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Star Wars Outlaws

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey through the galaxy far, far away?

Brace yourself, fellow Jedi and Sith enthusiasts, as we delve into the realm of Star Wars Outlaws. Set within the ever-expansive Star Wars universe, Star Wars Outlaws invites players to tread upon the untamed path between the iconic events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars outlaws

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It is the highly anticipated action-adventure game crafted by Massive Entertainment and published by none other than Ubisoft. The game is developed under the esteemed license of Lucasfilm Games. It’s a time of turmoil and unbridled opportunity, where the gravitational pull of danger and adventure is simply irresistible.

Choose your Path: Immersive Experiences Awaits

Get ready to wield your lightsaber or blaster, for Star Wars Outlaws presents a captivating blend of heart-stopping combat, intriguing narratives, and jaw-dropping visuals. As you traverse alien worlds, iconic starships, and clandestine hideouts, your choices will shape the course of the galaxy itself. Every decision, be it an act of valor or a dalliance with darkness, will ripple across the cosmos. These choices will shape the very fabric of your own untold legend.

Star Wars OUtlaws

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In this interstellar saga, you’ll find yourself caught in a web of intrigue. You’ll navigate treacherous landscapes where outlaws roam freely, far from the watchful eyes of the Empire. Picture a galaxy pulsating with life, teeming with smugglers, mercenaries, and renegades. They are all driven by their own motives, intertwining in a dance of fortune and danger.

Uniting the Powerhouses – Ubisoft, Massive Entertainment, and Lucasfilm Games

Renowned for their craftsmanship, Massive Entertainment pledges to infuse every pixel with the essence of the Star Wars universe. With a legacy as vast as the cosmos itself, Star Wars Outlaws promises to be a landmark adventure that caters to both die-hard fans and newcomers alike.

Star Wars Outlaws

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The Force is strong with Star Wars Outlaws, and it’s set to catapult players into an immersive odyssey like no other. With the powerful collaboration between Ubisoft, Massive Entertainment, and Lucasfilm Games, the game is poised to ignite the hearts of Star Wars fans. It will deliver an unforgettable journey through uncharted territories.

Prepare for Launch: Mark Your Calendars for Star Wars Outlaws

Mark your calendars, fellow adventurers, for Star Wars Outlaws prepares to make its mark on the gaming galaxy. Stay tuned for the latest updates, as we unravel the secrets, unveil the characters, and discover the untold tales that lie ahead. May the Force guide you on this thrilling quest, where outlaws rise and destinies collide. In this adventure, the Star Wars universe is forever transformed.


Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure into the vast and captivating Star Wars universe with the highly anticipated release of Star Wars Outlaws.

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Developed by Ubisoft Massive, this groundbreaking game offers fans an immersive open world experience set within the depths of the Outer Rim’s treacherous criminal underworld. With its recent gameplay reveal, Outlaws has become the most eagerly awaited Star Wars game.


Uncover Thrilling Planetary Wonders

Embark on an extraordinary journey through a vast galaxy filled with endless possibilities. Immerse yourself in distinct planets boasting lively cities and lively cantinas, where every corner holds thrilling adventures. Feel the thrill as you race across expansive landscapes on your trusty speeder, savoring the rush of wind in your hair.

Prepare to encounter new challenges, embrace exciting quests, and claim alluring rewards that await those brave enough to take the leap. Get ready to discover a universe brimming with excitement and unveil the secrets that lie within.

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In Star Wars Outlaws, players will assume the role of the cunning and resourceful protagonist, Key Vess. They will navigate her through a thrilling third-person action-adventure. As you delve into this expansive universe, your primary objective is survival. However, Key Vess also harbors ambitions of executing the most audacious heist the Outer Rim has ever witnessed.

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This original narrative takes place during the period between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It adds a captivating layer to the beloved Star Wars saga. Prepare to be captivated by Outlaws’ gripping storyline when it arrives in 2024. In the meantime, let’s delve into everything we know so far about Ubisoft’s highly anticipated Star Wars game.

Star Wars Outlaws: Release Date and Platforms Revealed!

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Ubisoft has announced that the highly anticipated Star Wars Outlaws is set to grace our screens in 2024. 

This open-world sensation will be available for PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X. It will allow fans to immerse themselves in the thrilling Star Wars universe on their preferred gaming platform. While no specific release window has been disclosed yet, the excitement surrounding this game is building to astronomical levels.

Star Wars Outlaws Trailer

Ubisoft unveiled the highly anticipated Star Wars Outlaws at the Xbox Games Showcase 2023. They treated enthusiasts to a breathtaking trailer, providing a glimpse into this captivating new narrative within the beloved space opera franchise. This exciting announcement offers fans an exciting preview of what awaits them in this latest installment set in the expansive and distant Star Wars universe.

Discover the Epic Setting of Star Wars Outlaws

Prepare to explore a galaxy in turmoil like never before with Star Wars Outlaws, the groundbreaking open-world Star Wars game. While specific details about the setting are still shrouded in mystery, it seems that Star Wars Outlaws will introduce us to Toshara—a brand-new location that promises to expand the Star Wars universe in thrilling ways.

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Catch a sneak peek of Toshara, the enigmatic setting of Star Wars Outlaws, in the mesmerizing first trailer. Pay close attention at the 1:20 and 2:10 marks to catch glimpses of this intriguing new location that is sure to ignite your imagination. As we eagerly await more information about the setting and its role in the game’s narrative, rest assured that Star Wars Outlaws will transport you to a world filled with danger, intrigue, and untold adventures.

Story Plot

 In Star Wars Outlaws, you will be introduced to Kay Vess, a cunning rogue who navigates the treacherous galactic underworld in a fight for survival. The central plot revolves around Kay’s audacious endeavor to orchestrate one of the most colossal robberies in the Outer Rim.

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However, her path is fraught with challenges as she must constantly outwit the oppressive Empire, evade the clutches of dangerous Syndicates, and confront haunting elements from her own past. Kay yearns to utilize the spoils of her heist to forge a fresh start, but as history has shown in the Star Wars universe, achieving such aspirations is seldom a straightforward task.

When is Star Wars Outlaws set?

Star Wars Outlaws is set within the vast and expansive Star Wars timeline, specifically between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. During this period, the Galactic Empire fervently seeks to crush the Rebel Alliance, while the criminal underworld thrives amidst the chaos.

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According to Ubisoft’s description, the game tantalizing hints at encounters with renowned characters from the franchise. The reveal trailer itself offers a glimpse of the iconic Han Solo encased in carbonite, leaving fans eager to discover the extent of such memorable interactions.

About The Gameplay

The gameplay reveal of Star Wars Outlaws offers an exciting glimpse into Massive Entertainment’s ambitious endeavor to create a Rockstar-style space adventure. Embarking on a thrilling journey as Kay Vess, players will navigate the perilous criminal underworld of the Outer Rim, employing whatever means necessary to survive. This may involve striking shady deals with Syndicates, outsmarting the Empire through cunning betrayals, and relying on dwindling alliances.

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Ubisoft Massive commitment to delivering an expansive open-world Star Wars game becomes evident in Outlaws. While certain missions will guide players through more confined areas, providing opportunities for stealthy infiltration or intense blaster-wielding action, the game also allows for exhilarating planetary exploration. Utilizing speeders, players can traverse diverse towns and cities scattered across each planet. However, caution must be exercised, as drawing the ire of ruling factions may necessitate a swift escape to different locations using the Trailblazer spaceship and its hyperspace capabilities.

Star Wars Outlaws- Kay Vess

Introducing Kay Vess, an intriguing addition to the Star Wars universe. As a scoundrel navigating the treacherous criminal underworld, she finds herself entangled in the relentless conflict between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

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 Kay’s audacious ambition is to orchestrate the grandest heist ever witnessed in the Outer Rim, but her path is fraught with greater perils. The debut trailer hints at the presence of a daunting bounty on Kay’s head, with enigmatic figures from the Pyke Syndicate and the Hutts making an appearance, leaving us in suspense as to the true pursuers of our protagonist.

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Excitingly, Star Wars Outlaws implements a comprehensive reputation and wanted system. Although precise details are yet to be unveiled, it appears that your choices in missions and actions within the open world will shape your standing within the galaxy. The game also grants players complete freedom to pilot their ship, engage in exhilarating dogfights, and navigate a vast network of interconnected planets. In essence, Star Wars Outlaws fulfills the long-held dreams of fans craving an immersive open-world Star Wars experience.

The Developers of Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws is currently being developed by Massive Entertainment, the renowned studio behind acclaimed titles like The Division and The Division 2. Additionally, they are working on other highly anticipated Ubisoft projects such as Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. 

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Julian Gerighty, the creative director, shares his perspective on this exciting Star Wars game:

“When envisioning our first open-world Star Wars adventure, we carefully considered the ideal setting and timeframe. It became evident that we possessed all the necessary elements for an enthralling journey centered around a daring scoundrel. These outlaws endure life under the oppressive rule of the Galactic Empire, yet they manage to thrive amidst the chaos and turmoil within the criminal underworld. The timing is perfect for a new rogue to leave their mark, and Kay Vess’s destiny seems intertwined with the celestial forces that govern our narrative.”

The Cast of Star Wars Outlaws

The cast of Star Wars Outlaws includes talented actors portraying the main characters, Kay Vess and Nix. Taking on the role of Kay is Humberly González, known for her performances in notable productions such as Killer High, In the Dark, Utopia Falls, and Ginny & Georgia. 

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Meanwhile, the role of Kay’s faithful companion, Nix, is portrayed by Dee Bradley Baker, a renowned voice actor recognized for his work in Star Wars: The Bad Batch and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Their presence adds depth and authenticity to the characters in this highly anticipated game.

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About the Planets

Star Wars Outlaws will take players on a captivating journey to both familiar and new planets. Based on the glimpses provided in the trailers, it is highly likely that Tatooine, a beloved and iconic location in the Star Wars universe, will be among the destinations. 

After all, Tatooine is synonymous with the presence of the Hutts, one of the most influential crime syndicates in the galaxy, and we have witnessed several scenes hinting at its inclusion in the game.

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Journey Through Planets: Star Wars Outlaws

  • Corellia, renowned as Han Solo’s birthplace, boasts a rich history intertwined with syndicates, making it a frequent stop for players seeking new job opportunities in the criminal underworld.
  • Takodana, a secluded haven for shady characters seeking to evade Imperial attention, offers a watering hole where individuals can gather and potentially secure employment from the cantina’s proprietor.
  • Canto Bight, the extravagant casino planet showcased in The Last Jedi, serves as a bustling hub for the galactic arms trade, attracting individuals eager to strike deals and providing an ideal backdrop for audacious heists
  • While not prominently featured in the films, Batuu holds significance as the setting for Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge. Described as a vibrant hub bustling with rogue traders, droids, and peculiar creatures, it promises an immersive experience for players exploring this thriving port.

With these diverse and enticing locations, Star Wars Outlaws aims to provide players with an array of captivating worlds to uncover and navigate throughout their gripping adventures in the game.


Star Wars Outlaws: A Single-Player Adventure

Star Wars Outlaws offers an immersive single-player experience, focusing on delivering a captivating solo journey. As of now, there has been no official mention from the developers about the inclusion of multiplayer features in the game. It is unlikely that Ubisoft will introduce multiplayer or co-op modes, as implementing such functionalities would require a robust infrastructure to support large-scale multiplayer battles.

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Star Wars Outlaws stands as a thrilling third-person action-adventure set within the beloved Star Wars universe. Within its expansive open world, players can expect a diverse range of gameplay elements, including stealth mechanics, intense combat scenarios, thrilling vehicle encounters, immersive space battles, and engaging branching dialogue options. Prepare to embark on an epic solo adventure that brings the rich Star Wars universe to life.

Possible Exclusion of Steam for Star Wars Outlaws

It appears that Star Wars Outlaws may not be releasing on the Steam platform. Upon visiting the official Star Wars Outlaws website and scrolling to the bottom, you’ll notice a section titled ‘Platforms.’ While the game is listed for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, there is no mention of a Steam version.

Instead, the website specifically references ‘Ubisoft Connect,’ which serves as Ubisoft’s own PC launcher. This platform allows Ubisoft to directly release their internally-developed games to their PC audience, similar to how Xbox has its storefront on PC. It should be noted that Ubisoft Connect is also available for iOS and Android devices, providing a means for Ubisoft to release their mobile games directly to their audience.

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While the absence of Steam from the listed platforms may indicate that Star Wars Outlaws won’t be available on the popular gaming platform, fans can still look forward to accessing the game through Ubisoft Connect for a seamless PC gaming experience.

While there is no official confirmation yet regarding Star Wars Outlaws skipping a Steam launch, the absence of any mention of Steam on the official website strongly suggests that it might not be available on the platform. We have reached out to Ubisoft to seek clarification on this matter and will provide an update if any new information emerges. Stay tuned for further updates on the availability of Star Wars Outlaws on Steam.

Unleash Your Adventure in a Vast Galaxy

Immerse yourself in the core philosophy of Star Wars Outlaws, as showcased in the captivating trailer, offering an uninterrupted single-player experience. Prepare to navigate a seamless world, seamlessly transitioning between exploring vibrant cities, exhilarating speeder bike races across sprawling fields, engaging in thrilling spaceship escapades, and embarking on hyperspace voyages across the vast galaxy. 

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Game Director Mathias Karlson reveals that the game’s map surpasses the scale of Washington D.C. in The Division 2, with even the planet Toshara alone dwarfing Division 2’s Washington D.C. Get ready for an epic adventure in a boundless universe that awaits your exploration.

Star Wars Outlaws Iconic Weapons

Star Wars Outlaws introduces a distinctive approach to weapon functionality. While Kay’s blaster pistol remains a constant companion, other weapons discovered during gameplay cannot be retained permanently. Notably, Kay’s adorable companion Nix gifts her the A300 blaster rifle, highlighting its “pickup” nature as it does not replace the icon representing her personal blaster.

  1. Kay’s Blaster Pistol

Kay possesses a remarkable blaster pistol, a permanent addition to her arsenal. This versatile weapon boasts three distinct blaster modules – stun, blaster, and focused – which she can seamlessly switch between on the fly. The Ubisoft Forward 2023 Star Wars Outlaws gameplay trailer showcases Kay’s adaptability as she effortlessly toggles between different modules and modes to confront various situations.

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  1. A300 Blaster Rifle

The A300 blaster rifle, a formidable laser rifle with a rapid rate of fire, is a noteworthy addition to the arsenal. In a captivating display, Kay commands her loyal companion Nix to retrieve this high-powered weapon from a vanquished enemy. Designed for close-range encounters and capable of piercing through resilient adversaries, the A300 blaster rifle is poised to be an effective tool in challenging combat scenarios.

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Unique Weapon Mechanics and Features

The weapons in Star Wars Outlaws operate on a system of charges rather than finite ammunition. Excessive firing without respite causes the weapon to overheat temporarily, rendering it inoperable. This innovative mechanic adds depth to combat strategy, demanding careful management of weapon usage to maintain optimal effectiveness in battles.

With its impressive gameplay trailer, Star Wars Outlaws holds the potential to secure a place among the finest RPG games, fueled by its captivating storyline and engaging weapon mechanics.

Will Star Wars outlaws have lightsabers?

The gameplay of Star Wars Outlaws evokes a sense of adventure similar to Uncharted, without featuring any lightsabers.

Star Wars Outlaws’ gameplay presentation at Ubisoft Forward ignites excitement with its gripping action reminiscent of the Uncharted series, while charting its own course by deviating from the iconic lightsaber battles. As players embark on the adventure as protagonist Kay, they’ll encounter intense stealth moments followed by adrenaline-pumping action sequences. 

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The cover-based shooting mechanics, reminiscent of The Division, blend seamlessly with Kay’s resourcefulness amidst perilous encounters. Stepping away from traditional Jedi narratives, Star Wars Outlaws offers a refreshing departure, highlighting the absence of lightsabers and focusing on an immersive action-adventure experience set in the vast Star Wars universe. With its dynamic gameplay and captivating storyline, the game promises to deliver a truly distinct galactic escapade for fans and newcomers alike.

Can you play as male in Star Wars Outlaws?

Star Wars: Outlaw presents players with a captivating narrative that encompasses a diverse range of characters. At the heart of the game’s story is the remarkable female character, Kay Vess, who assumes the role of the primary protagonist. Her journey takes center stage as players embark on a thrilling adventure set within the vast Star Wars universe.

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Amidst the unfolding narrative, players encounter a male character by the name of Jaylen. Jaylen, an associate of Kay, enters the scene, offering her a tantalizing opportunity to break free from her current predicament. With a mix of courage and caution, he presents a daring proposition—a way out of the troubles that plague her. Jaylen acknowledges the inherent risks involved, highlighting the dangers that lie ahead. However, he reassures Kay that if she successfully navigates these treacherous paths, a future free from constant vigilance awaits her.

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While the finer details of Jaylen’s background and motivations remain shrouded in mystery, his role as a crucial ally and supporter in Kay’s fight against the formidable Empire becomes increasingly apparent. Together, Kay and Jaylen forge an alliance that promises to shape the course of their shared destiny.

As players delve deeper into the immersive world of Star Wars: Outlaw, they will have the opportunity to witness the evolving relationship between Kay and Jaylen, as well as explore the rich tapestry of characters, conflicts, and epic battles that define this captivating gaming experience.

A Vibrant and Immersive Open World

Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant and expansive open world of Star Wars Outlaws. As Kay takes to her high-speed motorcycle, the world comes alive with a rich tapestry of creatures, enemies, and settlements, promising players a deeply engaging open world experience unlike other titles from Ubisoft.

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The HUD design follows a simple yet effective approach, with objective markers delicately placed and color-coded at the top of the screen. Explanatory text vanishes once objectives are completed, while location names appear in vibrant turquoise on the right side of the screen.

This unobtrusive style of presentation is a refreshing change for Ubisoft, offering a seamless and immersive gameplay experience. The attention to detail extends to Kay’s spaceship, equipped with missiles and straightforward aim markers, adding to the overall sense of simplicity and precision.

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Prepare to explore and conquer a dynamic and visually stunning open world in Star Wars Outlaws, where every corner holds new adventures and discoveries.

Can you create your own character in Star Wars Outlaws?

In recent months, there have been rumors circulating about the inclusion of a customizable character feature in Star Wars Outlaws. However, it has now been confirmed that the core playable character in the game is Kay Vess, who is accompanied by a delightful furry axolotl-like creature. 

The decision to feature a specific protagonist like Kay Vess suggests a deliberate emphasis on storytelling and character development within the Star Wars Outlaws universe. By presenting players with a predefined character, the developers may have aimed to craft a more immersive narrative experience, allowing players to delve into the intricacies of Kay’s personal journey and witness the impact of their decisions on her growth.

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Some fans are disappointed by the lack of character customization. However, the focus on Kay Vess and the original trilogy universe allows for a more immersive and story-driven experience, connecting players to the established lore. While customization is missed, embracing the character-driven narrative can provide a rich and engaging gameplay experience. 


Prepare for an epic adventure in the Star Wars universe! Star Wars Outlaws, the first-ever open world game set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, follows the clever scoundrel Kay Vess on a high-stakes heist. With her trusty companion Nix, players will explore diverse landscapes, engage in intense dogfights, and make choices that shape Kay’s reputation. Armed with a blaster and an array of skills, Kay is ready to leave her mark on the galaxy. Get ready for an action-packed thrill ride in Star Wars Outlaws!


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