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At NEO Sabers, we are proud to offer a diverse variety of sabers, including the most inspiring and beloved designs. Our passion goes beyond galaxies; that makes us strong with the force and thus building trust with our customers. We have emerged as the most reputed brand by always bringing the balance pre and post sale services to our customers. In a universe filled with options, it is your ideal place for lightsabers that will  transport you to a galaxy far, far away.

We Belong to the Force. Come Join our Journey!

At Fan Expo Chicago 2023, NEO Sabers showcased a stunning collection of lightsabers, glowing lightsaber keychains and cool chopsticks that enchanted fans of all ages. The allure of these meticulously crafted creations brought fans together in the spirit of imaginative play and shared fascination.
As attendees explored the convention, they couldn’t help but admire the careful artistry of NEO Sabers’ sabers. Each hilt was a tangible link to the world of Star Wars, capturing its essence with remarkable precision. Amid the excitement and buzz of the event, attendees also lauded NEO Sabers for offering reliable and trustworthy lightsabers.

Our Mission

Here at NEO Sabers, we are all about bringing the magic of Star Wars to life. We have set out on a mission to make lightsabers a reality for fans who share our love for the galaxy’s legendary weapon. No need to sell your speeder to afford one – we offer top-quality lightsaber replicas at reasonable prices.

Being Star Wars fans ourselves, we get it – you want quality. When it comes to lightsabers, you want to feel the Force with every swing.  That is why our team is made up of skilled craftsmen and die-hard fans who are as committed to authenticity and quality as Luke Skywalker is to saving the galaxy.

Our Commitment

Our dedication to quality led us to create high-quality yet affordable lightsabers. We are committed to providing the best service to each of our customers. We don’t just offer high-quality products; we also offer high-quality service. We want you to be happy with your purchase and use your lightsaber to its greatest potential.

Why Choose NEO Sabers?

We are not just your average lightsaber store. Our lightsabers combine advanced features with budget-friendly prices that bring joy to fans of all ages. Quality is our Jedi code, and we are committed to perfection. And if you ever find yourself in a galactic jam with your lightsaber, our unconditional money-back guarantee covers it. 

What Makes Us Different from others?


Our lightsabers come with a lifetime warranty, giving you the confidence to get on countless intergalactic adventures.

Buyer Protection

Your safety is our priority. We offer Norton payment protection, ensuring a secure and worry-free shopping experience.

Customer Care

We are not just a store; we are a community. We stand by your side, ready to assist you on your Star Wars journey. Whether you have questions, need advice, or require support, we are always here for you.

Lightsaber Features

Our lightsabers are no ordinary blades. With gesture control using motion sensors and lifelike sound effects, your swings become a seamless cosmic experience. Choose from different blade modes like Stable, Unstable, Pulse, Fire, Ghost, Blaster, Candy, and Rainbow. Plus, enjoy a variety of ignition modes, from Standard to Stack, Wrap, Photon, Phaser, Scavenger, and Hunter. Your lightsaber, your rules!

Fast Shipping

We know you can't wait to ignite your lightsaber. That is why we offer worldwide express shipping. All orders leave our Jedi temple within 48 hours, and you will have your lightsaber in your hands, no matter where you are in the galaxy, in just a week.

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