Which Lightsabers Color is Best for You? – Lightsaber Color Meanings Explained

Which Lightsabers Color is Best for You? - Lightsaber Color Meanings Explained
Lightsaber color guide

Lightsabers are the weapon of mass destruction or construction in George Lucas’s world of Star Wars. Both good and evil forces (Jedi and Sith) use their specific lightsabers with distinctive variations. 

Lightsabers show the alignment, mastery, and skills of the wielder. The concept directly translates into real life when you have to choose one. The cherry-picking of lightsabers should be prudent enough. It shows your inner self and mastery of the cause. 

Initially, there were only three common colors – blue, red, and green – but this was broadened as the franchise expanded. Of late, we have a different scheme of lightsaber colors. Every color represents its very own philosophy. 

Here, in this blog, we would delve into every lightsaber color. You will get to know about the meaning of lightsabers as well as their notable wielders. To boot, we are also going to describe the intricate process of making a lightsaber as well as the determination of the color. In sum, we would also conclude on the profound impact of lightsabers on your personality and your best pick. Stay with us! 

How Lightsabers are Crafted?

Lightsaber – an essential weapon of Star Wars mythology that is held by both Jedi and Sith. Non-Force users also brandish lightsabers with a few variations in the franchise. Being able to defend and offense, the practical tool is the best to have when in hot water. Having all this goodness in the fold, there are not many lightsabers around. The reason is simple.

The development of lightsabers requires a lot of skill and acumen. There is no shortcut! 


To keep the lightsaber functioning properly, it needs to draw strength from an appropriate power cell. The other active parts are the energy gate and modulation circuit. The other essential parts are the mitter matrix, emitter shroud, and other activities to twirl the lightsaber on and off. The additional but not-so-important parts are the blade length adjuster and handgrip ridges. The lightsabers also have a low-power non-lethal combat setting for training purposes.

Usability is optimal. Mostly, lightsabers are lightweight. The single-blade lightsabers also have a belt ring to hang from the wearer’s belt. Some also have a wheel-shaped attachment to slot into the clip when not in use. You can also read some amazing tips of buying lightsaber.

Some exclusive lightsabers use unstable kyber crystals – a glimmering example is a lightsaber held by Kylo Ren. The unstable kyber crystals divert excess energy from cracker crystals to keep the lightsaber stable.

It is also important not to invert the emitter matrix accidentally as the power grid could backfire. The faulty lightsaber may violently explode, killing all those nearby.

Knowing Kyber Crystals!

As Master Yoda once said: “The heart of the lightsaber, the crystal is. – Master Yoda”

The piece of wisdom depicts how significant the kyber crystal is and how it determines the lightsaber’s nature. 

Kyber crystal is the essence of the lightsaber. It is the main thing that produces the saber itself. Kyber crystals are force-attuned that organically grow on scattered planets across the galaxy. 

Both Jedi and Sith use kyber crystals for the construction of their lightsabers, although Sethi has to install the crystal through an audacious and painful procedure. 

The Crystal Cave of Ilum

Crystal Cave of the ice planet of Ilum
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com

On the other hand, Jedi, as a part of training, send their younglings to the Crystal Cave of the ice planet of Ilum – the famous mine for kyber crystals. The kyber crystals are then laced with the unique luster of “the water of the kyber ”. There are also some rarer and larger crystals that, according to legend, are the superweapons of the Sith. Although all have the same denominator, the different kyber crystals that have been discovered and known so far are: 

  • Adegan kyber crystal
  • Memphite kyber crystal
  • Christophsis kyber crystal
  • Corrupted kyber crystal
  • Cracked Jedha kyber crystal
  • Dantari kyber crystal
  • Dragonite gem
  • Ghostfire kyber crystal
  • Ilum kyber crystal
  • Memphite kyber crystal
  • Varpeline kyber crystal
  • Nightsister kyber crystal
  • Petite kyber crystal
  • Krayt dragon pearl
  • Lorrdian gemstone
  • Kimber stone
  • Barab ingot
  • Nishalorite kyber crystal
  • Obsidian
  • Seeker kyber crystal
  • Solari kyber crystal
  • Sorian kyber crystal
  • Synthetic crystal
  • Thontiin kyber crystal
  • Sophia kyber crystal

Lightsaber Colors and their Hidden Meanings

Of late, 11 lightsaber colors have been identified in the Star Wars franchise. Some may have the subforms too, but most of them have just the base presence. Below, we would delve into each lightsaber color and its concomitant meaning. 

Blue Lightsaber

ASW Lightsaber

In modern times, blue lightsabers also have an ancient lineage. Blue lightsabers are the most common in the galaxy, mostly wielded by the Jedi Guardian. The impact of the blue lightsaber is a profound one. It infuses righteousness and bravery, and the strength to protect the Jedi Order. The blue wielders, Jedi guardians, vehemently block the machinations of Jedi. 

Famous Owners

Obi Wan Kenobi

Source: Image Source: www.teahub.io

The prominent owners of blue lightsabers are Obi-Wan Kenobi, a miniature of blue qualities. Another is Anakin Skywalker who turned to the Dark Side and emerged as Darth Vader. Rey and Luke Skywalker had had a blue lightsaber for a brief period. General Grievous, who had been mentored by Count Dooku, possessed a pair of blue lightsabers. 

Green Lightsaber

Original LSW Xeno Lightsaber

Green lightsabers have been associated with the powerful Jedi knights. Unlike the blue lightsaber that is associated with combat, the green lightsaber represents skill and wisdom. Green lightsabers are associated with the Jedi who have a heartfelt connection with the Force.  

Keepers of green lightsabers are wise. They understand the hierarchy of Jedi order and are usually found among the higher ranks. Wielders of green lightsabers rely more on cognitive rather than combative skills. They are the most revered and highly regarded Jedi in the whole franchise. 


Famous Owners

Yoda Green lightsaber

Image Source: www.teahub.io

The highly renowned owner was Grandmaster Yoda. Yoda has been the most powerful Jedi in the Jedi order. Yoda encompasses almost all the qualities associated with green, which is why he is cherry-picked as the prime example. 

Qui-Gon Jinn is also a prominent green holder. Had it not been for his revolutionary nature, he would have been a member of the Council. 

Luke Skywalker adopted a green lightsaber in his later career. General Grievous also had a pair but bore no impact.

Red Lightsaber


Kyber crystal has a strong connection with the sentient beings of Star Wars. But, these noble objects have a natural resistance to evil – Sethi. Sethi could not access the planet where organic crystals are found. 

Having been cornered, Sith subjugated them to a painful procedure of synthesizing kyber crystal. The hardships are depicted in the red color of kyber crystal

As Sethi bleeds during the process, the crystal changes color and becomes red. Hence, the red kyber crystal does not embody evil but suffering and pain. The red also embodies the hate of Sith. These are the reasons why red is related to the Sith as such traits are not the characteristic of the bright side of the force. 

Famous Owners

Kylo Ren Red Lightsaber


Almost all the Sith Lords have been the owners of red lightsabers. The designs could vary like Kylo Ren and Darth Maul had had the exclusive ones. Darth Sidious has been the most powerful Sethi so far. His apprentice Darth Vader has also upheld the red values. Interestingly, Count Dooku who had left the Jedi Order joined the evil Force with a red lightsaber. 

Purple (Amethyst) Lightsaber


The saga of the purple lightsaber is an intriguing one. The origins are rooted off-screen. Lucas was not inclined to introduce a purple lightsaber, but Samuel Jackson wanted his saber to be purple as it was his favorite color. Lucas, reluctantly, agreed and introduced this new color into the Star Wars franchise. Initially, the purple lightsaber did not have a particular meaning. 

Nevertheless, the Expanded Universe authors retroactively gave purple a meaning and stated that it represented reconstruction, inevitability, and diversification. This proposition was extracted as purple is a combination of blue and red. 

It directly means that a fighter with a purple lightsaber has allegiance to both Dark and Light sides. These forces have to suffer the temptation of the other side to pursue their own goals. 

Famous Owners

Mace Windu Purple Lightsaber Meaning

The famous owner Mace Windu was not very prominent. Although he held the characteristics of the Jedi Order in high regard, and was more composed than Quinton or Yoda. Another famous character with a purple lightsaber is Rodian Jedi Hulk 

Black Lightsaber (Darksaber) 


Black lightsaber aka Darksaber is a unique one. There is only a single example. The black lightsaber is crafted like a traditional sword but shorter than the actual lightsaber. The black lightsaber is also associated with Tarre Vizsla – the first Jedi who crafted this one-of-a-kind darksaber. 

The weapon was used in Mandalorians’ war and has been a powerful tool in the fight. At one point, the black lightsaber was conquered by the Jedi and kept under close protection, until it was stolen by Mandalorians and returned to the lineage of Tarre Vizsla. This is why the owner of the black lightsaber claims the title, “The Ruler of The Mandalorians”. 

Famous Owners 

Dark Saber Meaning

Source: starwars.com

The famous owners of the Darksaber have been Sabine Wren, Pre Vizsla, and Tarre Vizsla. On the Mandalorian side, the owners are Din Djarin and Moff Gideon

White Lightsaber

Ashoka Tano White Lightsaber

White lightsabers are one of the rarest. It has been depicted on only two occasions by Ahsoka Tano. White lightsabers represent independence and impartiality. Because of this impact, the wielders are neither aligned with the Dark nor Light Side. 

An interesting fact is that the white kyber crystal is not organic. It is created by the reversal process of which Sith created their signature red kyber crystals. 

Namely, a Jedi was trying to purify the red kyber crystal. During purification, the crystal lost redness and instead became pure white. 

Famous Owners

Ahoka Tano white lighsaber meaning

Image Source: nerdist.com

Ahsoka Tano is not only notable but also the lone user of a white lightsaber. She succeeded in purifying the red crystals from the Sixth Brother’s lightsaber.

Yellow Lightsaber


Just like the white lightsaber, yellow is also one of the rarest. No one truly knows its meanings, nor does anyone explain the essences at length. Having said that, we know that a red kyber crystal was once turned yellow by Jaden Korr on one occasion. The same crystal was later turned white. 

Jedi Sentinels, the mighty protectors of the Jedi Temple, are often affiliated with the yellow lightsaber. However, their possession does not reveal any story behind this symbolism. The famous characters carrying yellow lightsabers in Star Wars Movies.

Famous Owners

Rey Skywalker Yellow Lightsaber meaning

Ahsoka Tano was the owner of the yellow lightsaber, as was Asajj Ventress. Rey, the protagonist of the Sequel Trilogy, has also featured in the main movies of Star Wars. Rey Skywalker used yellow lightsaber at the end of Star Wars as The Rise of Skywalker.

Orange Lightsaber

Magnus Eco Orange Lightsaber

Due to the scarcity, we also do not know much about the orange texture. Previously, it had been featured in the  Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order video game and Disney Purge. 

Legend has it that the orange lightsabers have a restricted history because these are owned by those who had sworn not to utilize lightsabers unless necessary. This might mean that orange represents pacifism.  

Another theory says that initially, Sith adopted the yellow lightsaber, but they abandoned it later. The previous ownership contains traces of red into the original orange. Orange lightsaber represents an identity with a deep void but is doomed never to be refilled. 

Famous Owners

Cal Kestis' Orange Lightsaber Color Meaning

Image Source:screenrant.com

Yaddle, a female Yoda that played a cameo in the Prequel Trilogy, is known as the owner of an orange lightsaber. Moreover, orange is also associated with Cal Kestis when the Fallen Order emerged. 

Other Colors

Cyan Lightsaber Meaning

Image Source:bossksbounty.com

Apart from these famous ones, there are other colors too. We are not going to address everyone individually as no credible story about the other origin is in the chronicles of history. The scattered colors are magenta, cyan, and indigo and its sub-types such as bronze or gold without any particular history. 


We hope that this excerpt must have cleared the philosophy behind the colors of lightsabers and their associations. You can pick up the color according to your inclination towards any particular color. Surely, more colors are going to be added up in the future, so we will update the article accordingly. Do visit us, whenever you see an unusual spark in Star Wars. You will always get the spot-on answers here! 


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