Why Are Sith Lightsabers Red?

Sith Red Lightsabers

The Star Wars universe’s lightsabers have grown to be its most identifiable elements. Particularly in the past 20 years, there have been several different lightsaber designs, hues, and backstories shown in star wars series. The Jedi & the Sith have historically belonged to the good side and bad side of the Force respectively, both of which are opposition to one another. The Jedi normally wield a blue or green lightsaber, while the Sith are frequently identified by their terrifying red lightsabers. Those classifications have traditionally been mirrored in the colors of their lightsabers. Fans have long questioned why and how the Jedi have a variety of coloured lightsabers whereas the Sith always appear to have red ones.

Darth Vader
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Star Wars enthusiasts have noticed that Darth Vader’s lightsaber has a menacing red color ever since the moment he appeared in the 1st film of the initial Star Wars series in 1977. Darth Maul, Darth Nihilus, Darth Revan , Darth Sidious, Darth Malgus, Darth Tyranus Darth Bane, but also most notably Kylo Ren all made appearances with crimson lightsabers in the Star Wars trilogy films, supporting that theory further. At the same time, introducing us to the lightsaber color spectrum used by Light-side Force practitioners. Protagonists such as Obi-Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker have blue lightsabers, master Yoda having green lightsaber.

Intimidating Sith Red Lightsabers

The crimson lightsabers used by Sith in Star Wars are among the most terrifying weapons in popular culture. The intimidating saber is considered one of the raddest weapons whenever the ruby red energy swords are illuminated. Ever ponder why Sith lightsabers in the Star Wars world are red? You are not alone, though. It’s among the most often posed queries concerning Star Wars mythology. Well! There is a bloody decent solution to this mystery. Let’s explore.

History Of Red Lightsabers

Among the most impressive Star Wars lightsabers is the red one. Nevertheless, it is world – renowned compared to the other Star Wars lightsabers primarily because it was frequently used by the villains known as The Sith. These villains’ sole purpose in existence is to destroy the Jedi Order to establish themselves as rulers over the galaxy. The Sith followed the Rule of Two, according to which there should always be a single master as well as single pupil. In just about all cases, this meant releasing themselves from the master’s control to the extent that their souls were broken. It also usually meant releasing themselves of all emotional and physical inadequacies.

Sith Red Lightsabers
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The blade’s color is resonant with the crystals. Typically, the planets of Dantooine, Ilum, or Adega have the crystals. Each crystal is distinct and contains its own pattern of skills and hues. Interestingly, when the crystal is infused into the blade, the Jedi and Sith mirror sensations into the crystal and reverberate the pattern in accordance with their identity. Jedi can create a wide range of different colours while Sith cannot.

Description Of Sith Lightsabers

Knights of the Sith use lightsabers termed as Sith sabers or Sith lightsabers. Although they were created in a manner similar to that of other Force-sensitives, their basic concept was distinct. The Sith were unable to forge a mutual link with kyber crystals, in contrast to the Jedi who embraced the good side of the Force. This occurred as a result of the dark side’s related wrath, hate, and other sentiments that impaired their focus.

Reasons Why Sith Have Red-Bladed Lightsaber

Red is a symbol for hostility, susceptibility, and wickedness. Following are some of the reasons for the red color of Sith lightsabers.

  • A possible reason is that the Sith create their lightsabers in a unique fashion, forcing the appearance of blood-spewing out of the blade by forcing all the negative and evil sentiments into the crystals. This gives it the appearance of being red.
  • Since they couldn’t manipulate and ignite Kyber crystals, the Sith were forced to create synthetic kybers. They were unable to form a relationship with the Sith lightsaber kyber crystals as the Jedi could, which was the main cause. Their artificial kybers were red, therefore the lightsabers also eventually came out to be red. As a consequence, we may see Kylo Ren, Count Dooku, Darth Vader, as well as Darth Maul wielding the red-bladed Sith lightsaber.
  • It’s a tradition-based task. Despite having access to numerous hues, the Sith choose red as a symbol of their depravity. Some claimed that these kyber crystals were taken from Jedis and “mistreated” until they were tainted and glow crimson, reflecting the hatred and enmity of the Sith.
  • Each of the hues of the lightsabers has a significant connection to the user’s individuality. The Sith utilised red lightsabers as they filled the crystal with all of their dark energy to make it work. Their adherence to the evil side and mutual support are represented by a crimson lightsaber.
  • Red lightsabers are used by the Sith to represent their haste, desire for power, extreme vanity, and degrees of selfishness. Red Sith lightsabers are symbolic of their bravery and resistance to restraint. Additionally, it displays their recklessness and fearlessness.
Darth Revan Sith Lord
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Construction Of Red Lightsabers

Kyber crystals are used in the construction of the red laser swords in Star Wars. These Kyber crystals are calibrated to the Force. The Sith utilise a technique called “bleeding” to shape the Kyber crystals to their specifications while creating their own lightsabers. They would release negative feelings through the Force. During this procedure, they channel all of their wrath, hatred, agony, as well as terror. The lightsaber is turned to the Evil Side throughout this procedure. The crystals would acquire a unique red or scarlet tint as a result of the procedure.
Whatever kyber crystal can well be bled to be used in a Sith lightsaber, however some Sith thought the right way to get a crystal included stealing one from a Jedi blade. This procedure demands total concentration and unwavering devotion to the dark side because of their intrinsic connection with the bright side of the Force. In the absence of this, the procedure may cause the crystal to fracture. For instance, the struggle in juvenile Ben Solo led his crystal to break during the bleeding operation, necessitating the modification of his saber into a more conventional crossguard style in order to redirect the unsteady energy.

Red Lightsaber
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Source Of Kyber Crystal For Sith Lightsaber

According to legend, the first time a red saber was used, it was simply out of necessity. On the planet Ilum, which contains natural lightsaber crystals, the Jedi maintained a stronghold. The Sith had almost no accessibility to the planet’s crystals because of the Jedi base there. Finally the Sith began creating their own artificial crystals in unique burners. They would spend days with the crystals in a scorching furnace. Sith’s health suffered greatly from the temperature, soot, darkness, and hypoxia. The finished product was a crystal which was blood-red and unbreakable.

Kyber Crystal For Red Lightsaber
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Design Of Sith Red Lightsabers

Sith lightsaber hilts came in a variety of materials, lengths, and shapes. For example, Darth Vader’s lightsaber had a 28-centimeter-long hilt and was composed of an exotic hard metal and carbon composites. Darth Sidious had sophisticated tastes, therefore his lightsabers were completed with electrum and had almost unbreakable phrik and a smooth aurodium blade transmitter.
Darth Sidious, on the other hand, possessed a red lightsaber with a standard-hilt. Once more, Sith red lightsabers can have two blades like Darth Maul. Thus, Sith lightsabers may come in a variety of styles.

Kylo Ren Lightsaber
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Red Lightsabers’ Meaning

The personality and traits of the wearer largely determined the colors of the lightsaber. The sith red blade was infamous for its unprecedented levels of hubris, self-obsession, haste, and craving for dominance. They also represented qualities like extreme boldness and untenability, but they were associated with turmoil and instability. Finally but just not least, the color red also represented fury, lack of compassion, and strength. Although red lightsaber users are unconventional, they focus on the goals that their master has set and use every resource at their disposal to achieve them.

Kylo Ren Red Lightsaber
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How Red Lightsabers Affect Their Users?

Red is often used as a sign of boldness and resiliency, but in this context, it connotes erratic conduct and certain erratic behavior. The wielders put all of their effort into achieving their goals and are obsessively concentrated on their grand scheme. Collateral harm is never a concern for them. Users frequently exhibit impatience, a desire for power, ravenous behavior, and unmatched levels of arrogance. The colour red gives its practitioners an air of authority, wrath, and carelessness.

Count Dooku Red Lightsaber
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Are Red Lightsabers Only Used by Sith?

Since the Old Sith Empire, Sith have been using crimson colored kyber crystals in their lightsabers. Karness Muur truly developed the red lightsaber and used it for the first time. He was a Jedi Knight before, but his desire for power led him to eventually get attracted to Dark side of force. Following that, numerous Dark Jedi started using crimson lightsabers, which eventually caught on among the Sith. The red lightsabers have been marked with “Darksiders” as an acknowledgment when it gained more popularity. A Sith constantly seeks to intimidate, therefore they utilised the red sword as a symbol of their might and ferocity. However, they only employ red lightsabers when they need to. So, a large number of Sith don’t possessed crimson lightsabers.

The Red Lightsaber: Good or Evil?

The evil aspects of the Sith are symbolized by the colour red. Force responsiveness exists in Kyber crystals. They chose their preferred users and approached the concerned Jedi. As per the energy of the user, the lightsabers direct their power via a kyber crystal. The Sith, for example, who employ the Evil Side of the Force, lack this special bond with the crystals. A Sith may only obtain a Kyber crystal by capturing it or seizing it from a fallen Jedi.

Darth Maul Red Lightsaber
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The crystal sheds its natural color when the Sith or other practitioners of the Darkside employ it to suit their purposes. The Kyber crystal “bleeds” as a result, making it crimson. In order to make the red lightsabers appear to be bleeding, the evil aspects of the Sith are infused into them. It is possible to restore a crystal which has been corrupted by the Dark Side. But instead of going back to its original hue, it goes white.


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