Dawn, on the other hand, does not support the programming at this moment. It is not difficult to design one on your own; we have millions of clients that do this on a regular basis; yet it is not simple. Instead, you are required to enter the board, and with the help of 3rd party open source software, flash it. 

Furthermore, it is very essential to ensure that the SD card has the styles and fonts perfectly formatted. There are numerous videos and how-tos available; however, you should be aware that we do not currently support altering the game. This comes with a default config for which, that is already open sourced, or the permission to ship is provided. Therefore, the fonts, blade effects, styles and more can differ at the current times. The development is still continuing Crimson Dawns proffie config.

Are NeoPixel Lightsabers Duel Worthy?

Where NeoPixel Lightsabers are designed to result in being highly durable and tough, however few NeoPixel blades are slightly more resilient as compared to others. For confirmation, it is vital to verify with the vendor or the company and figure out if the desired Neopixel blade is worthy of duel or not. Even if the firm claims that the neopixel blade is “duel worthy,” keep in mind that neopixel blades are pricey, costing between $100 and $150 each. 

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NeoPixel lightsaber blades are said to be way more costly as opposed to standard $30 to $50 blades. A connection, a resistor, and neopixel strips are among the technical components found in neopixel blades. Whereas there are no hardwares inside the standard blades that are for in-hilt LED lightsabers. Despite the fact that neopixel blades are generally constructed to be durable, all lightsaber blades can shatter, especially during intense combat battling (think The Saber Legion [TSL] calibre competitive dueling). However, the risk of dueling with NeoPixel Lightsabers might be relatively more because NeoPixel blades are very expensive to restore. 

NeoPixel Lightsaber Blades and their Plugs

Only NeoPixel Lightsaber blades and NeoPixel Lightsaber Blade plugs are utilized by NeoPixel Lightsabers. Neopixel lightsabers are incompatible with blades built for in-hilt LED sabers, which are basic polycarbonate tube blades with no in-blade illumination. Neopixel blade plug adapters are generally utilized to transform a lot of kinds of standard blade plugs which are designed for an in-hilt LED saber, into NeoPixel blade plugs. These plug adapters are now easily available. 

The Good The Bad About Neopixel Lightsabers

As compared to any in-hilt LED lightsabers, Neopixel Lightsabers normally are rather expensive. Moreover, Neopixel lightsabers tend to empty the batteries faster as opposed to in-hilt LED lightsabers. Also, the blades of a Neopixel lightsaber are way expensive contrary to standard tube blades as well. 

As we talk about the Neopixel Lightsaber, it is very important that we talk about the most common yet major drawbacks of Neopixel Lightsabers. Below are 5 factors  that everyone with a Neopixel Lightsaber may experience. They have been analysed from the positive as well as negative perspectives. 

1. The Factor of Durability

 Neopixel Lightsabers are said to be way more durable as compared to other types of lightsabers with the basic indistinguishable string blades. Which include, Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX Lightsaber. During battling, some of the aficionados of lightsabers which include members of The Saber Legion, the lightsaber battling association, Neopixel lightsaber blades have been damaged or completely shattered. The mending and restoring the technology-loaded Neopixel blade is an easy possibility. It might be costly but it is worth all the effort. You can always opt for the hollow heavy grade blade for an in-hilt LED lightsaber. 

2. The Cost of Buying and Repairing

Neopixel lightsabers are much more costly than lightsabers with an integrated LED in the hilt. A Neopixel Lightsaber is typically at least $100 more expensive than a comparable lightsaber that has a n in-hilt LED. But then again it is equipped with an excellent pro feature that any true Star War fan would like to possess. Neopixel lightsabers come with technology that is costly but durable. Thus, restoring a Neopixel lightsaber blade can be more expensive in contrast to restoring an uncomplicated hollow blade that contains an in-hilt LED. 

3. Battery Life

The pace at which the Neopixel Lightsabers drain their batteries considering the numerous features that they offer is quite reasonable. The main reason for draining batteries swiftly, is all those cool and fancy Neopixel blade effects and customization. 

4. Lightsaber Blades and their Variety

In-hilt LED lightsabers are very simple and uncomplicated, with non-component blades which means that these blades are very basic and easy to use and do not contain any sort of technology inside of them. The aficionados of lightsabers tend to  switch from a standard blade to a day blade, to a flat acrylic blade,, to a photon blade, etc. very effortlessly and rapidly. In variety and  scope, the Neopixel blade style selection is amazing and every blade needs its own neopixel strip.

5. Addition of Advanced Features

The challenge of diagnosing and refurbishing a lightsaber becomes expensive if the lightsaber is technologically complex. It may often feel easy to deal with a basic piece of hardware, despite the fact that you would have to surrender some of the cool features and benefits of a technologically advanced lightsaber. 

Neopixel lightsabers are constantly growing and gaining popularity.  It is highly likely that the few issues that exist will be resolved in the future years. The production costs however may reduce with the advances in technology. The Neopixel Lightsaber is definitely here to stay, the technology has very high chances of whipping up a storm. 


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