Ronin Lightsaber: Everything About the Visions Weapon

Ronin Lightsaber: Everything About the Visions Weapon

In the distant galaxy, where the Force binds all living things, a new legend has emerged – the Ronin Lightsaber. This lightsaber is a significant weapon featured in the Visions.

Ronin Lightsaber

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In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the fascinating world of the famous Ronin lightsaber from Visions. We will look at its history, design, significance and where you can find this legendary saber in real life. 

WAIT! It does not stop there. We will also uncover the secrets of Ronin’s lightsaber combat techniques, allowing you to wield this legendary weapon with grace and skill.


Are you ready to set on an unforgettable journey into the realm of the Ronin Lightsaber?

Ronin Fans!! We understand the emotional connection and fascination that surrounds his lightsaber, and we are here to unleash its remarkable power for you. Are you itching to learn about the Ronin lightsaber? Here is what we know.

“The Ronin had a pair of lightsabers in his possession. One of these lightsabers had a sophisticated hilt and was enclosed in a scabbard made from various lightsaber hilts. The second lightsaber had a less refined appearance and was stored in an auxiliary scabbard. He made more frequent use of the first lightsaber in public, while the second one served as a backup and was employed to deceive his adversaries.”


In the vast universe, few characters have captivated fans quite like Ronin. This charming figure, known for his unique lightsaber and intriguing backstory, has become a legend in the galaxy. 

The Origins of Ronin

Ronin, a wandering samurai-like warrior, emerged from the shadows as a former Jedi Knight. After the fall of the Jedi Order, he roamed the galaxy seeking redemption and enlightenment. 

He was formerly a Dark Lord of the Sith, led a rebellion against Jedi clans but grew disillusioned with the Sith’s path. Renouncing his Sith identity, he became the Ronin, wandering the Outer Rim with astromech droid B5-56. His mission: hunt and eliminate Sith, collecting their precious kyber crystals.


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In a village on Genbara, he faced Kouru, a self-proclaimed Dark Lord. After defeating her, Kouru returned as a Sith demon. Guided by a haunting voice, the Ronin continued his quest, encountering the Traveler at Osou spaceport, drawn by their flute melody. 

His path diverged from that of other Jedi, as he shed the traditional ways and embraced a hybrid philosophy of both Jedi and Sith teachings. Ronin’s enigmatic journey unfolds, marked by his past and the shadows that linger. His journey embodied a profound exploration of the Force, blending light and dark to find a unique balance.


The unique design and amazing backstory of Ronin Lightsabers have made it a highly sought-after weapon among collectors and enthusiasts alike. Here is the origin of the Ronin weapon.

Ronin Lightsabers

The term “Ronin” refers to a masterless samurai in Japanese culture. Similarly, the Ronin Lightsaber is a symbol of a Jedi without a master. 

Ronin Lightsaber

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It is said that this lightsaber was created by a Jedi who, after witnessing the fall of the Jedi Order, decided to wander the galaxy alone, seeking redemption and purpose.

The Ronin Lightsaber made its debut in the anime anthology series, Visions, a collaborative project between Lucasfilm and renowned Japanese animation studios. This unique lightsaber design pays homage to the traditional Japanese samurai, known as a Ronin – a warrior without a master wandering the galaxy in search of purpose.


Specifications at a Glance

Lightsaber PairTwin Ronin Lightsabers   
Hilt DesignWeathered and worn cylindrical design with small protuberances
ScabbardFirst lightsaber enclosed in a scabbard made from various lightsaber hilts. Second lightsaber stored in an auxiliary scabbard
Blade LengthStandard, adjustable to suit Ronin’s combat style
Blade ColorMesmerizing red, owing to the Kyber crystal integration
AffiliationRonin Lightsabers are wielded by a masterless warrior, aligning with neither Jedi or Sith.
Date of CreationNot specified, but associated with the events in Visions   
Primary UseThe first lightsaber is used more frequently in public, while the second serves as a backup and for deceptive purposes
Combat StyleDual-wielding with versatile techniques, allowing the wielder to switch between single and dual-wielding forms
LegacyThe Ronin Lightsabers become an iconic symbol, representing the fusion and traditional Japanese storytelling
DestructionNot specified, the fate of the lightsabers is open-ended


Ronin has a Scabbard for his Lightsaber

At the heart of Ronin’s legend lies his iconic weapon: the Ronin Lightsaber. This lightsaber, unlike any other, is distinguished by its scabbard-like design. The scabbard serves multiple purposes, not only protecting the blade, but also concealing its true nature. When drawn from the scabbard, the elegant hilt and intense blade ignite, radiating power and authority.

Significance of the Ronin Lightsaber Scabbard

One of the most distinctive features of the Ronin Lightsaber is its scabbard – a rarity in the world of lightsabers. While traditional lightsabers are usually hung from the belt or kept in specialized holsters, the Ronin Lightsaber’s scabbard serves a unique purpose that goes beyond mere storage.

Here is the significance of Scabbard:

Symbol of Tradition

The scabbard is a nod to the traditional Japanese katana, where the sword is housed in a protective sheath. This blending of cultural elements adds depth to the narrative of the Ronin Lightsaber, symbolizing a fusion of Jedi traditions with the honorable ways of the samurai.

Functional Concealment

Unlike the conventional lightsaber, the scabbard conceals the lightsaber hilt, allowing the wielder to move discreetly and maintain a low profile. This element of surprise aligns with the Ronin’s ethos of adapting to their surroundings and catching adversaries off guard.

Cultural Homage

The inclusion of the scabbard pays homage to the samurai’s reverence for their weapon. By incorporating this cultural element, the Ronin Lightsaber becomes not just a tool for combat, but a symbol of honor and respect for the weapon itself.

“The scabbard of the Ronin Lightsaber not only adds a visually striking element but also serves a practical purpose. It allows Ronin to carry his lightsaber while blending in with ordinary society, maintaining a low profile and avoiding unwanted attention. This concealment adds an aura of mystery and charm to Ronin’s character, as he seamlessly transitions between an ordinary wanderer and a skilled warrior.”


The Ronin Lightsaber is a marvel of craftsmanship, combining elements of both the traditional Jedi and Sith lightsabers. Its unique design features an ergonomic hilt, allowing for enhanced control and precision in combat. 

Ronin red Lightsaber

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The hilt of the Ronin Lightsaber features intricate and ornate details that reflect the personality and taste of its wielder. From engraved patterns to decorative motifs, the hilt is a work of art in itself. The blade itself emits a brilliant color, symbolizing his unconventional approach to the Force.

  • Blade color

At the heart of every lightsaber lies the Kyber crystal, and the Ronin Lightsaber is no exception. The crystal is expertly integrated into the hilt, emitting mesmerizing color. The blade, when ignited, emanates a vibrant crimson hue, reflecting the intensity and determination of its master.

  • Hilt Design

The hilt of the Ronin Lightsaber is characterized by its weathered and worn appearance, reflecting the storied history of the character wielding it. It features a unique cylindrical design with small protuberances along its length, creating an unconventional yet captivating aesthetic.

  • Blade Length

Standard, adjustable to suit Ronin’s combat style.

How Ronin Lightsabers are Different from Other Types of Lightsabers

Unlike traditional lightsabers, Ronin’s weapon boasts a distinct design, earning it the moniker of the Star Wars Visions Umbrella Lightsaber.

Ronin’s lightsaber represents his status as a wanderer, a samurai without a master. Just as Ronin roams the galaxy in solitude, his lightsaber serves as a symbol of his nomadic nature. 

Here are some standing features of the Ronin Lightsaber that sets it apart from traditional lightsabers.

1. The Unconventional Fold

Ronin’s lightsaber, when deactivated, takes on an extraordinary appearance – similar to a folded katana or, as some call it, an “umbrella lightsaber.” This departure from the typical lightsaber design immediately catches the eye, setting Ronin apart from other Force-wielders in the universe.

2. A Scabbard of Broken Dreams

Unlike lightsabers that power down, Ronin’s doesn’t shut off due to a broken part. His scabbard, crafted from the remnants of other broken lightsabers, holds the key to this unique characteristic. It’s not a flaw; rather, it’s a deliberate choice that adds to the mystery of Ronin’s character and his lightsaber.

3. Red Glow of Ambiguity

When activated, Ronin’s lightsaber unfolds, revealing a blazing red blade – a visual symbol often associated with Sith Lords. However, Ronin himself is no Sith. The red glow serves as a paradox, emphasizing Ronin’s enigmatic nature, his allegiance-free stance in the Force, and his wandering force persona.

4. Blend of Tradition and Technology

The complex design of Ronin’s lightsaber draws inspiration from traditional Japanese samurai swords. This fusion of ancient charm with advanced technology creates a weapon that not only serves its purpose in combat but also tells a story – a story of Ronin’s unique journey and his departure from the Jedi-Sith dichotomy.

5. Character in a Weapon

More than just a tool for battle, Ronin’s lightsaber becomes an extension of his character. Its design, activation, and the choice to keep it seemingly broken until necessity dictates – all contribute to the portrayal of Ronin as a wandering, mysterious force in the universe.

Key Differences: Ronin Lightsaber vs Traditional Lightsabers

FeaturesRonin LightsabersTraditional Lightsabers
Activation MechanismDistinct folding and unfolding actionStandard on/off switch with no folding feature
Hilt DesignUnique cylindrical design with protuberancesVaried designs, often sleek and streamlined
Deactivation QuirkDoesn’t shut off due to a broken partStandard on/off deactivation
ScabbardCrafted from broken lightsaber partsTypically hung from the belt or kept in holsters
Blade ColorBlazing red, symbolizing Sith LordsVarious colors representing Jedi and Sith
Cultural InspirationBlends Japanese samurai sword aestheticsVaried, drawing from different cultural influences
Character SymbolismPortrays Ronin’s mysterious and wandering natureSymbolic of Jedi or Sith allegiance
Foldable DesignResembles a folded katana or an umbrellaFixed length, no folding feature
Combat Style AdaptabilityDual-wielding with versatile techniquesVaried combat forms based on Jedi or Sith training

Why is Ronin Lightsaber Red?

Ronin’s lightsaber emits a red blade due to the use of a Kyber Crystal in its construction. In the universe, Kyber Crystals are known to be Force-attuned crystals that power lightsabers and determine the color of the blade. The red color specifically indicates a strong connection to the dark side of the Force.

Ronin iconic red Lightsaber

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While Ronin himself does not align with the Sith or Jedi, the red hue of his lightsaber can be attributed to the historical context of his character. In the narrative depicting an alternate, feudal Japan-inspired history, Ronin initially served as the dark lord of the Sith and led a Sith rebellion against the Jedi. The red blade of his lightsaber may be a symbolic residue of that dark and tumultuous period, emphasizing the bloodshed and conflict associated with Sith warfare.

Even after Ronin’s departure from the Sith and his commitment to hunting down his former followers, the red blade remains a visual reminder of his complex history. It serves as a narrative choice to represent the turmoil and conflict that shaped Ronin’s character, even though he no longer adheres to the Sith philosophy.

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First Appearance

Ronin made his first appearance in “The Duel.” It is a short film and episode: Visions series. This particular installment was crafted by Kamikaze Douga and became available for streaming on Disney plus.

Major Duels with Ronin’s Lightsabers

Encounter with a Sith Opponent

In a notable confrontation, Ronin’s lightsabers faced off against a Sith adversary wielding a distinctive red rotating umbrella-shaped blade. This early duel emphasized the versatility of Ronin’s lightsabers as he deftly navigated the elusiveness of his opponent. 

Despite the unique nature of the Sith’s weapon, Ronin’s lightsabers proved efficient, securing a decisive victory and setting the stage for further battles.

Confrontation with Dark Forces

Subsequent encounters saw Ronin’s lightsabers in action against various dark forces. With each battle, Ronin demonstrated the deadly precision and speed of his lightsabers, effortlessly slicing through adversaries. 

The consistent success in these confrontations underscored the power and exceptional combat capabilities of Ronin’s unique lightsabers.

Duel with Kouru, the Self-styled Dark Lord

One of the most significant duels involved Ronin facing Kouru, a self-styled Dark Lord leading a gang of bandits. This intense lightsaber duel showcased Ronin’s mastery over his weapon, employing telekinesis and strategic maneuvers. 


Image source: Maynock Manor

The duel unfolded across a river and a concealed temple, ultimately concluding with Ronin strategically using his scabbard auxiliary to end Kouru’s threat.

Ambush in the Temple

In a dynamic sequence, Ronin orchestrated an ambush in a concealed temple, catching Kouru off guard. Using his lightsaber with precision, Ronin outmaneuvered his opponent, revealing a deep understanding of combat strategy. 

This duel highlighted the strategic and tactical aspects of Ronin’s lightsaber proficiency.

Facing the Genbara Army

As Ronin’s Sith identity was exposed, his lightsabers played a crucial role in fending off threats from the mobilized Genbara army. 

The lightsabers, with their unique design and red blades, became instrumental in deflecting attacks and ensuring Ronin’s survival during a challenging encounter.


Ronin, the masterless samurai, left a lasting mark on the lightsaber combat techniques used throughout the universe. His unique fighting style and mastery of the lightsaber captured the imagination of fans and contributed to the evolution of lightsaber combat.

Ronin Lightsaber

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Ronin’s Influence on Lightsaber Combat

Ronin’s lightsabers were distinct not only for their elegant design but also for their scabbards. These scabbards allowed him to carry and deploy multiple lightsabers with unparalleled speed. 

With a flick of his wrists, Ronin would unleash a dazzling display of dual-bladed ferocity. This distinctive approach to lightsaber combat inspired many Jedi and Sith to adopt dual-wielding techniques, expanding the possibilities of lightsaber combat.

Unconventional Stances

Ronin’s expertise in both kenjutsu and lightsaber combat led him to develop unconventional stances that challenged traditional fighting forms. 

By blending his samurai training with his mastery of the Force, Ronin introduced dynamic footwork and body positioning into lightsaber combat. This ability to seamlessly flow between offensive and defensive maneuvers allowed him to outmaneuver opponents and strike from unexpected angles. 

Practitioners of lightsaber combat began to incorporate these unorthodox stances, bringing a new level of fluidity and adaptability to their fighting styles.

Mastery of Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad

Form VII, also known as Juyo/Vaapad, is one of the most aggressive and unpredictable combat forms in lightsaber training. It is said that Ronin was a true master of this form, pushing its boundaries and delving deeper into the dark side of the Force. 

Ronin’s relentless and fierce fighting style, coupled with his deep connection to the Force, made him a formidable opponent. His embodiment of Form VII paved the way for other Force users to explore this intense and dangerous lightsaber style, further expanding the breadth of lightsaber combat techniques.

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Inspirational Legacy

Ronin’s influence on lightsaber combat goes beyond his own skills and techniques. His story and teachings have become legendary, passed down through generations of Force users. 

The Ronin lightsaber philosophy emphasizes adaptability, creativity, and embracing the Force’s flow. Jedi knights and Sith lords alike have drawn inspiration from Ronin’s unconventional approach, infusing their own styles with elements of his teachings.


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Meticulous Construction

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Major Usage: More Than a Lightsaber

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3. Stage Performances: Elevate your stage presence with the Ronin Lightsaber’s stunning visual effects and realistic sound. Ideal for theatrical productions, dance routines, or any live event.

May the Force be always with you.


The Ronin Lightsaber is truly a weapon of great power and significance in the universe. With its unique features and a scabbard, it stands out as an iconic and mighty weapon wielded by the Ronin character in Visions. 

The powerful imagery and storytelling surrounding the Ronin Lightsaber make it a must-have for any enthusiast. Whether you are a collector or a fan looking to immerse yourself in the world, the Ronin Lightsaber is sure to enhance your experience. 

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What is the Ronin Lightsaber?

The Ronin Lightsaber is an iconic weapon from the universe that is used by the samurai known as ronin. It is a two-handed lightsaber that features a unique design and is powered by the Force.

Why does Ronin’s lightsaber have a scabbard?

Ronin’s lightsaber doesn’t turn off due to a broken part. Despite his mechanical prowess, his saber is damaged, leading it to stay activated. To carry it, he ingeniously uses a scabbard crafted from the remnants of other broken lightsabers.

Is Ronin a Sith or a Jedi?

Ronin, featured in the animated episode “The Duel” in movie: Visions, is a former Sith. In this unique version of the galaxy inspired by Feudal Japan, he emerges as a formidable warrior with brutal effectiveness.

Why is Ronin a Sith?

Ronin’s origin reveals that he was once a Dark Lord of the Sith. He played a pivotal role in leading a Sith rebellion against the galactic feudal system, seeking self-determination and an end to the ongoing wars.

What is the inspiration behind Ronin’s character?

Ronin draws inspiration from Feudal Japan, existing in an alternate galaxy. His character reflects the influence of this historical period on the universe.

Can Ronin fix his lightsaber?

Despite Ronin’s strong mechanical abilities, his lightsaber remains broken. The saber’s persistent activation is a result of this damage, highlighting the challenges he faces in repairing it.

How do I use a Ronin Lightsaber?

To use a Ronin Lightsaber, first equip it by pressing the activation button on the hilt. Then, hold down the attack button to swing the lightsaber around. Use the left and right directional buttons to move the blade in any direction.

How do I clean a Ronin Lightsaber?

To clean a Ronin Lightsaber, follow these simple steps: Wipe down the blade with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris. If the blade has any stains, use a mild soap and water mixture to wash them away. Rinse the blade and dry it off.

What are the different parts of a Ronin Lightsaber?

The hilt: This is where the user grips the lightsaber. It is typically made from a metal alloy and features a series of angled cuts. The blade: The blade is the part of the lightsaber that users use to attack their opponents. It is typically made from a strong metal alloy. The scabbard: The scabbard is a protective case that lies on the user’s side and holds the blade. It is often made from a durable metal alloy and features a series of slots that allow the blade to fit snugly.

Are there other characters similar to Ronin: Visions?

Visions introduces a variety of unique characters, but Ronin stands out with his Sith background and Feudal Japan-inspired storyline. Each character in the series brings a distinctive flavor to the universe.

How does Ronin’s lightsaber contribute to the story: Visions?

Ronin’s lightsaber plays a crucial role in the narrative: Visions. Beyond being a formidable weapon, it becomes a symbol of rebellion and resistance in the alternate galaxy, adding depth to the character and the overall storyline.


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