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Wobani Xeno Neopixel

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  • Superbright RGB Lights with 12 colors presets
  • Blade with fitted Neopixel LEDs in ‘Neopixel’
  • Premium Soundboard in ‘Neopixel’
  • Duel grade 92cm long Polycarbonate blade
  • Solid Frosted Aluminum Alloy Hilt
  • Ignition modes, Flash-On-Clash and SoundFonts
  • SoundFonts customization and SD Card option in ‘Neopixel ‘
  • Realistic Sound Effects with Motion Sensors
  • Long Lasting Lithium-ion rechargeable/replaceable Battery
  • Includes Premium CaseStand and Blade Plug


Realistic Light and sound effects: Superbright 12 Watt RGB LEDs with 12 presets and very loud volume adjustable speaker.

Strong Shatterproof Blade: Removable Polycarbonate blade with light defusing finishing. Made for heavy dueling.

Flash on Clash: Lightsaber emits white light and a realistic sound when hits something.

Smooth Swing: Motion sensors and realistic sound effects creates smooth swing experience

Sounds Theme: Lightsaber includes 9 changeable sound themes with different sound effects.

Removeable Battery: Removeable Lithium ion battery so that you can last whole day of cosplay without charging.



Hilt: 29.5cm Frosted Aluminum Alloy

Blade: Light defusing Combat grade Polycarbonate

Battery: 3.7v 3000mAh

Charging: 5v Micro USB

LED Colors: 12 Watt RGB LED with 12 Presets

Package Contents:

1x Hilt + Kit + Battery

1x Blade

1x Allen Key

1x Extra Screws Pack

1x Premium Case

1x Stand

1x Blade Plug

1x User Manual

Blade Length 92 cm or 36 inches
Blade Diameter 25.4mm or 1 inch
Blade Material Light diffusing Polycarbonate
Blade Thickness 2mm
Hilt Material Frosted Aluminum Alloy
Board Type Xenopixel Soundboard
Charging Voltage 5v
Colors Preset 12 colors
Battery 3.7v, 3600mAh
Charging  Micro USB, 4-5hrs charging time
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