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Black Squadron

$223.00 $145.00
$223.00 $145.00

Crystallon Custom Saber

$229.00 $149.00
$229.00 $149.00

Ruler II Custom Saber

$275.00 $179.00
$275.00 $179.00

Captain Trooper

$245.00 $159.00
$245.00 $159.00

Battalion Pro

$229.00 $149.00
$229.00 $149.00

Wanka Saber

$245.00 $159.00
$245.00 $159.00

Skyler Pro

$223.00 $145.00
$223.00 $145.00

Graver Custom

$229.00 $149.00
$229.00 $149.00

Tatooine Saber

$229.00 $149.00
$229.00 $149.00

Crew Pro Saber

$275.00 $179.00
$275.00 $179.00

Zillo Double Bladed Saber

$260.00 $169.00
$260.00 $169.00

Striker Double Bladed Saber

$245.00 $159.00
$245.00 $159.00

Magnus Double Bladed Saber

$260.00 $169.00
$260.00 $169.00

Phantom II Double Bladed Saber

$260.00 $169.00
$260.00 $169.00

Mulan Double Bladed Saber

$245.00 $159.00
$245.00 $159.00

Matrix Pro Saber

$237.00 $154.00
$237.00 $154.00

Promatic II Saber

$283.00 $184.00
$283.00 $184.00

Original Katarn Saber

$298.00 $194.00
$298.00 $194.00

Imperial Pro Saber

$322.00 $209.00
$322.00 $209.00

Brute SEA II

$214.00 $139.00
$214.00 $139.00


$229.00 $149.00
$229.00 $149.00

Best Custom Lightsabers for Sale

Lightsabers have to be the most iconic weapon in the world of fiction, more specifically, in the unparalleled galaxy of Star Wars. There is no other movie prop as popular as the lightsabers. Every Star Wars fan loves to own a high-quality custom lightsaber that empowers them for lifelike dueling, cosplay, spinning, or just collecting. Only with the best custom lightsaber can you really answer to your true Jedi calling.

If you want your hands on the best custom lightsabers for sale, then you are at the perfect destination. We are leaders when it comes to realistic and customized lightsabers. No matter what combination of specifications you want, we can make it happen for you. With a large variety of blades, hilts, and colors, we can provide you with exactly what you want. You only need to select your hilt, build your blade, specify the features, and voila! You will have the perfect lightsaber you have been looking for.

Building Custom Lightsabers for Dueling

As all Star Wars enthusiasts know, dueling is no joke. A dueling lightsaber needs to be unique, flawless, and solid. But above all, it needs to feel personal, identifying with your individuality. Therefore, you need to choose your custom lightsaber wisely before dueling, keeping in view your enemies and the lightsaber that they will be using.

Dueling lightsabers comes in many different categories, where their features vary according to their use – Whether you want the lightsaber for combat, cosplay, or simply for display. Dueling lightsabers should have a strong build, heavyweight, and authentic battle sounds. They can cause a measurable amount of damage to the enemies.

The dueling lightsaber blades are made from polycarbonate tubing and come in different lengths and grades. The types of lightsabers can be of neopixel and proffie.

At NEO Sabers, we have a wide collection of custom lightsabers for you to design for yourself. You can customize your own lightsaber and choose the features you want in it, like, sturdiness, dueling quality, bright lights and flashing effects, and clear and motion-activated sound effects.

We offer many dueling lightsabers, including:

And many more. Check out our custom dueling lightsaber collection to get the one that helps your rule over the galaxy.

Building a Custom Double Bladed Lightsaber

Double bladed lightsabers have a long hilt, and emit blades on both ends. Its unique ability is deflection, meaning after one hit, it is able to reflect all other hits while what you have to do is, keep holding the block key. This quality of double bladed lightsaber helps cause sweeping damage to the enemies by killing many of them in one go. Other lightsabers do not have this ability because they can only deflect one ranged attack in a particular direction. It has a speed faster than the regular lightsabers and is very useful in group attacks, while regular lightsabers are more useful in one-to-one combat. The double bladed lightsaber was very famous in the Star Wars galaxy.

You can customize your dual lightsaber by choosing hilt add-ons and the colors of your blades. You can even customize the sound font to your own liking.

NEO Sabers is offering many dual lightsabers, including

You can check out our custom double bladed lightsaber collection to find the one that is perfect for your dueling armor.

Specification of Custom Lightsabers

You can customize your personal lightsaber according to your needs, demands, and to your own liking. You need to keep in view the objective for which you want the lightsaber. Either you want it for heavy dueling, cosplay, talent show, or if you need to just display it. Each of these purposes will need to have a lightsaber with different specifications.

The specifications of a lightsaber include the value of various features, such as Blade length, Blade diameter, Blade thickness, Hilt length, Board type, Color preset, Sound, Sound fonts with motion sensors.

You can add some more customized features like flash on clash, swinging of the lightsaber, and an Ignition. Moreover, you can also choose from a large variety of different color options for your lightsaber.

The construction and structure of a lightsaber reveals the character of the person building it and what the person’s needs are.

The handle of lightsaber is made up of various components, including Power Cell, a switch to turn it on and off, and crystals to focus the light beam.

The major components of a lightsaber present inside include:

  • Aluminium Alloy Hilt
  • Lightsaber Kit, that can be xenopixel or RGB baselit smooth swing
  • A complimentary 3600 mAH battery
  • A memory card in Xenopixel lightsabers
  • Power Button and controller for all the futuristic features
  • RGB and Neopixel blade
  • User manual and Guide
  • Screws and Hex wrench

To make your customization process simpler at NEO Sabers, we have rounded up the features that you can and cannot customize as follows:

Features Customizable Non-Customizable
Hilt design
Hilt colors
Sound Fonts
Blade length
Blade colors
Board Type
Charging Method

Fully Customized Hilt

The customizing of the hilt is made easier now by NEO Saber. From its material to the size, length to diameter – we allow you to decide everything about the hilt so that you are able to get exactly what you want. Create and customize your hilt according to your own personal taste and usage right from scratch.

Personalized Lightsaber

If you want a personalized lightsaber, you can get one easily on NEO Saber. Just email us with your order no or details, and you will get your name and logo printed on the lightsaber.

Customized Colours

Technical details are available on how to customize colors. Go through our website to find out the many different color options available and choose the color you want.

Custom Sound fonts

NEO Sabers also offer custom sound fonts so you can pick the sound effects that you want with motion sensors. Different sounds can be installed for power on, changing of light, boosting it up, changing of light, and then the blasting, swinging, dragging, hitting, or clashing sounds.

You can find the technical details of how to custom the sound fonts on the website.

Galaxy’s Edge Collection

There are 12 different legacy lightsabers in Galaxy’s Edge. The Legacy Lightsabers are probably the most prized possessions in Dok Ondar’s, including various Jedi and Sith legends such as Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Mace Windu, Luke Skywalker, and many more. Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities has the largest collection of artifacts and relics on this particular side of the Galaxy. The collection here is the best, holding many valuable and rare items such as Jedi and Sith Holocrons, the scarcest known Kyber Crystals, blasters, tools, wild beasts, helmets, ancient jewelry, and much more.

There are 4 styles of Lightsabers:

  • Elemental Nature, a more naturally-fashioned lightsaber.
  • Peace and Justice, a more contemporary version of a Jedi lightsaber.
  • Protection and Defense, an Old Republic style lightsaber.
  • Power and Control, an ancient Sith lightsaber.

Custom Lightsaber Builder

If you are unsatisfied with the available lightsabers and are unable to find the one that truly resonates with your calling, then there is no need to stress. We empower you to build an amazing customer lightsaber that represents your force in the next dueling or cosplay.

Through our Custom Lightsaber Builder, you can get the lightsaber of your dreams in just a few simple steps. This advanced Builder allows you to customize every aspect of lightsaber as per your needs. You can tailor different parts of the hilt, the sound fonts, blade size, and blade colors. You can customize each part individually or get any kit of your choice, including RGB Kit, Xenopixel Kit, or proffie kit.

The Custom lightsaber builder at NEO Sabers is currently in its development phase. However, you can still get a fully customized lightsaber by emailing us.


The starting price for custom neopixel lightsabers is $300, and it can also exceed it depending on your choices while customizing the lightsaber. Whereas if you go for baselit version, it’ll cost you around $90-$150 depending on the customizations.

You can try making a custom lightsaber by looking at our videos on youtube channel. Make sure to follow the video step by step to get the desired result.

No, they do not come with a memory card because they have prebuilt specs and sound, which cannot be customized, unlike other neopixel lightsabers.

NEO Sabers is your one-stop-shop to buy custom lightsabers that are tailored perfectly according to your requirements. We use high quality parts and components to build your custom lightsabers. We ensure that the piece you get is not only durable and rich in features, but also has impressive designs.

You can customize the following parts in a lightsaber to make sure that it truly represents you and identifies with your unique force:

  • Design of the hilt
  • Color of the hilt
  • Sound fonts
  • Blade length
  • Blade colors

Yes, NEO Sabers offer a large collection of parts and components so that you can build your own custom sabers through our Custom Lightsaber Builder.

We take up to 2 weeks to deliver a custom lightsaber.

Yes, we offer multiple custom crossguard lightsabers. A few present in our collection are Pasher Crossguard Smooth RGB, and Imperial Crossguard Neopixel Lightsabers.

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