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Jade II Saber (StarKiller)

$411.00 $359.00

Original Manda Xenopixel V3

$529.00 $429.00

Maul Pro Double Bladed Saber

$422.00 $389.00

Original OWK EP3

$528.00 $469.00

Original Dooku Xenopixel V3

$639.00Save $101.00

Original Manda Proffie 2.2

$552.00 $489.00

Original DV SN-Pixel Saber

$528.00 $469.00

Original Cal Replica

$540.00 $449.00

Lord Rebel Double Bladed Saber

$537.00 $389.00

Original Baylan Pro Xenopixel V3

$281.00 $239.00

Cal Replica Weathered Saber

$364.00 $309.00

Original Ronin Pro

$289.00 $209.00

Original Shin Pro

$289.00 $249.00

Original DV EP6

$386.00 $379.00

LSW Weathered Proffie 2.2

$411.00 $369.00

Original Ezra Pro V3

$289.00 $229.00

Original Sabine Xenopixel V3

$436.00 $349.00

Soka Twin Pixel Sabers

$439.00 $349.00

Original lily Saber

$293.00 $249.00

Original DMG Saber

$691.00 $459.00

Original Palpatine Proffie 2.2

$571.00 $505.00

Original Killer Pro

$399.00 $339.00

Jarrus Replica SNv4

$375.00 $339.00

Tano Rebel Short Saber

$399.00 $339.00

Original Ventress

$299.00 $239.00

Sabine Replica Snv4

$549.00 $499.00

Original Kelbeq Saber

$460.00 $299.00

Original Cere Saber

$422.00 $359.00

Shan Replica Weathered Proffie 2.2

$516.00 $405.00

Grand Inquisitor's Double Bladed

$740.00 $629.00

Pralus Double Bladed

$516.00 $439.00

Original DV Saber

$434.00 $379.00

Original FO Saber

$419.00 $385.00

Republic Kenobi

$352.00 $299.00

Princess Graflex Proffie 2.2

$691.00 $445.00

Outlander Raven 2 Xenopixel V3

$209.00Save $52.00

Original Tano Saber

$540.00 $459.00

Original SK

$364.00 $309.00

Original QGJ Xenopixel V3

$352.00 $299.00

Original RSW

$409.00 $369.00

Original Princess

$387.00 $329.00

Original OWK

$399.00 $359.00

Original OWK II

$422.00 $359.00

Original MW

$352.00 $299.00

Original KR Xenopixel V3

$516.00 $449.00

Original Fallen Dual

$606.00 $515.00

Original EB

$422.00 $379.00

Original DR

$340.00 $299.00

Original DM Double Bladed Saber

$305.00 $259.00

Original Cross Guard Xenopixel V3

$275.00Save $49.00

Original BS

$399.00 $339.00

Original ASW EP3

$364.00 $339.00

Original ASW EP1

$399.00 $359.00

LSW Proffie 2.2

$258.00 $219.00

Ashoka Rebel Saber

$399.00 $339.00


$374.00 $299.00

Emperor DS

$413.00 $349.00

Original Reven Replica

$475.00 $329.00

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This Black Friday, Neo Sabers is not only giving you an opportunity to get a free RGB saber, but also offering exclusive discounts on selective Pixel sabers and Proffie sabers. Pixel sabers are available at an amazing 30% off, RGB sabers at an unbeatable 40% off, and Proffie sabers at an incredible 45% off!

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  1. Save 18% on the Jade II Saber (Starkiller).
  2. Enjoy a 19% discount on the Original Manda Xenopixel.
  3. Get a Maul Pro Double Bladed Saber at 17% off.
  4. Grab the Original Dooku Xenopixel V3 with a 15% discount.
  5. Experience a massive 37% price drop on the Lord Rebel Double Bladed Saber.
  6. The Original Shin Pro is now available at a 16% discount.

Explore beyond the listed lightsabers; there are countless options waiting for you. But here is the thrilling part: Buy any Selective Pixel Saber and Proffie saber, both already discounted for Black Friday, and receive a Free RGB saber. Yes, you read it right – two incredible offers in one! Be quick, as this exclusive deal won’t last.

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Proffie Sabers

Our Proffie sabres are expertly created and made for true lightsaber enthusiasts. They boast cutting-edge technology, including customizable sound effects, strong polycarbonate blade, loudspeaker, amazing blade colors, removable battery and motion sensitivity for an authentic lightsaber experience.

Check out Proffie Sabers at NEO Sabers and find the one that fulfills your ideal lightsaber fantasy. 

Pixel Sabers

Our pixel lightsabers are unrivaled. They are outfitted with advanced technology to provide every fan with an amazing dueling and cosplay experience with a lightsaber.  

Powerful LEDs on these sabers generate dazzling and dynamic blade effects. They have many ignition modes such as Standard, Hunter, Wrap, Phaser, Scavenger, and Stack. These pixel sabers also feature motion controls, blade modes, full range customization and many other unique features. 

Explore our pixel saber collection and get the best pixel saber at an affordable price this Black Friday.

RGB Sabers

The captivating features of our RGB sabers improve the overall lightsaber experience. They include motion control features, numerous preset options, and color customization. With their sturdy construction, superior soundboards, and flash-on-clash effects, they provide realistic lightsaber encounters. With its smooth swing technology and rechargeable batteries, the RGB lightsaber offers a premium Star Wars experience.

Star Wars Fans! Limited Stock Available

Neo Sabers offers an extensive selection to suit every taste, regardless of your allegiance to the light or dark side of the Force. We are offering an unparalleled combination of quality, variety, and unbeatable Black Friday lightsaber deals

Take your time exploring the options and choose the lightsaber that resonates with you. Black Friday deals are limited, so shop quickly to get your ideal lightsaber.

May the Force be with you this Black Friday!

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