Does the Darksaber Have a Kyber Crystal

Does the Darksaber Have a Kyber Crystal

In the spectrum of lightsaber hues, black is among the most unusual. Star Wars: The Clone Wars, an animated series that premiered in 2010, introduced the Darksaber, which has since become a significant weapon and plot point in the new Star Wars canon that Disney is constructing.

Original Manda neopixel lightsaber
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A lightsaber is the traditional instrument of both the Jedi and the Sith, yet it serves as much more than just a blade. The Kyber crystal in its center can be used by someone with Force sensitivity to forge a stronger connection to the Force. The Kyber crystal inside a lightsaber determines its blade color; the Sith utilize red blades since they’ve corrupted the crystal to serve their evil purposes.

When it comes to the Darksaber, the question that fans are most interested in having answered is, “Why is the color of the Darksaber black?” Does the darksaber, just like all of the other lightsabers in the Star Wars universe, have a Kyber crystal embedded within it?

Darksaber lovers!! Here, you’ll find answers to any questions you may have about darksaber. In the coming sections, we will address all of your concerns.

What makes Darksaber so Unique?

The Darksaber gained instant notoriety due to its distinctive black blade. The intricate design of this lightsaber sparked speculation amongst Star Wars aficionados worldwide.

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The most important thing about the Darksaber, though, is not how it looks or how well it fights, but the huge metaphorical meaning it carries.

Could it be that the Darksaber is the only black lightsaber in the Star Wars canon?

And just what is this Darksaber, exactly? The question remains: why is it so black?

Is There a Kyber Crystal in the Darksaber?

For the answers to these questions and more, read on as we delve into the history of the Darksaber.

Weapon of the Mandalorian | Darksaber

In the hands of true believers, the Darksaber becomes an obsession. It’s a whole unique design of lightsaber that can’t be found anywhere else in the galaxy. Whereas most fans of the Star Wars franchise are drawn to the brightly colored lightsabers, the Mandalorian prefers a black lightsaber, appropriately named a Darksaber.

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The Darksaber is a legendary blade in Mandalorian folklore, claimed to have once belonged to the ruler of Mandalore.

The blade of a Darksaber is jet black, with a shiny edge. This lightsaber, like all others, consists of a hilt and a blade. Undoubtedly the most terrifying aspect of this lightsaber is its thin, curved black plasma blade.

In fact, it became normal practice for the next Darksaber wielder to have to fight and kill the outgoing one in order to claim the blade.

If it’s acquired in any other way, the claim was never legitimate to begin with. Bo-Katan was the only one who did not follow this pattern. He didn’t have to fight Sabine Wren to get the Darksaber, and that was fine.

What Exactly Is a Darksaber?

The Mandalorian’s Darksaber was an old, black-bladed lightsaber. Its blade was shorter and more medieval looking than a standard lightsaber blade. 

The Darksaber could deflect a saber blow because its blades were so strongly attracted to one another that they were almost magnetic.

Darksaber in the hands of Mando
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Darksaber, like all other Mandalorian weapons, is forged from beskar. As the beskar is so dense, the hilt is likely to weigh more than that of a regular lightsaber.

Much like any other standard lightsaber, the Darksaber would not be able to cut through pure beskar, but it could bring it to a red-hot glow. Moreover, it was helpless against a Personal Combat Shield, albeit prolonged contact may potentially render the shield useless.

Creator of the Darksaber, TARRE VIZSLA

The first Mandalorian member of the Jedi Order, Tarre Vizsla, was the one responsible for the creation of Darksaber. This weapon was developed well before the events of the Skywalker Saga by over a thousand years. 

Tarre Vizsla
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Tarre’s unification with the Force did not strengthen ties between the Jedi and the Mandalorians, therefore the Darksaber remained at the Temple until it was stolen by members of House Vizsla.

Darksaber has a Kyber Crystal 

There is a kyber crystal embedded within the darksaber, just like there is one in every other lightsaber.

The most common explanation given for the dark tint of the Darksaber is that it is essentially a Kyber crystal that Tarre Vizsla fashioned by employing a variety of unconventional processes. 

Given that kyber crystals are sentient beings, it is reasonable to assume that Vizsla had to engage in some complex Force manipulation in order to turn one of them black. The fact that the weapon uses a black Kyber crystal rather than one of a different color provides a straightforward answer to the mystery of the color.

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Getting to the bottom of the facts 

It was never determined if the Darksaber utilized a kyber crystal as its centre, as was the case with prior lightsabers, or some other alternate crystal, like the Kunda Stone. This was one of the many mysteries that were left unanswered by the legends that surrounded the weapon.

Given that this is the case, it is possible that the Darksaber from Legends did, in fact, incorporate beskar into its design. Nevertheless, in the currently accepted version of the Star Wars lore, the core of the Darksaber is made of kyber crystals, as stated in the guidebook Ultimate Star Wars.

Why Does The Darksaber Appear To Be Black In Color?

A saber’s crystal is its vital component, imparting not just color but also energy. All Kyber crystals are one-of-a-kind, and according to Jedi tradition, the crystal picks its owner.

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Tarre Vizsla was no different to others. Since he was the first and only Mandalorian Jedi in the history of Star Wars, he embarked on a journey to locate the crystal he needed to construct his lightsaber.


Every lightsaber has a component called a kyber crystal, which serves as the blade’s power source. This component is what elevates a lightsaber above and beyond the role of a simple weapon in the hands of a Jedi or a Sith, since the lightsaber may be used to connect to and manipulate the Force.

As already mentioned, the kyber is what determines the hue of the blade of the lightsaber. As Star Wars has never revealed a black kyber, the crystal at the core of the Darksaber must really be different from those used by the other Jedi. 

Black Kyber crystal
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This is the essential piece of information required to understand the Darksaber’s one-of-a-kind characteristics.

Ilum, located in the Unknown Regions, was the chosen source for all of the kyber by the Jedi of the prequel trilogy. This explains why all their lightsabers have the same characteristics, including the same humming sounds, energy consumption rates, and capabilities.

Since no black kybers have ever been spotted on Ilum, none of the prequel-era Jedi has access to weapons like the Darksaber. The kyber that is housed within the Darksaber had to have originated from another location.

Darksaber Must Have Kyber Crystal from another Planet

Lightsaber blades can be crafted from a variety of exotic kyber crystals found all over the galaxy. Crystals from the rare planet Solari produce unusually large blades, perfect for deflecting blaster fire, while Outer Rim Ghostfire crystals generate transparent lightsabers that produce almost no sound.

Tarre Viszla, a Mandalorian Jedi, is credited for developing the Darksaber. The Darksaber’s peculiar look and qualities are most notably shown in The Book of Boba Fett, suggesting that the kyber crystal unearthed by Tarre Viszla is extremely rare.

Mando holding Darksaber
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There’s a good chance that the kyber crystal discovered by Tarre Viszla is one of a very small number of its sort.

It’s probable, though, that the Star Wars universe will introduce other blades similar to the Darksaber in the future.

Given the importance of Ilum to the Jedi during the prequel trilogy, it is highly improbable that these will be discovered during or after the prequel era; nevertheless, it is possible that they will be discovered when Star Wars continues to grow into the High Republic Era.

Exploring the Finer Points of a Black Kyber Crystal

The crystals themselves do not have any inherent coloration; rather, their appearance is affected by the position of the person who wields them within the force. The wielder’s thoughts and deeds cause a transformation in the hue of the kyber crystal.

They contribute to the power current of the blade. Also, because of the crystal, the blades generate an electrical pulse in reaction to the emotional condition of the user of the weapon.

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From its introduction, the all-black appearance of the Darksaber has left members of the Star Wars fanbase bewildered.

In spite of this, there is a school of thought that maintains the hue is a result of the novel processes that were utilized in the production of the Darksaber, in addition to the normal operation of the kyber crystal. Tarre Vizsla, the crystal’s resident Jedi, caused it to respond.

In the Star Wars universe, how uncommon is the Black Kyber Crystal?

It’s safe to say that kyber crystals are among the most potent and mysterious artifacts in the Star Wars canon.

Different shades of Kyber Crystal
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The wide variety of kyber crystals contributes to their mysterious nature. Variations in strength and lightsaber effects are more uncommon but still present.

Blue, green, and red lightsabers are prevalent in Star Wars, while black ones are rarely seen. Black kyber crystals are the rarest of all of these, and their rarity matches their hue.

Black kyber crystals are possible if the force user’s spirit is in tune with the crystal. Black kyber crystals being so rare makes perfect sense in this context.

Creator of the Darksaber was Tarre Vizsla, the lone Mandalorian accepted into the Jedi Order. It’s possible that his kyber crystal turned black as a result of the distinctive Mandalorian culture.

As the process of making the Darksaber isn’t explained in detail, this is merely one of several possibilities.

Crafting a Black Kyber Crystal

While kyber crystals cannot be manufactured from scratch in Canon, they can be refined. There are two types of kyber crystals that fall into this category; red and white.

The color of kyber crystals can be changed after they have already been created, hence it is possible to create a black kyber crystal.

It is possible to turn a kyber crystal into a black kyber crystal, as black is the polar opposite of white.

Black Kyber Crystal
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Tarre Vizsla was a Mandalorian who lived at a period when there was significant strife between the Jedi and the Sith. This indicates that white kyber crystals might have been present throughout that time period.

The Darksaber could have been made from a white kyber crystal, which Vizsla could have altered to be black.

Tarre Vizsla has the ability to change a white kyber crystal into a black one in order to construct the Darksaber.

The method that the Jedi use to build their lightsabers makes this highly improbable, yet there is not enough evidence to either corroborate or refute the possibility.

Why Black Kyber Crystal is Rare?

How Rare Is the Black Kyber Crystal in Star Wars?
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According to the canon, Kyber crystals cannot be manufactured, and they have no inherent hue. They do not manifest their color until they have attuned themselves to a member of the Force user.

In contrast, there are numerous examples of synthetic kyber crystals in Legends, and natural crystals already have their colors embedded in them.

In other words, the Darksaber’s black kyber crystal may have formed in nature. Assuming this to be true, black kyber crystals would be extremely rare.

Only the Darksaber had a genuine black kyber crystal. Canon and Legends remain silent on the subject of where Tarre Vizsla sourced the black kyber crystal that powers the Darksaber.

The darksaber veiled in mysteries

Due to the unique nature of the darksaber, it has passed through the hands of several Mandalorians and a Jedi Knight. 

Although not much is revealed about the particular crystal that gives the darksaber its strength, both the darksaber and its crystal are very sensitive to the emotional condition of the person who wields it. Also, it makes an effort to establish a connection with whoever is holding it.

Mandalorian Darksaber
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The crystal within the darksaber grows more manageable as the user develops a deeper connection with it.

In spite of the fact that it looks very much like a standard lightsaber, it was designed specifically with the Mandalorian bearer in mind. It was developed to be compatible with the fighting methods of both the Jedi and the Mandalorians.

The darksaber’s history, particularly its transference of ownership during the time of Imperial expansion and decline, remains shrouded in mystery. Bo-Katan took it with honor at the finale of Star Wars Rebels from Sabine Wren. But, by the time of The Mandalorian, she no longer possesses the saber or its significance to Gideon.

Just a Quick Recap

The darksaber as well as its Kyber crystal are very sensitive to the emotions of the user, however the nature of this crystal remains a mystery.

In the end, Star Wars needs to provide an explanation for why the Darksaber is so fundamentally distinct from other lightsabers from a mechanistic standpoint. 

Despite this, there is still a chance that the Darksaber may be shown to contain either beskar or Kyber crystal in the upcoming season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

 Up until this point, we had believed that the Darksaber’s power came from a black kyber crystal inside it.


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