Which Canon and Legend Characters Used a Purple Lightsaber?

canon and legend characters that used purple lightsabers

In the lightsaber universe, lightsabers are more than just epic weapons – they’re symbols of power, wisdom, and allegiance. Among the familiar red, blue, and green hues, one color stands out for its uniqueness and intrigue: purple. But which Canon and Legend characters have dared to wield this striking color? In this post, we’ll explore the fascinating stories behind the select few who’ve made the purple lightsaber their own.

From heroes to villains, and from the official Canon to the expanded Legend universe, we’ll uncover the characters who’ve made purple their signature color. Whether you’re a seasoned lightsaber fan or just curious about the galaxy far, far away, join me on this journey as we delve into the exclusive club of purple lightsaber wielders!

Exploring the Rarest of Lightsabers: An Intro to Purple

purple lightsaber

Have you ever noticed how some things just stand out in a crowd? Like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, or a perfect sunset on a tropical beach. In the lightsaber universe, that something is the purple lightsaber. It’s a color that’s hard to miss, and even harder to forget.

When we think of lightsabers, we usually think of the classic colors: red, blue, and green. But purple? That’s a whole different story. It’s a color that’s associated with luxury, creativity, and wisdom. It’s the color of royalty, and in the lightsaber galaxy, it’s a symbol of power and sophistication.

So, who are the lucky few who get to wield this majestic color? Are they heroes or villains? Do they belong to a specific faction, or do they forge their own path? These are just a few of the questions that we’ll be answering as we delve into the world of purple lightsabers.

From Canon to Legend, we’ll explore the characters who’ve made purple their signature color. We’ll look at their stories, their motivations, and their personalities. We’ll try to understand what makes them tick, and what drives them to make the choices they do. And along the way, we’ll discover the secrets behind the rarest of lightsabers, and what makes them so truly special.

The Canon Crew: Characters Who Wielded Purple Lightsabers

When it comes to the lightsaber universe, the Canon characters are the ones who set the tone for the entire galaxy. They’re the heroes and villains who shape the story, and their lightsabers are an integral part of their identity. So, when we talk about purple lightsabers, we’re talking about a select few who’ve managed to stand out from the crowd.

Mace windu with purple lightsaber
Image Source: screenrant.com
  • Mace Windu: The Senior Member of the Jedi Council, Mace Windu is one of the most iconic purple lightsaber wielders in the lightsaber universe. His unique Vaapad lightsaber is a testament to his unorthodox approach to the Force, and his unwavering commitment to justice.
  • Savage Opress: This former Sith apprentice may have started out as a pawn in Darth Maul’s game, but he soon became a force to be reckoned with. His double-bladed purple lightsaber is a reflection of his complex and troubled past, and his struggles to find his place in the galaxy.
  • Kanan Jarrus: The leader of the Ghost crew, Kanan Jarrus is a true rebel at heart. His purple lightsaber is a symbol of his growth as a Jedi, and his unwavering dedication to the cause.

These three characters are the only Canon characters who’ve had the privilege of wielding purple lightsabers. Their bravery, wisdom, and commitment to their cause have earned them a special place in the lightsaber universe. Their purple lightsabers are a testament to their individuality and power!

Legends of Purple: Characters from the Expanded Universe

The lightsaber Expanded Universe is a big and complex collection of stories, characters, and adventures that go beyond the original trilogy. When it comes to purple lightsabers, the Legends are full of exciting tales.

  • Satele Shan: This respected Jedi Master played a key role in the ancient Galactic War against the Empire. Her purple lightsaber shows her wisdom, kindness, and commitment to peace.
  • Kao Cen Darach: This brave Kel Dor Jedi Master was a hero during the Clone Wars. His purple lightsaber represents his fearlessness, skill, and dedication to protecting others.
  • Vandar Tokare: This experienced Jedi Master was a member of the Jedi Council during the ancient Sith Wars. His purple lightsaber symbolizes his wisdom, experience, and pursuit of peaceful solutions.
Vandar Tokare
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com

These Legends of Purple are just a few examples of characters from the Expanded Universe who have used purple lightsabers. Each of them has their own unique story, challenges, and triumphs. But they all share some common qualities: they’re brave, wise, and strive to do what’s right.

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Almost Famous: Other Characters Who Used Purple Lightsabers

The purple lightsaber: a symbol of power, wisdom, and individuality. While we’ve explored the legendary characters who’ve wielded this iconic color, there are others who’ve also made it their own. These characters may not be as well-known as their legendary counterparts, but they’re still pretty cool.

Take Shylar, for example. This young Jedi was part of the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. Her purple lightsaber was a symbol of her hope and determination to bring down the Empire. Or K’Kruhk, a Jedi Master who lived during the ancient Sith Wars. His purple lightsaber represented his wisdom and strength in the face of overwhelming odds.

Then there’s Soha, a former Jedi who turned to the dark side. His purple lightsaber was a symbol of his power and complexity, a reminder that even the most well-intentioned individuals can fall. And finally, Vexis, a mysterious and powerful Force-user who wielded a purple lightsaber during the ancient times. Her motives were unclear, but one thing was certain: she was a force to be reckoned with.

These characters may not be as famous as Mace Windu or Kanan Jarrus, but they’re still part of the rich tapestry of lightsaber history. And who knows? Maybe someday they’ll get their own stories, their own chance to shine. Until then, let’s appreciate the awesomeness of the purple lightsaber, and the characters who dare to wield it.

Uncovering the Symbolism: The Meaning Behind Purple Lightsabers

In the lightsaber universe, purple is more than just a shade – it’s a symbol, a message, a reflection of the wielder’s personality and values.

So, what does purple mean? For one thing, it’s a symbol of balance and harmony. Purple is the color that falls between red and blue, the colors of passion and wisdom. It’s the color of the sunset, the bridge between day and night. In the lightsaber universe, purple lightsabers often belong to characters who embody this balance, who walk the line between passion and wisdom.

But purple is also a symbol of creativity and individuality. It’s the color of art, of music, of self-expression. Characters who wield purple lightsabers are often those who think outside the box, who challenge the status quo. They’re the rebels, the innovators, the ones who dare to be different. 

And finally, purple is a symbol of power and wisdom. It’s the color of royalty, of luxury, of prestige. Characters who wield purple lightsabers are often those who command respect, who inspire awe. They’re the leaders, the mentors, the ones who guide others on their journey.

So there you have it; the symbolism behind purple lightsabers. It’s a color that’s rich in meaning, a color that speaks to the very heart of the lightsaber universe. So whether you’re a Jedi, a Sith, or something in between, purple is a color that demands attention, that inspires awe!


In conclusion, our journey through the universe has revealed a fascinating array of Canon and Legend characters who have wielded the iconic purple lightsaber. From Mace Windu to Kanan Jarrus, and from Satele Shan to Kao Cen Darach, each of these characters has brought their own unique story and symbolism to this striking color. Whether you’re a fan of the movies, the shows, or the expanded universe, the purple lightsaber is indeed a treasure of the lightsaber world.


Which Canon character is most iconic for wielding a purple lightsaber?

Mace Windu is the most iconic Canon character to wield a purple lightsaber. His Vaapad lightsaber is a symbol of his unique fighting style and his role as a respected member of the Jedi Council.

What do purple lightsabers signify in terms of a character’s personality?

Purple lightsabers signify that a character is creative, wise, and powerful. They are often independent thinkers who value harmony and balance, but are not afraid to take a stand when necessary.

What can we learn from the characters who wield purple lightsabers?

We can learn the importance of balance, creativity, and individuality from characters who wield purple lightsabers. They inspire us to think outside the box, challenge the status quo, and strive for harmony and wisdom in our own lives.

Are purple lightsabers more powerful than other colors?

While purple lightsabers are unique and symbolic, they don’t necessarily have more power than other colors. However, the character wielding the purple lightsaber may have an advantage due to their balanced and creative approach to combat.

Can a purple lightsaber be used for both good and evil?

Yes, like any lightsaber color, purple can be used for good or evil depending on the character’s intentions. A purple lightsaber can represent a character’s struggle between light and dark, or their ability to find balance between conflicting forces.

Can a purple lightsaber be used to heal or protect others?

In some cases, a purple lightsaber can be used to heal or protect others. For example, a Jedi Master like Mace Windu might use their purple lightsaber to channel the Force and provide protection or healing to their allies.


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