November has now shown up which implies that Cyber Monday sale is not too far off. The Cyber Monday 2021 is going to offer some amazing deals on various famous gadgets. As it is the greatest internet based retail occasion of the year, there could be no more excellent chance to begin getting ready than this moment. 

We are hoping to see lower costs as we get closer to Cyber Monday itself. The official primary batch of Cyber Monday sales are going to surface shortly even before Black Friday. The particular weekend that comes before Cyber Monday, is consistently fertile ground for deals. But the best offers will be saved for Monday itself. A lot of these sale deals might last until the first week of December too, but the prices often increase immediately after Cyber Monday to catch out customers leaving it to the last minute.

Cyber Monday is the ultimate shopping day. As we all know that Cyber Monday is coming soon and it is the best day to avail all those amazing discounts. So get ready to buy your perfect lightsaber with an exquisite price. For all of the folks out there who do not know what a lightsaber is! We are here to elaborate it to you. A lightsaber which can also be called as the weapon of a Jedi is an exquisite weapon of a more civilized era. It can be utilized very well to smoothly slice through blast doors or just may be used for the fun pictures. 

So on this Cyber Monday, many sellers offer some amazing deals for lightsabers but the neosabers is always a step ahead providing you with lightsabers you have always wanted. These may include:

Neopixel Lightsaber Cyber Monday Sales 2021

1 Original Manda Xeno Neopixel lightsaber


These neopixel light sabers contain neopixel blade. A neo pixel blade is a kind of light saber blade that contains LED lights within the blade itself. The Neopixel lightsabers collection also includes some of the new eco neopixel lightsabers. The neopixel lightsabers are far brighter than those lightsabers whicha re produced with an in-hilt LED configuration. Their fabulous features includes many more and some are mentioned below:

  • Amazing super bright light of 50 Watt RGB Neopixel strip with infinite colors and effects. 
  • Contain adjustable speaker with very loud volume feature. 
  • These Org Manda Xeno lightsabers consists of Removable blades of Polycarbonate material with distinct light defusing finishing which makes it very feasible for heavy dueling.
  • 3.7v 36000mAh battery for long time fun.
  • 5v micro USB for many sound affects you can add by your choice.

Giving all this fun at such a low price on this Cyber Monday sale is going to make your fun to next level.

2. Cyprus FX Xeno Neopixel Eco Lightsaber


The neosabers are offering such an amazing deal for their lightsabers on this occasion of Cyber Monday. Neosabers offers many kind of neopixel Lightsabers which are far brighter and contain more technically advanced features than an ordinary in-hilt LED light sabers.  These neopixels have many advanced features which may include:

  • The amazing realistic sound effects that makes the experience more enjoyable and realistic.
  • It also contain a polycarbonate blade of about 92cm and is of duel grade so perfect for duels.
  • There is also a super bright RGB neopixel strip with infinite colors creating more options for your choice.
  • A frosted hilt which is made up of aluminum alloy is also present in this lightsaber.
  • A battery which is replaceable or rechargeable made up of lithium-ion is there to serve you for hours.

Thus these lightsabers with fabulous features are there for you in such a great Cyber Monday sale!

3. Original FO Xeno Neopixel Lightsaber


If by any chance that you are intending to purchase Original FO Xeno Neopixel Lightsaber, Cyber Monday is the best chance to purchase this Lightsaber.

  • They offer the Star Wars replica Lightsabers which are so realistic due to the fact that they contain exquisite light effect which offers the same effect as a real lightsaber. 
  • Thus these original FO Xeno lightsabers mimics lightsaber from the Star Wars movies. 
  • They also contain classic lightsaber bright lights and power-up and battle sounds. The battle sounds provide an experience which is so realistic that you might think you are in another dimension.

All of this realistic experience at such a great sale!

4. Original Cross Guard Xeno Neopixel Lightsaber


This lightsaber looks spectacular but it isn’t about the looks only. The extremely realistic light and sound effects can make it look like a dream come true, if you are an original fan of star wars movies. Thus we are presenting you with these great deals on the sale of Cyber Monday. 

Its feature includes a hilt made up of ALUMINIUM ALLOY, a light diffusing polycarbonate blade which is combat grade. Also a battery of 3.7v 36000mAh and a 5v micro USB. 

These xenopixels provide space for SD cards for multiple fonts. It is SD card user friendly providing various font folders for easy copy and paste of new fonts. Users can now easily swap profile style fonts with the help of SD card. Ensure that your PC has an SD card reader or can read micro SD card holder as it’s required for any font changes or adjustment.

So what are you thinking about! Avail the greatest sale of the year.

5. Magnus FX Xeno Neopixel Eco Lightsaber


This Magnus FX Xeno neopixel lightsabers features extra complicated & customizable visual effects which may include blaster bolt deflect, unstable blade effects, blade scrolling effects, blade animations etc. There are several parts to a lightsaber which may include Lens Assembly, Power Cell, Handgrip, Activation Plate, Power Conduit, and Recharge Socket, Safety Switch, Emitter Matrix, etc. These lightsabers also have Motion sensors which can easily detect objects and produce realistic sound effects which creates a smooth swing experience. Removable Lithium ion battery is inside these lightsabers which allows you to last the whole day of cosplay without charging. These Xeon Neopixel Lightsaber includes 9 changeable sound themes with various sound effects. 

Thus neopixel lightsabers are providing a steal for this Cyber Monday sales.

RGB Lightsaber Cyber Monday Sale 2021

6. Garon FX Baselit RGB Lightsaber


Save up to 40$ on this lightsaber on this Cyber Monday sale by neosabers.

It is available in more than 3 different colors and also contains some other features that may provide the smooth swing, a flash on clash action, double blade support, 1800mAh battery of 3.7v, 5v micro USB and a light defusing blade of combat grade of 78cm.

It is a superb find for this Cyber Monday sales and incredible diversion for extremely fortunate children! 

7. Motan FX Baselit RGB Lightsaber


Would you look at that beauty! It is a fabulous design with a spectacular grip. 

What a steal for this Cyber Monday sale. Neosabers offers the best Cyber Monday sale for their RGB lightsabers too.

This lightsaber named motan FX baselit RGB lightsaber is going to give you a realistic experience of star wars that you had always wanted along with amazingly long lasting battery, such spectacular grip and those fierce looks.

8. Original DM Double Blade LED Baselit RGB Lightsaber


You are going to get an amazing quality lightsaber with amazing features on sale, this Cyber Monday. What else does anyone need! Its details include:

  • Hilt made up of an aluminum alloy
  • RGB LED with 12 presets and is definitely super bright.
  • Battery life with up to 6 hours after charging.
  • Double blade support

You are missing out on the original experience but can grab it now at such a low price!

9. Hefton FX Baselit RGB Lightsaber


The neosabers also provide amazing deals for their quality lightsaber on this CYBER MONDAY. These spectacular Lightsabers Replica from the movie Star Wars incorporate a cool presentation stand and also contain three light-up components on the very grip, just as it was in the movie. The features of this Hefton FX Baselit lightsaber include a 82cm polycarbonate blade which can easily be used for dueling because it is of combat grade. It also contains a double blade that is strong and shatterproof. 

10. Eagle FX Baselit RGB Lightsaber


Although the Neopixel lightsabers from NEOSABERS are more complex, they offer a realistic look with some amazingly unique effects, and cost a little extra to construct than your standard RGB lightsaber but they consume more battery power as compared to the same old RGB lightsaber. 

Thus the amazing eagle FX baselit RGB lightsabers include features of super bright RGB LEDs with 12 presets, spectacular dueling blades and in this lightsaber two sabers can be connected together and make a double bladed lightsaber. 

Getting this double blade saber at this Cyber Monday sale is such a great catch so do not miss it.


On this big day of CYBER MONDAY SALE, do take advantage to the fullest to avail your favorite lightsaber at such amazing prices. The above mentioned Lightsabers are from Neosabers and they provide some high quality lightsabers along with all the information you might need to know. So do not overthink now because it is time to JUST GO FOR IT! 


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