Why Does Darksaber Gets Heavier

The lightsaber is a universally recognized symbol of the Star Wars franchise. Many viewers of the Star Wars franchise miss the point that the lightsabers are much more than just cutting implements. They are not simple magical props; they are autonomous weapons that draw power from the user in their own right.

The Darksaber depicted in The Mandalorian is unlike any other lightsaber. The Darksaber is the only lightsaber in the Star Wars universe that is black in color.

Din Djarin Black saber
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Darksaber is something of a collector’s item in the Star Wars universe, having a history far more extensive and convoluted than that of the blue lightsaber owned by the Skywalker family.

In order to effectively wield a lightsaber, force users must learn to control their feelings. So, it should come as no surprise that the black-bladed lightsaber  is not a simple weapon to master. Darksaber is special in many ways. It’s bulkier than the standard lightsaber, and it seems to get even heavier if the user doesn’t feel confident while wielding it.

When it comes to darksaber, one of the most common questions is this: “Why does the Mandalorian’s Darksaber get heavier as the fight goes on?”

This article will explain why its wielders have such a hard time getting used to the blade’s inconsistent weight; as the Darksaber is once again a major possession of the Mandalorian.

Explained! For what reason does the Darksaber’s weight increase as it is used?

Mandalorian Darksaber
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The Clone Wars is where we are first introduced to Darksaber in the Star Wars canon. It’s a legendary weapon once owned by Mandalorian Jedi Master Tarre Vizsla. Eventually, though, it came to be understood that whoever held the blade was the genuine ruler of Mandalore.

The Mandalorian was the first live-action show to feature the Darksaber. Din Djarin, the famed armored bounty hunter of the Star Wars Universe, returns, still wielding the legendary Darksaber, during a lengthy pause from the continuing saga of Boba Fett.

At the conclusion of season 2, Din Djarin had taken possession of the blade for himself after having defeated Moff Gideon in a duel.

In The Book of Boba Fett, we saw Mando utilize the Darksaber for the first time in fury, but his proficiency with the weapon was hindered since it became increasingly heavier with every motion, and this is something that continues throughout the third season of The Mandalorian. WHY??

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In The Book of Boba Fett, Din Djarin uses the Darksaber in a real fight for the first time, elevating it from the status of a symbolic weapon to one with which he must contend. Nevertheless, the bounty hunter and his fellow Mandalorian, Paz Vizla, have trouble controlling the sword due to its unexpected heft.

They talked about the Darksaber’s past and the risks that it posed to Din’s safety. With each swing, the blade felt heavier to him, and he became increasingly frustrated.

Instead of working with the Darksaber, the Armorer said he was fighting it. This is a brief summary of the problem, but the Star Wars Rebels provides a more satisfying explanation for this mysterious weight gain.

What causes that to occur? So why does the Darksaber’s weight increase? Then let’s get down and dirty and start digging!

So why does the Darksaber’s weight increase?

Remember how Din Djarin beat Moff Gideon in duel and took his Darksaber? To the Mandalorians, the one who rules with the darksaber is the true master of the Mandalorian people.

Attention!! Darksaber possession secret

Acquiring the Darksaber should require victorious combat against the current owner. Of course, the weapon makes its owner the de facto leader of the Mandalorians, known as the Mand’alor. (Furthermore, if you don’t defeat your opponent and claim the Darksaber in battle, the entire planet of Mandalore will be doomed forever)

Obviously, our dear Mando didn’t set out to become the planet’s ruler, but he looks to be getting ready to begin that phase in his life.

Mando and the Darksaber in 'The Book of Boba Fett'
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The weight of the sword has a deeper rationale. Star Wars Rebels’ remarkable Mandalorian Sabine Wren and Jedi Knight Apprentice Kanan Jarrus demonstrate why their lightsaber is noticeably heavier than any other in the galaxy.

Sabine Wren and Kanan Jarrus are the ones that clarified why the Darksaber weighs so much!

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 15 focuses on Sabine’s first steps into Darksaber training. Kanan Jarrus, a Jedi who defected from the Order, offers his services as her mentor. Sabine says the Darksaber is “heavier than [she] imagined” after lighting it up.

Sabine Wren holding DaRKSABER
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Kanan Jarrus retorts that it’s considerably more difficult to use than a regular lightsaber. In addition, he discusses the ancient weapon’s background, stating, “The crystal is constantly charged by the flow of energy. You’re not so much fighting with a blade as you are directing a stream of energy.”

Finally, he says, “Everything you do, every thought you think, becomes energy. They too are incorporated into the sword as they pass through the crystal.”

Simply said, this is due to the fact that the wielder’s mental and emotional energy becomes entwined with the Darksaber’s, which adds a heavy burden, as explained by Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus. 

Its behavior is unlike that of any other lightsaber; traditionally, even those who aren’t sensitive to the Force have had no trouble using and defending them with a blade. 

The Darksaber seems to be one-of-a-kind after all, and the lore of the Star Wars universe may shed some light on this mystery.

Increased Darksaber weight- riddle solved by Star Wars Rebels

The animated series Star Wars Rebels suggests the following explanations (along with potential solutions) for this:

  • The Darksaber was crafted by a unique intellect, that of a Mandalorian Jedi who proved himself worthy of controlling his home world, and as a result, it is unusually “heavy” or difficult to use.
  • The master of a lightsaber must master the art of focusing his or her will through the blade. It’s not necessary to be a Jedi or Sith to perform this because the Force is present in every living thing (not only through force users). It’s simply a matter of meditating until the owner’s mind and the sword’s kyber crystal are in perfect resonance with one another (or unless the new owner develops the same mindset as the previous owner)
  • If the user proves him/her worthy of being a future Mandalorian leader, the Darksaber will resonate, making it lighter and easier to use.

Why is Din Djarin struggling to wield the Darksaber?

What exactly does it entail for Din Djarin if the person’s feelings weigh down the Darksaber? Why did Djarin have such a hard time wielding the Darksaber that he eventually grumbled about how heavy it had gotten?

Din used the Darksaber to fight off a small army of the criminal lord’s goons while he was collecting a bounty on the butcher’s head of the savage gang. Although Din Djarin ultimately wins, he has trouble controlling the heavy blade and even manages to accidentally cut himself in the thigh while he is swinging it about the battlefield.

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When Paz found out that Din used the Darksaber, he dared his friend to a duel over who got to keep the darksaber. Paz won the ensuing battle and took possession of the Darksaber, but he had obvious trouble even lifting it, despite being far larger and stronger than Din. 

Due to this reason, Din Djarin was able to gain the upper hand and ultimately defeated Paz, regaining possession of the Darksaber in the process.

Din Dijirin’s Darksaber becomes heavier the more he uses it.

The Armorer casually remarks that the user’s struggle in controlling the Darksaber stems from their unwillingness to go with the blade’s natural ebb and flow of battle. As a result, the energy of the Darksaber is fed by the thoughts and emotions of its wielder, who in turn affects the blade’s heft.

It’s likely that The Armorer picked up on Din Djarin’s unease while he fought Paz Vizla. While Vizla seemed to have no trouble at all with the weapon’s heft, Djarin had trouble even picking it up. Din Djarin’s shame certainly slowed him considerably and caused the weapon to be so heavy.

A look into Din Djarin’s past

Din Djarin’s upbringing was incredibly difficult. Unfortunately, he had to send Grogu off with Luke Skywalker. The Empire was responsible for the destruction of his ship as well. In addition to this, he discovered that the Mandalorian creed, which he had followed his whole life, was actually an extremist cult.

And with Darksaber, he unwittingly took on the duty of leading his people. Din is a warrior, after all, and therefore he is more used to blasters and bombs than lightsabers.

Both times Din used the Darksaber in combat, he was thinking about Grogu, whom he had left in Luke Skywalker’s care at the end of Season 2 of The Mandalorian.

This could explain why he felt the Darksaber was so weighty to carry into battle. Paz enters the battle full of hatred towards Din for taking the Darksaber as his own while he believes the sword really belongs to the Vizla Clan, the forgers of the weapon. Regardless of who created the Darksaber, Viz will have an even harder time wielding it because of the entire emotional burden he brings into the fight.

Mando and The Armorer train with the Darksaber.
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In addition, it should be mentioned that before Sabine began training with the Darksaber, Kanan Jarrus had her practice lightsaber form. It’s hardly surprising that Mando has a hard time wielding the Darksaber due to its weight and the difficulty of its design.

The longer he uses it, the more of his energies will be absorbed by the Darksaber crystal. We hope that the Darksaber will be within Din Djarin’s power before long, and he will soon be able to master it.

A Quick Recap

The Darksaber has become one of the most formidable weapons in the Star Wars universe, and it commands such a high level of respect among its users that those who have earned the right to wield it are acknowledged as the rightful rulers of the Mandalorian . 

Yet, rather than being merely a variant of a lightsaber, the blade possesses its own distinct set of characteristics in addition to those shared in common with the traditional lightsabers.

Those who are unable to exercise self-control over their emotions and thoughts will discover that the Darksaber is more difficult to wield since the mental anguish they carry seeps into the blade, making it heavier.

Mando wielding darksaber
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To simplify this piece of Jedi wisdom, the Darksaber demands a close connection with its user. If the person wielding it is preoccupied with something else, the blade will not function as it should.

Since the lightsaber crystals draw their power and emotion from the user, Din Djarin finds the Darksaber to be a particularly hefty weapon. Din Djarin struggled to adjust to life without Grogu. His broken Mandalorian pledge affected him deeply on a personal level. The Darksaber sagged under the burden of his feelings.

Although Din Djarin has been disowned by the Armorer as well as Paz for violating his code by not wearing a helmet while fighting, he still owns the Darksaber; yet, he is still far from mastering its power unless he manages to empty his thoughts during battle.


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