The Phenomenon of Bleeding Kyber Crystals Explored

The Phenomenon of Bleeding Kyber Crystals Explored

In the vast Star Wars universe, there’s something truly special: Kyber Crystals. These shiny gems are like the heart and soul of lightsabers, the weapons of Jedi and Sith warriors. But, here’s the twist: sometimes, these crystals go through a mysterious and kind of spooky change called Kyber Crystal Bleeding. It’s as if the Force is drawing them to the evil side.

Kyber crystal bleeding

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Imagine if your favorite toy suddenly started behaving strangely! That’s why we’re here! Let’s dive into the secrets of Kyber Crystals, why they change, and what it all means. So, come along as we uncover the magic in “what does it mean when a kyber crystal bleeds.” 

Continuing our fascination with Kyber Crystals, let’s dig deeper into what makes these gems so extraordinary.

Kyber Crystal Basics

What are Kyber Crystals?

Kyber Crystals are remarkable gemstones found in the Star Wars galaxy. These crystals are incredibly sensitive to the Force, pulsating with the Force’s energy. 

They come in various colors (like: black kyber crystal, red kyber crystal, blue kyber crystal. They are known to be the essential building blocks of lightsabers, the iconic weapons of Jedi and Sith. 

Red crystal

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These crystals aren’t just any gems; they’re alive with the Force’s power, making them vital to a Force-sensitive person’s journey.

Significance of Kyber Crystal

Kyber Crystals aren’t just shiny rocks; they hold immense importance in the Star Wars saga. They’re at the core of the Jedi and Sith philosophies. 

Jedi use Kyber Crystals to construct their lightsabers, which become their trusted companions in their quest for peace and justice. For the Sith, these crystals symbolize power and domination, often resulting in their “bleeding” to the dark side. The way Kyber Crystals are treated and respected reflects the core values of their wielders.

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Unlocking the Crimson Secret: Kyber Crystal Bleeding

“Kyber Crystal Bleeding is a dark and mystifying technique employed by those immersed in the dark side of the Force. This method allows them to assert control over a Kyber crystal, causing it to undergo a profound transformation, turning its radiant hue into an ominous crimson. On rare occasions, those attuned to the light side could attempt to cleanse and purify these corrupted crystals, restoring their luminance and shifting their color back to purity.”

Exploring the Bleeding Process

Bleeding involves channeling potent emotions such as fear, rage, pain and hatred into the Kyber crystal, wielding the power of the evil side of the Force as the catalyst. This intense infusion of negative emotions ultimately led to a dramatic change in the crystal, resulting in the creation of the distinctive crimson-bladed lightsabers, a symbol almost explicitly associated with evil side practitioners.

Bleeding process

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Kyber crystals, on the other hand, are always inclined toward the light side of the Force, hence they usually resisted this kind of forced corruption. In fact, during his initial attempt to bleed a Kyber crystal, even Darth Vader himself encountered powerful light side Force visions, compelling him to reconsider his path towards darkness. 

Ben Solo’s Kyber crystal, which powers his Jedi lightsaber, is an example of how this process could destroy the crystal. Solo’s endeavor to bleed the crystal led to its cracking (i.e. Cracked Kyber Crystal), forcing him to change his saber into a cross guard to manage the unstable crystal’s extreme energy.

It’s worth noting that any Force user, including former light side practitioners, had the potential to bleed a Kyber crystal, even one from their own lightsaber. Nevertheless, a few Sith adherents believed the appropriate way of obtaining a Kyber crystal for bleeding was by taking it from a Jedi’s lightsaber.

The story doesn’t end with darkness, though it was possible to “heal” a Kyber crystal after it had been damaged by bleeding. By harnessing the power of the good side of the Force, a crystal’s hue could be transformed back, often resulting in a pristine white crystal.

Kyber Crystal Bleeding in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

In the  Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, viewers get a first-ever on-screen look at “Bleeding a Kyber Crystal.”

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In the game, after playing for a while, players have a task to find a mysterious Forest Array, which was made by a High Republic Jedi who lived many centuries ago. When they reach the top of the Array, players will discover a man named Dagan Gera floating in a Bacta Tank. Cal Kestis, the main character, uses his Force Echo ability to learn more about Dagan’s past. It turns out that Dagan used to be a Jedi in the High Republic era.

Cal and Dagan establish a Force connection, and Cal Kestis wants Dagan to help fight against the Empire. However, when Dagan hears that the Jedi Order no longer exists, he takes Cal’s lightsaber, uses the Force to take it apart, and fills his Kyber crystal with hatred. This turns the crystal from its original yellow color to a deep red, symbolizing his fall to the Dark Side.

The History of Kyber Crystal Bleeding


Jora Malli’s Discovery

In the High Republic Era, a curious Jedi named Jora Malli stumbled upon an old Sith lightspear, its power harnessed from a once-bleed Kyber crystal. Intrigued by the forbidden process, Malli set out to heal the crystal, not only to understand its secrets but also to witness the transformation first-hand.

However, her act of healing forged an unexpected bond between her and the crystal, turning it pure white. This unique connection led her to incorporate the crystal into her lightsaber, marking a significant chapter in the history of Kyber Crystal Bleeding.


Darth Vader’s Ordeal

With the rise of the Galactic Empire, the dark side of the Force cast a shadow over the galaxy. Darth Sidious, the Sith Lord and Galactic Emperor, tasked his apprentice, Darth Vader, with a formidable mission – to obtain a new Kyber crystal for his lightsaber. 

darth vader

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The Sith tradition dictated that such crystals must be retrieved from a Jedi slain by the Sith themselves. Vader’s travels brought him to the river moon of Al’doleem, where he met and killed Jedi Master Kirak Infil’a and stole his lightsaber.

Following Sidious’ orders, Vader embarked on a harrowing journey to Mustafar, the site of his devastating defeat. Within a cave steeped in the dark side’s malevolence, he dismantled Infil’a’s curved-hilt saber and placed the Kyber crystal of the Jedi Master on a rock. 

The Sith Lord started the ritual of Kyber Crystal Bleeding, seeking to corrupt the crystal’s purity. To Vader’s dismay, the crystal put up a fight, allowing Force visions of a different future to flood his mind, one where he returned to the light side and defied his Sith master.

Undeterred, Vader, with unwavering determination, relentlessly exposed the kyber crystal to his anguish and remorse. As he yelled in the depths of the cave, a tempest of Force energy erupted. 

Ultimately, the will of the crystal was broken, bending to the overwhelming darkness within Vader. He returned to Coruscant, presenting his efforts to Darth Sidious, marking the birth of his crimson lightsaber.

Darth Vader lightsaber

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Vader’s journey didn’t end there. He ventured to the Office of Galen Erso on Coruscant, where he discovered a trove of crystals left behind by Galen Erso. With a heart immersed in darkness, he proceeded to bleed them, forever marking his allegiance to the Sith and the path of Kyber Crystal Bleeding.

Inquisitorius: A Dark Legacy

Within the menacing ranks of the Inquisitorius, double-bladed spinning lightsabers were a grim sight to behold. What set these weapons apart was the dark secret embedded within their Kyber crystals – they had undergone the dreaded process of Kyber Crystal Bleeding. 

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The Sixth Brother, one of the Inquisitors, embarked on a mission to the moon Raada in pursuit of Jedi activity. However, he found only remnants of the Resistance, as former Padawan Ahsoka Tano had ensured their escape. In his ruthless pursuit, the Sixth Brother attacked the hideout, taking a Resistance member hostage to lure Tano back to Raada.

Upon learning of the dire situation, Ahsoka Tano, now an ally of Senator Bail Organa, made her way to Raada. In a desperate bid to acquire new Kyber crystals, she journeyed to the sacred planet Ilum, only to discover the Empire’s strip-mining operations there.

Seeking guidance from the Force, she followed a mysterious song that guided her to Raada. As the battle ensued, Tano faced the Sixth Brother unarmed. In a moment of sheer mastery, she used the Force to pull on the crystals within his lightsaber, causing it to explode. 

Claiming the purified crystals, Tano recognized them as possibly looted from the Jedi Temple. With these crystals, she forged new lightsabers and played a pivotal role in the evacuation of Raada’s residents.

Dagan Gera’s Fateful Choice

Jedi Knight Dagan Gera, hailing from the High Republic Era, made a fateful decision to embrace Kyber Crystal Bleeding. After his release in 9 BBY, Gera removed a Kyber crystal from his lightsaber that Cal Kestis had given him. By subjecting the crystal to the dark ritual, he witnessed the normally yellow blade turn an ominous shade of red.

Luke Skywalker’s Encounter with Redemption

The legendary Luke Skywalker’s journey led him to a unique encounter with Kyber Crystal Bleeding. After his lightsaber suffered damage in a confrontation with Killdroids, he sought someone capable of repairs. His path crossed with Cuata and Gretta, experts in Kyber crystals. Cuata agreed to restore Skywalker’s weapon under one condition: Luke had to purify a red Kyber crystal, a crystal tainted by the dark side. 

With guidance from Cuata and Gretta, Luke attempted to heal the crystal but was drawn into a profound Force vision. In this vision, he found himself in the presence of a Sith, embarked on a journey to Mustafar, and conversed with Yoda. As he awoke, he discovered the once-red crystal had transformed into a vibrant shade of green.

These tales are but a glimpse into the intriguing history of Kyber Crystal Bleeding, where the Force, darkness, and redemption intertwine in the most unexpected ways.

The New Republic Era: A Time of Redemption and Darkness

Komat’s Path to Redemption

In the New Republic Era, a former member of the Acolytes of the Beyond named Komat wielded a lightsaber with a menacing red blade, a testament to his allegiance to the dark side. However, fate took a turn when Komat, with the assistance of Luke Skywalker, made the courageous choice to cleanse his Kyber crystal. 

As a sign of the cleansing of evil from Komat’s mind and soul, the once-bloody blade was transformed into a brilliant white. In this act of redemption, the power of the light side triumphed over the shadows that had clouded his path.

Ben Solo’s Descent into Darkness

In the year 28 ABY, there was an event involving Ben Solo, a former Jedi who had turned to the dark side and become the leader of the Knights of Ren. He made the conscious decision to deepen his bond with the Force’s dark side.

Kylo Ren lightsaber

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To do this, Solo took the Kyber crystal from his old Jedi lightsaber. Holding the crystal in his left hand, he channeled all his anger and hatred, especially towards his own family, into the crystal.

As the Knights of Ren watched in amazement, their ship, the Night Buzzard, was surrounded by a strange and dark energy. In a moment of intense release, Solo screamed as the Kyber crystal transformed dramatically, turning red-yellow in color. However, the crystal also cracked during this chaotic process.

Nevertheless, Solo placed the corrupted crystal into his old lightsaber and turned it on. Unfortunately, the crystal’s instability caused the weapon to malfunction, eventually short-circuiting it. To deal with this problem, Solo made further modifications, resulting in the creation of his unique crossguard lightsaber.

Kylo Ren

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In this defining moment, Ben Solo’s path veered further into the depths of darkness, marking another chapter in the history of Kyber Crystal Bleeding.

Effects and Consequences of Bleeding

The Transformation of the Kyber Crystal

The process of Kyber Crystal Bleeding is nothing short of remarkable, for it leads to the profound transformation of these Force-sensitive gems. Originally radiant and pure, Kyber crystals take on a new identity when subjected to the darkness of the Force. 


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The once-gleaming crystals adopt a crimson hue, symbolizing their fall into the abyss of the dark side. This transformation is not merely superficial; it signifies a profound shift in the crystal’s alignment with the Force itself.

How Kyber Crystal Bleeding Impacts the Force

Kyber Crystal Bleeding sends ripples through the Force, echoing the turmoil and darkness that precipitate it. The very act of bending a Kyber crystal to one’s will through fear, hatred, and pain disrupts the delicate balance of the Force. 

Kyber bleeding

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As these once-harmonious crystals succumb to the darkness, they become conduits for malevolence, radiating an aura of corruption. This dark energy taints not only the crystal but also the Force itself, leaving an indelible mark on the cosmic web that binds the galaxy together.

The Main Difference Between How Sith and Fallen Jedi Bled Their Kyber Crystals

Kyber Crystal Bleeding and Lightsaber Construction

The connection between Kyber Crystal Bleeding and lightsabers is undeniable. When a crystal undergoes the Bleeding process, it becomes attuned to the dark side of the Force, resulting in the creation of crimson-bladed lightsabers. These weapons are not only formidable in combat but also serve as symbols of the wielder’s allegiance to the dark side.

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The Jedi Order’s Perspective on Kyber Crystal Bleeding

For the Jedi Order, Kyber Crystal Bleeding is a sorrowful chapter in the history of the Force. It represents the corruption of that which was once pure and radiant. The Jedi strive to preserve the sanctity of Kyber crystals, recognizing them as living beings attuned to the light side of the Force. They view Bleeding as a tragic loss, both for the crystal and the individual who succumbs to the darkness.

How do Jedi get their lightsabers? 

When Jedi wanted to build their lightsabers, they went on a special journey called the Gathering. Young Jedi, known as Younglings, would visit the sacred planet Ilum. Here, they had to find their special kyber crystals hidden in ice caves. These caves had unique challenges tailored to each Youngling.

Once they had their crystals, they would meditate with their crystal and saber pieces. This meditation could take just a few hours or even a few days. After a while, they could assemble their lightsabers. When they turned it on, the color of the blade would be revealed. It is a special and personal moment for each Jedi.

The Sith Order’s Perspective on Kyber Crystal Bleeding

Conversely, the Sith Order sees Kyber Crystal Bleeding as a triumph of power and domination. To the Sith, this process is a means of harnessing the full extent of their malevolent prowess. 

Bleeded lightsabers wielded by the Sith serve as evidence of their supremacy over the dark side. The crystal’s transformation signifies their firm dedication to the path of darkness

The Danger of Kyber Crystal Bleeding: A Closer Look

Kyber Crystal Bleeding is a risky business, and Darth Vader’s experience shows just how perilous it can be. When Vader tried to make his crystal turn to the dark side, the crystal fought back. It filled up with light side power, bringing back painful memories for Vader. The crystal only surrendered when Darth Vader pushed really hard, making it change to the dark side.

Darth Vader

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What makes this process so dangerous is how the crystal fights back. When dark side users like Sith try to fill the crystal with their bad energy, the crystal resists, putting up a tough fight. This struggle can be really harmful, as we saw with Kylo Ren’s crystal when it cracked during his own attempt.

A red Kyber crystal that comes out of this process is super powerful, thanks to all the hate and anger it soaked up. While no one has died while doing this, it’s still very risky because it connects you to your inner demons and can even hurt you physically, like it did with Vader’s suit.

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Is Bleeding Kyber Crystal Canon? 

In the Star Wars universe, there are two main categories: “Legends” and “canon.” Legends includes stories from before Disney acquired Star Wars and are not part of the official Star Wars timeline. But a few ideas from Legends have made their way into the official Star Wars canon, including the concept of “Bleeding” Kyber crystals.

As mentioned above: “Bleeding” is when a Dark Side Force user puts all their anger and pain into a Kyber crystal, turning it red. This idea first showed up in the 2016 novel “Ahsoka” and then in the 2017 Darth Vader comic.

While bleeding has been part of the Star Wars canon for almost seven years, it has mainly been in books and comics. For example, Kylo Ren and Darth Vader both used this process to change the color of their lightsabers. It’s an interesting aspect of Star Wars lore, but not widely seen in the movies or TV shows.

So, the concept of “Bleeding” Kyber crystals is indeed considered canon in the Star Wars universe. While it originated in the “Legends” category, it was introduced into the official Star Wars canon in 2016 and has appeared in novels and comics. So, it is part of the official Star Wars story.

Purifying the Kyber Crystal

Can a Kyber Crystal be Healed After Bleeding?

The question lingers: can a Kyber Crystal, once tainted by the darkness of Bleeding, ever be healed and redeemed? The answer, while complex, offers a glimmer of hope within the realm of Kyber Crystal lore. 

White crystal

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Kyber crystals, intrinsically connected to the light side of the Force, possess a remarkable resilience. This resilience allows for the possibility of healing and purification, even after they have been subjected to the crucible of the dark side. But it’s not a journey for the weak heart because the crystal has a strong connection to darkness.

Techniques and Methods for Healing a Kyber Crystal

The techniques and methods for healing a Kyber Crystal are steeped in the mysteries of the Force. Jedi who embark on this path often undergo profound trials, seeking to restore the crystal’s harmony with the light. While the specifics of these techniques may vary, they typically involve channeling the pure energy of the light side into the crystal.

A delicate and intimate connection between the Jedi and the crystal is crucial. The Jedi must confront their own inner demons and doubts, seeking redemption not only for the crystal but for themselves as well. Through meditation, deep introspection, and unwavering resolve, they strive to cleanse the crystal of its dark taint.

Rare Instances of Successfully Healed Kyber Crystals

While the healing of Kyber Crystals is a challenging and rare task, it is not without precedent. The annals of Star Wars lore recount instances where determined individuals succeeded in redeeming these once-fallen gems.

For example, in the novel “Ahsoka,” we witness the eponymous character purifying two Kyber crystals stolen from an Inquisitor. Through her unwavering dedication to the light side and her deep connection with the Force, Ahsoka Tano brings these crystals back from the brink of darkness, restoring their purity and radiance. 

Ahsoka Tano

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These rare instances of successfully healed Kyber Crystals serve as a testament to the enduring power of the light side of the Force. They remind us that redemption is attainable, even for objects corrupted by the darkest depths of the galaxy. In the intricate dance between light and darkness, the Kyber crystal’s journey mirrors the enduring struggle for balance within the Force itself.

Can you bleed a White Kyber Crystal?

When a Jedi turns to the Dark Side, they can “bleed” a Kyber crystal, causing it to turn a deep red from its original color. This change represents their descent into the Dark Side.

But here is when things become very interesting. A Kyber crystal can be “healed” utilizing the light side of the Force in the same way that it can be bled to turn red. This healing procedure usually results in the crystal returning to its original white color. It is like bringing light into the crystal.

As a result, “bleeding” indicates draining the light side energy, and “healing” implies recovering it. This cycle might potentially be repeated, adding another degree of complexity to the story of the Kyber crystal.

Why is Kyber Crystal Bleeding so Rare?

Kyber Crystal Bleeding is a rare phenomenon in the galaxy. This rarity can be attributed to several key factors:

1. The Crystal’s Resistance: Kyber crystals are naturally attuned with the good side of the Force. They resist attempts to corrupt them with the dark side, making it challenging for individuals to successfully complete the bleeding process.

2. Sith Knowledge: The knowledge of Kyber Crystal Bleeding is closely guarded by the Sith Order. This secrecy limits the number of individuals who possess the necessary understanding and skills to attempt the process.

3. Jedi Teachings: On the Jedi side, the practice of Kyber Crystal Bleeding is strictly forbidden and considered a betrayal of the Jedi way. This deters Jedi from even considering such a path.

4. Risk and Consequences: The dangers associated with Kyber Crystal Bleeding, both physically and spiritually, discourage many from attempting it. The potential for the crystal to resist and the internal turmoil it can unleash make it a daunting endeavor.

5. Alternative Paths: Force users have alternative methods of obtaining red lightsabers, such as acquiring pre-bleed crystals or looting fallen Jedi’s weapons. These methods may be considered easier and less risky than attempting to bleed a crystal from scratch.

The Origin of Kyber Crystal Bleeding

The idea of Kyber Crystal Bleeding first emerged in the book “Ahsoka” from 2016, written by E. K. Johnston. This concept, which became a significant part of the Star Wars story, was introduced in the comic “Darth Vader (2017) #5.” Created by Charles Soule and illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli, this comic hit the shelves on September 6, 2017, leaving a lasting mark on the Star Wars saga.

In the world of Star Wars Legends, a character named Jaden Korr accomplished something extraordinary. Through a procedure known as “cleansing,” he transformed a crimson synthetic lightsaber crystal into a brilliant yellow one. This transformation became a central element in his journey and formed the core of his third lightsaber.

FINAL VERDICT: The Thrilling Transformation of Lightsabers

In our journey through Kyber Crystal Bleeding, we’ve unraveled the secrets of lightsabers turning fiery red. It’s a story of power and rarity.

Imagine the corrupted Kyber crystal as a heart aflame, reflecting the feelings of its owner. It’s a bond as strong as the Force. The road to a red lightsaber, shrouded in mystery, is no walk in the park. It’s a battle, both within the crystal and within those who attempt it.

In this gripping adventure, we see the age-old fight between light and darkness, where choices shape destinies, even in our beloved galaxy.

As we conclude this thrilling exploration, remember that in stories and in life, our choices have the power to change everything. May the Force guide your path, always.


What happens when you bleed a kyber crystal?

Bleeding a kyber crystal is the dark process of filling it with anger, hatred, fear, and pain using the dark side of the Force. This transforms the crystal, turning lightsabers into the recognizable crimson blades often associated with dark side users.

Does bleeding the kyber crystal make it more powerful?

No, making a Kyber crystal “bleed” doesn’t automatically make it more powerful. As Master Yoda explained in the original trilogy, the Dark Side may seem quicker and easier, but it is not inherently more powerful. 

Similarly, a Kyber crystal that has been corrupted or bled is not necessarily stronger than one that hasn’t gone through this process. It’s all about how the Force is used, not the crystal itself.

What causes a kyber crystal to bleed?

To make a kyber crystal bleed, a Sith Lord takes a natural kyber crystal (regardless of its color) and corrupts it using the dark side of the Force. This process involves pouring all their hatred and pain into the crystal, which causes it to bleed and change.

Is the bled kyber crystal stronger?

No, a bled kyber crystal isn’t inherently stronger. The Dark Side is not more powerful by definition, just quicker and easier. Similarly, a corrupted or bled crystal doesn’t possess innate superiority over an unbled one.

Is it possible for a kyber crystal to be red without bleeding?

In most cases, no. Red kyber crystals are typically created by Sith. They take natural kyber crystals and use the dark side of the Force to corrupt or “bleed” them, turning them red.

How did Vader bleed his kyber crystal?

Darth Vader bled his kyber crystal by channeling his pain, anger, and dark intent into it until it could resist no more and “bled” into a crimson hue. This transformation is depicted in the Darth Vader comics.

Can Kyber crystals melt?

Yes, Kyber crystals can melt under extremely high temperatures. There’s a machine known as an incinerator that can generate such intense heat that it can melt lightsabers and cause Kyber crystals within them to explode.

Why does Dagan Gera bleed his crystal?

Jedi Knight Dagan Gera disassembled his lightsaber and poured his anger and hatred for the Jedi Order into the crystal, thus “bleeding” it. This process turned it into a deep red color.

Can a kyber crystal be broken?

The kyber crystal in Kylo Ren’s lightsaber cracked, causing an unstable blade. Immense force was dissipated through the sides, giving the weapon a crossguard appearance.

Does the color of Kyber crystals change?

Kyber crystals are capable of altering hue when they form a bond with a Force user. Although their typical coloration is blue or green, in rare cases they transform into colors  like purple or yellow. Bonding with another Force user can also cause a color change.

How does a kyber crystal choose color?

The color of a kyber crystal takes on the traits of the Force user who  bonded with it. During a meditation process, the crystal resonates with the emotions of the user, which determines the color of the lightsaber blade it powers.

Can the Darksaber bleed?

Yes, Star Wars books and comics show that those from the dark side can take the crystal off of a fallen Jedi’s lightsaber and focus Force energy on it to break its link to the light side. This is called “bleeding” and results in a red crystal.

Did Kylo Ren bleed his kyber crystal?

Yes, Kylo Ren’s unstable lightsaber and cross guards resulted from him cracking his kyber crystal. This took place after he “bled” his blue crystal to red after switching to the dark side. The cross-guards are made to vent the unstable cracked crystal.


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