Unraveling the Mystery of Ezra’s Second Kyber Crystal

Unraveling the Mystery of Ezra's Second Kyber Crystal

Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels is a famous character whose journey shows significant personal development. As fans of the animated series may recall, Ezra’s path led him to construct his green-bladed lightsaber after the loss of his first lightsaber. Nevertheless, despite the numerous documented events of his journey, there exists a mystery – the unknown location of Ezra’s second kyber crystal.

Ezra Bridger Green Lightsaber

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The origin of Ezra’s second kyber crystal has intrigued Star Wars fans, rising questions about where and how he obtained it. In this blog, we will try to find out where Ezra got the kyber crystal for his second green lightsaber. 

Ezra’s Second Green-Bladed Lightsaber

Ezra Bridger, a Jedi Padawan and rebel in the period preceding the Battle of Yavin, crafted his second lightsaber with a distinctive green blade. His new blade adhered to the traditional design. It featured a sleek black grip embellished with elegant silver accents. 

Green Lightsaber of Ezra Bridger

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Prior to his mysterious departure alongside Grand Admiral Thrawn on Chimaera, Ezra entrusted his lightsaber to Sabine Wren, a skilled Mandalorian warrior. Sabine not only safeguarded the lightsaber but also made modifications to it. 

What happened to Ezra Bridger’s First lightsaber?

In the closing chapters of Star Wars: Rebels Season 2, Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, and Ahsoka Tano set on a mission to Malachor, seeking knowledge to combat the Sith and their Inquisitors. The trio, accompanied by the astromech droid Chopper, sought the secrets within the Sith temple.

Ezra, Kanan Jarrus and Ahsoka Tano

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During their quest on Malachor, Ezra unexpectedly found an ally in the form of the former Sith Warrior, Darth Maul. Maul agreed to aid them in gaining access to the temple and extracting the knowledge they needed. 

As they went into the temple, a confrontation with the Eighth Brother Inquisitor led to their separation. Kanan and Ahsoka pursued the Inquisitor, while Ezra sought Maul’s assistance.

They successfully captured the Eighth Brother and confronted the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister inside the temple. With Maul’s help, the trio successfully defeated the Inquisitors, forcing them to retreat. Unfortunately, their victory was quickly overshadowed by the unexpected arrival of Darth Vader at the temple’s summit.

In a desperate attempt to escape, Ezra confronted Darth Vader but suffered defeat, resulting in the destruction of his first lightsaber. After this encounter, Ezra, along with Kanan, retreated while Ahsoka faced Darth Vader alone amidst the crumbling temple. 

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With this, Season 2 of Star Wars: Rebels came to a close, and Ezra’s first lightsaber came to an end as well.

From where Ezra got Kyber Crystal for his Second Lightsaber 

Following the dramatic events on Malachor, where Ezra Bridger faced Darth Vader and witnessed the shattering of his initial lightsaber, the need for a new weapon became important Not only did Ezra lose his lightsaber, but he also faced the heart-wrenching loss of his master during the intense proceedings.

Ezra Bridger

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While Ezra Bridger’s journey to construct his second lightsaber is an interesting tale, the exact origin of the Kyber Crystal remains covered in mystery. There is no definitive answer to where exactly Ezra obtained the crystal, but various beliefs offer possible answers.


It is important to note that all the presented beliefs are purely fictional speculations based on various incidents within the Star Wars universe. The actual origin of Ezra’s Kyber crystal remains undisclosed, and these speculations are imaginative interpretations created by fans. 

There is no official confirmation or canonical support for any of these theories. Star Wars enthusiasts often engage in creative speculation to fill gaps in the narrative.

Exploring Beliefs Behind Ezra’s Second Kyber Crystal

Belief One: Salvaging from Malachor’s Remains

One prevailing belief suggests that after the intense encounter with Darth Vader on Malachor, Ezra managed to salvage the Kyber Crystal from the remains of his shattered lightsaber. 

In this speculative twist, the theory suggests that Ezra’s green Kyber crystal might be a transformation of the original blue crystal. The concept draws inspiration from the Ahsoka novel, where Kyber crystals changed colors. The speculation suggests that before Season 3, Ezra’s blue crystal mysteriously shifted to green.

At the conclusion of “Twilight of the Apprentice,” the story takes a turn as Ezra Bridger opens the Sith holocron. In this interaction, the holocron communicates with Ezra, urging him to fight against the Empire and seek revenge for Ahsoka’s presumed demise.

Ezra, expressing his desire to fight but lacking a lightsaber, receives guidance from the holocron. The belief introduces the notion that the holocron teaches Ezra a unique technique to alter the crystal’s color. The holocron suggests a form of “healing,” mirroring Ahsoka’s actions in the Ahsoka novel, but with a dark twist.

In a departure from the traditional crystal bleeding process, Ezra’s transformation is envisioned as a halfway point. The holocron guides him to subtly bend the crystal toward the dark side without fully corrupting it. 

The Birth of a Second Lightsaber

Armed with the recovered Kyber Crystal, Ezra sought assistance from his friends. They provided the necessary parts and support, emphasizing the collaborative spirit within the Rebel Alliance. 

Ezra’s journey to construct his second lightsaber became a collective effort, highlighting the camaraderie and unity among the rebels.

Ezra Bridger

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With the Kyber Crystal, salvaged from the remnants of his broken lightsaber, and the collaborative efforts of his friends, Ezra successfully constructed his second lightsaber. 

This new weapon symbolized more than just a replacement – it represented Ezra’s renewal, resilience, and commitment to the Rebellion’s cause.

Color Theory: From Blue to Green via the Dark Spectrum

The speculation dives into the color spectrum, drawing parallels with the blending of shades. Theoretically, transitioning from blue to red involves passing through yellow, orange, and ultimately, green. This alignment with the color wheel adds an interesting layer to the belief, suggesting that green could symbolize a stage of lesser light side influence.

Belief Two: Discovery in Lothal’s Jedi Temple

In the aftermath of Malachor, Ezra Bridger’s quest for a new lightsaber took him back to his roots on Lothal. The hidden Kyber Crystal within the Jedi Temple became the key to rebuilding what was lost.  The answer to where Ezra found the Kyber Crystal for his second lightsaber may lie in the heart of Lothal.

Another belief revolves around Ezra’s return to Lothal, where his Jedi journey began. Within the depths of the Jedi Temple on Lothal, it is thought that Ezra discovered a hidden Kyber Crystal. 

This important finding changed the course of his journey, providing him with the essential component needed to construct a new lightsaber.

Belief Three: Rebel Intercept of Imperial Kyber Crystals

According to Belief Three, it is said that Ezra Bridger and the Ghost Crew managed to intercept an imperial shipment of Kyber Crystals during the break between seasons 2 and season 3.

Rebels consistently opposed the Empire’s misuse of Kyber Crystals, evident in various operations. Instances include Ahsoka Tano’s visit to Illum and the Ghost Crew intercepting and destroying imperial Kyber Crystal shipments.

Belief Three speculates that in the six-month gap, rebels seized an opportunity to disrupt an imperial shipment. Ezra might have discreetly secured a Kyber Crystal during the chaos, aligning with the Rebel Alliance’s united efforts against the Empire.

Belief Four: The Malachor Return and Kyber Crystal Discovery

In this speculation, Ezra and Kanan revisit Malachor to find answers about Ahsoka but come up empty-handed. On their way back, Ezra faces an unexpected enemy —a scavenger, bounty hunter, or even a surviving Eighth Brother Inquisitor.

Without a lightsaber, Ezra seizes an ancient one found on Malachor during Season 2. Unlike the non-functional cross guard, this saber works. In a fierce battle alongside Kanan, they either defeat the adversary or narrowly escape.

Now in possession of the ancient lightsaber, Ezra faces a choice. Due to its age, he decides to let go of the ancient weapon but keeps its Kyber crystal intact. This strategic decision becomes a pivotal moment, setting the stage for Ezra’s next move.

Ezra’s Second Lightsaber was Very Different from his First Saber

Ezra Bridger, initially a young boy surviving on the streets of Lothal during the rule of the Empire, encountered a life-changing moment when discovered by the former Jedi Kanan Jarrus and the Ghost Crew during a mission. 

Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus

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Recognizing Ezra’s Force sensitivity, Kanan Jarrus took him under his wing, guiding him in the ways of the Jedi. Despite evolving into a remarkably skilled Jedi, Ezra Bridger  struggled with embracing his altered destiny, holding onto the past and the hope of a reunion with his parents.

The shift in Ezra’s lightsabers marked a significant transition.After losing his first lightsaber in a battle against Darth Vader in Star Wars Rebels Season 2, Ezra found himself in need of a replacement.

Specifications of Ezra Bridger Second Lightsaber

Here are some of the main differences between his two lightsabers:

Ezra Bridger First and Second Lightsaber

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  • First Difference

Blaster Attachment Removal and Traditional Design

One of the most evident modifications was the removal of the blaster attachment, a feature that set Ezra’s first lightsaber apart. The second lightsaber embraced a more traditional design, doing away with the utilitarian extras that characterized the initial weapon. This shift signaled a departure from a multifunctional approach to a more streamlined and conventional lightsaber design.

  • Second Difference

Color Transition: Blue to Green

The most apparent change came in the color of the lightsaber blade, transitioning from the original blue to a vibrant green. 

Lightsaber colors in the Star Wars universe often carry symbolic significance, and Ezra’s shift from blue to green hinted at his growth, renewal, and a connection to the Force in a new phase of his Jedi journey.

  • Third Difference

Striking Hilt Transformation

Beyond the color alteration, the transformation of the hilt was particularly striking. Ezra’s first lightsaber boasted a unique and utilitarian design, complete with a firing mechanism for stunning enemies. In contrast, the second lightsaber opted for a more conventional appearance, featuring a sleek black grip with silver accents. 

The hilt of Ezra’s second lightsaber appeared to draw inspiration from Kanan’s lightsaber design. This choice demonstrated a seamless flow in style and a strong bond between the two characters.

Ezra’s Second Lightsaber shows his Journey of Growth as a Jedi

Ezra’s first lightsaber, with its unique design and amazing blast function, reflected his initial struggle to fully embrace his role as a Jedi within the Ghost Crew of Star Wars Rebels. 

Green lightsaber of Ezra Bridger

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The weapon was a connection to his past life on the streets, where he used a similar slingshot-like device for self-defense. When feeling overwhelmed, Ezra Bridger relied on his basic skills, hesitant to completely adopt the teachings of his mentor, Kanan Jarrus.

Ezra’s struggle to move on from the past and his attachments is reflected in the symbolism of the first lightsaber. In contrast, his second lightsaber marked a pivotal moment of acceptance — acknowledging the loss of his parents, embracing his new family, and fully embracing his identity as a Jedi.

This transformation in Ezra Bridger became evident when he wielded his second lightsaber for the first time in the third season of Star Wars Rebels. The audience witnessed a more skilled and confident Jedi, with fluid movements and complete control of the blade. 

The green lightsaber, a departure from the blue of his first, symbolized Ezra’s evolving attitude. Green lightsabers are associated with helpfulness and cooperation, qualities exemplified by Ezra as he sought to save those affected by the Empire’s oppressive policies. 

The change in lightsaber color mirrored his growth and progression as a Jedi on a mission of goodwill.

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Will Ezra Return With A More Unique Lightsaber In Ahsoka?

Many fans are excited to discover what the future holds for Ezra Bridger in upcoming Star Wars projects, especially in Ahsoka. One question that many are curious about is whether Ezra will use a lightsaber that stands out from the rest in the series.

Ezra third lightsaber

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Considering Ezra’s journey and the symbolism tied to his lightsaber, it is likely that he will come back with a unique lightsaber design. Throughout his adventures, Ezra has demonstrated significant character development, transitioning from a novice Padawan to a seasoned Jedi. His choice to construct a new lightsaber in the Ahsoka finale signifies a significant step in this progression.

Ezra’s lightsaber progression is quite remarkable. At first, he used a blue lightsaber with a blaster attachment in Rebels season 1. However, he eventually switched to a green lightsaber and gave it to Sabine Wren. The shift in lightsaber color, from green to blue, signifies a nostalgic return to his origins, reflecting a significant milestone in his path as a Jedi.

Ezra Bridger

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In addition, his new lightsaber has a special meaning to him, as it incorporates an emitter that is connected to Kanan Jarrus’ lightsaber from Star Wars Rebels. This connection emphasizes the lineage of Jedi and the transfer of knowledge from one generation to another.

However, the potential for Ezra to come back with a lightsaber that is more distinct goes beyond just its appearance. It may represent his ongoing development and his acceptance of his own identity as a Jedi. 

As his fighting style has developed, he has embraced hand-to-hand combat and honed his Force abilities. This growth is also evident in his unique lightsaber design, which showcases his individuality and the wisdom he has gained.


There are no specific details available on the location from where Ezra got the kyber crystal for his second green-bladed saber. 

Ezra Bridger’s tale is a mix of guesses and fan ideas. His second lightsaber, now with a green blade, shows how he has grown as a Jedi. The color switch is not just about him changing, but also how the Force and being a Jedi are linked.

Ezra’s lightsaber journey is full of mysteries. It is about guilt, finding redemption, and the twisty road of a Jedi. 

Even if we are not sure where he found the crystal for his second lightsaber, one thing is certain – Ezra’s impact on Star Wars is big. His brave and changing story connects with fans, making us super excited for more space adventures.

In the distant galaxy, Ezra’s lightsaber remains a symbol of courage, redemption, and the adventurous path of a Jedi.


Q: How did Ezra get his second lightsaber?

A: After Darth Vader destroyed Ezra’s original lightsaber on Malachor, he built a new Jedi weapon featuring a hilt with a black grip, silver accents, and a green blade.

Q: How did Ezra get his third lightsaber?

A: Ezra reunited with Sabine and Ahsoka on Peridea, where he hastily constructed his new lightsaber using pieces stored by Huyang. This lightsaber played a crucial role in their attempt to thwart Thrawn’s return.

Q: How did Ezra acquire a Kyber crystal for Ahsoka?

A: Through the guidance of Jedi Master Yoda, Ezra was able to overcome his fear of being abandoned when he was being tested inside of a Jedi temple.After completing the tests, he was given a Kyber crystal by the temple, signifying that he was prepared to construct his lightsaber.

Q: Why does Ezra’s lightsaber look different in Ahsoka?

A: Ezra’s new blue lightsaber in Ahsoka’s finale honors his late master, Kanan Jarrus, and signifies his role as a Jedi Guardian. The shift from green to blue shows how Ezra has grown as a Jedi.

Q: What happened to Ezra Bridger’s green lightsaber?

A:Darth Vader broke Ezra’s green lightsaber on Malachor, so he made a new one. Sabine Wren later wielded this lightsaber during the mission to Krownest.

Q: Why is Ezra’s second lightsaber green?

A: The shift to a green lightsaber symbolized Ezra’s evolving attitude, associated with helpfulness, cooperation, and goodwill. It reflected his commitment to saving those affected by the Empire’s policies.

Q: What is Ezra Bridger’s fighting style?

A: Ezra Bridger’s Force use evolves into an unarmed martial art, focusing on telekinesis to slam enemies against surfaces and protect allies.

Q: Why is Ezra’s lightsaber so thin in Star Wars Rebels?

A: The design of Star Wars Rebels’ lightsabers draws inspiration from Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art. It results in a delicate glow that mimics a slender beam of light. This design choice also pays homage to the original trilogy’s aesthetic.

Q: What does a green lightsaber mean in the Jedi Order?

A: A green lightsaber symbolizes a Jedi Consular, emphasizing mental aspects of the Force, harmony, helpfulness, cooperation, spirituality, and goodwill. It is commonly linked to more experienced, senior members of the Jedi Order.


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