Female Blue Lightsaber Characters In The Star Wars Universe

Female Blue Lightsaber Characters

If you are a fan of the Star Wars universe, there is no chance that you are not aware of how iconic the blue lightsaber is. It is a known fact that this weapon is known for being a symbol of the Jedi Order. 

The exciting part for most fans is that the blue lightsaber has been wielded by some of the most beloved and legendary Jedi Knights.

From the powerful and wise Yoda to the determined and fearless Rey, this weapon has established itself as more than just a movie prop in the Star Wars saga. Let’s take a closer look at why the blue lightsaber stands out among the rest. 

The Significance Of The Blue Lightsabers 

blue lightsaber

As aforementioned, the blue lightsaber is the go-to weapon for the Jedi Knights, who are the known defenders of justice and peace in the galaxy. Of course, these are the good guys who created this weapon using a Kyber crystal. But this is not just any rock. 

The Kyber crystal is aligned with the Force and illuminates the weapon with its unique color. It is no secret that the Jedi Knights have been using blue lightsabers throughout their history. Some of them even wielded this weapon in the earlier days of the Jedi Order. 

Some of the characters who have received love for wielding this powerful weapon are women. 

Which Female Jedi Knights Have Wielded The Blue Lightsaber?

  1. Shaak Ti
Shaak Ti with blue lightsaber
Image Source: reddit.com

It is true that Shaak Ti does not get much screen time in the Star Wars movies. Therefore, most fans just simply assume that since she is a Jedi General and sits on the Jedi Council, she must wield a lot of power. This means that she owns every room that she is in, both in terms of her influence and physically. 

This stands true since this character can be seen as being livelier in The Clone Wars TV series. In the episodes, she is in charge of overseeing the production of new clone troopers on Kamino. Moreover, Shaak Ti also takes various important decisions throughout the Battle of Kamino to withstand against the attack of Separatists. Let’s not forget how easily she was able to take out a couple of Aqua droids. 

It is crucial to note that Shaak Ti is an honored member of the Togruta species. On this note, she can be seen fighting valiantly on the big screen as she wields the blue lightsaber. This is especially true for the moments of the Battle of Geonosis in Attack of the Clones. 

But sadly, a large number of her scenes did not make it to the final cut of the Revenge of the Sith. The death of Shaak Ti was due to the impalement caused by her own lightsaber. However, fans did not get to see it on screen as the scene was deleted. 

The good or bad news is that it was later depicted to happen in the same way in canon during the Clone Wars. Thanks to Yoda and his vision, fans can say goodbye to their beloved character. 

  1. Rey
Rey Skywalker lightsaber
Image Source: screenrant.com

You may not have thought Rey was anything special when you first saw her in The Force Awakens. But it is best that you believe that looks can be deceiving. In the beginning, she is pretty resourceful but a mere scavenger who is dependent on the mercy of her boss to give her meager scraps of food.

As time passes, Rey’s powers reveal that she is a strong young woman who is not afraid to stand for justice. This is exactly what she does when she saves the life of BB-8 and scolds Finn for attempting to save her by holding her hand. Another one of her traits is that she is a skilled pilot.  

But there is more to Rey than meets the eye. She is Force-sensitive, which grants her a different kind of power. When being held captive, she does not require saving like your average damsel in distress. Instead, she can save herself by manipulating a Stormtrooper and making him fall for her Jedi mind trick.

  1. Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano Blue Lightsaber
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com

Though she never appeared in any of the live-action films, young Jedi Ahsoka Tano played a significant role in The Clone Wars and, more recently, Star Wars: Rebels. Much like Shaak Ti, she is a member of the Togruta species. 

In the beginning, we can see that Ahsoka serves as a Padawan under the guidance of Anakin Skywalker. Together, the two of them are a force to be reckoned with as they indulge in numerous perilous campaigns. 

Over time, Ahsoka evolves into a respected Jedi leader, utilizing her powers beyond the battlefield to aid those in need. She takes it upon herself to liberate enslaved or captured individuals on several occasions. 

However, she ultimately leaves the Jedi Order after being falsely accused of bombing the Jedi Temple hangar. Despite this, she reappears in Rebels, working undercover against the Empire and mentoring young rebels.

  1. Aayla Secura
Aayla Secura with her blue lightsaber

Much like Hera Syndulla, Aayla Secure is a Twi’lek. However, the former is Force-sensitive, a Jedi General and Knight. But her titles are not as impressive as the fact that she is the leader of the 327th Star Corps of the clone troopers.

This character is featured in the Attack of the Clones, where she can be seen fighting vehemently throughout the Battle of Geonosis. She further makes an appearance in the Revenge of the Sith, where she dies at the hands of her own clone troopers soon after the issue of Order 66. 

The good news for fans is that Aayla Secura has been featured in a couple of episodes of The Clone Wars, as well as several recent comics. 

There is no doubt that this Star Wars Jedi Knight is beloved by many for her bravery and ability to stand steady in the face of adversity throughout the Clone Wars. She has earned significant admiration from fans everywhere for fighting off rocket droids at the time of the Battle of Quell and for emerging much like a phoenix rising from the ashes after a crash landing. 

It is no secret that the blue-skinned Jedi General is considered to be a cunning warrior. She is strong, as both a mentor and leader to younger Jedi Knights. 

  1. Adi Gallia
Adi Gallia with her blue lightsaber

In the Star Wars Legends, Jedi Council member Adi Gallia has quite the journey with her lightsabers. Over time, she has gone through several replacements.

In the early days, she can be seen wielding a blue lightsaber, a common choice among Jedi. However, after attaining the rank of Jedi Master around 60 BBY, she switches to a lightsaber with a crimson blade.

Shortly before the Battle of Naboo, she briefly uses a blue-colored lightsaber that would occasionally change to red.

In the galaxy far, far away, lightsabers are as significant as any character trait. Each lightsaber hilt is as unique as its wielder, and the color of its blade can tell you a lot about a Jedi or Sith’s allegiance and fighting style. The crystals within the weapons reflect the complexities of the Force, enriching the lore of Star Wars in countless ways.

  1. Leia Organa
Princess Leia Oregana with her blue lightsaber

Who doesn’t know Princess Leia? The answer is no one! But not everyone knows that she is one of those female characters in Star Wars who wields the blue lightsaber. 

Princess Leia, as we know her in the opening scenes of A New Hope, embodies girl power in Star Wars. She offers a refreshing twist on the traditional “damsel in distress” trope at a time when strong female characters are rare in film. 

Yes, she gets captured and needs rescuing like any other damsel, but she is also snarky and headstrong and fights her way out. Plus, you cannot deny that she is a crucial member of the Rebellion from the start.

In Return of the Jedi, she and Han are once again in need of rescue, this time from Jabba the Hutt, with Leia famously donning the slave bikini. But she does not stay helpless for long—she turns the tables on Jabba and takes him out. Throughout the film, we also discover her connection to the Force.

In the present day of The Force Awakens, Leia has formed the Resistance against the First Order and is instrumental in the search for her brother, Luke Skywalker. Ultimately, she plays a pivotal role in the destruction of three massive space stations, contributing significantly to the victory of the good side. Yay!

Our Beloved Female Star Wars Heroes Who Have Wielded The Blue Lightsaber

The blue lightsaber symbolizes the power of the Force and the responsibility that comes with wielding it. It is a tool that Jedi Knights use to defend the innocent and uphold the values of the Republic. Moreover, everyone knows that blue stands for all that is peaceful, just, and pure.

And now you know all about the women who were worthy of wielding such a weapon.


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