What is Xenopixel Lightsaber? – Everything You Need To Know

What is Xenopixel Lightsaber?

If you are a lightsabers enthusiast, then surely you must have heard of the xenopixel light sabers. There is generally a lot of confusion surrounding the xenopixel saber, and people are often unsure how it’s any different than the Proffie core neo pixel saber. This article will cover all the specifics you need to know about the xenopixel light saber. 

In case you are new to the Star Wars fandom, the term “no pixel” is all about the blade. A neopixel blade will have a strip of LEDs running along the length of the blade. The number of LEDs that are present in the strip will vary according to personal customization and the length of the blade. The cores that power the saber, however, vary. 


Proffie vs Xenopixel – What are the differences?

The Proffie core has been around for a while now. If you are already familiar with what cores power different light sabers, then you will easily catch on to what the xeno pixel light saber is all about. The Proffie neo pixel light saber was all about the customization. You have to decide what type of blade you want, what color you want it in, the design and the shape of the hilt, everything. You could also pick out and edit whatever sound fonts you wanted in your saber. 

These two features alone singlehandedly marked the Proffie board as the ultimate superior board, you can say. The Proffie board is also the first choice for any buyer who wants their light saber to have a smooth swing feature, with sound effects responding in sync with every swing. This generally depends on how fast or slow the swing is. In conclusion, the Proffie board presents to you, without doubt, the very best saber tech there is out there. 

Moving on to the current talk of the town: the xenopixel lightsaber. Is it really worth all the hype and credit? We are about to find out. The very first thing we want to talk about is the lighting effects. Where the Proffie board usually came with an option of either an in hilt LED or a neo pixel, the xenopixel lightsaber generally only comes with the neo pixel blade. 


The only major difference and possible downgrade for many light saber enthusiasts is that with a xeno pixel, you cannot customize your blade styles while buying a saber the way you could in a proffie. This may be a bummer for a lot of people, especially considering how there are built in fonts for blade styles, so you can’t add your custom ones in either. However, if you are not much of a fan of custom blades and are okay with built in blade designs, then the xenopixel update shouldn’t be that much of a problem for you. 

An upside of the xenopixel light saber may be that you can customize the sound fonts. The process is a little different from the proffie light sabers, considering the xenopixel light sabers generally come with an SD card rather than a USB port. These are definitely worth all the hype especially considering the fact that these xenopixel lightsabers come with a loud, volume adjustable speaker. Even though there isn’t a USB port available in the xenopixel saber as it was in the proffie one, these built in sound effects are just as cool. Generally all the xenopixel light sabers are more than perfect for someone who’s buying for cosplay or even to add to their personal collection. 

xeno pixel

The best part about the xenopixel light sabers is that they are budget friendly. So a lot of people who aren’t into high end, expensive replicas can get nearly the same features on a low price but at good quality as well. You also get to have a little free hand when it comes to customization so you can purchase and add sound fonts that you prefer over the ones that are built in.

Storm FX Xenopixel Eco lightsaber

At neosabers.com, you can find the absolute coolest, baddest, jaw dropping xeno pixel light sabers that are to die for. 

The image on the left, for example, shows the Storm FX Xeno Neopixel Eco lightsaber, which is available with a super bright RGB neopixel strip coming with infinite colors. It has a light diffusing, combat grade, 92cm long Polycarbonate blade and a solid frosted aluminum alloy hilt. The blade length can vary between 92 cm or 36 inches, from which you can choose what length you want. While buying, you also have a choice to select the blade width from either 25.6 mm or 1 inch. 


Featuring realistic sound effects with motion sensors that respond actively to high and low swings, the Storm FX Xeno Neopixel saber has an in action smooth swing. The light saber is powered by a removable Lithium ion battery that is of 3.7v and 36000mAh, and can be charged by 5v Micro USB. Charging time can vary between four to five hours. This type of battery is ideal to help you last the entire day in your cosplay without having to worry about your light saber losing power. Its blade is strong, shatterproof and removable which makes it just perfect for some heavy dueling

The LED strip attached into the Strom FX Xeno Neopixel light saber has a power of 50 Watts, not to mention the nine different changeable sound themes, each coming with different effects playing on a loud and volume adjustable speaker. The light saber contains the standard soundboard, which is enough to produce some amazing sound effects to aid your dueling mode. For further information or to place an order, you can click on the image to visit their website. 

Manda Xenopixel Dark Saber

Another similar product, and a lot of buyers’ personal favorite is the Original Manda Xeno Neopixel Darksaber. This is an ideal weapon for you to choose if you are more on the dark side, wishing to overpower the entire Mandalore while yielding this darksaber. 

Apart from its irresistibly attractive blade, it has more or less the same features as the Storm FX Xeno Neopixel Eco light saber Although a little more costly than the previous, the Manda Xeno Neo Pixel Dark Saber is a must add to your saber collection. It has a flash on clash feature, which enables it to emit white light and produce a realistic sound effect when it hits something. 


Just like the Storm FX Xeno Neopixel light saber, the Manda Xeno Neopixel Dark saber has a removable, polycarbonate blade with light diffusing finishing and is strong and shatterproof which also makes it perfect for heavy dueling. It can also give you a smooth swing experience due to the presence of sensitive motion sensors and realistic sound effects present. You can click on the image on the right to visit the website and to buy the darksaber or find out more information about the product.

Happy Hunting! 


Where to buy xenopixel lightsaber?

NEO Sabers has a wide and amazing collection of high end lightsabers that you can buy to add to your lightsaber collection or a cosplay. Their website is very easily accessible and device friendly so you don’t have to go through much trouble to navigate around the site. You can discover the various categories of lightsabers available at the website by going to the “Shop” option on the menu appearing on the top of the page.

Xenopixel light sabers are available in the neopixel lightsabers category. They are available in various colors such as blue, cyan, green, magenta, orange, purple, red, pink, and white


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