Top 5 Cheapest Proffie Lightsabers

Top 5 cheapest Proffie lightsabers

In a galaxy not too distant, the fascination of lightsabers has attracted enthusiasts across the globe. There are a lot of options available, but Proffie sabers have become an icon of innovation and customization. We will explore the galaxy of Proffie Lightsabers available at NEO SABERS.

We will not only discuss the technology that sets them apart but also the importance of accessibility for fans.

Proffie lightsabers from Neo Sabers

Image source: Neo Sabers

Crafted with Proffie boards, Proffie lightsabers provide unparalleled flexibility in sound effects, blade colors, and overall user experience. The significance of finding affordable options in this regard cannot be overstated. 

Traditionally, the lightsaber market has been dominated by high-end replicas with expensive price tags, creating a barrier for enthusiasts eager to wield their own iconic weapon.  

Affordable Proffie Lightsabers break down these barriers, allowing Jedi and Sith alike to embrace the force without draining their credits. Come along with us as we find out the top 5 most affordable Proffie Lightsabers. 

May the Force help you as we set out on this journey in search of excellence and value.

What Makes a Proffie Lightsaber Worth It?

The revolutionary Proffie board technology is what makes the Proffie Lightsaber such a technical wonder. They are a type of neopixel lightsabers that provide exceptional visualization unlike traditional lightsabers.

Overview of Proffie board Technology

Every Proffie Lightsaber is powered by the Proffie board, an advanced control system that takes the lightsaber experience to a whole new level.

Proffie Board

Image source: The Saber Armory

The Proffie board is a versatile device with a range of impressive features. It includes a Lithium-Ion battery, power outputs for LEDs, an audio amplifier, motion sensors, and a micro-SD card for customization options.

Configuration Flexibility

The Proffie board offers a wide range of configuration options, showcasing its impressive flexibility.

The method of connecting the board to your lightsaber prop depends on various factors such as the desired blade type, the number of buttons, and the inclusion of accessories like visual displays.

Exceptional Customization

Proffie Lightsabers stand out for their wide array of customization choices, offering a unique level of personalization.

Elegant Proffie lightsaber

Image source: Neo Sabers

Users have the option to explore presets and blade styles, enabling them to completely customize the look and feel of the lightsaber.

The Style Editor allows users to customize the color, clash, and blaster effects, giving them endless creative options. 

The Proffie lightsaber stands out with its distinct LED effects, including exclusive flashes, tip glows, and other captivating phenomena. These features set it apart from conventional neopixel lightsabers.


Feature Description
Proffieboard TechnologyCutting-edge control system with rechargeable battery, motion sensor, audio amplifier, and extensive customization options
Configuration FlexibilityAdaptable connection options based on blade type, button preferences, and peripherals
Unprecedented CustomizationStyle Editor for modifying sound fonts, blade styles, and effects, offering limitless creative possibilities
Unique LED EffectsConfined flashes, tip glows, and a variety of Proffie-specific effects that set it apart from standard neopixel lightsabers
Open-Source FormatAllows users to delve into programming, creating personalized configurations for a truly unique lightsaber experience

Customize Your Experience with Proffie Lightsabers

Essential components, like blades and an SD card, are included with the Proffie Lightsaber. With this exclusive set, customers may personalize their lightsaber experience like no before.

Lightsaber from Neo Sabers

Image source: Neo Sabers

The SD card connects the saber to your PC or laptop. You can do a lot of different things by taking the SD card out of the saber and putting it into your device. 

Users can change sound fonts and effects right from their computer thanks to this smooth link. 

Even more ease comes from the fact that users can look through a huge library of unique sound effects and sound fonts on the internet.

Choosing the Perfect Proffie Lightsaber: Key Factors Revealed

If you want to ensure that you acquire the lightsaber you have always dreamed of when exploring the Proffie Lightsaber universe, there are a few important factors to consider:

1. Build Quality

  • The foundation of a durable lightsaber lies in its build quality. Look for materials like sturdy metals and durable components to ensure longevity.

2. Blade Illumination 

  • The blade is the core component of a lightsaber. Choose dynamic and captivating lighting, thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology, for an engaging and visually impressive experience.

3. Sound Effects

  • The beauty of a Proffie Lightsaber is incomplete without real sound effects.Search for lightsabers with a diverse range of sounds. This will make your fights feel more real.

4. Hilt Design

  • Not only is the hilt a handle, but it is also a fashion statement. To guarantee comfort and a unique touch, search for ergonomic designs with configurable possibilities.

5. Compatibility with Accessories

  • A truly versatile lightsaber should be compatible with a range of accessories. Check for options to attach additional features like belt clips or blade plugs for added functionality.

Cost-Effective Proffie Lightsaber Choices

In the lightsaber galaxy, it is important to address a common misconception: high quality doesn’t always come with an expensive price tag. Proffie Lightsabers and other recent technical developments have made high-quality alternatives accessible at cheap prices.

Leave behind the idea that you have to spend a fortune for an excellent lightsaber. Proffie Lightsabers, along with many other examples, demonstrate that innovation can be affordable.

Price is not the determining factor here; what truly matters is the power behind the saber.

NEO SABERS offers an ideal solution. Our Proffie Lightsabers are designed to enhance your lightsaber experience, providing an exciting and affordable journey. 

5 Cheapest Proffie Sabers

Here is the list of the most affordable Proffie lightsabers available exclusively on NEO SABER.


Be ready for mind-blowing deals! 

On several occasions, Neo Sabers offers lightsaber sales.

“We know how to surprise you with epic deals on Proffie Lightsabers. Don’t Forget to get your hands on high-quality gear at unbelievable prices – an astronomical deal you can’t afford to pass up!”

1. Kestis V2 Proffie

Experience the Force of the Cosmos with an Exclusive Lightsaber that Reflects Your Jedi Essence.

Kestis V2 Proffie

Image source: Neo Sabers


Presenting the Kestis V2 Proffie, a product that guarantees originality and provides an authentic fun experience. This lightsaber is an impressive replica of Cal Kestis’ weapon, enhanced with modern Proffie technology

The design? Super appealing, giving you that “I wield the true power of Cal Kestis” feeling. 

The best part, though, is that it is cheap! Unlike those pricey Proffie lightsabers everywhere, this one packs all the cool features at an amazing price. 

Get Star Wars vibes without emptying your money.

Advance Eye-Catching Features

Light Options20 customizable colors
Blade MaterialDuel-grade 80 cm polycarbonate
Hilt MaterialHard frosted Al alloy
EffectsFlash-on-clash, customizable Sound Fonts, smooth swing
ModesVarious blade and ignition options
Pixel StripFitted on the blade for additional visual appeal
SoundboardSuperior Proffie V2.2
Sound CustomizationCustomize Sound Fonts and use SD Card
Open SourceSupports customizations
RealismMotion sensors for realistic sound effects
BatteryLong life Li-ion battery (rechargeable/replaceable)


  • Suited for light duels and perfect for cosplay
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Impressive blade sound effects and vibrant lights
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Efficient battery for extended use


  • Users might take some time to learn all the cool customization stuff because of its advanced tech features.

Saber Success Stories

  1. “High-quality lightsaber. Amazingly designed and has great features. Lovely sound fonts and bright light colors. Very nice shipping and good communication with the owner. The customization is top-class. A very beautiful addition to my collection.” Sherry Douglas
  1. “I am so amazed by this proffie. It looks so wonderful when you turn it on. Great quality and excellent work. Blades shine like magic. The sound effect is amazing. The features are understandable and awesome. Very happy to buy this saber.” Pei Zerbe
  1. “Beautiful saber and sturdy sword. The Shine is extreme and bright. Amazing sound fonts, I used an SD card for my favorite sounds and posted a video on my Instagram. It feels so good in my hand. Everything is perfect in this saber. I highly recommend this saber.” Jacqueline Lopez

Final Thoughts

Kestis V2 Proffie is a less pricey lightsaber that doesn’t compromise on quality. Its sturdy build, efficient battery, and positive customer feedback make it a fantastic choice for enthusiasts looking for an exceptional lightsaber experience.

For an affordable yet high-quality lightsaber experience, Kestis V2 Proffie is the perfect option.

2. Fisto Replica Proffie 2.2

Discover the Force of Jedi Mastery, where Precision meets Power.


Image source: Neo Sabers


Explore the Fisto Replica Proffie 2.2: An Affordable Premium Saber! 

With its cutting-edge Proffie technology, this lightsaber is a replica of the one wielded by Jedi master Kit Fisto. Stunning blade effects complement the hilt’s modern silver body and black circular patterns.

So, what is the most interesting thing? It’s one of the most reasonably priced Proffie lightsabers without sacrificing any of the high-quality features, thanks to its reasonable price. 

This incredible lightsaber is within your reach; don’t let it pass you by!

Experience the galactic allure on a budget.

Premium Features

Light CustomizationChoose from 20 colors, make it your own
Blade StrengthDurable 80 cm polycarbonate for epic duels
Sturdy HiltStylish, smooth and durable aluminum alloy adds a cool touch
Special EffectsFlash-on-clash, smooth swing, and custom sounds
Modes VarietyVarious blade and ignition options to suit you
Pixel Strip BrillianceFitted strip on the blade for a stunning display
Advance Sound boardEnjoy high-quality audio with Proffie V2.2
Sound PersonalizationCustomize Sound Fonts and use the SD Card slot
Open to TweaksIt is open source – tweak it however you want
Realistic Sound EffectsMotion sensors for lifelike audio experiences
Reliable BatteryLong-lasting lithium-ion, rechargeable/replaceable


  • Ideal for light duels and a perfect fit for cosplay enthusiasts
  • Strong and long-lasting build guarantees years of reliability.
  • Impressive blade sound effects and vibrant lights improve the overall experience
  • Efficient battery supports extended use for prolonged enjoyment


  • May need a bit of time to understand all the fancy customization options due to its advanced technology.

Saber Success Stories

  1. “One of the standout features of Proffie lightsabers is the ability to load and switch between different sound fonts. Each font represents a unique lightsaber sound profile. The brilliant bright light effects are so unique. Totally impressed.” Grant Bell
  1. “Hilt is so shiny and quality has no match. Amazing product of neosabers. It’s my 2nd time buying from neosabers and they never disappoint me. Flash on clash effect is amazing, brighter than the xeno saber. This saber is all I have wanted from the last two years.” Brian Lesko
  1. “Great proffie. They delivered the saber timely and also provided the instructional copy that is so beneficial. Great proffie thank you.” Linda Adkins

Final Thoughts

 Fisto Replica Proffie 2.2 is great for fun fights. It will bring excitement to battles and cosplay fun. Its impressive features and cheap price tag make it an excellent choice for saber enthusiasts.

Fisto Replica Proffie saber is a cool choice at a good price. Grab yours and let the adventures begin!

3. Kestis V1 Weathered Proffie

Experience the Power: A Battle-Ready Saber for Unforgettable Galactic Journeys

Kestis Replica Saber

Image source: Neo Sabers


Discover the Kestis V1 Weathered Proffie lightsaber, a stunning creation inspired by Cal Kestis. 

This remarkable piece showcases a distinctive broken pommel and a beautifully weathered appearance, similar to the iconic designs found in the “Fallen Order” video game.

Every saber is meticulously weathered by hand, guaranteeing a unique and unparalleled appearance. The dueling saber features a long hilt and an eye-catching emitter piece, adding a touch of boldness to its overall design. 

The most appealing aspect? It is available at a cost-effective price, providing all the impressive features without the expensive price tag often found with Proffie lightsabers.

Get the ultimate experience without emptying your wallet!

Advance Eye-Catching Features

Light OptionsCustomize your experience with 20 vibrant colors
Durable BladeA robust 80 cm polycarbonate blade for intense duels
Solid HiltSturdy aluminum alloy hilt for a strong grip
Dynamic EffectsFlash-on-clash feature, personalized sounds and smooth swing
Modes VarietyChoose from various blade and ignition modes
Pixel Strip BrillianceEnhance visuals with an installed pixel strip on the blade
Premium Sound boardEnjoy superior audio quality with Proffie V2.2
Sound CustomizationPersonalize Sound Fonts and use the SD Card slot
Open Source FlexibilityCustomize every detail with its open-source design
Realistic Sound ExperienceLifelike audio effects with responsive motion sensors
Long-Lasting BatteryRechargeable lithium-ion battery for extended use


  • Suited for light duels and perfect for cosplay
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Impressive blade sound effects and vibrant lights
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Efficient battery for extended use


  • Not recommended for severe dueling or full-contact fighting
  • Users might take some time to learn all the cool customization stuff because of its advanced tech features.

Saber Success Stories

  1. “It’s my first Proffie and I think It’s the best one. The customization is great. All system is quite well works. It’s a bit confusing at the start but gradually all gone okay. Very bright light effects of blade. The hilt design is attractive, and the blade is very sturdy. Delivery was fast. Totally in love with my saber.” Sheila Avant
  1. “This saber is just exceptional. The packaging is outstanding, an amazing box in which it arrived safely. So many colors are there. The blade changing modes are outstanding. So inspired.” Paul Lee
  1. “I love holding this saber. Dueling is great. Great light effects and sound fonts with motion sensors are superb. Lovely colorful blade. The blade is very sturdy and the hilt design is so cool. When I swing with it, I feel so good. Greatly designed and It shipped so fast. Just I didn’t get how to use it, but The company is cooperative and helped me understand its features.” John Wiest

Final Thoughts

The Kestis V1 Weathered Proffie is a cool lightsaber that doesn’t cost a lot but is still awesome. Lightsaber enthusiasts praise about its longevity, sturdy construction, and great value. It brings excitement to battles and cosplay fun.

If you want a great lightsaber without spending too much, go for the Kestis V1 Weathered Proffie!

4. Koon Pro Proffie 2.2

Unlock Your Potential with Genuine Replication at an Unbeatable Value!

Plo Koon proffie Replica saber

Image source: Neo Sabers


Introducing the Koon Pro Proffie 2.2: a cutting-edge lightsaber that showcases the remarkable Proffie technology. It is beautifully crafted to capture the essence of Plo Koon’s iconic design. The elegant hilt displays a contemporary silver design with captivating circular patterns, which produce mesmerizing blade effects.

Affordable prices, outstanding features! What makes it so fascinating? This Proffie lightsaber offers excellent features at an affordable price, allowing you to enjoy It’s high-quality without straining your budget.

Within Your Grasp; Don’t Miss Out! This incredible lightsaber is accessible and ready for your adventures!

Advance Features

Lighting Magic20 vibrant colors to illuminate your style
Battle-Ready BladeDurable 80 cm polycarbonate for epic duels
Solid GripHandle made of polished aluminum alloy for a secure grip
Sensational EffectsSmooth swing, personalized sounds and Flash-on-clash
Mode VarietyChoose from various blade and ignition options
Pixel PowerFitted pixel strip for an extra dazzling display
Premium SoundtrackProffie V2.2 Sound board for high quality audio
Sound SignatureCustomize SoundFonts and utilize the SD Card slot
Unleash CreativityOpen-source design for limitless customizations
Immersive SoundscapeRealistic audio with responsive motion sensors
Enduring PowerLong-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery


  • Perfect for light duels and ideal for cosplay enthusiasts
  • Sturdy build ensures years of reliable use
  • Impressive blade sound effects and vibrant lights enhance the experience
  • Efficient battery supports extended use for prolonged enjoyment


  • May require some time to understand advanced customization options due to its technology.

Saber Success Stories

  1. “Great design and great finishing. Service of the company is also good and the team is very communicative. They made it so easy for me to choose what to buy for my cosplay. I really enjoyed this proffie saber. Fantastic light effects and blade modes.” Hollis Hester
  1. “Nice shipping and arrived with good packaging. Blade modes and ignition modes are so lovely. The changing effects while dueling is so attractive. I was really impressed by its unique craftsmanship. Good choice. Recommended.” Timothy Addison

Final Thoughts

The Koon Pro Proffie 2.2 is fantastic for enjoyable fights, bringing excitement to battles and cosplay fun. Its impressive features and budget-friendly price make it an excellent choice for saber enthusiasts.

The Koon Pro Proffie saber is a cool option at a great price. Secure yours and let the adventures unfold!

5. Sky Force Proffie 2.2

Maximize the Greatness of the Universe and Take Your Adventure to New Heights!

Image source: Neo Sabers


Take the Sky Force Proffie 2.2 lightsaber on your galactic adventure. Offering an unique and realistic experience, this innovative weapon blends an appealing appearance with advanced Proffie technology.

The hilt is a popular choice among collectors and fans because of its modern look and interesting blade effects.

But here is the best part: it doesn’t cost much! Unlike those pricey Proffie lightsabers everywhere, this one packs all the cool features at an amazing price. With its impressive features and economical price, this product is a top pick for saber enthusiasts.

Experience the thrill of Star Wars without blowing your budget.

Advance Eye-Catching Features

AspectNoteworthy Features
Lighting OptionsChoose from 20 colors to create your unique style
Durable Blade80cm polycarbonate for a reliable and robust weapon
Solid Hilt DesignFrosted aluminum alloy for a secure and comfortable grip
Dynamic EffectsExperience flash-on-clash, smooth swing, and personalized sounds
Mode VarietyTailor your experience with various blade and ignition options
Pixel BrillianceEnjoy an enhanced visual display with a fitted pixel strip
Premium SoundboardHigh-quality audio powered by the Proffie V2.2 Soundboard
Sound PersonalizationCustomize SoundFonts and expand storage with the SD Card slot
Open Source FreedomUnleash your creativity with an open-source design supporting all customizations
Realistic SoundMotion sensors deliver realistic and immersive sound effects
Long-Lasting PowerRechargeable lithium-ion battery ensures extended usage


  • A captivating experience with futuristic aesthetics and bright blade effects.
  • Advanced technology that allows for extensive personalization and lifelike audio effects.
  • Reliability in duels and performances is guaranteed by the sturdy construction.
  • Make it your own by adjusting the blade’s color, sound font, and effect settings.
  • Ideal for mild to moderate duels, this versatile weapon is great for collectors and aficionados alike.


  • Advanced features may require some time for users new to Proffie technology to fully grasp.

Saber Success Stories

  1. “Without doubt, this saber is amazing, and Very bright! I even got it cheaper by using a code from YouTube which was ‘neo5’ I think. Delivery was really very fast. Overall, I would highly recommend this saber and would love to buy more in the future.” Ji Dion
  1. “This is love at first sight. Having a Neopixel lightsaber with 30 different sound effects and 20 bright colors is awesome. The design and work are great. It’s perfectly made for heavy dueling.” Willard Apodaca
  1. “The packaging is so nice and careful. It arrived with a beautiful casing. It’s worth buying. I love its quality and finishing. The hilt is quite heavy, and the blade is quite strong for dueling and filming. The best part is its stability makes it different from other sabers.” Terra Derrya

Final Thoughts

When it comes to exciting battles and cosplay fun, Sky Force Proffie 2.2 is great. It is a great pick for saber fans on a budget because of its many useful features. Lightsaber enthusiasts adore it because it is durable, long-lasting, and powerful.

You can’t beat the affordability and coolness of the Sky Force Proffie 2.2 saber. Purchase one and get ready for thrilling adventures!

Why You Should Buy from Neo Sabers?

  • Best Prices Guaranteed: We promise affordable prices!
  • Awesome Customer Support: Our friendly team is here to help you.
  • Easy Returns and Exchanges: Returning or exchanging is super easy.
  • Top-Quality and Reliable Products: Our lightsabers are well-crafted and dependable.

Our unbeatable prices are our pride and joy, and we work hard to make sure you get the most for your money. Our lightsabers are crafted to surpass your expectations – unmatched quality is our promise.

Explore the force in a whole new way with Neo Sabers – where quality meets affordability.

Tips for Maintenance of Proffie lightsabers

How to Care for Your Proffie Lightsaber to Ensure Longevity

Battery Safety

  • Use the recommended battery for the Proffie V2.2 Lightsaber.
  • Insert the battery correctly, following polarity markings.
  • Replace damaged, leaking, or swollen batteries immediately.
  • Avoid short-circuiting, fire, or high temperatures.

Charging Safety

  • Use the provided charger or a compatible 5V/1A DC charger.
  • Always Avoid charging for more than 5 hours continuously.
  • Never leave the lightsaber charging unattended.
  • Ensure a stable connection during charging.

Blade Handling Safety

  • Ensure the blade is securely attached before use.
  • Check for damage like cracks; don’t use a damaged blade.
  • Be cautious during duels to avoid hitting hard surfaces.

Maintenance Safety

  • Always turn off the lightsaber before maintenance.
  • Use a soft, dry cloth for cleaning the lightsaber.
  • Don’t immerse in water or be exposed to extreme conditions.
  • Store in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Final Verdict

Neo Sabers has the best, most reasonably priced lightsabers in the Proffie lightsaber universe. We offer choices that bring Proffie enchantment at a moderate price, perfect for both newcomers and long-time fans. 

Take a look at our top five most affordable proffie lightsabers. Start your affordable Jedi quest by purchasing any of your picks. 


Q: What makes Proffie Neopixel Sabers unique?

A: Proffie Neopixel Sabers are the best lightsabers on the market. They make your lightsaber come to life like never before with smooth swing technology. Proffie lightsabers have better soundboards, and some of them even have fonts that you can’t find on any other model. Although they work for light duels, they shouldn’t be used for full-contact fights.

Q: Can I change the colors of my lightsabers in Proffie?

A: Of course! In Proffie, you can change the colors of your lightsabers. Besides the colors that come with it, you can add as many colors as you want using a memory card. Press the button on the sword, point it down, and twist it clockwise while the button stays pressed. This starts the mode where the colors change. Keep spinning until you get the color you want.

Q: Which is better: Proffie or Xenopixel?

A: You can choose between Proffie and Xenopixel based on your taste. Proffie boards have a lot of settings and effects that can be fine-tuned, making them great for people who like to make their things. Xenopixel, on the other hand, is made to be set up quickly without having to deal with complicated code.

Q: RGB or Neopixel, which one is better than the other?

A: RGB lightsabers have a lot of colors, but they don’t have the beautiful effects that NeoPixel does. NeoPixel is the best choice if you care most about looks and special effects. RGB lightsabers are a better choice for people who want strong blades for battle.

Q: How do I change the fonts in Proffie Lightsaber?

A: Customizing Proffie Lightsaber fonts is easy. You can use a memory card to add new sound fonts to the 22 that are already installed. To switch fonts, press the button for two seconds and then press it again to go through the sound fonts that are available.

Q: Is Proffie the same as Neo Pixel?

A: Proffie lightsabers are a kind of NeoPixel lightsaber. Proffie lightsabers stand out in their show because they have unique features like high visualization that make them stand out. At its core, Proffie is a type of NeoPixel technology.


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