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The lightsaber of Darth Vader is as intrinsic as the personality of Darth Vader itself. He used a lightsaber as Anakin Skywalker, snatched one from Kirak Infil’a, and also used one as Darth Vader. 

It is a matter of fact, Vader’s original lightsaber mattered the most to him. This is the one that had absorbed their utmost emotion of Darth Vader. In short, Darth Vader’s lightsaber is the most personal who helped him in all the resounding occasions of his life, whether it be the last apprentice of Darth Sidious and supreme commander of the Galactic Empire. This personal lightsaber was crafted after losing the previous lightsaber during the skirmish of Cabarria. 

darth vader lightsaber

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This is the same fateful lightsaber that helped Darth Vader decimate his arch-nemesis Obi-Wan Kenobi. Moreover, he cut off the right hand of his Jedi son from this lightsaber. During their second confrontation at Death Star, Luke retaliated by cutting off the hand of Darth Vader. His lightsaber could not save him. 

Quick Specifications

PrototypeDual Sith Lightsaber
Blade TypeSingle
Popular CultureSith
OwnerDarth Vader
Creating Date18-19 BBY
Hilt ShapeCylindrical
Hilt Length28 cm
MaterialCarbon and alloy composite
CrystalDual Kyber crystals
Blade ColorRed
Blade Adjustability Yes
CapacityDiatium Power Cell
AffiliationGalactic Empire


darth vader lightsaber

The lightsaber was equipped with customized options such as dual-phase function. To make the most of it, the blade length could be manually controlled and tinkered during combat. 

The black-ridged handgrip allowed the premium control for maneuvering and high agility. While the Black power cell chamber would not fade the energy away, no matter whatever the circumstances were. The beveled emitter shroud was also one of its kind and sophisticated at best.

Darth Vader’s lightsaber was also laced with dual-phase focusing crystals. The crystals were the gist of the whole power. Furthermore, the crystals would extract the juice from high-powered diatium cells. 

Darth Vader would fine-tune and upgrade his lightsaber for optimal blade stability and power. This is all because of constant tinkering, over the years, that the exterior had changed a bit too much. Vader is also spotted to have experimented with an emitter shroud similar to his Jedi lightsaber. As a Lord of Sith, Darth Vader would only use lethal weapons against Jedi opponents of his level. For lesser adversaries, he would just take leverage of Dark Force to blow them away. 


MUSTAFAR darth vader

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As soon as Sith Lord Darth Vader took charge of his Galactic Empire, he was tasked by his master, Darth Sidious, to assassinate a Jedi and retrieve her kyber crystal to formulate a brand new Sith lightsaber. After taking on the mission, Vader prowled on the hunt. As a twist of fate, unlucky Jedi Master Kirak Infil’a met him beside the river moon of Al’doleem. Darth Vader confronted and eventually overpowered the Jedi Master. He swiftly retrieved the lightsaber of the deceased. Then, Darth Vader headed toward Mustafar where he impacted the kyber crystal and compelled it to bleed in favor of the dark. Kirak Infil’a lightsaber was then glowing red. 

Modus Operandi

darth vader lightsaber

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Vader utilized Kirak’s hilt in conjunction with all-new red crystal in myriad situations, the fight of the Grand Inquisitor, against Jocasta Nu in the Jedi temple is to name a few. The hilt was finally destroyed by a group of mercenaries during a mission at Cabarria. The mercenaries were primarily tasked to kill Darth Vader. The hilt was sacrificed to save its owner. This untimely destruction of the hit provoked Darth Vader and he pledged to design a hilt of his very own design. So, on the journey back to Coruscant, he crafted an exclusive hilt. He put all his tears, blood, and sweat down to design the one that suits the status of a Sith Lord. When Darth Vader showed his newly-built weapon to Sidious, he was very much impressed by it. Applauds for the Dark Master’s apprentice were echoing into the airwaves. 

Major Feats

Mon Cala Campaign

One year after the establishment of the Empire, Darth Vader was tasked to track and murder a Jedi lurking on the Outer Rim Ocean Planet of Mon Cala. After landing on the planet, Darth Vader and the Inquisitors faced heavy resistance from the natives. The native Mon Calamari and Quarren in Dac City were not going to surrender easily. The natives took leverage of a unique trick and flooded the streets of the city. The generated tidal wave bumped Darth Vader into the depths of the ocean. He sank deep into the Great Ungeness Trench. Among the darkness of the ocean, Darth Vader used his lightsaber as a light source against the pitch-black environment. Finding the way through the light beams of the lightsaber, Vader, eventually, escaped the lullabies of the trench and joined his Imperial forces again. 

Mon Cala battle - darth vader

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Then, the Ninth Sister of the Inquisitors told Darth Vader about the existence of Jedi Ferren Barr and his apprentices nearby. Vader swiftly followed up the tip-off. En route, he met with Moff Tarkin who asked him to capture the King of Mon Cala. Moff Tarkin said that Jedi Master Barr had also joined the ranks and files of the King. Finally, Darth Vader found both the King of Mon Cala and Jedi Master Barr at the King’s Royal Command Bunker. Vader burst forth, but the King’s loyal soldiers had encircled the King as a safety ring. Vader took out his lightsaber and forcefully cut a path of blood and limbs to the king. Vader tore apart the Padawan, completing the fall of Mon Cala.   

Duel of Malachor

Darth Vader tracked down Ezra Bridger under the surface of Malachor. The Jedi was out of a Sith temple. The opening of the Sith holocron by a Jedi had perplexed the Sith Lord. After the exchange of harsh words, both engaged in brief combat. Soon it revealed that the poor Ezra had no match for the overarching powers of Darth Vader. Nonetheless, she took the challenge on the chin. The Sith Lord’s lightsaber sliced the blade of Bridger’s, destroying the weapon as a result. Vader was all set to finish off. 

Duel of Malachor

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Suddenly, Ahsoka Tano, a previous apprentice of Darth Vader, intervened. Before throwing the gauntlet, Vader, categorically, told that he would take care of the former relation if Tano joined the Dark Side of the Force. Ahsoka denied the proposal outrightly. She did not want to be known as a fugitive in history. She replied that she could never be as vile as Vader was. Then, Vader asked Tano about the cold-blooded death of Anakin Skywalker from his hands. This proposition made Tano more than angry. 

The two dueled furiously. It seemed there was no end to their fight as both were overly qualified for the task at hand. In the meanwhile, Ezra peeled off the holocron with the help of master Kanan Jarrus. Their endeavor resulted in the incremental collapse of the temple. Seeing the temple collapsing, Darth Vader chucked Tano out into a deep abyss below. 

Then, Vader tried to pull the holocron back with the Force, but Tano claimed back and intervened again. The second blow cost Vader’s lightsaber and helmet. In a grim twist of fate, Ahsoka Tano identified her former master through the torn hole of the helmet. Nonetheless, she betrayed no mercy at all. Both kept dueling, until or unless, the temple completely ran down. The collapse led to the painful death of Ahsoka Tano under the rubble. While Vader escaped the temple to Malachor’s surface in injured condition. 

The master is always a master. Darth Vader aptly displayed his heroics through the dueling power on the surface of Malachor.       

Battle of Scarif

Battle of Scarif

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Vader attacked the rebels during the Battle of Scarif. He was the commanding officer of the ship “Profundity” tasked to take rebels to the task. The follow-up led them to the pitch-dark corridor. Vader ignited his way through the flashes of the lightsaber. He was closely chasing the rebels despite the darkness all over. Nevertheless, rebels escaped from the skin of the teeth with the help of Tantive IV, jumping to the hyperspace. 

Skirmish on the Death Star

One of the finest heroics of Darth Vader is during the skirmish on the Death Star. Old master Obi-Wan Kenobi infiltrated the Death Star along with Luke Skywalker and a smuggler. At that time, Darth Vader was unbeknownst to the father-son relation with Luke Skywalker. After sensing Kenobi, Darth Vader ignited his lightsaber and started dueling with the intruders. After a brief clash, the intruders fled away. The might of Darth Vader was on the high!  

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Duel on the Cloud City

Duel on the Cloud City

Image Source: starwars.com

After failing to trap Luke at the Battle of Hoth, Vader devised a scheme to trick and trap his son Luke on the Cloud City of Bespin. Nonetheless, he miserably failed on many fronts. In the end, Darth Vader vented out his frustration by capturing Leia Organa and Han Solo. He tortured both of them brutally to reveal the whereabouts of Skywalker. They were not determined to tell. Having said that, this is all the Jedi-like qualities of Skywalker that he could not see his friends in distress and rushed to Cloud City without having a second thought about the consequences. There, the Jedi son encountered his Sith father. After a brief duel, the lightsaber of Darth Vader gave him an upper hand, and he managed to chop off the hand of his own Luke Skywalker. This is perhaps the most heartrending scene of the Star Wars wherein a son was inflicted by his father owing to varying convictions. 

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Battle of Endor

Vader's last act is to destroy Emperor Palpatine

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During the Battle of Endor, Vader used his lightsaber to defend Emperor Palpatine. After the battle, Skywalker managed to hide in the shadows of the throne room. When Vader chased him in the darkness, Luke attacked back and cut off his hand. The revenge between blood relations was completed there.


The qualitative lightsaber of Darth Vader has been displayed on a variety of occasions. Some of the notable appearances are Star Wars: Galactic Defense, Battlefront II, Star Wars: Force Arena, Vision to Darth Vader, and Darth Vader: Annual 2. 

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Nestling the Lightsaber:

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1. What lightsaber form does Darth Vader use?

Form V was Darth Vader’s primary lightsaber form. Shien and Djem are the two fundamental disciplines of Form V. Vader was equally adept at both the Shien and Djem So versions, deflecting not only blaster fire but also ship shots and lightsaber assaults. Shien’s main goal was to improve a Jedi’s ability to not only stop but also reflect blaster bolts back at the adversaries who fired them. Later, the Djem So version of Form V was developed to overcome the form’s weaknesses in melee combat.

2. What color lightsaber does Darth Vader have?

The color of Darth Vader’s lightsaber blade is red, like the lightsaber blades of all previous Sith Lords. Darth Vader is by far the most powerful red lightsaber user. After killing Kirak Infil’a, Darth Vader constructed his red lightsaber.

3. What did Darth Vader do with Ahsoka’s lightsaber?

Darth Vader arrived on an undiscovered moon after the Galactic Empire was founded and discovered Ahsoka Tano’s lightsaber. He pocketed Ahsoka’s lightsaber after establishing it was hers and used it as proof that his former trainee was dead. When Vader discovers Ahsoka’s lightsaber is unknown.

4. How does Darth Vader hold his lightsaber?

In nearly all-Star Wars lightsaber bouts, the wielder would use his dominant hand to handle the lightsaber. If they are right-handed, for example, they use their right hand to wield the lightsaber. Vader usually wields his lightsaber with one hand (the right hand), but he utilizes both to add physical strength to his attacks. As a result, it is dependent on the opponent’s lightsaber form, speed, strength, and physical strength.

5. What happened to Darth Vader’s lightsaber?

Luke Skywalker chopped Darth Vader’s hand in Return of the Jedi (which was holding his lightsaber). It was supposed that it had fallen down the chasm despite the fact that it had not been seen. The lightsaber could have been shattered in the explosion after Luke sliced off Vader’s hand and went into the shaft with it, or it could have survived. Fans are left to hypothesize and construct their own hypotheses about what happened to Darth Vader’s lightsaber as of today.

6. What type of lightsaber does Darth Vader have?

The lightsaber was equipped with customized options such as dual-phase function. To make the most of it, the blade length could be manually controlled and tinkered during combat. Darth Vader’s lightsaber was also laced with dual-phase focusing crystals. The crystals were the gist of the whole power. Furthermore, the crystals would extract the juice from high-powered Diatium cells.


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