Which Canon and Legend Characters Used a Green Lightsaber?

canon and legend characters using green lightsaber

Today is the day, my friends, of the next trip to the galaxy far beyond, where we explore the farthest reaches of the Star Wars Universe. And today we are pointing out something in the mysterious green lightsabers – those colorful beams of pure Force power that have left their mark in this saga’s lore.

While the reds and blues and sometimes even the yellows show off their pride so readily, there is a tantalizing fascination with the emerald glow of a green blade. This is not only just a color, but a character of red and gold that means growth, future, and the uncontrollable will of Force.

Throughout this outer space journey, we will be inside both the real (aka Canon) and fictional (aka Legends) continuity timelines to track down the stories of the ones who had these shimmering weapons. From the legendary Luke Skywalker and the wisest Yoda ever to the bit-part but no less intriguing characters like Kyle Katarn and Mara Jade Skywalker, we’ll undress their stories and check the correlation between their green saber and their evolving character arcs.

Concretely, grab the belt, both the Jedi and the Siths, as we set out to have a wonderful ride throughout the Star Wars mythology. Let’s take your favorite kind of drink (blue milk if you wish), play the classic soundtrack, and may the Force energize us to join the epic journey!

green LSW lightsaber

The Canon Characters:

In the Canon continuity, bright lightsabers of green color have been compellingly wielded by legendary characters such as Luke Skywalker, Master Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, and extremely dangerous Ahsoka Tano. Each wielder’s crafting of a weapon and using it afterward made each one of them a part of the rich and colorful Star Wars folklore, growing with each passing day.

Luke Skywalker:

Luke Skywalker with his green lightsaber
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com

Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Knight that most people are aware of, is known for his high skill in mastering the Force coupled with the distinctiveness of his green lightsaber. Creating his lightsaber turned out a major milestone in his development from an ignorant farmer boy straight to a potential Jedi authority. The symbolism attached to Anakin’s green hilt, which stands for freshness, growth, and victory over evil, is one of the main reasons for me to connect with this series.


Yoda with his green lightsaber
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com

Young Obi-Wan learns Jedi martial arts from his mentor Master Yoda, the leader of the Jedi Order, who resembles the Force with his legendary green lightsaber. He has selected green as the color for his blade, which exemplifies the fact that the character is in harmony and his connection with the Force is deepened, focused on peace, wisdom, and serenity. The training session of Yoda has in store the most precious wisdom one can have about patience, endurance, and embracing the will of the Force.

Qui-Gon Jinn:

Qui gon jinn with his green lightsaber
Image Source: screenrant.com

Qui-Gon Jinn, the unique and traditional Jedi Master, whose unconventional techniques and his commitment to the Force go beyond understanding, is an image to be imitated by all. Interestingly, the reason for his green lightsaber is still unclear, maybe so that he can keep his mystery and, of course, his then-free spirit. The ideas of Qui-Gon are that are heard throughout the Jedi Order and the future and globally, therefore he entrusts norms and forms the destinies of key figures.

Ahsoka Tano:

Ahsoka Tano with her green lightsaber
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com

Determined ex-Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano takes the green lightsaber as a symbol of her liberation and strength. Her quest coincides with her bound to the green blade, which seems as a symbol of determination and hope. As her character goes through a series of tests and strains, the lightsaber changes to match her maturity and growth into a Jedi warrior, with a spotless record of fairness and justice.

The Legends Characters:

In the Legends universe, the emerald lightsaber is the sign of the greatest heroes who arise throughout the generations. It also establishes the tremendous force of Kyle Katarn, Mara Jade Skywalker, and the incredible Plo Koon. Through their epic battles, narratives, and struggles, the stories of these individuals depict the age-old lineage and multifaceted owners of the Lucifer-like weapon.

Kyle Katarn:

Kyle Katarn with his green lightsaber
Image Source: starwars.fandom.com

In the Expanded Universe, Kyle Katarn becomes notorious as a Jedi Knight of the caliber, admired for his exquisite prowess in battle and complete devotion to the Jedi cause. Kenya’s journey to becoming a Jedi comes with its share of struggles; his adventurous experience is when he encounters the force and after some time he acquires the green lightsaber. Surviving the end time and legacy of the Jedi are only some of the struggles Kyle has to face throughout the Legend’s continuity, along with several dangerous opponents; its known sources confirmed. An enduring legacy as a valorous knight of the Jedi order and a paragon of inspiration for generations to come across the galaxy reveals Ben Kenobi to be the greatest of heroes.

Mara Jade Skywalker:

Both Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker’s transition from troubled individuals to Jedi learners was painstakingly displayed in the sense of narration of the Expanded Universe. Being green saber, this color shows her redemption and makes the audience to believe that she is in the light side of the force. A crucial point Mara makes to Luke Skywalker and the whole Jedi Order is her getting not only his beloved wife but a strong Jedi Knight who matters to shaping a new Jedi Order.

Plo Koon:

Long before he joined the Jedi Council, Plo Koon, the most respected of the Kel Dor whom their people hail for his unmatched wisdom and battle prowess, was already famous throughout the galaxy. The fact that he chose to use a green lightsaber as a representative of his duty to eradicate dissipating and balance in the power motivation shows perfectly his function in defending the peace. Throughout the Clone Wars and from onwards, it will turn out to be Plo Koon’s influential leadership within the Jedi order, as he will be able to take a stand for his companions in epic battles and give them his essential Jedi guidance.

Comparing Canon and Legends: 

In both canon and legends circles, characters brandishing green lightsabers have commonalities-boldness, endurance, and that strong bond with Force. Such as Luke Skywalker is a symbol of hope and redemption not only in the carbonite-presented version but also in the other one. He confronts the black-suited Vader in both movies with fervor and precision. Also, Master Yoda maintains his enigmatic and wise character throughout both versions, watching everything from his green lightsaber to bring justice back and help the Jedi Order as well.

In contrast to the original novel, the figurative characters are old as well. In the Star Wars canon, Ahsoka Tano’s journey goes separate ways with the Legends version, altering the character growth and the story that she gets to live through. Although both Ahsoka carry green lightsabers, their routes and decisions change their persona in varied ways, but obviously, the character shows the twin nature of the choices that come with the path people take.

Whether the green lightsaber is portrayed on the screen through Canon Continuity or Legends Continuity, it conveys various messages and symbols. A common theme in the movie is growth and transition, merited by characters who mature and embrace their Jedi life and make their green lightsabers, forming a symbol of their transition. In addition, the green lightsaber is known for mirroring balance in the Force through figures like Yoda and Plo Koon, who are seen as wise characters of steadfastness.

Lastly, the green lightsaber is attached to the theme of redemption and the success of good over evil on the other hand. Characters such as Mara Jade from Legends and of Ahsoka Tano in Canon vest green lightsabers as symbols of their journey from being in the dark side to the light side, depicting the course they followed to restore order, upholding justice and righteousness.

Fans’ praise of characters for them being the bearers of green lightsabers differs a lot, with some liking the deep symbolic and default meaning in the color green and others liking other light colors or interpretations. For instance, the green-bladed lightsaber of Luke Skywalker has received acclaim from the fans, being perceived as the instrument to show Luke’s Jedi essence, including his return from the dark side.

In much the same way, Ahsoka Tano and Mara Jade Skywalker are known for wielding green lightsabers, which makes them popular among Star Wars fans and triggers hypotheses about the characters’ personal choices. Seeing these characters is also a powerful symbol that fans often try to decode in terms of the deeper meaning and possible impact on their arc in the storyline.


To conclude, the (mention in both Canon and Legends storylines) of the (green lightsabers) the sheer depth of storytelling and symbolism that exists within the fabulous Star Wars universe is revealed. Although the depiction of characters and the course of the narrative varied between the evergreen lightsaber, it still evokes the powerful emblem of growth, balance, and redemption. The fans’ perception and gossip around these characters’ decisions make it clear that people are deeply into the Force and its owners. While we can admire the multi-faceted personalities of the greenhead geared group, we are reminded through each tale of the surviving elements that attract a broad range of fans wherever we travel in the galaxy.


  1. Where to find the original and hi-tech lightsabers?

The artisans at NEO Sabers are world-famous for creating accurate replicas that are equipped with cutting-edge technology. Whether it be jeweler scripting or realistic sound effects; NEO Sabers creates a contrasting experience for Jedi lovers and Sith evil ones alike.

  1. What does the color of a lightsaber symbolize in the Star Wars mythology?

Lightsaber colors often denote the conviction of a Jedi or Sith and their path. Blue, green, or red represent respectively the guardianship, growth, and harmony or the dark side. Besides other colors, one may associate certain meanings with them as well.

  1. Is it just a weapon that The Force can be used by anyone, or do you have to be a force user to use it?

Even though lightsabers are known to have a special place with Force-sensitive people, any person who undergoes the necessary training can utilize one. Conversely, the ability to wield this weapon flawlessly and deal substantial damage requires experience, as demonstrated with Han Solo and Finn.

  1. Are lightsabers real?

Lightsabers are a fictional weapon shown in the Star Wars cinematic universe which is an energy weapon. Nevertheless, models and prop groups of fans remain as options, which possess authentic designs and features for display or cosplay use.

  1. What is the underlying mechanism of a lightsaber?

Plasmas containing magnetic fields are lightsabers’ energy source, they produce the light and the energy. The hilt accommodates both power cells and focusing crystals, at the same time as a kyber crystal is responsible for the colors and properties of the blade. The user has a choke on the hilt through which the activation of the saber takes place.


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