What is the Meaning of the Purple Lightsaber?

What is the Meaning of the Purple Lightsaber?

Purple Lightsabers are the most iconic and strange color lightsabers from Star Wars. Purple is a combination of Red and Blue and the color of the lightsaber divvy a powerful relationship with the name of the wielder. As for the brawling manner, purple lightsabers are the ideal for people who like to swiftly move and have a lot of intense and adaptive movements.  The wielders of purple lightsabers tend to work in segregation, solace, and solicitude. 

purple lightsaber
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History and Origin of the Mace Windu Lightsaber

For so many decades, lightsabers were only introduced to Star Wars fans in lonly three colors; red was for evil, green for good while blue for Obi-wan Kenobi Lightsaber . But, from 1995 to 2005 the new prequel series was launched, when Samuel L. Jackson broke all the rules by exhibiting the purple lightsaber when he joined the franchise in the form of Jedi warrior mace Windu. 

Beginning with the Jedi, Windu had visions of overextension in the Force, and these small visions let him have glimpses of the future. Windu was able to glimpse the lightsaber that he would ultimately construct during these visions. But this became a cause to worry for the Jedi Council, because Windu could not build a weapon which matched the lightsaber he had in his visions. When aged fourteen, a true challenge was requested by Windu, in order to find the essential parts to build the lightsaber. Windu was then sent alone to the planet Hurikane, on his own request. On the arrival of Windu, natives drove Windu away, however, he succeeded in getting the upper hand with the Force. Windu shattered one of the natives at one point but rebuilt the person meticulously. All of this resulted in an amethyst-colored lightsaber crystal provided to Windu by natives. Windu utilized this lightsaber in order to finally build the lightsaber  he saw in his brief visions of the future. 

Mace Windu Lightsaber
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The second lightsaber was constructed by Windu since he was recognized as a senior Jedi council member. It was constructed to the greatest of standards, with a focus on accuracy and craftsmanship. The weapon had an electrum polish that was only available to the most senior members of the council, and the distinctive amethyst crystal from his previous weapon. Windu’s second lightsaber served him well during the Clone Wars, till he died in 19 BBY at the fingers of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who was also the Dark lord of the Sith Darth Sidious. The shattered window of the Chancellor’s office was plunged out by the lightsaber. This was after Windu’s hand was severed by Anakin Skywalker, its owner was not far behind.  

How was the Purple Lightsaber created?

Standard Purple Lightsaber

A standard synthetic crystal was initiated by the victorious duplication of the geological structure of natural crystals. Standard crystals basically set a general criterion, and these build a powerfuller lightsaber blade as compared to natural crystals. Moreover, these often exhibit a red hue. The synth-crystals blades had the unique ability to break the blade of any standard lightsabers by overburdening the matrix of energy and immediately burning out the lightsaber. Nevertheless, synth-crystals initiated lightsaber blades were generally immobile than the natural crystals blades and generally less stable.  

Compressed Purple Lightsaber

The failure to precisely recreate the natural geological process that produced crystals resulted in compressed synth-crystals. The crystal thus produced was way more compressed as opposed to natural crystals, resulting in the blade to be thinner in contrast to typical blades. The by-product, nonetheless, for this thin blade was that it allowed for a higher level of accuracy and control. Additionally,  other visual signs for a blade created by a compressed synth-crystal were waves of energy that went along the length of the blade at regular intervals. 

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In the same way that compressed crystals were the product of the commencing failure to the proper duplication of the natural formation processes of crystals, unsteady crystals were the consequence of the initiate failing to accurately replicate the natural formation methods of crystals. The blades initiated by the unsteady crystals were even more unstable than the norm. This caused the blades spawned to frizzle due to the energy being erratic in the interim. Occasionally sparks flare and electrical energy streaks walk  the length of the cable. The unsteady synth-crystals result in extra loss as compared to usual, when they touch their enemies, this is usually due to the energy sparking from the blades. Nonetheless, these were more susceptible to shorting out, resulting in the lightsaber to deactivate for some time. 

Famous Characters that yielded power from a Purple Lightsaber

With uncountable lightsaber colors in the Star Wars universe, it can be an arduous task to relate what color each character wields. There were three Star Wars warriors who had purple lightsabers. 

First, we have An’ya Kuro, she was a mysterious, force-sensitive human who was a Master of the Jedi Order. A few of her remarkable accomplishments include, attained an everlasting awareness as a Force Ghost following her death, and was a master to Jon Antilles, Ki-Adi-Mundi, A’sharad Hett and Aurra Sing. Moreover, she served as a spy for the Jedi Order throughout the Clone Wars. An’ya kuro was often appointed by the Jedi High Council to teach the ways of the Force to hard trainees. 

Jaina Solo Fel was a Master Jedi Order. Some of her remarkable accomplishments also include founder to the convert group, Darkmeld, she trained at the Jedi Praxeum. Furthermore, Jedi Master and was a member of the Jedi High Court, also, she worked as a Rogue Squadron pilot in the New republic army. He was a member of the Skywalker family and a powerful force user, displaying telekinetic and Force lightning skills.

Why is Mace Windu the only one with a purple lightsaber?
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Lastly, Mace Windu, was just perfect with the Force abilities. Some of his notable accomplishments include, he was a Master of Depa Billaba, also, was a leader of the Jedi during the Clone Wars. Additionally, Windu was a Jedi General in the grand Army of the republic, plus, he was a Jedi master and member of the Jedi High Court. The Jedi was well-known for his courage. Windu depended extensively on defensive methods such as deflecting incoming blaster fire from an overwhelming amount of approaching foes, in addition to his attacking powers. 

Some Interesting Facts about Purple Lightsabers

George Lucas contemplated having  a narrator early on in the production of the original trilogy to assist convey the complicated backstories and connect the parallel tales together.  But this idea was not continued because Lucas opted to transform it into a multi-movie franchise but not before he created a figure who would serve as the story’s narrator. This character version was to become Mace Windu in the prequel trilogy, while this was an early version. Moreover, prior to the entire removal he was briefly reviewed as Princess Leia’s brother and Luke Skywalker’s friend. 

Samuel L. Jackson’s sole condition to appear in George Lucas’ Star Wars prequel was that he got the purple lightsaber. He was willing to get that to make his character look unique and different from everyone else’s. Lucas badly wanted the Pulp Fiction legend in his trilogy that despite having a precise vision he was ready to give him the purple blade. Jackson’s desire of having a standing out character was fulfilled as well, when huge battles took place like the Geonosis sequence in Attack of the Clones which included a lot of strong Jedis, his lightsaber would always be recognized through the crowd. 

Mace Windu’s lightsaber had a tragic end. During the fight between Palpatine and Anakin and Mace, when Mace fell out of the window to his death, his lightsaber too fell with him and was lost. Even though there is no such official record of what happened with the mace’s lightsaber. Rumor has it, the lightsaber was with Senator Sano Saura. Moreover, a purple lightsaber is believed to have been sold to the senator by a Duro who said it was Mace’s missing one. This is not a verified fact, but many think that Saura has the unique and flawless weapon safe.  

Although there is a marginal amount of lightsaber combat forms in the Star Wars Universe, having to create even a single one of them can surely mean that you have information. Along with being a superior combat specialist, Mace Windu also shaped the last one of the seven famous lightsaber combat forms, known as Vaapad. It is said to be also a state of mind and not only a lightsaber. This fighter would use his self-darkness along with using his own enemy’s anger in order to have the benefit. It may lead to opposite results if not used properly. Mace Windu once said to Obi Wan Kenobi “I created Vaapad to answer my own weakness. It channels my own darkness into a weapon of light.”

Mace Windu Lightsaber in Real world

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There is no need to introduce Mace Windu. We’ve all heard about this great Jedi who dedicated his life to the Light Side of the Force. Mace Windu was both a powerful and knowledgeable Jedi. He was one of Star Wars’ most fascinating characters. His purple bladed lightsaber, though, was even more spectacular.


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Mesmerizing features ORIGINAL MW LIGHTSABER

The Premium Soundboard in ‘Neopixel’ is even better. This ORIGINAL MW LIGHTSABER soundboard includes over 9 sound fonts as well as several lightsaber animations effects. It has the following characteristics:

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The purple coloring alludes to moral ambiguity, reconstruction, and healing. As a result, those who wielded a purple lightsaber had a strong connection to both the Light and Dark sides of the Force. Purple color is a combination of good and evil, the majority of Star wars characters were too loyal to one side or the other to wield a weapon of this genius and stealth. 


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