What is the Meaning of Orange Lightsaber?

What is the Meaning of Orange Lightsaber?

An Orange Lightsaber is very unique and only appears in the videogame Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, in the form of a blade color option. Orange Lightsabers were found and guided by ex-Jedi Council member Dorjander Kace. Orange can represent the user’s employment of both the bright and dark sides of the force, depending on the color scheme.

Origin of the Orange Lightsaber

The planet Naboo considers Orange to be a symbol of birth and rejuvenation. Jedi master Yaddle was also named as “The One Below’ and was also a member of the Jedi council. Although she is not as old as Yoda but have a glance at her, you will recognize her as a member of the same species. When she was still a Padwan and hadn’t crafted her lightsaber, she along with her master Polvin Kut were busy in an errand on the Koba planet.

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There was a dictatorial rule taking the place  of an Advorzse Warlock, Tulak, and Polvin Kut and Yaddle were assigned to release the locals from this rule. The mission was regrettably unsuccessful, resulting in Yaddle being in prison for 98 years. Thus she is named as “The One Below”. She was Tormented for over a century, yet she never surrendered or answered Tulak’s inquiries. The only thing that assisted her in existing through all this, was the belief in the Force. 

The people of Koba teased her until enormous earthquakes wreaked havoc on their world. During this moment, an opportunity for Yaddle to flee was created. Experiencing the ruination of the people who imprisoned her, melted her heart and could not resist but forgave them instantly. She decided to live on the planet of Koba and help the people to get rid of all the demolition due to the earthquake. But Tulak’s son came back to reinvade Kobe, sad for him, Yaddle was present to save Kobe. Yaddle did not opt for violence instead, exhorted him to step back.

Nonetheless, at his denial both the sides battled, and despite being armed with a simple and lowly stick, she defeated the invader. Subsequently Yaddle went back to Jedi Order. On her return, she was successful in making her Orange Lightsaber. And more significantly, she was instantly named Master and eventually a member of the council once the council heard her story. 

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Creation of Orange Lightsaber

Cal's Orange Lightsaber



Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Anakin Skywalker’s (passed down to his son Luke), and Darth Vander’s lightsabers were the first to be shown on film in “A New Hope ” and “The Empire Strikes Back”. Both green and blue were the standard blade colors for Jedi lightsabers that had become standard blade colors in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. As the actor Sameul L. Jackson wanted his character to be unique and different from all other characters, he personally requested Mace Windu’s lightsaber to be purple. The purple lightsaber first appeared in Clones. 


Compressed Orange Lightsabers typically have either waves or rings of energy that instantly move along the blades. These are mostly about the consequence of the failure to correctly copy the organic formation process of the crystals. 



In the same way that compressed crystals were the product of the commence failing to properly duplicate the organic formation processes of crystals, unstable crystals have been the consequence of the commence failing to completely mimic the natural formation processes of crystals. The blades created by unstable crystals were clearly more fragile than usual, causing them to spark with power at irregular intervals, occasionally enabling sparks to  fly or electrical energy streaks flow all along the length. 

The unstable synth-crystals result in being more destructive than usual, when touching enemies. This is because of the power sparking through the blades. They were however considerably more prone to shorting out, resulting in the lightsaber being inactive for a period of time. 

Famous Characters with Orange Lightsaber

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The only people who used an orange Lightsaber were Yaddle and Plo Koon. But truly, Plo Koon usually utilized a blue saber. Therefore the main character who used and owned the Orange Lightsaber was Yaddle. Three years prior to the Clone Wars, Yaddle was no longer alive. This took place on the planet of Mawan when she was deployed as a peacekeeper alongside Anakin and Obi-wan. However Anakin’s haste and impatience resulted in him being kidnapped by their arch-enemy, named Omega.

A threat to release a biochemical strike to negatively affect the whole city was revealed by the son of Dark Jedi Xanatos. He would release the strike only if Yaddle did not surrender him. Yaddle met the Omega and did not surrender, instead she used her power to release the Skywalker.

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Sadly for Yaddle she wasn’t able to attack Omega quick enough as he launched the biochemical attack toward the city. Yaddle portrayed her altruistic self and leapt and snatched it, absorbing the biological bomb into her body with the help of the Force. At the expense of her life, she was fortunate enough to save the entire city. Despite Obi-Wan and Yoda’s efforts to soothe him, Anakin Carried the guilt of the sacrifice of Yaddle with him. He insisted that the demise of the dearest Jedi master was the result of his careless attitude. 

How do the Orange Lightsabers pass on between characters?

In the Star Wars Universe, colors have great importance. As we know by now that Orange is a very unique color for lightsabers. Maybe it has something related to the wielder’s self-control when it comes to using violence. As stated above, according to the Naboo planet, orange is typically known as a sign of birth and renewal. Only three times do we witness this brilliant Orange blade. First, On the planet Asmeru, during a mission. Second, throughout a conflict against the Red laro. And Lastly, On Yaddle’s final mission to Mawan. 

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Orange Colored lightsabers are conjectured for empathetic fighters who, as a final option, incite to violence. This color is for those fighters who empathize with their foes and truly follow the Force’s light side. 

Astounding facts about Orange Lightsabers

  • The color of the crystal will vary based on the owner’s Force connections when they obtain it and utilize it for their lightsaber. An orange lightsaber, on the other hand, has never been seen in the dark side. As a result, we can only guess what it signifies based on legend and evidence provided by the lone Jedi with an orange lightsaber. 
  • Lightsabers has since become a standard at any sort of gatherings of friends, whether it is a Halloween party, a hen night or simply a casual get-together. The most exciting thing about lightsabers is that they appear in a wide variety of science fiction films. 
  • Lightsabers are enjoyed by both the light side and dark side of the force and are thought of as a classic. Where the light side generally exhibited on either shelves or mental. On the other hand, dark side usually secures their collection in boxes. 
  • Lightsabers are typically utilized in one of today’s most popular shows named Star Trek series. Despite the fact, that no aliens are shown utilizing these devices nowadays, we are aware of the fact that the crew members use them in some fashion. 
  • An orange saber is a weapon that has been adapted and integrated into a variety of traditional labelling arts. In these lightsaber duels, saber is thrown like a dart or anything similar to that. 
  • Orange lightsaber is a sign of light and victory in the universe. It is the most dearest weapon of Master Yaddle. As shown, the saber is unquestionably the finest weapon one could own and has undoubtedly come through a long journey.
  • A very good thing about these sabers is that it is not very expensive and can be simply stored in a bag on a belt porch. These are very handy and small in size, thus can be brought around on one shoulder. 


The fans who follow Star Wars regularly, will know an orange lightsaber as a famous accessory. There is a wide range of Orange lightsabers, which includes the one that is similar to the orange of the Imperial fleet ships in the Star Films. Having an Orange saber as a part of your star wars collection, no matter which type you pick, will be a whole package of delight and thrill.


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