The Ultimate Guide to the Shin Hati Lightsaber

The Ultimate Guide to the Shin Hati Lightsaber

In a vast galaxy where stars twinkle like storytellers, one legend that outshines them all – the tale of Shin Hati Lightsaber. The amazing story of Shin Hati and her lightsaber is one of bravery, skill, and the unmistakable glow of an orange-red blade cutting through the cosmic darkness.

Shin Hati lightsaber

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If you have ever wondered about the strongest Jedi, epic duels, and the secret meanings behind those glowing beams, you have landed in the right corner of the galaxy.  Buckle up, fellow Jedi enthusiasts; this is your ticket to the ultimate guide to everything about Shin Hati Lightsaber!

Join us on a journey through the galaxy as we uncover the mysteries of the Shin Hati Lightsaber. We will cover everything from the characters she can beat to the emotional memories of her lightsaber duels. 

So, get ready for a galactic adventure as we step into the heart of the Force, exploring the orange glow that defines Shin Hati and the captivating battles that shape her destiny. 


In the era of the New Republic, Shin Hati played an important role in Ahsoka Tano’s quest for Ezra Bridger. As the eager disciple of Baylan Skoll (a fallen Jedi), she joined forces with Morgan Elsbeth and Imperial sympathizers, going on a mission to locate the elusive Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Skoll apprentice Shin Hati

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Hati, skilled in lightsaber combat, stood by Skoll’s side as they worked as mercenaries. However, her journey took an unexpected turn when, stranded in another galaxy, she found herself abandoned with the bandits of Peridea.

Armed with a distinctive orange lightsaber, Shin Hati engaged in duels with Sabine Wren multiple times. The conflicts unfolded on Planet Lothal and Seatos, revealing Shin Hati’s determination and strength. The events led to a confrontation where Skoll, in pursuit of Thrawn’s plans, promised Sabine Wren safe passage in exchange for a valuable star map.

Shin Hati and Baylan Skoll

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Upon arriving at Peridea, Shin Hati questioned her master about the opportunity for power and alliance with Thrawn. Skoll, driven by a desire to break the cycle of power, revealed a deeper purpose. Hati’s path diverged when Admiral Thrawn ordered her to destroy Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger, leading to a climactic battle.

In a twist of fate, Hati found herself abandoned by her master and allies, facing off against Ahsoka Tano and overwhelming odds. The once-loyal apprentice fled, marking a turning point in her journey, as Skoll, Elsbeth, and Thrawn escaped Peridea, leaving Shin Hati to navigate the galaxy alone.

Shin Hati’s tale is one of loyalty, ambition, and the untamed power of the Force.


The formidable weapon, wielded by Shin Hati, displays a striking orange-red blade, a symbol of her mastery over the Force. One notable encounter saw Shin Hati in action as she showed her lightsaber’s power on the members of the New Republic ship named Vesper. 

Shin Hati

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Alongside her master Baylan Skoll, they undertook a daring mission to free Morgan Elsbeth during the quest for the elusive Ezra Bridger. The orange-red blade hummed with energy as it cut through the tension of battle, leaving a lasting mark on the pages of history.

A defining moment in Shin Hati’s journey took place during a gripping lightsaber duel with Sabine Wren at the LothalNet communication tower E-272. In a clash of skill and determination, Shin Hati emerged victorious by skillfully guiding her saber through Sabine Wren’s torso. This intense confrontation showcased the amazing power of the orange lightsaber and solidified Shin Hati’s reputation as a Force to be reckoned with.

Shin Hati’s Orange Lightsaber

Amazing Features at a Glance

TypeSingle-bladed orange lightsaber
Crystal TypeKyber Crystal
Model Lightsaber
Blade ColorIntense Orange-Red
Purpose of SaberLightsaber Duels
OwnerShin Hati
AssociationForces of Admiral ThrawnForces of Morgan Elsbeth Bandits of Peridea

Specifications of Shin Hati’s Unique Lightsaber

Lightsaber Style of Shin Hati

Crafted under the skilled guidance of Baylan Skoll, Shin Hati’s lightsaber stands out as a marvel of design, featuring classical motifs while harboring distinctive features.

The slimline hilt, encased in white leather, boasts a circular disc-like hand guard and an emitter culminating in three sharp points. 

shin Hati lightsaber

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Similar to her master’s weapon, the blade captivates observers as it seemingly alternates between shades of red and orange.

Shin Hati’s Orange Lightsaber

The significance of orange lightsabers in may be related to the qualities represented by yellow and red lightsabers, as well as the characteristics exhibited by Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati.

We still don’t know what makes an orange lightsaber different from any other color, and it is a first in the canonical universe. Although each hue of kyber crystal had a specific meaning in the Expanded Universe, not all lightsaber colors have any particular significance in canon. While a green blade reveals nothing about its wielder, a red kyber crystal is born from a regular crystal that has been bled.

Shin Hati Orange lightsaber

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Like the white and red lightsabers, the orange lightsaber might have some history. After refining an Inquisitor’s red lightsaber blade, Ahsoka created her own white blades. Maybe a partially crystalline orange crystal was formerly a less-purified red crystal. Shin Hati probably follows in her master’s footsteps by using the identical lightsaber he did.

It would make sense for Shin to utilize his lightsaber like a rapier if the orange blade had some peculiar quality. Considering Sabine Wren’s relative weakness in the Force, Shin’s lightning-fast assault during the fight was astonishing.

Shin Hati Orange Lightsaber Meaning

Shin Hati’s orange lightsaber is not just a weapon but a manifestation of her character, a balance between light and dark, and a symbol of her unique journey in the vast galaxy.

The color orange emerges as a unique blend of red, symbolizing the Dark Side, and yellow, associated with the Light Side. Unlike Sith, orange lightsaber wielders, exemplified by both Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati, strike a balance, similar to the powerful Mace Windu with his purple lightsaber. This balance suggests a nuanced perspective, acknowledging the complexity of the Force without succumbing to the extremes of the Dark Side.

Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati

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A lightsaber is more than a weapon; it reflects the wielder’s essence. For Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati, the orange lightsaber signifies a pragmatic hope. It speaks to a willingness to navigate a path towards a better future, even if it demands sacrifices for the greater good. This choice aligns with their roles as mercenaries, where the once-diplomatic yellow lightsaber’s wielder transitions into a force that understands the harsh realities of the galaxy.

The orange hue of Shin Hati’s lightsaber sparks curiosity. It is suggested that the blade may have originated from a red crystal, not entirely purified. Mirroring her master’s weapon, Shin Hati’s lightsaber undergoes a similar process, offering a plausible explanation for the unusual coloration. Baylan Skoll’s assertion that they are neither Jedi or Sith deepens the mystery surrounding the orange hue.

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How Did Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati Met?

The tale of Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati is one of unexpected alliances, survival in a galaxy in flux, and the forging of destinies against the backdrop of the New Republic Era. 

In a galaxy where Jedi traditions were overshadowed by chaos, Shin Hati’s unique Force sensitivity didn’t escape the discerning eye of Baylan Skoll. Having survived the Jedi purge, Skoll saw in Shin Hati a potential apprentice, someone who could transcend the conventional Jedi path. Their journey as mercenaries, shaped in the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War, proving that destiny often weaves its own threads.

Skoll and Shin Hati

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A Pivotal Mission Under Morgan Elsbeth’s Employ

Around 9 ABY, their lives took a crucial turn when they found employment under Morgan Elsbeth. The turning point came with the daring rescue mission, liberating Elsbeth from New Republic captivity aboard the Vesper. 

Employing an old Jedi clearance code, Hati and Skoll boarded the ship, facing suspicion from Captain Hayle. The subsequent confrontation showcased Shin Hati’s expert lightsaber skills, swiftly eliminating threats, while Skoll handled the interrogation.

As the rescue mission unfolded, Hati fought her way to the bridge, showcasing her ability by dispatching the command crew. Meanwhile, Skoll secured Elsbeth’s freedom from captivity. This mission not only solidified their reputation as skilled mercenaries but also hinted at the intricate dynamics within their trio.

Hati waving her orange lightsaber

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Despite Shin Hati’s unconventional Jedi training, her Force adeptness and unwavering loyalty to Skoll were evident. Their partnership faced challenges as mercenaries, and the meeting with Morgan Elsbeth added complexity to their dynamic. Hati’s wariness of Elsbeth, coupled with her deep dedication to Skoll, hinted at a story that surpassed the typical master-apprentice relationship.

Master-apprentice Duo

Image source: Reddit

Hati may have been trained as a Jedi by her master, but she was far from a spiritual Jedi Nevertheless, she did not belong to the Sith, nor did she strictly adhere to the dark side of the Force. The orange-red bladed lightsaber she wielded mirrored her uncertain position within the Force.  Skoll asserted that he had instructed her to become something greater, although his exact intentions behind this statement remain ambiguous.

Strongest Characters Shin Hati can Beat

Shin Hati’s journey unfolds as she eagerly apprentices under the Baylan Skoll. Throughout her journey, she encounters various situations that showcase her impressive skills and abilities.

1. Shin Hati vs Sabine Wren

Shin Hati engaged in epic duels with Sabine Wren not once, but twice. 

Sabine Wren vs Ezra Bridger

Image source: Gizmodo

  • First Duel 

On the vibrant planet of Lothal, Shin Hati engaged in a lightsaber duel with the skilled Sabine Wren. The outcome favored Hati, underscoring her prowess in combat. This victory not only solidifies Shin Hati’s standing in lightsaber duels but also positions her as a force to be reckoned with in the intricate dynamics of the narrative.

  • Second Duel

The second duel occurred when Sabine Wren with her master Ahsoka Tano were on a mission to Seatos; Shin Hati once again confronted Wren, but this time the Mandalorian disarmed her, and she fled into the wilderness.

Who is stronger: Shin Hati or Sabine Wren?

Sabine Wren and Shin Hati square off multiple times, with the Dark Jedi student proving his strength to be greater than that of Ahsoka’s Padawan. Their second combat would have continued their terrible trajectory for Sabine if her Mandalorian arsenal hadn’t been there. 

Skoll against Sabine

Image source: Quora

The key to comprehending Shin Hati, who is both courageous and mysterious, lies in her relationship with Baylan. Seeking power from a faraway galaxy, Shin Hati follows Baylan Skoll, making their master-apprentice relationship perhaps the most intriguing in the story of Star Wars.

2. Shin Hati vs Marrok

In the tumultuous mission on Corellia, Shin Hati intervened in a duel between Marrok and Ahsoka Tano, demonstrating her strategic and combat abilities. The successful escape with Marrok underscores Hati’s capacity to navigate through intense scenarios, showcasing a level of mastery that extends beyond lightsaber skills.

3. Shin Hati vs Ezra Bridger

In the clash between Shin Hati and Ezra Bridger, she strategically allowed bandits to attack, exploiting their weapons against the unarmed Noti. Bridger directed a defensive stance, joining forces with Sabine Wren. Hati attempted to decapitate Bridger but failed. The ensuing lightsaber duel saw Bridger’s agile moves evading Hati’s strikes. 

Ezra Bridger vs Shin Hati

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As Night Trooper reinforcements arrived, Shin Hati gained the upper hand, but Ahsoka Tano’s timely intervention disrupted the situation. Hati, realizing defeat, ordered the troopers to kill Ezra Bridger and Wren. 

Despite negotiations, Ahsoka’s arrival turned the tide, compelling the troopers’ retreat. Hati, abandoned, chose to flee, leaving behind her master and allies.

4. Shin Hati vs Captain Hayle and Security Team

Shin Hati’s collaboration with Baylan Skoll resulted in a strategic assault on the New Republic ship Vesper, eliminating Captain Hayle and the security team with precision. This decisive action not only emphasizes her combat skills but also hints at the calculated approach Shin Hati takes when faced with formidable opponents.

Potential for Greater Challenges

As Shin Hati sets on a quest with her master and allies, the universe holds the promise of more formidable adversaries. The dynamic nature of the narrative suggests that Hati’s journey may lead her to confront even more powerful opponents, pushing her abilities to new heights and offering fans thrilling battles to anticipate.

Heated Duel of Shin Hati vs Ahsoka Tano

A brief confrontation between Ahsoka Tano and Shin Hati takes place toward the conclusion of the seventh episode of “Ahsoka.” However, it is interesting to note that she does not bother to light her lightsabers in order to engage Shin in combat. 

Ahsoka Tano vs Shin Hati

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Shin Hati was unable to resist Ahsoka’s telekinetic Force strike and was subsequently pushed against a wall. It was not even possible for Shin Hati to scratch an opponent who was not armed, and she is aware that she will be executed if she keeps fighting. Consequently, Shin Hati makes a strategic retreat, opting to flee rather than face certain defeat.

Ahsoka does use her Lightsabers Against Shin Hati?

Ahsoka Tano and Shin Hati ultimately square up in a short confrontation at the end of episode 7, but for some reason, Ahsoka doesn’t even bother to light her white lightsabers to battle Shin. 

Ahsoka, Sabine and Ezra

Image source: Screen Rant

Shin Hati’s training is no match for Ahsoka’s extensive lightsaber combat experience. But it’s important to notice that Shin seems determined to keep fighting. Shin doesn’t step back and reconsider her approach until Ezra and Sabine reach Ahsoka’s side after finishing with the Death Troopers. 

After losing her ally, Shin may have also come to terms with the fact that Ahsoka is an extremely powerful adversary when faced alone.

Reasons Ahsoka didn’t ignite her lightsaber against Shin Hati

The fact that Ahsoka doesn’t feel the need to compete with Shin’s lightsaber is a major factor in her decision. When it concerns facing up against an experienced fighter from the Clone Wars, Shin is both young and unprepared. 

Ahsoka Tano can easily hold her at arm’s length with just a few blocks and Force pushes. The Force is Ahsoka’s ally, and she knows it will be enough to vanquish Shin Hati.

On the other hand, Ahsoka isn’t planning to win the fight against Shin Hati. After their short battle, Ahsoka offers Shin to join them in an effort to aid her. Obviously, Ahsoka demands that Shin Hati give up her lightsaber right away.  It appears, nevertheless, that her desire to mentor Shin, like her mentorship of Sabine, is sincere. 

Shin Hati’s Dark Side Power: A Comparison with Ahsoka Tano and Others

Shin Hati demonstrates considerable strength, particularly in her connection to the dark side. Her prowess is evident in her victories against Sabine, despite Sabine’s Jedi-trained lightsaber skills. Even facing New Republic soldiers, Shin proves to be a formidable opponent.

clash of Green and orange lightsaber

Image source: YouTube

However, it’s essential to note that Shin Hati, while powerful, doesn’t reach the same level as Baylan Skoll or Ahsoka Tano. Both Skoll and Tano are recognized as even more potent figures compared to Shin Hati. This distinction emphasizes that, although Shin Hati is a formidable force, there are individuals with greater strength and abilities in the narrative.

Ahsoka: Shin Hati Fondly Reminisces about her Lightsaber Duel

In a recent conversation, Ivanna Sakhno, the actress behind Ahsoka, shared profound insights into a crucial moment during the Ahsoka filming – the ignition of her lightsaber for the first time on set. She likened the experience to unlocking the gates into the universe, recalling the electric atmosphere that brought her character, Shin Hati, to life.

Shin Hati

Image source:

This significant episode unfolded in the early stages of Ahsoka, featuring Shin Hati in a lightsaber clash with the live-action Sabine Wren, portrayed by Natasha Liu Bordizzo. The intensity of the duel left a lasting impression on Sakhno, who vividly recounted the exchanged glances with co-star Natasha during the activation of their lightsabers. 

Sakhno conveyed that this moment marked a commencement, seamlessly merging months of preparation with the anticipation of what lay ahead. In her own words, “It felt like we opened the gates into the universe.”

Beyond the lightsaber duel, Sakhno also fondly revisited another thrilling encounter – steering a star fighter in the Ahsoka series. Describing it as an incredibly cool experience, she expressed the delight of reconnecting with her inner child’s excitement, surrounded by a set equipped with cutting-edge technology. 

Shin Hati

Image source: Movie Web

This immersive adventure, combined with the realization of childhood dreams, mirrors the genuine enthusiasm that performers like Ivanna Sakhno bring to the saga.

What Happens to Shin Hati?

The conclusion of the recent Ahsoka episode leaves Shin Hati’s destiny hanging in the balance. After her retreat from the duel with Ahsoka, the specific path she takes remains a narrative mystery. 

Complicating matters, Baylan Skoll pursues his own agenda on Peridea, while Shin unwittingly disrupts Thrawn’s machinations. As the series approaches its finale, the resolution of Shin Hati’s character arc holds the promise of unveiling her ultimate fate—whether it leads to redemption, a descent into darkness, or a transformative journey in the vast galaxy. 

The forthcoming episodes are anticipated to shed light on the destiny that awaits Shin Hati in this captivating narrative.

First Appearance

The debut of Shin Hati’s lightsaber took place in the teaser trailer for the Ahsoka TV series on Disney plus. This trailer was unveiled in August 2023.

Dave Filoni explained that the decision to give Hati’s lightsaber an orange-red color instead of the typical Sith red was deliberate. 

Filoni shared that as a child, he perceived Darth Vader’s lightsaber to have a slight orange hue due to visual effects. Therefore, he wanted to create a lightsaber that was not solely orange but had a dual color. This choice was made to prevent young viewers from jumping to immediate inferences about Shin Hati’s true allegiances while watching the show.

What lightsaber Fighting Style does Shin Hati use?  

Shin Hati, a formidable Force user, displays exceptional prowess as a lightsaber duelist. Her dynamic fighting style allows her to swiftly eliminate adversaries, including seasoned warriors like Sabine Wren, Ezra Bridger, and Ahsoka Tano.

Shin Hati holding her Orange-red lightsaber

Image source: Reddit

Shin’s mastery extends across diverse lightsaber forms, showcasing her versatility and adaptability in combat:

1. Shii-Cho: Shin excels in the foundational form, Shii-Cho, demonstrating a high level of proficiency.

2. Makashi: While not her primary focus, Shin exhibits notable skill in the dueling-centric form of Makashi.

3. Soresu: A master of Soresu, Shin adeptly uses this defensive form to deflect blaster bolts and counter lightsaber strikes with precision.

4. Ataru: Shin’s extremely skilled Ataru technique emphasizes agility and acrobatic maneuvers during combat engagements.

5. Shien/Djem So: Proficient in Form V, Shin seamlessly integrates Shien/Djem So, showcasing her ability to redirect attacks with finesse.

6. Niman: Shin displays considerable skill in Niman, effectively combining lightsaber techniques with Force attacks.

Her well-rounded proficiency in various lightsaber forms underscores Shin Hati’s status as a formidable opponent. Whether countering blaster fire, engaging in acrobatic combat, or incorporating the Force into her sequences, Shin’s adaptability makes her a standout presence in lightsaber duels.


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The Shin Hati iconic orange-red bladed Lightsaber is truly a weapon of great power and significance in the universe. With its unique color and dazzling features, it stands out as an iconic and mighty weapon wielded by the powerful Dark Jedi in Ahsoka.

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What lightsaber style does Shin Hati use?

Trained under Baylan Skoll, Shin Hati brandishes a lightsaber reminiscent of a Jedi’s, featuring an orange-red blade. Its design, as noted by lightsaber architect Huyang, incorporates classical motifs.

Which lightsaber color does Shin Hati wield?

Shin Hati’s lightsaber showcases an orange-red blade, resembling the traditional hue of a Jedi lightsaber, a characteristic recognized by the droid Professor Huyang.

Is Shin Hati portrayed as a bad or good character?

Within the 2023 Disney+ series “Ahsoka,” Shin Hati assumes the role of a major antagonist. Serving as Baylan Skoll’s apprentice, she collaborates with Grand Admiral Thrawn in their endeavor to reclaim control over the galaxy.

What motivated Ahsoka to let Shin Hati go after their battle?

Following their brief skirmish, Ahsoka extends a helping hand to Shin Hati, genuinely seeking to guide her rather than harm her. This aligns with Ahsoka’s tendency to mentor individuals, as observed with Sabine.

Which lightsaber combat style does Shin Hati specialize in?

Having received training from Baylan Skoll, Shin Hati demonstrates proficiency in lightsaber combat. Her skills are utilized in her role as a mercenary aligned with Morgan Elsbeth, the former Magistrate of Calodan.

What abilities contribute to Shin Hati’s strength?

Shin Hati exhibits telekinetic capabilities, employing Force push, Force choke, and Force deflection. Her adeptness in lightsaber combat is evident, allowing her to undertake solo missions entrusted by her master.

Is Shin Hati categorized as a Dark Jedi?

Ahsoka’s adversary, Shin Hati, is depicted as a Dark Jedi Padawan wielding an orange lightsaber. While surpassing Sabine Wren in strength, she doesn’t reach the level of power exhibited by Ahsoka Tano.

Who is the Sith character portrayed by Shin Hati in Ahsoka?

Tasked by Skoll and Lady Morgan Elsbeth, Shin Hati, armed with her lightsaber, embarks on a mission to track down Ahsoka Tano. This pursuit involves retrieving a star map leading to Grand Admiral Thrawn, establishing her as a formidable character in the series.


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