The Evolution of Star Wars Rebels Characters

The Evolution of Star Wars Rebels Characters

Imagine a non-existent galaxy that simultaneously lives in millions of hearts. The galaxy where looms darkness. Where darkness ruled. The alliance of brave rebels fought and went on to be the beacon of light that would then save the galaxy’s light and be further regarded as the undisputed ‘heroes of the galaxy’. Although there cannot be a debate on who’s better, a hero is after all a hero. However, if we were to indulge in the discussion, the following would be a fair ranking.

Princess Leia Organa: The Indomitable Leader of the Rebel Alliance

Although some may object to Princess Leia topping the list, however, the strong hand of the rebellion has to be on top of the top 10 best Star Wars rebel characters list. The characteristic that brings her to the top of the list is her role as the leader. She was the heart of the rebellion, with an unparalleled audacity in facing adversity. Alongside her management capabilities, her emotional capacity to deal with losses and obstacles and to not let down has inspired women across the fan base.

Luke Skywalker: The Hero’s Journey in the Star Wars Galaxy

The farm boy who dreamt of the big adventures, Luke Skywalker is second on the list. His mesmerizing journey from the farms of the desert planet of Tatooine to being a Jedi who saves the galaxy has been nothing short of miraculous. If we put things into context, his courageous charge to the heart of Death Star in “Star Wars: Episode VI- A New Hope” could be the most influential contribution to the rebellion.

Han Solo: The Maverick Adventurer of the Star Wars Galaxy

The most beloved Han Solo makes the top 3. Han’s confidence and swagger are much admired by fans around the globe alongside his skills as a pilot. Han’s tendency to protect and risk everything for the safety of his love, Leia made him admirable. Although he appeared to be a rough and cocky addition to the show, however, the rebellion wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Chewbacca: The loyal companion

The towering figure, who was always there for his companion, Han Solo. From navigating treacherous asteroid fields to facing down Imperial storm troopers, He stood by Han. Apart from his loyalty, he is also known for his strength and his expert pilot skills in navigating through tough situations.

Lando Calrissian: The Smooth Talker

Despite not being in the top 3 list of many fans around the world, Lando Calrissian has influenced many young people with his undying spirit. From betraying the rebels to then the heroic display in the battle of Endor, where he emerged as a leader, his journey has required a lot of self-evaluation. To listen to your conscious and free yourself from the shackles of evil is an example for the fan base.

Hera Syndulla: The fearless leader of the Ghost crew

The captain of the ghosts, Hera Syndulla has been a very important member of the rebel crew. Her contribution to the rebellion against the Galatic empire. Hera has an unwavering dedication to the rebel squad and rightly so as her father, Cham Syndulla, was also a renowned freedom fighter on the planet Ryloth. She earned a place in the rebel squad, which dreamt about all her childhood, through her skills as a pilot.

Kanan Jarrus: The Jedi Survivor Turned Mentor

Few characters in the Star Wars universe represent the true essence of liberation and rebellion. From witnessing Order 66 where his mentor Depa Billaba was killed to escaping and becoming a mentor in the rebellion alliance, Kanan Jarrus journey has been of sacrifice and static growth. His story has been inspirational to the fan base, alongside the rebellion alliance.

Ezra Bridger: A rebel leader

Learning from Kanan, the mentor, Ezra Bridger learned many valuable lessons such as lightsaber combat form and meditation. Ezra then went on to be a valuable addition to the rebel alliance with his connection to the force. Surviving the brutality of darkness in the Galatic Empire, his journey has been of struggling and patience until he comes across the ghost crew.

Wedge Antilles: The Unsung Hero of the Rebel Alliance

The unsung hero of the Galactic war was known for his fearless combat skills and he was trusted by his allies too. Moreover, he was also known for his unmatched pilot skills which came in very handy when he flew his X-wing into danger and was the one to end the oppression once and for all. He might not be the most recognized hero of the rebel alliance, but he is certainly the most important one.

Jyn Erso: The Heart of Rebellion

If there is one character whose legacy can’t be justified by the ranking, it is Jyn Erso. A rebel who grew up in a hard time is known across the fan base for his selflessness. Jyn’s contribution as a rebel in the “Theft of the Death Star Plans” has earned her love and admiration from fans across the world. Jyn is referred to as the ultimate face of belief, courage, and most importantly sacrifice, which embodies her.


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