Why Does Ahsoka Tano Have Two White Lightsabers?

An all-loving Star Wars Ahsoka Tano has always been on the radar of fandom. The paparazzi fans always wish to dissect the smallest of things. A riddle that keeps boggling the minds of Star Wars fandom is why does Ahsoka Tano have two white lightsabers?

The holding of two lightsabers is in contradiction with the general holding of a single one by the Jedi and Sith on both sides of the Force. 

Here in this blog, we will bring the full story. The emerging queries will be thwarted at once. 

Quick Answer: Anakin bestowed the second white lightsaber as a gift to Ahsoka. The latter was, then, serving as an apprentice of the former. The first lightsaber was given by Yoda. As a skilled duelist, Ahsoka easily caters to both lightsabers, unlike many Jedi

To find out the detailed answers: why was Ahsoka Tano given the second lightsaber? Where did she fetch it from? how, and in which episode! Keep reading, and know your favorite Jedi even better. 

How Did Ahsoka Tano Get Her Second White Lightsaber?

Why Does Ahsoka Tano Have Two White Lightsabers?

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As a Padawan, Ahsoka Tano used to wield a green lightsaber. That green lightsaber came up with a non-standard reverse grip. Anakin Skywalker instilled his best training to Ahsoka. She honed her skills and crafted a green-bladed lightsaber with a shoto-style, short blade. 

The newer weapon bolstered the primary weapon. Ahsoka used this pair of new lightsabers during her stint with the uprising. Anakin offered the new edition in the armory as a gift to Ahsoka, and that gift became an inseparable part of Ahsoka’s personality. 

The second lightsaber was identical to the first one given by Yoda. It had a ‘shoto’ blade rather than a standard lightsaber. Shoto blades are specifically designed for people of short height, as these are just half a meter long. The short weapon was also an offhand option for those who craved to duel. 

The short length provided much more flexibility, preventing the blades from being blunt. As a sane mentor, Anakin deemed it a fit weapon for Tano against block blaster fire. Fortunately, it proved at par with the proposed vision. As Ahsoka grew older, she prepared both as future weapons. 

Ahsoka has also appeared in the rebel cartoon series “Fulcrum“. Wherein, she was holding a pair of white lightsabers. This cartoon appearance also has an underlying story. According to the book AHSOKA, Tano uses a special force to detect different crystals that are loyal to her. The vibes lead her to scavenge during the search operation. 

Initially, the lightsabers had been tainted owing to the impact of the dark side. The dark side tinkered with the neutral kyber crystals to be used by the inquisitor. When Tano frees the crystals successfully. They again start glowing pearl white as a gesture of reverence.   

The Gift By Anakin

The Gift By Anakin

Image Source: nerdist.com

After assisting in the rescue of Baron Papanoida’s progeny. Ahsoka decided to learn Jar’Kai, an exclusive lightsaber fighting mode. 

Her master suggested that she should use a short lightsaber that would, for sure, augment her natural agility and maneuverability. Going by this proposition, the second lightsaber became a part and parcel for Jar’Kai. Tano loved waving her both hands and executing a lethal assault.  

After being fully trained in Jar’Kai, Tano used the duo of lightsabers in multiple missions. The notable one is Mortis where the blades had had a zero to low impact on the strange denizens of dark Force. 

As a twist of fate, Tano dueled her very own master Anakin on Mortis after being brainwashed by the Son. Tano also used the dual lightsabers during the Battle of Lola. Moreover, Tano, along with Plo Koon and Jedi master Skywalker, participated with dual lightsabers in an assault during the Second Battle of Felucia. The over-the-top heroics led to the victory during Separatist fortification. 

In the tenth episode of the season: “Heroes on Both Sides”, Ahsoka Tano was seen wielding two lightsabers. Another appearance of Tano’s two lightsabers is in the finale of Star Wars Rebels: ” Fire Across the Galaxy”. 

According to the narration of one of the Star Wars show’s writers, Dave Filoni, the lightsabers are white owing to pure impartiality. The white color is neither associated with Jedi nor Sith. 


In season 4, Ahsoka Tano was extremely lethal. The show’s stand-alone format allowed her to get most of the learning off-screen. The training session was dismissed as unimportant. 

On some occasions, the lightsabers also turned green in Ahsoka’s flashback “After the Siege of Mandalore.” However, in the coming scenes of the episode, “Old Friends Not Forgotten”, Anakin gives the blue-bladed lightsabers to Tano before the siege. 

This portrayal of the lightsabers was then upgraded in the coming episode of the novel to sync with the episode of the idiot box. 

An interesting fact is that Ahsoka is not the only character that uses a single lightsaber although she is the most prominent and visible one. 

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Jar’Kai Special 


Jar’Kai is a combative style of utilizing two lightsabers at once. Apart from Ahsoka Tano, Asajj Ventress is also a notable practitioner of Jar’Kai. Jar’Kai refers to using multiple lightsabers simultaneously. Amazingly, The Basilisk Jedi Pong Krell took leverage of his four arms and also wielded two double-bladed lightsabers against his troopers on Umbara. There is no denial that Jar’Kai is a signature combat style of Ahsoka Tano. Hence, we have selected a lightsaber that closely resembles the combative style of Ahsoka Tano. Let’s analyze this product. 

Fulcrum Memorial 

Over the years, Ahsoka Tano reconstructed her lightsabers’ hilts to make them more decorative and functional, with white shines and new curved hilts. Tano met a revel group dubbed as “The Spectres”. This rebel cult also includes apprentice Ezra Bridger and Padawan Kanan Jarrus. Tano thought of using her double sabers and gave Ezra a combat lesson. During the mission, Ahsoka also traversed a freighter that had crashed on the ocean Quila. Tano believed in the power of her white lightsabers. She forcefully cut through the hard pieces of debris, giving her and her companion a path through the sunken ship. 

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Cosplaying Ahsoka Tano

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