Embodying the Essence of Orange Kyber Crystal Meaning

Meaning and Rarity of Orange Kyber Crystals

In the exciting Star Wars Galaxy, where every lightsaber tells a unique story, the Orange Kyber crystal stands out as a symbol of unique significance and power. This blog finds out the captivating meaning behind these unique crystals, exploring their lore, historical wielders, and the mystery surrounding their essence.

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Kyber Crystals and Lightsabers

The magic behind a lightsaber lies in its Kyber crystal, a powerful Kyber crystal gem that brings the iconic weapon to life. Placed within the lightsaber’s hilt, the Kyber crystal releases a beam of plasma energy when activated. The length of the lightsaber’s blade depends on the energy stored in the crystal, creating a longer beam with more energy.

When deactivated, the lightsaber blade retreats into the hilt, leaving behind an inert handle. It’s a symbol of the power that rests within, awaiting the next moment of activation.

Orange Lightsaber

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The color of the lightsaber’s blade tells a story too, all thanks to the Kyber crystal. Force users, in some tales, are set on quests to find or craft their crystals, each color representing a unique connection to the Force. 

Colors vary, from the familiar red, blue, and green to the rare orange. In addition to its visual appeal, the intense heat generated by a lightsaber gives it powerful and effective functionality. 

Wielders of orange lightsaber

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The lightsaber is a highly versatile weapon that can cut through various materials. Additionally, proficient force users are capable of deflecting blaster shots with their lightsabers, further highlighting the weapon’s impressive capabilities.

The Rarity of Orange Kyber Crystals

The color orange is considered to be quite uncommon when it comes to lightsabers. Extensive knowledge about this particular color can be traced back to various sources such as legends, renowned Jedi Master Yaddle And the Mandalorian Knights.

Master Yaddle orange lightsaber

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The orange kyber crystals, known for their scarcity, hold a special place in the Star Wars franchise. These crystals possess a rich and complex history, which is recognized in both the Legends and the official Star Wars canon.

The recent release of the Ahsoka has generated excitement among Star Wars fans, as it marked the first live-action appearance of orange lightsabers.  

Moreover, an orange lightsaber has been seen in the hands of Cal Kestis, the character of the popular video game Jedi: Fallen Order.

Without any delay, let’s explore the meaning of these unique orange kyber crystals. 

Gray Jedi and the Unique Appeal of Orange Lightsabers

Orange lightsabers are no ordinary blades—they signify something extraordinary. These sabers, wielded by the so-called “Gray Jedi,” show how the Force’s light and evil aspects are harmoniously balanced. It is like they are standing in the middle, not completely choosing one side over the other.

Gray Jedi wielding orange lightsaber

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Why orange? Well, it is not just a color choice. These rare lightsabers represent knowledge, wisdom, and power. 

Having an orange lightsaber means breaking away from the usual Jedi beliefs and embracing a more radical way of thinking. It is like saying, “I’m doing things my way.”

In Search of Orange Crystals: Lore and Legends

According to the lore of the Old Republic, orange crystals have historically been considered rare. One of the most renowned orange crystals in popular culture is the Heart of the Guardian crystal, which holds significant value and is prominently displayed in Knights of the Old Republic (video game). 

orange kyber crystal

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The Heart of the Guardian, a legendary artifact, is said to have played an important role in the establishment of the guardian order of Jedi, although its true origins remain unknown. Unfortunately, the Jedi archive does not provide any further information on this.

However, it is worth noting that both the Sith and Jedi have their own respective legends that are often shared through whispered tales. As per the Jedi belief, it is said that the Heart will manifest during a period of immense turmoil, ultimately leading to the salvation of the entire galaxy. 

Contrary to popular belief, the Sith view this particular gem as a significant part of their cultural heritage, with the intention of utilizing it to assert their control over the entire galaxy. 

Jedi can choose from a wide range of colors for their lightsabers. On the contrary, the color holds great significance for those who follow the Jedi Path, serving as a symbol of honor and accomplishment. 

Cal Kestis holding double-bladed lightsaber

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Star Wars: The Old Republic offers a wide range of choices for players seeking orange crystals. The crystal commonly known as the Advanced Orange Color Crystal is a traditional choice among crystal enthusiasts. 

The Vibrancy of Orange : Joy, Sunshine, and Creativity

Ever wondered what makes orange so awesome? Well, it is not just a color; it is a mixture of two colors—yellow and red. It is like blending the sunny warmth of yellow with the fiery passion of red, creating this super cool combination of joy and energy.

Orange Lightsaber

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Orange color is a symbol of joy and sunshine. In some places, it is like a good luck charm, bringing positive vibes wherever it goes. Moreover, in other spots, orange color is all about creativity and enthusiasm. 

Orange Kyber crystals remind us that the Force isn’t about picking just one side. It is about understanding it all to see its true power. Those who get this use it to guide their own journey and figure out their way in life. They are not stuck following just the good or bad rules—they mix it up to create something new. 

Exploring True Meanings of Orange Kyber Crystal

The amazing thing about orange lightsabers is not just their color. They convey a profound meaning beyond the mere contrast of evil and good sides of the Force. 

They are for characters who understand a lot about life, have loads of wisdom, and can choose their own path. 

People with orange lightsabers are like super wise travelers, balancing both good and not-so-good sides of the Force to find what is right. They are brave and stand up against unfairness and inequality when they see it.

Dual-bladed orange Lightsaber

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Orange lightsabers aren’t common because they are very special. Star Wars characters who pick this color are going a different way, doing things their own unique way. They’re super driven and different from other Force-sensitive folks. 

It is quite uncommon to come across someone wielding an orange lightsaber. Individuals wielding these sabers exude a sense of confidence and strength. They are confident in their abilities to exceed expectations and achieve their objectives.

People with orange lightsabers are not afraid to do things differently and choose their path confidently. Orange sabers remind us that real power comes from knowing yourself and making your own choices. Individuals wielding orange sabers possess the courage to seize control of their lives and live it on their terms.

Orange lightsabers show that it is fine to break the usual rules and make your path. They stand for bravery, strength, ambition, and a different understanding of the Force.

The Mystery of Baylan and Shin’s Orange Lightsabers

Due to the limited information available on orange lightsabers, there are numerous theories circulating regarding the workings behind Baylan and Shin’s orange lightsabers. 

Baylan and Sin orange blade

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One idea is that these lightsabers with orange cores might be synthetic. In the Star Wars Legends universe, red lightsabers were viewed as unnatural. However, in Disney’s canon, there have been some changes regarding this perception.  These orange lightsabers may be the updated version of synthetic lightsaber kyber crystals.

Another idea is that these lightsabers could be made from Kohlen crystals, which are also referred to as “Fool’s Kyber.” In the past, these orange crystals were a bit like Kyber but made weaker orange blades. However, Baylan might have figured out a way to amp up the power of a Kohlen crystal.

Lastly, there is the idea that these lightsabers are unique, maybe from a different time in the Star Wars universe. 

The Power Source Behind Orange Lightsabers in Ahsoka

When it comes to the lightsabers, maybe Baylan and Skoll tried messing with the Kyber crystals from their Jedi lightsabers but didn’t succeed. 

Orange lightsaber of Baylan Skoll

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You know how Kylo Ren tried to mess with his crystal and it cracked? 

Well, Baylan and Shin might not have been angry enough to completely corrupt the crystal. This could have put their crystals in this middle state—trying to be red, but some goodness still shining through. 

If that is the case, there is a chance Baylan and Shin could turn things around and be redeemed, even if they start off as dark Jedi in the series.

Decoding the Meaning of Orange Lightsabers

An individual wielding an orange lightsaber is a master of the Force, having not only mastered its Light and Dark Sides but also achieved a deep understanding of their own emotions and self-awareness.

Baylan Skoll carries traits typical of a Jedi Sentinel—friendly, hopeful, and deliberate in his lightsaber use. He maintains composure, displays patience, and possesses a profound understanding. However, his unwavering commitment is centered around a distant and focused goal.

Every step in his journey contributes to this overarching pursuit for power. The orange glow of his lightsaber serves as a visual representation of his enduring hope, suggesting he believes that his relentless quest for power can ultimately bring genuine and meaningful peace, even if it requires sacrificing lives.

Baylan and Shin

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For Baylan Skoll as a Sith, wielding an orange lightsaber doesn’t distinctly place him on the Dark Side. It doesn’t exactly align with the Light Side, either. Instead, it hints at the possibility that he might be more of a gray Jedi—occupying a space between Jedi and Sith, utilizing both sides for his objectives.

The Significance of Orange Lightsabers in Star Wars Legends

In the Star Wars Legends universe, orange lightsabers held a special significance, mainly associated with Force-sensitive individuals known as Gray Jedi. 

Orange lightsabers

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Unlike the traditional Jedi Order members, Gray Jedi didn’t fully commit to either the light or dark side of the Force. Instead, they navigated a middle ground, and their choice of the rare orange lightsaber symbolized this unique approach to understanding and using the Force. 

The orange lightsabers were a rarity, much like the Gray Jedi who wielded them. This distinguished them from the typical red lightsabers of the Sith and the yellow ones often seen in the hands of Jedi Temple guards and scholars.

In the Legends stories, a few Jedi initially wielded orange lightsabers. Over the course of the Stark Hyperspace War, the orange lightsaber was carried by Jedi Master Plo Koon, who was a member of the Jedi Council and appeared in the Legends comics. 

Master Plo Koon holding Orange Lightsaber

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Over time, he transitioned to a yellow lightsaber in various games and eventually to a blue one in “Attack of the Clones” and “The Clone Wars” animated series.

In addition, Jedi Master Yaddle was featured in Legends with an orange lightsaber; however, the new Star Wars canon substituted it with a green blade, similar to the one seen in Tales of the Jedi. The character Kyle Katarn in Legends also briefly wielded an orange lightsaber.

Who has used Orange Lightsabers?

Orange lightsabers were quite uncommon. The first known person to wield one was Freedon Nadd, who happened to be the sole Sith to use this unique color. 

Jumping thousands of years ahead, Master Yaddle and Plo Koon carried orange lightsabers before the events of The Phantom Menace, although they didn’t use them as their main weapons. During the time of the New Jedi Order, Lowbacca possessed an orange lightsaber.

Master Yaddle

Image source: Nexus Mod

Cal Kestis, surviving Order 66 in Jedi: Fallen Order, offers a tangible connection to the vibrant hue, showcasing its prevalence in the current canon.

Additionally, the recent appearance of orange lightsabers in the live-action realm, notably in “Ahsoka,” has stirred excitement among Star Wars enthusiasts. 

Famous wielders of Orange Blade in Canon

In the Star Wars canon, the notable Jedi recognized for wielding an orange lightsaber is Cal Kestis. He is a character who managed to survive Order 66 and made his first appearance in the video game Jedi: Fallen Order. 

Cal Kestis Holding Orange lightsaber

Image source: Quora

Cal set out on a mission to free himself from the Empire’s control and, simultaneously, sought to bring back the Jedi Order.

Players were given the choice to pick from a variety of lightsaber colors in the game. One of these colors was orange, which was given as a bonus for pre-ordering the game from Respawn Entertainment. 

Cal Kestis has the option to use an orange lightsaber, along with various other colors, based on the player’s preference.

Despite the technicality, the events and characters in the game are considered a part of the official Star Wars narrative. This means that orange kyber crystals, the source of the lightsaber’s color, exist in the current canon, just as they did in the previous Legends canon.

Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati are the first official Force wielders with true orange lightsabers in live-action Star Wars.

Famous Wielders of Orange Blade in Legends

In the Star Wars Legends, we see some interesting characters wielding orange lightsabers, setting them apart in the galaxy.

Famous wielder of Orange lightsaber

Image source: Reddit

One notable group is the Mandalorian Knights, led by ex-Jedi Council member Dorjander Kace. These rebel Jedi hampered Republic operations during the Mandalorian Wars and were featured in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: War, a comic book series.

In Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, Kyle Katarn wielded an orange lightsaber forged by Dark Jedi Yun. Despite Master Yaddle’s canonical green lightsaber in the prequel trilogy, Legends depict her with an orange one. 

Orange-bladed lightsaber

Image source: Wookieepedia-Fandom

These instances of characters wielding orange lightsabers in Star Wars Legends showcase not only their distinctiveness but also their unique style, making them memorable figures in the expansive Star Wars universe.


Unlike many lightsaber colors, the true meaning behind an orange lightsaber remains a bit of a mystery. 

Some fans think that to wield an orange lightsaber, a Jedi had to prove they were wise. This might explain why you didn’t see it often; those who had it tried to avoid fights as much as possible.  

Another idea from fans is that orange might stand for a balance between the good and not-so-good sides of the Force.  

It is like how Jedi Master Windu’s lightsaber mixes blue and red; the orange one could be a mix of yellow and red. So, it is a bit like a symbol of balance and wisdom in the Force.


Q: What does an orange lightsaber symbolize?

A: The orange lightsaber is a truly exceptional weapon within the Star Wars universe, representing a remarkable equilibrium and unity between the light and evil Forces. The characters who possess it are all distinct, each with their own individual story and motivations.

Q: Is an orange lightsaber good?

A:Indeed, wielding an orange lightsaber offers numerous advantages, such as the capacity to protect oneself from the forces of darkness, harness the power of the light side, and attain an in-depth understanding of the Jedi philosophy.

Q: Why does Baylan Skoll have an orange lightsaber?

A: It is highly probable that the explanation is similar to Ahsoka’s white blades. Baylan and Shin have a tendency to lean towards the darker side, although they fall short of the malevolence associated with the Sith. Legends frequently portrayed orange lightsabers used by “GrayJedi” who didn’t fully align with either side of the Force.

Q: Can the color of a lightsaber change in Star Wars canon?

A: In certain Star Wars media, characters may have the option to change the color of their lightsabers. For example, in the video game Jedi: Fallen Order, players could choose various colors, including orange, for Cal’s lightsaber.

Q: What is the orange crystal for lightsabers?

A: In Old Republic Lore, orange lightsaber crystals have always been quite rare. One of the most popular orange crystals is the Heart of the Guardian crystal, which can be found in the game Knights of the Old Republic.

Q: What does an orange lightsaber mean?

A: In Star Wars Legends, individuals who considered themselves Gray Jedi often chose to wield orange lightsabers. These Force-sensitives maintained a balance between the light and dark sides of the Force, without fully aligning with either.

Q: Is Shin Hati’s lightsaber orange?

A: Yes, Shin Hati’s lightsaber had an orange-red blade. She used it during an attack on a New Republic ship Vesper when she and her master Baylan Skoll freed Morgan Elsbeth in the search for Ezra Bridger.

Q: Did Sith use orange lightsabers?

A: Orange blades have been occasionally utilized by Sith and dark-aligned Jedi in Star Wars Legends. Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati’s orange sabers suggested that they had a unique allegiance, separate from both the Sith and the Jedi.

Q: Can Jedi and Sith use the same orange Kyber crystal?

A: Yes, orange Kyber crystals possess a remarkable flexibility, making them accessible to all factions without any exclusivity. Both Jedi and Sith have the ability to utilize them, highlighting the delicate equilibrium between the light and dark sides.

Q: Are orange Kyber crystals more powerful than other colors?

A: The color of the crystal doesn’t inherently impact the power of the lightsaber or the Force. Power is more dependent on the individual’s connection to the Force and their training.

Q: What emotions are associated with the orange Kyber crystal?

A: The orange Kyber crystal is associated with a harmonious balance of emotions, reflecting both light and dark aspects of the Force. It symbolizes a unique understanding and connection.


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