Origins of the Darksaber 

Origins Of The Darksaber

Welcome to the blog post, today you will learn about the origins and history of one of the most talked about lightsabers in Star Wars lore. Darksaber is the kind of lightsaber, that has scored a high rank in terms of rarity and elegance. 

You might recognize Darksaber, in the hands of feared warriors, adorned in expensive beskar armors. Mandalorians have a special taste for creating durable and unconventional artifacts. 

Darksaber belongs to the world of bounty hunters, warriors, and mercenaries. That is why fans were unsurprised when Darth Maul claimed ownership of the black saber. 

Another amazing fact, that blew the audience, was the rare design, color, and working mechanism of the mighty searing blade. The dark color transition sets it apart from the solid blue, green, red, and purple blades we generally see.

Darksaber, a weapon, once held by the powerful leadership of House Vizsla should be studied to heart’s content. 

History & Making Of Unconventional Blade

Original Manda Dark Saber

The existence of Darksaber is attributed to a Jedi Mandalorian, Tarre Vizsla, who constructed the lightsaber with exceptional skills and a mix of valuable Jedi lessons. It was a gift for the people of Mandalore. 

According to Rau, narrating Darksaber’s background, to Kanan Jarrus, Tarre Vizla was the first Mandalorian recruited by the Jedi Order. 

Due to the lack of a distinctive Mandalorian blade, Tarre Vizsla created an eccentric vibrosword, which was originally George Lucas’s failed idea. Lucas wanted a steroid Mandalorian blade that could rival the traditional Jedi lightsabers. 

Crystal Acquisition: Black Color

Black Kyber Crystal

The acquisition process of the famed edgy blade is shrouded with mystery.

Fans have speculated that the crystal was acquired from Mandalore. The planet knew about the future Darksaber legacy. So, the Mandalorian land naturally formed the Beskar mines as a source, to fulfill the legacy.

Lightsaber enthusiasts also suspect that the Darksaber could be a natural kyber crystal, but dead, due to the conflict between the Mandalorian and the Jedi side. That makes the black blade a fake kyber crystal, only it hums with energy the same as a live crystal. 

The True Weilder of Darksaber

Once the Darksaber was established as an esteemed weapon, it was decided by the House Vizsla and the Death Watch, that the black crystal would not follow the ordinary succession traditions of the lightsabers. 

Darksaber can only be won through a dueling challenge. The next winner must duel justly, without prejudice. Through this method, the winner will be the rightful owner of the Beskar legacy. Opting for other methods will nullify the ownership. 

Such is the acquisition method of the blade that no ordinary individual can hold the Dark Saber, without the inherent capability of leadership and control. 

Skillful Construction: Darksaber Vs. Lightsaber 

As for the material and design, Viszla surpassed the best craftsmen by creating a curved pommel and a slit emitter. The special slit design, different from a normal lightsaber, efficiently matches the thin sword blade of the pitched lightsaber. 

True to the Mandalorian culture, Vizsla cleverly chose the same material as the Mandalorian armor while constructing the Darksaber, protecting one Beskar marvel with another. 

Moreover, Vizla also successfully constructed a lightsaber with the perfect blend of offense and defense. That explains how the sharp blade edge, slices precisely but does not cut the wielder in case of an accident. In that case, the blade smoothly bounces off like a bat.

A Sword: Short Yet Heavy 

Darksaber features a sword-like blade, a first in the lightsaber lore. 

Another amazing fact about the Mandalorian weapon is its shorter-than-usual blade length and screeching sound, which feeds on the emotions of the wielders, adding weight and energy to the lightsaber. The heavyweight is a useful tool for delivering meaningful and potent blows. 

Din Dijarin
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On the flip side, it could mean trouble, like in the case of Din Dijarin. Djarin’s turbulent and uneven energy destabilized the Darksaber, making the lightsaber a threat to the wielder and the opponent. 

Tarre Vizsla: The Beginning 

Tarre Vizsla
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For a culture comprising mercenaries, bounty hunters, and warriors, the darksaber was considered a highly respected weapon, because it saw prosperous and progressing tenure under Tarre Vizsla’s rule.

Vizsla abandoned his Jedi ways and returned to Mandalore to rule over his people promoting hope, prosperity, and peace. His era was a golden age for the Mandalorians as they progressed in trade, weaponry, and politics. 

Despite a highly trained background, Tarre Vizsla faced opposition and threats during his tenure. The opposing leadership wanted to overthrow him so they could rule. 

Sadly, Tarre Vizsla was not immortal and met his inevitable demise. The glorious days of the darksaber were over and the lightsaber was condemned to the old, dusty storage in the Jedi temple.

House Vizsla: The So-Called Rightful Owners 

House Vizsla with his darksaber
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The descendent of Tarre Vizsla, House Vizsla believed the lightsaber to be their rightful heritage. So, during the Old Republic’s fall, House Vizsla attacked the Jedi Temple and stole the Darksaber. 

Fans were once again excited to see the Darksaber in action. This time it was simply chaos. 

After Tarre Vizsla’s death, multiple owners hoped to promote harmony through ownership of the Darksaber. 

Also, those who wanted to use the short Beskar blade for meticulous purposes were not far. They wanted their chance to enjoy power through violence and fear.  

From Death Watch To Treacherous Darth Maul 

During The Clone Wars, the Darksaber ended in the hands of a selfish Death Watch Leader, Pre Vizsla. Pre Vizla wielded the lightsaber for his promotion. Such selfish gains are against the nature of the elegant Darksaber. That is why he suffered a terrible faith. 

Karma struck when Pre Vizsla led the fight between the Death Watch and the peaceful Mandalorian Leader, Duchess Satine. Pre Vizla was defeated by his lieutenant Darth Maul, in the Clone Wars, episode ‘Shades Of Reason’, making Darth Maul a new possessor of the darksaber by Mandalorian laws. 

Darth Maul’s reign was far from perfect and the dreadful days extended forever for the Mandalorian civilians. Due to the violence and purge, the meaning of the plasma blade was reversed.

Once a highly coveted blade, which despite its dark color was a ray of sunshine, was now a weapon spreading oppression and treachery. 

Five Famous Wielders Of The Darksaber (In Order)

Ezra Bridger: Ezra Bridger is an esteemed and strong-willed orphan Jedi who pushed the odds during the Fall of the Republic and joined the Ghost Crew in Rebels. While he crossed paths with Maul, Ezra saw the darksaber in Maul’s belongings and used it to defend himself and his friends against the villainous Darth.

Ezra Bridger
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Kanan Jarrus: The Darksaber was passed to Kanan Jarrus who was unaware of the significance of the weapon, till it was bought to his knowledge by a Mandalorian warrior Fenn Rau. 

Kanan Jarrus
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Sabine Wren: As part of the ghost crew and a member of Clan Wren of House Vizsla, Sabine was considered by her friends to be the rightful owner. At first, she was reluctant and doubted herself capable of wielding a mighty weapon. However, as she trained, Sabine built the confidence to lead the Mandalorians against the Empire with the aid of Darksaber powers. 

Sabine Wren
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Bo Katan Kyrze: The passing of the Darksaber to Bo Katan was rather peaceful. No drama here, much to the disappointment of the fans. Bo Katan played an important role in leading the rebellion against the oppressors. She devoted herself and the Darksaber to the people of Mandalore. Moreover, Karyze was a heartwarming figure who ignited hope in the hearts of Beskar warriors. 

Din Dijarin: Din Dijarin is another Mandalorian figure from the Clan Mudhorn, who challenged Bo Katan but never saw peaceful days with Darksaber, his inner turmoil was too much for the dark blade, and the instability weighed on both. 

Who Has The Darksaber Now?

The rest of the lightsaber history is darker than the lightsaber, not much was clearly explained in the TV series.  

The Galactic Civil War is full of mysteries for the Mandalorians, as the Darksaber met its demise along with Moff Gideon at the end of season 4. 

Moff Gideon crushed the hilt of the Darksaber, shattering the blade during the battle with Bo Katan Karyze. Forever ending the powerful legacy that once ruled the Galactic Universe. 

Darksaber Meaning: Influence On Mandalorian Society 

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Darksaber is the shadow of Mandalorian culture, their way of living, to the point that whoever wields the dark saber, has the power to control the Mandalorian future.  

The Darksaber winner is honored with uniting Mandalorian clans and upholding the integrity of trade and politics of the House Vizsla or Death Watch.

It is a moment of pride in holding a mystic blade, whose stability relies on purity. This proves the integrity of the wilder. On the contrary, Darksaber could harm the wilder if fed on unstable energy. Historically, Mandalorians have suffered or flourished under the leaders who carried the Darksaber. 

That is why Bo Katan Karyz wanted an optimistic change, through a weapon so powerful, it should be put to good use. That could have prevented the end of the Darksaber and saved the Mandalorians from earning a huge question mark on their future!


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