A Detailed Overview of Bastila Shan Lightsaber

Detailed Overview Of Bastila Shan Lightsaber

If you are a true Star Wars enthusiast, it would be a shame if you didn’t know about Bastila Shan. The fandom has numerous prominent figures with their legacies, including the renowned Jedi Master and Knight.

Bastila Shan joined the Jedi Order at a young age, becoming one of the Council’s most respected and influential figures.

Bastilla Shan’s Legacy

Bastila Shan
Image Source: star-wars-canon-extended.fandom.com

Like most of her Jedi Order’s peers, Bastila went into combat training very early. It was discovered that she possessed a special gift with her force-sensitivity abilities. With early training that included physical training and learning about the Force, we can only imagine what she went on to become.

Her gift, the battle meditation, was handy, especially on the battlefield. The ability allowed Shan to motivate and give confidence to her allies. Interestingly, this ability had the opposite effect on her enemies, who would lose hope and willpower. 

For a long time, the Jedi benefitted from Bastila’s unique ability to fight against the ferocious troops of Darth Malak. One of the most prominent parts of her legacy is her confrontation with the feared Dark Sith, Revan.

The Jedi Master led a charge to defeat Revan, but after an incredible twist of events, she turned him into a Jedi. The former Sith was betrayed by his troops, which changed his allegiances. Shan was successful in bringing the former Sith back into Jedi territory.  

Time wasn’t always kind to the Jedi legend, as one of her encounters with Darth Malak led to her being captured. She was forced to leave the light and become a dark Sith. But again, help arrived in the form of Revan. The former trustee of Malak finally defeated him and managed to bring Shan into the light. 

Later on, she raised a family even when Revan went missing. She was an example to the rest of her Jedi companions. One of the true inspirations of the Star Wars universe, Bastila Shan will always be remembered for her heroics, especially in the Jedi Civil War.

Bastila Shan’s Legendary Saber

Bastila Shan Lightsaber
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com

It would be a crime not to mention Bastila Shan’s Lightsaber. After all, a war hero like her was known for mastering all areas of combat skills. 

The Jedi legend initially fought with a double-bladed Lightsaber and later carried a yellow single-bladed Saber against her foes. It is rumored that each of the Sabers had different crystals, showcasing her alliance with both the Jedi and Sith. 

The first saber had a yellow kyber crystal, which was naturally acquired using the Jedi ways. The saber depended more on her connection with the force and her upbringing. However, she replaced the yellow crystal with the Sith’s preferred choice of a red crystal after she trained under Malak. The red crystal was replaced in the same way as the Sith did after acquiring a kyber crystal

Carrying multiple sabers and possessing the strength required to wield both is no easy feat. If you are looking for inspiration and motivation to fuel up your duels, you can get the legendary Saber, just like Bastila Shan owned.

Neosabers Bastila Legendary Saber

The Bastila Legendary Saber is available in three variations: XRGB 3.0, Xenopixel v3, and Proffie 2.2.

Each version can be acquired in either a simple or premium case. Depending on your choice, the Saber variants have varying similarities but considerable differences.

Prominent Features

The legendary Bastila Shan Saber comes with some cool features. Some of these are:

  • Wide range of colors: With a spectrum of colors available, you can do justice to your favorite Saber.
  • Guaranteed Authentic Experience: The bright colors and a high-quality speaker would give you nothing short of a realistic experience to relish. 
  • Frosted and Super-Strong Blade: A heavy duel requires a nonbreakable blade, just what the Polycarbonate Saber offers.
  • The Smoothest Swings: The Saber has realistic sound effects and motion sensors, providing a memorable smooth swing experience.
  • The Clash on Flash Effect: The appearance of a white light and a clash sound feature when your blade comes into contact with your foe’s blade would surely be a mesmerizing sight.
  • Chargeable and Removable Battery: Any passionate Saber wielder would appreciate a healthy battery pack. The Legendary Bastila Saber is equipped with an efficient battery and a reliable charger for all your uninterrupted duels.

XRGB 3.0

Here’s what the XRGB 3.0 offers:

  • A 9-watt hilt-LED with a vibrant blade has three common modes, which are stable, pulse, and unstable.
  • There are plenty of alterable and customizable sound fonts.
  • Gesture-based motion controls.
  • An SD card slot.
  • A Bluetooth feature will help you control and customize the saber from your phone. 
  • A Li-ion 18650 2000mAh battery pack. 
  • Added features are melt, blaster, and drag.

Xenopixel v3

The Xenopixel v3 pack consists of:

  • A brighter 50-watt pixel blade with nine modes, which include three common and six added modes. These include Candy, Ghost, Fire, Rainbow, Pulse, Blaster, Unstable, and Stable.
  • The luxury of seven ignition modes. These include Phaser, Wrap, Hunter, Standard, Stack, Photon, and Scavenger.
  • A hefty number of sound fonts can be changed and customized as per your preferences.
  • Gesture-based motion controls are used to turn the blade on and off.
  • Customization options for swing and blade effects were added.
  • An SD card slot and a 16 GB card for extra storage, 
  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity.
  • A larger Li-ion 18650-3600mAh battery pack.
  • Added features like deflection, stab, melt, blaster, tip drag, and lock up.

NeoProffie 2.2

The NeoProffie 2.2 is an extended version of the Xenopixel v3. Here’s what you can get here:

  • A 50-watt pixel blade is supported by a super-bright LED. 
  • Customizable Blade and Ignition Modes.
  • About 34 sound fonts.
  • Gesture Motion Controls
  • There are multiple customizable options for swing effects, sound fonts, ignition, and blade modes.
  • An SD card slot with a 16-GB SD card.
  • Similar Battery Pack of Li-ion 18650 3600mAh to Xenopixel v3.
  • Added features like deflection, stab, melt, blaster, tip drag, and lock up.

You wouldn’t find a better-equipped saber than the Bastila Shan Saber. It draws inspiration from the ultimate Star Wars legend to help you fight those heavy duels!


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