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Xenopixel V3 Soundboard Kit

$124.00 $90.00

Replacement kit for Xenopixel Sabers.

Please mention the saber name in Notes during checkout. If no name is provided, a generic kit as show in the image will be shipped.


Flash on Clash: Saber emits white light and a realistic sound when hits something.

Smooth Swing: Motion sensors and realistic sound effects creates smooth swing experience.

Sounds Theme: The Saber is equipped with 50 customizable sound themes that feature a variety of sound effects.

Gestures: Swing to Power, Stab to Power, Twist to change sound fonts.

Futuristic Features: Tip Drag, Stab, Ignition modes (not included in baselit), Blade Modes and much more.

SD Card: 16 GB SD Card in included.

Removeable Battery: Removeable Lithium ion battery so that you can last whole day of cosplay without charging.

Customizations: Xenopixel supports soundfonts and experience customization via SD Card and Mobile App.

Bluetooth Support: Xenopixel V3.0 offers Bluetooth support. Now via Bluetooth app, you can check the battery percentage, adjust volume and brightness of the blade as well as adjust the sensitivity of sensors. The app will also allow you to update the saber as well as restore to default settings. App also allows setting the blade length so that using effects like tip drag, melt, etc. can be adjusted to your custom blade length. You can also change the effects settings for particular sound theme as well as play/ pause the music tracks. Stay tuned for more future updates.


Battery: Lithium-ion 18650 3600mAh

Charging: 5v Micro USB


Package Contents:

1x Kit and Battery and SD Card

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