Red vs Blue Lightsabers


red vs blue saber

If you are a Star Wars fan, you must have observed the power of lightsabers and their striking roles. As a rule of thumb, the red lightsabers are wielded by Sith (evil) and Jedi (virtue) holds the blue lightsabers. In this blog, we would do a detailed comparison of Red vs Blue Lightsabers. 

Interesting Fact: Before red or blue, the lightsabers were just transparent. 

It is a fact that the color of the blade resonates from the crystals. The crystals are usually found in Dantooine, Ilum, and Adega planets. Each crystal is exclusive and holds a unique pattern of abilities and colors. 

Amazingly, after instilling the crystal into the lightsaber, Jedi or Sith reflect vibes into the crystal and resonate the pattern according to their persona. Unlike Sith, Jedi can produce a variety of other colors too. 

Red Lightsabers 

red saber

Red lightsabers are the evil weapons in Star Wars as Sith, a villainous character, carries these. The sites have only a single mission in life – eliminate the Jedi Order and take control of the galaxy as tyrants. 

The Smiths follow the Rule of two wherein the apprentice has to bow down all the mental and physical shortcomings before the Master. 

Blue Lightsabers 

blue lightsaber


Blue lightsaber are the most common and noble in the Star Wars Universe. The war between Jedi and Sith is considered a rivalry of red and blue first depicted in the first Star Wars film Episode IV: A New Hope. Blue lightsabers are the symbol of goodness and are upheld by the Jedi – the guardians of the galaxy. 

History of Red Lightsabers

Legend has it that the first usage of a red lightsaber was purely out of need. The Jedi had a strong possession of the planet Ilum, a place where organic lightsaber crystals are found. 

Due to the Jedi’s stronghold, Sith had no access to the crystals of that planet. They needed to find a middle way out. Then, Sith started crafting their very own synthetic crystals in custom furnaces. 

They would accompany the crystals for days in a peeping hot furnace. The heat, ashes, darkness, and suffocation all put a heavy toll on the wellbeing of Sethi. 

red saber

Eventually, the outcome was a blood-red crystal that would never crack. Unlike the carrying colors of Jedi’s lightsabers, Sith only carry the red ones. This uniformity is the symbol of their unity and unwavering commitment to the dark side. 

History of Blue Lightsabers

Blue lightsabers have been around for hundreds of years before the time of the republic. These sophisticated weapons have been used in the Peacekeeping of Parliock and Rashfond. 

Initially, the blue lightsabers were both used for defensive and offensive operations. The blue lightsaber was first used by Anakin Skywalker during the Wars of Clones. 

During the war, the lightsaber was lost and found by Luke later. Since then, blue lightsabers have been used by several Jedis. 

Impact of Red Lightsabers on the Wielders

Red color shares a close affinity with the persona of the wielder. The common traits of users are being in hurry, greedy for control, voracious behavior, and unparalleled levels of narcissism. 

Generally associated as a symbol of bravery and resilience, red here associates raving behavior and a bit of instability in emotions. The wielders are religiously focused on their master plan and exert all their energies to get what they want. They never care about collateral damage. Red color shadows the users with dominance, outrage, and lack of concern. 

Impact of Blue Lightsabers on the Wielders

On the other end of the spectrum, Jedi’s sole purpose is to act as a bulwark against the tyranny and destruction of Sith. The impact of blue lightsabers is a profound one, it brings in valor, bravery, and righteousness. 

The Personality of Sith – the Upholder of Red

red saber

The individuals who carry red lightsabers tend to be frantic easily. They cannot contain emotions and set the scores worb utmost brutality, violence, rampage, and zero mercy. None can stop these inexorable souls who crush whatever comes their way. In the same vein, Sith never cares about the sacrifice of everything near and dear to them. Demonstrating optimal levels of mental capacity, Sith do whatever they want. 

The Personality of Jedi – the Upholder of Blue

blue saber


Blue lightsabers mean safety and safekeeping from the evil nature of Sith. Jedi Guardian is religiously adamant against the Sith torment. Their courage often fires back, leading to death and injury. A glaring example of that was when Luke Skywalker fueled his father, Darth Vader, and suffered the loss of his lightsaber, blue light, and hand. 

Fighting Style bestowed from Red Lightsabers

The fighters holding red lightsabers are duelists and fight voraciously. It is also a fact, despite their allegiance to the dark side, Sith is the elite warrior in the galaxy. They express all their anger and emotions of disdain and dread through intense fighting. They fight to die or win. Their exclusive physique puts extra strain on their bodies during fights and they balance it by power-inducing cravings. The popular strokes of red lightsabers are powerful strikes, acrobatic exhibition, assaults, and the absence of self-protection. They fight with tooth and nail. The additional forces are lightning, choking, and mind control. The streaks of electricity resonate from fingers and electrolyte the subject, leading him to the brink of death. If you come into the way of Sith, you are as good as dead. 

blue vs red
Fighting Style bestowed from Blue Lightsabers

Jedi guardians acting as blue lightsabers are skilled in the art of combat. The curvy movements get combined with a plethora of sword movements. Blue lightsaber wielders fearlessly fight with their opponents and never shy away from the battlefield. 

Famous Wielders of Red

Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and Darth Sidious.

Famous Wielders of Blue

Anakin Skywalker, his progeny Luke Skywalker, his Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ezra Bridger (Star Wars: Rebels)

Concluding Remarks

Red and Blue lightsabers are just diametrically opposite to each other. From the very beginning of the world; the war between evil and good exists and the rift will ensue till eternity. Blue lightsabers are the epitome of good forces while the red ones are typically associated with the bad guys. Both fluorescence are all set to set you off from the sofa while watching all-new Star Wars. Keep riveted with the idiot box! 


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