Everything About Count Dooku’s Lightsaber

Count Dooku

Count Dooku designed the stylish lightsaber to better fit his fighting technique. The red-bladed lightsaber wielded by Count Dooku was a graceful weapon befitting a sophisticated man. Dooku could slice and lunge more precisely with its beautifully curved hilt.

Popularly recognized as Dooku’s Sith lightsaber or Darth Tyranus’s lightsaber, was Count Dooku’s own curved-hilt lightsaber. The weapon’s distinctive hilt was constructed with a kyber crystal that emitted a red blade by the former Jedi Master, who later became the Dark Lord’s pupil, acquired covert name Darth Tyranus as well as became the Separatist Alliance’s political chief.

The weapon was designed specifically for lightsaber battles. The Sith Lord used it in countless fights against the Jedi during the Clone Wars, which he and his master organized from both sides.

After being beaten in a combat aboard the spaceship Invisible Hand, Dooku missed his Sith lightsaber to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Skywalker beheaded Dooku with his own weapon, putting an end to his life.

Count Dooku’s Lightsaber (Specifications at a glance)

Technical and Physical Parameters

Hilt length13.9 inches (35.5 cm)
Hilt materialAlloy metals
Crystal typeKyber 
Design Stylish curved hilt, unusual 
Blade colorRed 
Blade typeRed color plasma blade
Hilt shapeCurved

Construction Information

Creator  Count Dooku
Model Lightsaber 
Type Single blade
Culture  Sith order
Construction dateBefore the Naboo invasion (after 86 BBY)
Destruction date19 BBY
Owners Count Dooku, Hondo Ohnaka

History and Usage

AimLightsaber battle, Training of General Grievous, Sith apprentice training
Association Sith Federation of independent systemJedi order 


Over the history of Star Wars saga, Count Dooku acquired two different types of lightsabers which are: (1) Dooku’s lightsaber (blue blade- when associated with Jedi order) (2) Count Dooku’s lightsaber (red blade- when associated with Sith order) 

Count Dooku’s lightsaber (blue-bladed)

In Star Wars, Count Dooku was a master of the lightsaber. Count Dooku, as a padawan, had a blue straight hilted lightsaber. He rose to become one of the prominent Jedi of his generation, achieving the status of Jedi Master and a seat on the Jedi High Council. But Dooku, as a Jedi Master, abandons the lightsaber he had wielded as a Padawan in order to develop a superior one. The new lightsaber had a unique design that had nothing to do with Yoda (his master) or fashion of that time. To create the design, Dooku researched the Jedi Archives’ records, and the lightsaber was built to suit his method, which assisted lengthy, delicate motions and agility of hand. 

Dooku Vs Yoda
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com

Dooku’s lightsaber was made with a peculiar curved design, which helped him wield the blade during combat. The lightsaber emitted a blue light, and Dooku even dueled Yoda with it.  It gave Dooku more elegance and precision in fighting, especially while lunging or slicing at an opponent. Dooku did this because he thought himself a skilled duelist, capable of using his lightsaber with just one hand and fighting several opponents.  

Curved-shaped hilt of Count Dooku’s lightsaber
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com

Dooku, on the other hand, would abandon the Jedi Order before the Naboo Invasion, during which his Qui-Gon Jinn (his former padawan), was murdered.

Count Dooku’s Lightsaber (Red-bladed)

The lightsaber- curved-hilt, is the most popular weapon for some desired purposes since it fits better in the palm of the user’s hand, allowing for better blade control while also increasing precision and strength. When Darth Sidious (now the Sith Lord) approached Dooku, seeing him as a prospective leader for the Separatist organization. Taking advantage of the Count’s dissatisfaction with the Galactic Republic, the Evil Lord swayed him to the dark side. Despite possessing a Sith apprentice in Darth Maul, Sidious attracted Dooku to the Sith.

Dooku curved hilt red blade lightsaber
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com

Even after Count Dooku became a Sith, he continued to wield the blade, although his lightsaber had begun to generate a red-colored blade due to Dooku’s employment of a red kyber crystal handed to him by Darth Sidious (his new master).

On Geonosis, Dooku overcame Anakin Skywalker and Ben Kenobi in a lightsaber fight before being defeated by Yoda. During the Clone Wars, he faced Obi-Wan and Anakin again, as well as his former trainees Savage Opress and Asajj Ventress and, before dying in a final battle with Anakin.


Construction of Count Dooku’s Lightsaber 

In the Star Wars world, Count Dooku wields an unusual lightsaber with a unique curved hilt. The distinctive design of the lightsaber has come to represent an entire style of lightsaber battle. The style emphasized speed and accuracy, and it was designed for the purpose who just desired to hit once and strike true.

He customized the lightsaber’s design with a curved hilt that perfectly matched his fighting style, resulting in a one-of-a-kind lightsaber unlike any other made at the time that he would utilize even as a Sith Master. The weapon’s distinctive hilt was handmade accompanied by a kyber crystal that radiated a red blade. The form’s concentration on parrying served as the backbone of the technique, allowing for such quick and precise assaults. One of the poorer aspects of the style is that it was never endorsed for blaster deflection.

Functionality of Count Dooku’s Lightsaber

The weapon was designed for lightsaber battles. It has lasted as one of the most exquisite combat forms, and its regality matches Dooku admirably. Dooku’s lightsaber has a curving strike that favors long, graceful movements and dexterity of hand. Dooku could slice and lunge more precisely with its elegantly curved hilt.

The most prominent weapon is a curved-hilt lightsaber that fits better in the palm and allows for better blade control while also allowing for greater accuracy and strength.


Major Feats                                                                  

  1. The battle of Geonosis 

Dooku utilized his weapon against Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Yoda in the First Battle of Geonosis, which kicked off the Clone Wars.

Dooku was met by Jedi Knight Ben Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker-Kenobi’s Padawan, in a secluded hangar as he attempted to flee Geonosis. With his lightsaber, Dooku quickly defeated his opponents, hurting the two Kenobi and Skywalker, the latter of whom Dooku amputated his arm after a brief duel. Dooku was immediately faced by Yoda, his former Jedi Master, who Dooku was unable to defeat in combat with either the Force or his lightsaber, despite the fact that he had challenged his previous master to demonstrate how strong he had become.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker attempted but failed to capture Dooku during the time of the Clone Wars. As confirmation of the Sith Lord’s captivity, W. H. Ohnaka sought a ransom for his lightsaber. Dooku eventually found his sword and fled Florrum.

Hondo Ohnaka displayed Dooku's lightsaber
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com
  1. Killing of Gungan Traitor in Naboo

Throughout the Clone Wars, Dooku wielded his Sith lightsaber as the head of the Separatist Alliance, commanding the war against the Galactic Republic. Despite the fact that Dooku worked under the guise of Tyranus, he had no reservations about utilizing the Sith weapon in public. During the conflict, Dooku used his lightsaber to kill the Gungan traitor Rish Loo in front of Skywalker on Naboo, and later used his lightsaber to kill the Pyke Syndicate chief Lom Pyke ahead of both Kenobi and Skywalker.

  1. Training Of Sith Apprentices and General Grievous

Count Dooku tried to train two Sith apprentices, Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress, to be Sith Lords and to Darth Sidious. He also taught the cyborg General Grievous how to use the lightsaber. Later, General Grievous went on to kill several Jedi and steal their lightsabers for his collection. At the end, Obi-Wan Kenobi eventually overcame him in combat.

  1. Battle of Coruscant

At the time of the Battle of Coruscant, Dooku squared battle against Kenobi and Skywalker once again in the General’s quarters onboard Grievous’ spacecraft, the Invisible Hand. The two Jedi thought they were on their way to save Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who was actually Darth Sidious in disguise; the real goal of Sidious was actually to make Dooku a required sacrifice in order to attract a new disciple in Skywalker.

Count Dooku Vs Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com

During the Clone Wars, Dooku clashed with the two- Ben Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, on various occasions.

In a lightsaber duel with Luke Skywalker, Dooku lost both hands. The Jedi Knight then stole Count Dooku’s lightsaber and, at Darth Sidious’ request, used the Sith Lord’s own weapon to behead the unarmed Count. He’d been vanquished by Skywalker, just as he’d been on Geonosis before.

When Skywalker escaped with both Kenobi and Palpatine, Dooku’s lightsaber was left behind alongside Dooku’s corpse in the quarters of Grievous on the Invisible Hand. The General Grievous quarters were soon destroyed.

During the Battle of Coruscant, Skywalker executed Dooku with the Sith Lord's own lightsaber
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com

Inspiration for the curved-shaped Dooku’s lightsaber

The lightsaber handle’s unusual curved design was the outcome of earlier research into Sith villains. Dooku’s lightsaber is inspired by the pistol clutch of fencing’s light ejecting weapons, which, like the lightsaber’s curved shaped hilt, value elegance over power. Roel Robles, an art department assistant, was inspired by several Filipino weapons like: knives, spears and swords; one of them, the Barong, had a curved-shaped handle that gave the bearer a better grip.

Lightsaber fighting style of Count Dooku

Count Dooku was a master of the lightsaber in Star Wars. There are numerous lightsaber users and warriors in Star Wars. When it came to one-on-one battle, however, no other combatant could compete with Count Dooku. Asajj Ventress, Dooku’s apprentice, took up the style and brandished two blades.

1.  Shien

With Shien fighting style, the Jedis deflected the blasters and improved their accuracy to the point that they could deflect shots back to their origins, hitting their opponents with their own projectiles. Count Dooku was specialized and expert in Shien. That is the reason that Anakin failed to defeat Dooku on Geonosis because he had specialized in the Shien variation of Djem So, a form designed for blaster fire at the time.

2.  Makashi

Form II, also regarded as Makashi, is the form Dooku has mastered. It predates the invention of blasters and was one of the first types established. It was created to compete against other expert saber users, with a focus on battling every type of saber at the time. It has remained one of the most exquisite forms of warfare, and its decorum complements Dooku well.

Makashi advocated for the economy of motion over strength and frenetic movements. The style emphasized speed and accuracy, and it was designed for those who just desired to hit one time and strike true. The form II dependence on parrying was the backbone of the technique, allowing for such rapid and precise assaults. A duelist would have a better chance of landing a decisive attack if they learned to parry with a saber. That is the reason that Dooku is frequently seen waiting for a bash and leveraging rival’s momentum and force against them.

Strength and Weakness of Makashi

The strength of Makashi was that it was a precise dueling-oriented form that most Jedi were not trained to use. That is the reason on Geonosis, Dooku defeated a more novice Kenobi because he specialized in Form 2, Makashi.

The Makashi was not adapted for blaster deflection, making it one of the style’s weak aspects. When power and wrath are added to the mix, the Form II begins to collapse as it loses the mastery of a novel method of warfare. Makashi lacked strength, Anakin’s form- Djem So, was built on strength, making it easier to plow past Dooku’s defense. 

Dooku’s lightsaber First On-Screen Appearance 

Dooku’s lightsaber initially featured in the (1) Star Wars prequel trilogy (2) Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones (3) Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, alongside Count Dooku’s first on-screen debut. Additionally, Dooku and his weapon appeared in additional Star Wars media, including the film Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The same-named television series, and The Clone Wars Legacy, as well as a few novels.

Other Appearances 

Count Dooku’s high-quality and elegantly designed lightsaber has been showcased on numerous occasions. The following are some of the prominent appearances are Star Wars: Galactic Defense, Galaxy of Heroes, Battlefront II, the Clone Wars Films, Episode II-Attack of Clones, age of republic- Count Dooku 1, Dooku: Jedi Lost, 5- minutes Star Wars Villain Stories.

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Original Count Doku saber
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Every true Star Wars fan knows all about the Count Dooku lightsaber and the fervor around it. Count Dooku’s red-bladed Lightsaber was a sophisticated weapon suited for a cultured villain in the Star Wars story. Dooku could slash and lunge with pinpoint accuracy due to the sword’s beautifully curved hilt. 

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Original Dooku Saber

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Original Count Doku saber
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A Quick Brief Description:

The greatest amount of attention to detail was put into making the most accurate lightsaber replica ever.

 The blade of the Original Dooku Saber is 92 cm long, 2 mm thick, and built of sturdy polycarbonate, making it resistant to intense lightsaber blows. Aluminum is a strong, lightweight material that was used in its construction. The shape of the hilt fits well in the hands and is particularly polished, enabling smooth swings of the lightsaber during combat.

Original Dooku Saber
Image source: neosabers.com

That lightsaber’s emitter is mind-blowing. There is a wonderful balance between size, form, and detail. The Original Dooku Saber’s Ultra Polished shroud just below the emitter is a notable design element that helps to make the transition from the hilt’s arc to the blade’s flat surface look seamless and elegant.

Further visual candy can be found in the lightsaber’s body, which features a highly polished grooved underbody and a black coated shroud in a design exclusive to the Original Dooku Saber. 

Not to mention, who could overlook the timeless elegance of the original quality pommel design. The Original Dooku Saber in black coating looks great with this style of pommel, which is why it is so popular among Neo Saber lovers.

Eye-catching features:

  • Count Dooku’s renowned Lightsaber from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith serves as inspiration for the design and decoration of the genuine metal hilt
  • Brilliant red blade lights up and dims with convincing motions when turned on and off
  • A Polycarbonate blade 92 cm in length, suitable for use in a duel
  • Saber has a variety of customizable soundtracks and sound effects. Several sound typefaces are included in Baselit (12), Xenopixel (34), and Proffie (34)
  • Premium Xenopixel Soundboard
  • Long Lasting Lithium-ion rechargeable/replaceable Battery


The most exact lightsaber replica ever made required a lot of hard work and dedication to detail.

Certain lightsabers stand out due to a singular design element, such as an especially attractive emitter, an elaborate pommel, a particularly well-crafted body, etc. The Original Dooku sabre is a lightsaber that is distinguished in every aspect, from its blade to its grip to its hilt.

Original Dooku Saber
image source: neosabers.com

The Original Dooku Saber comes with a powerful speaker and a 50-Watt pixel strip that can display a limitless number of colours. The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery will let you spend an entire day in costume without worrying about running out of juice.

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Original Dooku V2 Proffie


The Original Dooku V2 Proffie lightsaber replica flawlessly emulates the iconic weapon wielded by Count Dooku in the Star Wars saga. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this replica captures the essence of its on-screen counterpart. Its hilt features an ergonomic design, allowing for comfortable handling during intense duels and cosplay sessions.

Image source: neosabers.com


  1. Realistic Light and Sound Effects

This lightsaber replica boasts a super bright 50 Watt Pixel Strip, providing vivid and infinite colors to illuminate your battles. Its volume-adjustable speaker produces incredibly loud sound effects that immerse you in the Star Wars universe. With every swing, clash, or stab, you’ll experience an authentic and exhilarating lightsaber combat simulation.

  1. Strong Shatterproof Blade

Designed for heavy dueling, the removable polycarbonate blade ensures durability and resilience. Its light-diffusing finishing enhances the visual appeal while maintaining structural integrity, making it a perfect choice for enthusiasts seeking realistic dueling experiences.

  1. Flash on Clash

Upon impact, the Original Dooku V2 Proffie lightsaber replica emits a brilliant white light accompanied by a corresponding sound effect. This feature adds a layer of realism to your battles, making every hit feel truly powerful.

  1. Smooth Swing

Equipped with motion sensors, the lightsaber replica accurately detects your movements and responds with smooth swing sound effects. The combination of realistic sound effects and motion sensors creates an immersive and captivating experience, making you feel like a true Sith Lord.

  1. Sounds Theme and Customizations

The Original Dooku V2 Proffie lightsaber replica comes with 30 changeable sound themes, allowing you to personalize your combat style. From menacing hums to electrifying clashes, the wide range of sound effects caters to your every whim. Additionally, you can customize the lightsaber through an SD card or USB cable, giving you complete control over its features and settings.

  1. Futuristic Features

Unlock the full potential of your lightsaber replica with features like Tip Drag, Stab, Ignition modes, Blade Modes, and much more. These futuristic additions further enhance the immersive experience and provide endless possibilities for customization.

  1. SD Card and Removable Battery

The inclusion of a 16 GB SD card ensures ample storage space for your personalized sound themes, making it easy to switch between different settings. The removable lithium-ion battery allows for uninterrupted hours of cosplay, eliminating the need for frequent charging.


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Original Dooku Proffie 2.2

In a galaxy far, far away, Neosabers presents the magnificent Original Dooku Proffie 2.2 Lightsaber, a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of power, elegance, and precision. Crafted with utmost attention to detail, this lightsaber is truly a collector’s dream, combining advanced technology with a touch of nostalgia. Let’s dive into its distinctive features and experience the awe-inspiring capabilities that will leave you saying, “Wow!”

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  1. Captivating Design

The Original Dooku Proffie 2.2 Lightsaber boasts a solid frosted aluminum alloy hilt, exuding an air of sophistication and durability. Its sleek and ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to channel your inner Jedi or Sith with ease. The 80cm long polycarbonate blade, specifically designed for dueling, adds an extra level of authenticity to your battles, enabling you to engage in epic clashes.

  1. Vibrant Color Customization

Prepare to be mesmerized by the Super Bright Pixel Blade with an incredible range of 20 color options. Unleash your creativity and personalize your lightsaber by selecting the perfect hue to match your mood or allegiance. Whether you prefer the classic blue or red, or you’re inclined towards the more exotic shades, the Original Dooku Proffie 2.2 has got you covered.

  1. Immersive Sound Experience

With the Premium Proffie V2.2 Soundboard and realistic sound effects, this lightsaber takes your experience to a whole new level. As you swing, clash, or ignite the blade, the motion sensors and flash-on-clash feature produce immersive sound effects that transport you right into the heart of the action. The Smooth Swing technology adds fluidity and realism to your every move, enhancing the overall authenticity of your battles.

  1. Limitless Customization

Neosabers truly understand the importance of personalization. The Original Dooku Proffie 2.2 Lightsaber provides you with various blade and ignition modes that are fully customizable. Whether you prefer a pulsating or flickering effect, you have the freedom to tailor your lightsaber to suit your individual style. Moreover, the open-source nature of this lightsaber ensures compatibility with all customizations, allowing you to dive deep into the world of lightsaber modifications.

  1. Long-Lasting Power

Equipped with a long-lasting lithium-ion rechargeable/replaceable battery, the Original Dooku Proffie 2.2 is ready to accompany you on countless epic adventures. Say goodbye to constantly changing batteries and embrace the convenience of extended usage. Additionally, the SD card and SoundFonts customization feature grant you the ability to expand your sound library, adding even more depth to your lightsaber experience.

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The Original Dooku Proffie 2.2 lightsaber replica not only exceeds expectations in terms of features but also stands out with its affordability. Priced competitively, it offers exceptional value for money. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a Star Wars enthusiast on a budget, this lightsaber replica is an ideal choice.


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Lightsaber Nestling:

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Q: What color was Count Dooku’s lightsaber when he was a Jedi?

A:   In Jedi order, Count Dooku, as a padawan, had a blue straight hilted lightsaber. However, as a Jedi Master, left the lightsaber he had wielded as a Padawan in order to develop a superior one.  After becoming a Jedi Knight, Jedi Master Dooku built his unique lightsaber. After he abandoned the Jedi Order, he took his lightsaber and transformed it into a Sith lightsaber, by substituting a red synthetic gem for the original blue crystal, the blade’s cutting power is increased at the sacrifice of mobility,

Q: How does Count Dooku hold his lightsaber?

A: The curved shaped hilt of Dooku’s lightsaber allowed it to fit better in his hand, allowing him to manipulate the blade with greater skill and precision. Count Dooku when fighting with one hand holds his lightsaber onto the part of the hilt above the curve i.e., the part closest to the blade. A magnetic adhesion plate was hidden below the fabric covering of the handgrip, securing the weapon to Dooku’s belt when not in use.   

Q: Why did Yoda hate Count Dooku lightsaber?

A: When lightsabers were first invented, they were intended to be used to defend against blaster shots. Bent hilt lightsabers were created to allow for more precise blade movement. Form II was also created for lightsaber vs. lightsaber battles. Now, when Count Dooku arrived on the scene, both the bent hilt and form II were considered unbalanced due to the prevalence of blasters, but Dooku purposefully constructed his lightsaber for lightsaber warfare.

To put it another way, it wasn’t only the design. It was the weapon’s intention. Dooku desired a weapon capable of killing Jedi. He saw them as second-class citizens, and many of them succumbed to his blade. In short, when Dooku bases his lightsaber hilt on early dueling saber in an era when the only foe you have an advantage over are other Jedi, it’s easy to see why Yoda hated Count Dooku’s lightsaber.

Q: Why does Count Dooku have a curved lightsaber?

A: The curved-shape hilt allowed the lightsaber combatants to slice and lunge at their rival with more precision. The lightsaber- curved-hilt, is the most popular weapon for some desired purposes since it fits better in the palm of the user’s hand, allowing for better blade control while also increasing precision and strength. When compared to normal straight hilted sabers, the sudden angle at the bottom of the hilt provides additional control over the blade. To put it another way, Dooku’s lightsaber was a dueling weapon.

He considered himself a smart duelist, understanding that certain contests are won or lost based on one’s ability with a lightsaber rather than just having knowledge of the Force. All these factors pushed him to design a curved  lightsaber that served his purpose undoubtedly.

Q: What lightsaber form does Count Dooku use?

A: Dooku’s lightsaber was a dueling weapon. It had a classic, or rather reactionary, design in Star Wars history. The curved hilt design was a specialization for a certain style of lightsaber dueling, notably Form II, or Makashi, which Count Dooku has mastered. He used Makashi style for lightsaber dueling. Makashi advocated for the economy of motion over strength and frenetic movements. The style emphasized speed and accuracy, and it was designed for those who just desired to hit one time and strike true. It has remained one of the most exquisite forms of warfare, and its decorum complements Dooku well.

Q: How much is Count Dooku’s legacy lightsaber?   

A: For those Star Wars lovers, who like to tap into the Dark side, the Count Dooku legacy lightsaber is the best option. The character inspired lightsaber based on the design of curved-shaped hilt lightsaber cost around $600-$700.


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