What Kyber Crystal is in the Dark Saber?

What Kyber Crystal is in the Dark Saber

The lightsaber is a well-known symbol of the Star Wars franchise, but the Dark saber, featured prominently in The Mandalorian series, stands apart in every way. Unlike the traditional lightsabers used by the Jedi and the Sith, it   has a unique and amazing history.

Interestingly, the Dark saber didn’t make an appearance in the main movie trilogies, but it played a crucial role in its TV series, making its debut in Clone Wars and later appearing in the Star Wars Rebels, The Mandalorian, and “The Book of Boba Fett.” 


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At the heart of a lightsaber lies a kyber crystal, a special crystal that has a living connection with the Force. The kyber crystal inside the lightsaber determines the color of the blade. In this regard, Star Wars fans are curious to know: what type of kyber crystal is hidden inside the dark saber? 

Let’s find out the answer to this unsolved riddle.


How many black sabers are there?

There is only one Darksaber, and it holds significant cultural and symbolic importance, particularly to the Mandalorian people. 

The Dark saber is unique because it has a dark blade with bright edges. Unlike the sleek, futuristic design of regular lightsabers, the Dark saber’s blade has a distinctive primitive sword-like appearance. Even the handle isn’t like a normal blade handle; it’s more like a handle for a regular sword.

Darksaber-the only Black Bladed saber

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What’s even more fascinating is that the Dark saber has a history dating back to ancient times, long before the Jedi/Mandalorian Wars.

Origin of Darksaber

This extraordinary lightsaber was first made by a Jedi named Tarre Vizsla. He was the only Mandalorian who ever became a Jedi. Jedi and Mandalorians didn’t usually get along, but Tarre Vizsla was a peacemaker who bridged the gap between these two powerful groups.

Tarre Vizsla

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From the time it was created, the Darksaber became a treasured symbol for Mandalorians. After Tarre Vizsla, it passed down through many generations of Mandalorian clans. And guess what? The Darksaber is the only black-bladed saber in the entire Star Wars galaxy!

Unique Features of Darksaber

The distinctive features that it possesses further distinguish dark saber from traditional lightsabers. It is noticeably more cumbersome to handle than a typical lightsaber, and its weight appears to intensify when wielded by someone lacking in confidence.

As per the Jedi Kanan Jarrus, this peculiar trait is attributed to the Darksaber’s unique interaction with the thoughts and emotions of the wielder. The saber seems to absorb these energies, causing it to feel heavier, especially in moments of inner turmoil.

This is a behavior not seen in any other lightsaber, as even non-Force-sensitive individuals can wield conventional lightsabers without such challenges (though perhaps with less precision than a trained Jedi or Sith).

 Does the Darksaber Contain a Kyber Crystal?

A big question surrounding the Darksaber is whether it actually has a kyber crystal. Because the Darksaber is crafted from Mandalorian Beskar, some folks believed it didn’t need a crystal. However, that’s not the case. The Darksaber was indeed created using a crystal that Tarre Vizsla found.

Kyber crystals are the conduits for Force energy, channeling it from the Force-user to their lightsaber. Therefore, for the black lightsaber to work, it needs a crystal inside.


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Remember!! How did Vizsla’s crystal turn black when he poured his energy into it? But why did it turn black? Well, Star Wars doesn’t give us a straight answer on that. But we know that Kyber crystals change color in response to the Force energy of the Jedi who discovers them.

Upon discovering his crystal, Vizsla observed a comparable color-changing process. Nevertheless, it is essential to clarify that the black hue doesn’t indicate increased strength. The pivotal factor lies in the skill of the wielder rather than the color of the lightsaber.

In other words, as menacing as the Darksaber may look, its real power comes from the Beskar it’s made of and the expertise of the person who wields it.

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What Kyber Crystal is inside the Darksaber

For more than a decade, fans were left in the dark about the Kyber crystal hidden within the Darksaber. Then, in the “Book of Boba Fett” series, the long-kept secret was finally revealed: the black lightsaber doesn’t contain a Kyber crystal. That’s quite a shocker because Kyber crystals are usually the beating heart of a lightsaber. So, how does the Darksaber work without one?

Well, it turns out the Darksaber hilt is made from a top-quality, super-rare material known as pure Beskar. Now, this Beskar is pretty mysterious itself; even the Mandalorians weren’t entirely familiar with it. 

Powerful deadly Darksaber

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Beskar also powers the inner workings of the Darksaber. But how does all the electronic stuff inside it happen? That’s a big unknown. But one thing we’re sure about is that the black color of the blade comes from the Beskar used in the Darksaber hilt.

Some folks think there might be a black lightsaber crystal hidden in there, but, truth be told, there’s no rock-solid evidence to back that up. Everything is still a little unclear.

Kyber Crystal in Darksaber must be Black 

Let’s look at the other side of the story now. Consider for a moment the idea that there is a kyber crystal inside the black saber. 

Black Kyber Crystal

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Every lightsaber has a kyber crystal, and this crystal is what gives a lightsaber its power. It’s not just a weapon; it’s a way for Jedi and Sith to connect with the Force. The color of the blade of a lightsaber is influenced by the kyber crystal it houses.

There is a problem: no black kyber crystal has ever been shown in Star Wars. So, the crystal inside the Darksaber has to be different from the ones used by regular Jedi. This is a key to realizing the unique qualities of the Darksaber.

Now, in the prequel trilogy, the Jedi used kyber crystals from a single sacred planet, Ilum, located in the Unknown Regions. That’s why all their lightsabers had similar properties—they made similar humming sounds, drew energy in the same way, and could do the same amazing functions.

No black kyber crystals were ever found on Ilum in the Star Wars stories. As a result, it stands to reason that no Jedi of that age possessed a weapon similar to the Darksaber. The Darksaber must have a black kyber crystal, which might have originated from another location.

Kyber Crystal in the Darksaber Must Come From Another Planet

The Darksaber carries a significant history. As previously stated, a Mandalorian Jedi crafted it over a thousand years prior to the events of “The Phantom Menace.”

Back in those days, it’s safe to assume that the Jedi didn’t limit themselves to using just one kind of kyber crystal, like they did with Ilum in the later years. This means there must have been a wide variety of crystals in play.

Moff Gideon holding Darksaber

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In the Star Wars universe, there are all sorts of kyber crystals scattered across the galaxy, each with its unique properties. Some are super rare, like Solari crystals, which create extra-large blades perfect for deflecting blaster fire, or the Ghostfire kyber crystals from the Outer Rim, which produce almost completely silent blades.

Now, Tarre Vizsla must’ve come across something even more unusual when he found his kyber crystal. It’s what gives the Darksaber its distinctive look and the special characteristics we saw, especially in “The Book of Boba Fett,” when Din Djarin had trouble handling it.

So, it’s quite likely that there are other blades out there, similar to the Darksaber. However, you probably won’t find them in or after the prequel era, mainly because of the importance of Ilum to the Jedi during that time. But as the Star Wars universe keeps expanding, who knows what unique lightsabers might pop up, especially as it goes into the High Republic Era.

Who is the most powerful Darksaber wielder?

The Darksaber, a symbol of power and authority in the StarWars universe, has witnessed the skills of various wielders. From ancient origins to the hands of modern warriors, the question persists: Who emerges as the most powerful Darksaber wielder?

Let us find out:

Pre Vizsla – The Mandalorian Maverick

In the early days, Pre Vizsla, a Mandalorian leader, showcased prowess with the Darksaber. His combat skills and strategic acumen made him a force to be reckoned with. However, his defeat at the hands of the Jedi brought forth uncertainties about the full potential of the Darksaber.

Pre Vizsla

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Darth Maul – A Sith’s Grip on Power

Darth Maul, a dark power in the galaxy, wielded the Darksaber, enhancing its potency with his Sith abilities. The combination of the crimson blade and Maul’s resilience displayed a deadly force. Yet, challenges persisted, questioning the true limits of the Darksaber’s might.

Darth Maul having Darksaber

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Bo-Katan Kryze – A Rebel with a Cause

Bo-Katan Kryze, deeply rooted in Mandalorian tradition, approached Darksaber wielding with a unique perspective. Her commitment to Mandalore’s freedom and resilience against adversaries set her apart. Bo-Katan demonstrated that strength comes not just from combat but also from unwavering conviction.

Bo-Katan Kryze holding darksaber

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Sabine Wren – The Artistic Warrior

Sabine Wren, known for her artistic talents and strategic mind, added her mark to the legacy of the Darksaber. From reluctant wielder to a symbol of hope, Sabine showcased the adaptability and transformative power of the blade. Her journey added complexity to the Darksaber’s narrative.

Sabine Wren wielding Darksaber

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Din Djarin – The Mandalorian’s Legacy

Din Djarin’s journey with the Darksaber, marked by a sense of duty and honor, has captivated fans. The juxtaposition of his stoic demeanor with the powerful weapon adds a new dimension to the lore of the Darksaber. Din Djarin’s story is still unfolding, leaving us to wonder about the untapped potential he holds.

Din Djarin

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Finding the most powerful wielder..

Determining the most powerful Darksaber wielder remains a challenge. Each warrior, including the mysterious Din Djarin, has brought unique strengths and perspectives, shaping the legacy of this iconic blade. 

Whether it is the raw power of a Sith, the disciplined approach of a Mandalorian, or the transformative journey of a rebel, the Darksaber’s true might lies in the hands of those who wield it with purpose.

So, who stands as the most potent Darksaber wielder? The answer remains as diverse as the characters who have grasped this iconic weapon.

Who got the Darksaber after Maul?

Following Darth Maul’s possession of the Darksaber, Bo-Katan Kryze became the next wielder of the iconic weapon.

Bo-Katan, a prominent Mandalorian warrior and leader, inherited the Darksaber, showcasing its significance in the Star Wars animated series “The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars Rebels.”

Bo-Katan carrying Darksaber

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Her acquisition of the Darksaber marked a pivotal moment as she wielded it as a symbol of leadership and resistance against oppressive forces.

Can a Darksaber cut through a lightsaber?

The Darksaber, a one-of-a-kind lightsaber with a black blade, possesses the strength to match and deflect attacks from a regular lightsaber. The hilt of the Darksaber is crafted from Beskar, a resilient metal found in the universe of Star Wars. 

Darksaber vs. Traditional Saber

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The Darksaber is unable to slice through solid Beskar, but if it remains in proximity with the metal for an extended period, it can become heated and change color to red. 

The Mandalorian finale showcased the impressive power of the Darksaber in contrast to a Jedi’s lightsaber. The Darksaber is capable of standing up to a lightsaber, demonstrating its distinct qualities.

Who was the last person to wield the Darksaber?

The Mandalorian’ second season finale saw Din Djarin and his squad, which included Bo-Katan, attempting to free Grogu from the ship of Moff Gideon

Bo-Katan was resolute in her mission to regain the Darksaber and hold Gideon accountable for his actions. Surprisingly, Din emerged victorious in his battle against Gideon and acquired the Darksaber. 

Moff Gideon Vs. Din Djarin

Image source: Reddit

When he attempted to give it back to Bo-Katan, she requested that it had to be earned through combat.

In Season 3, Din managed to keep hold of the Darksaber. However, in Episode 2, he unfortunately lost the deadly weapon to a mechanical creature during a confrontation beneath Mandalore’s surface. 

After rescuing Din, Bo-Katan successfully defeated the creature using the Darksaber. As of that episode, Bo-Katan has once again become the last wielder of the Darksaber.


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Is Darksaber still available?

The Darksaber is still available for purchase, and one can acquire a replica from Neo Sabers.

Think about the Original Manda Xenopixel V3 if you want a lightsaber that looks and feels like the legendary Darksaber. This saber is a faithful recreation of the Darksaber, down to the movie-inspired flat blade.

Original Manda Xenopixel V3

Image source: Neo Sabers

Advance Features

The Original Manda Xenopixel V3, inspired by the Darksaber, offers:

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  • Responsive Experience: Motion Sensors for realistic effects.
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If you are seeking the Darksaber experience, purchase it now from Neo Sabers. With all the features you desire, feel the power of Mandalorian legend in your hands.


Without a doubt, the Darksaber is one of the most interesting and well-known weapons in the whole Star Wars world. People often think that it doesn’t hold a Kyber crystal because of the way it looks, but that’s not true.

In fact, the Kyber crystal inside the Darksaber is what makes it work. Tarre Vizsla, the Mandalorian Jedi who crafted this legendary blade, followed the same process as any Jedi when it came to finding his crystal and constructing his lightsaber. When he stumbled upon his crystal, it responded to his Force energy and took on a black hue.

The crystal’s color can provide the impression of strength, but it has little to do with the lightsaber’s actual effectiveness. The power of any tool depends on the hands that use it. 

Consequently, the Darksaber’s true strength derives from the combination of the unique crystal and the Beskar material it is built from, along with the abilities of the wielder.

The Darksaber continues to be a symbol of honor, legacy, and power in the Star Wars galaxy. As the story unfolds, who knows what other secrets and unique lightsabers it may bring to light in the ever-expanding Star Wars universe.


What type of crystal is at the core of the Darksaber?

The Darksaber’s unique black hue stems from a distinct Kyber crystal. Unlike traditional lightsabers that draw color from the crystal, the Darksaber possesses a singular and enigmatic crystal, setting it apart from the Jedi’s conventional weapons.

Does the Darksaber have a black Kyber crystal?

Indeed, the Darksaber contains a Kyber crystal, but it deviates from the standard palette seen in other lightsabers. While traditional Jedi lightsabers derive color from Kyber crystals, the Darksaber’s crystal is inherently different, contributing to its captivating black glow.

Is the Kyber crystal in the Darksaber different from others?

Absolutely. The Kyber crystal within the Darksaber is unparalleled, deviating from the norm seen in other lightsabers. Star Wars lore has not showcased a black Kyber crystal before, making the Darksaber’s crystal a truly exceptional and mysterious component.

Why is the Darksaber not powered by a traditional Kyber crystal?

The Darksaber’s deviation from a traditional Kyber crystal is a deliberate design choice. Its unique crystal not only determines its color but also plays a crucial role in the weapon’s history, making it a symbol of power and authority among the Mandalorians.

What gives the Darksaber its color?

The Darksaber’s color, much like any lightsaber, is attributed to its Kyber crystal. However, the Darksaber’s crystal is unique, defining not only its color but also infusing it with a distinctive energy that sets it apart from the rest of the lightsabers in the Star Wars universe.

Can a Jedi use a Darksaber with its unique Kyber crystal?

No, the Darksaber is traditionally associated with Mandalorians, and its use is deeply tied to their culture. Jedi typically wield lightsabers with more conventional Kyber crystals, and the Darksaber’s distinct crystal may not be compatible with their training.

Is the Darksaber’s Kyber crystal more potent than others?

While there is an aura of mystery surrounding the Darksaber’s Kyber crystal, its power doesn’t necessarily surpass that of other lightsabers. The Darksaber’s strength lies in its symbolism and unique design rather than any inherent superiority of its crystal.

Why is the Darksaber considered a symbol of leadership among Mandalorians?

The Darksaber’s significance goes beyond its Kyber crystal. It must be claimed through honorable combat, embodying the Mandalorian way. Possessing the Darksaber symbolizes leadership, and the unique Kyber crystal plays a role in cementing its status as a revered artifact.

Can the Darksaber’s Kyber crystal be replicated or replaced?

Replicating or replacing the Darksaber’s Kyber crystal poses a considerable challenge due to its uniqueness. The crystal is intertwined with the weapon’s lore, and attempts to alter or duplicate it risk diminishing the Darksaber’s authenticity and symbolic value.

Is the Darksaber cursed, as some Mandalorians believe?

The Darksaber isn’t inherently cursed. However, Mandalorian tradition dictates that it must be claimed through honorable combat. If one is given the Darksaber without proving their prowess, it is considered a curse, shaping the perception of its mystical properties.


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