Journey to Excellence: Ranking the Top Lightsaber Companies

Ranking the Top Lightsaber Companies

In the vast galaxy of lightsaber enthusiasts, one thing is clear – the quest for the perfect lightsaber is an ongoing and deeply personal journey. With so many companies competing to create the ultimate weapon of a Sith or Jedi, it is essential to spotlight the best lightsaber company in the market. 


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In this blog post, we will find out the remarkable lightsaber manufacturers, ranking them based on their quality, innovation, and overall customer satisfaction. Not only this, we will exclusively spotlight the exceptional lightsabers offered by Neo Sabers.

Top Lightsaber Companies

1. NEO SABERS: Pioneering Precision and Craftsmanship

Neo Sabers special lightsaber Box

Image source: Neo Sabers

Among the wide array of lightsaber choices available, NEO Sabers stands out as an exceptional option that captivates enthusiasts with its remarkable lightsabers.

Their dedication to detail and authenticity is unparalleled, creating lightsabers that not only look stunning but also feel like pure extensions of power. 

Whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly option or a high-end masterpiece, Neo Sabers caters to every look and price point.

It is notable for its dedication to maintaining authenticity. The level of lightsaber detail is unmatched, creating an experience where it seems like legendary characters have entrusted you with their lightsabers.

Neo Sabers are different from other brands because they use premium materials. Their lightsaber designs are very innovative and offer customization options.

2. Saber forge: Elevating Aesthetics and Design


Image source: Saberforge

Saber forge is a well-known custom saber company located in the United States, recognized for its wide range of lightsabers available for customization. 

It stands out among other custom saber manufacturers due to its extensive selection of options available.

The Mystery Box Saber is a highly desired product from Saber forge. However, because of its high demand, it frequently sells out quickly, which can make it harder to get. 

In addition to lightsabers, Saberforge provides a wide range of products that go beyond what most custom saber companies offer. Their product lineup includes helmets, blasters, holocrons, wallets, and various other items.

Saber forge distinguishes itself through its significant emphasis on aesthetics and design. The company has become well-known for its careful focus on precision, elaborate decorations, and a wide variety of hilt designs, some of which draw inspiration from movies (unofficially).

 Saberforge sets itself apart by integrating cutting-edge LED lighting technologies and sound systems into their lightsabers, resulting in visually stunning creations that showcase exceptional craftsmanship.

3. Vader’s Vault: Unleashing Elegance and Durability


Image source: Vader Vault

Vader’s Vault is renowned for its dedication to producing lightsabers that exude elegance while maintaining exceptional durability. It offers a balance between design, functionality, and durability that enthusiasts appreciate.

With a focus on using superior materials and paying close attention to detail, every lightsaber is crafted to be both visually striking and durable enough to handle intense duels. 

The sabers they create are carefully crafted to endure the challenges of any battle, guaranteeing durability. Although their sabers may be more expensive than others, the exceptional quality of their craftsmanship makes the higher price worthwhile.

Their shipping speed may not always match that of certain competitors, the company occasionally offers batches of Ready To Ship (RTS) lightsabers that are delivered more promptly. 

They have popular RTS promotions a few times a year, like on May 4th and during Black Friday Sales. These sabers ship in weeks, not months. They sell out fast because people love their sabers.

Vader’s Vault is widely acclaimed for its cutting-edge advancements in saber technologies. Their sabers are known for their excellent quality and the ability to customize them to your liking.

4. Ultra Sabers: Empowering Customization


Image source: Ultrasabers

Ultra Sabers is a well-known brand in the custom lightsaber industry, although it has faced some criticism for outdated technology and has lost favor in certain parts of the community. However, for those seeking exciting duels, Ultrasabers remains a reliable choice.

They are recognized for crafting durable and high-quality lightsabers, suitable for intense dueling. 

Ultra sabers’ lightsabers come equipped with lights and sounds that enhance the overall experience of your duels, offering authentic and satisfying sounds through obsidian soundboards.

One notable feature is the ease of customization provided by Ultra sabers. The lightsabers are designed for easy disassembly and part replacement, allowing users to create a unique saber tailored to their preferences.

Ultra sabers are particularly praised for its affordability, making it a cost-effective option compared to other lightsaber brands. Despite some criticism, their Grab Bag Sabers and Mystery Box Sabers remain popular and reasonably priced for those entering the saber community.

It’s important to note that Ultrasabers does not currently offer the neopixel lightsaber configuration, which is a commonly sought-after feature in the custom saber market.

Ultra Sabers’ emphasis on affordability, without compromising on durability, makes them a popular choice among lightsaber enthusiasts.

5. Electrum Saber crafts: Uniting Technology and Performance


Image source: Electrum Sabercrafts

Electrum Saber crafts embraces innovation by integrating cutting-edge technology into their lightsabers. 

It is a new company making cool lightsabers. They are special because they have smart saber tech. These  sabers easily connect to your phone through Bluetooth, allowing for easy communication with a dedicated app.

 With the app, you can pick the color, lights, motion, and sounds of your saber.

These sabers are made in Canada, and even though the company is new, a lot of people like them. That is because Electrum Sabers make perfect sabers. 

They are also trying new things with saber tech. One cool thing is you can use your phone to change your saber. Just download their app and have fun picking colors and sounds.

One more special thing about Electrum Sabers is how you turn them on. Instead of a button, they have a touch sensor. Slide your thumb, and your saber comes to life. It’s easy and fun.

Electrum Sabers unique Smart Saber system allows users to create custom sound profiles, adjust blade colors on the fly, and even control their lightsaber via Bluetooth. This fusion of technology and performance offers a truly immersive experience for lightsaber aficionados.

6. Saber trio: Affordable and Awesome


Image source: Sabertrio

Sabertrio, a budget-friendly lightsaber company located in Malaysia, offers a variety of hilt styles, featuring a sleek and ergonomic design. 

While they don’t provide character-themed designs, many of their hilts draw inspiration from popular characters. Additionally, Sabertrio allows for weathering and etching options to customize your saber.

As a newcomer in the custom saber market, Sabertrio has quickly gained popularity. Presently, they offer four hilt styles: Arclyte, Vahlken, Aeryn, and Skylar

The company focuses on innovation, regularly introducing new hilt designs and adopting advanced saber technologies. Sabertrio provides three types of lightsabers: stunt sabers, RGB sabers, FX sabers, and Neopixel sabers

Saber trio is committed to delivering high-quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price. While not the cheapest option, their sabers are known for their value and have become popular in the custom saber community. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction with reliable and responsive customer service.

7. Korbanth: Movie-Ready Sabers


Image source: Korbanth Sabers

Korbanth Sabers are super high-quality and even used in The Last Jedi by Disney. Imagine having a lightsaber from a real Star Wars movie!

They don’t just look good; Disney trusted them, so you know they are well-made. You can get the Graflex lightsaber that was actually in The Last Jedi. Plus, there are other options on for both builders and buyers.

What sets Korbanth apart is not just their exceptional sabers but also their outstanding customer service. They keep you informed about your lightsaber’s status throughout the online ordering process.

It’s a great place for saber fans!

If you’re seeking a lightsaber with a touch of cinematic authenticity and excellent customer support, Korbanth is a solid choice. Additionally, they offer character-inspired empty hilt kits, neopixel sabers, and accessories from various reputable makers, making them a versatile hub for saber enthusiasts.

8. Genesis Custom Sabers: Embracing Artistry and Authenticity


Image source: Genesis Custom Sabers

Genesis Custom Sabers aims to capture the essence of Star Wars by intricately crafting lightsabers that are both visually captivating and authentic in design. 

With an eye for artistic expression, they create highly customized lightsabers that pay homage to the rich lore of the franchise. 

The level of craftsmanship offered by Genesis Custom Sabers is reflected in its higher price range. The initial cost is $2000, but it can surpass that amount with additional customizations. 

The attention to detail in their lightsabers makes them truly worthwhile. At the moment, they are not currently accepting commissions. 

However, it is worth noting that on May 4th, which is commonly referred to as Star Wars Day, they typically offer a promotion for ready-to-ship items.

Genesis Custom Sabers is a go-to choice for those seeking beautifully crafted pieces of art.

9. YDDSABER: Affordable and Battle-ready


Image source:

You might think twice about buying your first lightsaber online due to the high prices. But YDDSABER will put your mind at ease; it is far less expensive than the industry leaders.

The cheaper price tag doesn’t always indicate lesser quality. It’s still tough enough for serious dueling, and YDDSABER still delivers you authentic blaster sounds and cool clash effects. At parties, cosplay events, or duels, you may feel like your favorite Jedi or Sith with seven distinct blade colors to select from.

While more expensive products like ULTRA SABERS and SABERFORGE may have fancier packaging, YDDSABER isn’t exactly luxurious. However, YDDSABER is the best option if you’re looking for a lightsaber that is affordable.

10. The Pach Store: Epic and Affordable 


Image source: The Patch Store

If you are searching for high-quality yet reasonably priced lightsabers, then the Pach Store is the perfect place for you. 

Located in Hong Kong, this company specializes in Star Wars merchandise. They provide high-quality products at affordable prices.

The Pach Store is gaining attention in the market for affordable and moderately priced lightsabers. Their focus is on offering affordable choices from popular brands such as YDD Sabers and LGT Sabers.

Although they may not be considered the top-tier in the lightsaber industry, the Pach Store is a great choice for beginners who are just getting into the world of lightsabers. 

The lightsabers they offer range in price from $60 to $200, making them accessible to different budgets. In addition, they provide empty hilts for do-it-yourself installations and non-lightsaber prop replicas.

What sets them unique is their commitment to providing cost-effective lights, sounds, and effects. Rest assured, The Pach Store ensures a swift delivery of your lightsaber, despite being based in Hong Kong.

11. Kyberlight: Modular and Magical


Image source: Kyberlight Sabers

Kyberlight was established a few years ago and has gained popularity for its affordable sound sabers. 

Kyberlight stands out from the rest by providing a single lightsaber hilt design. Instead of featuring a wide array of distinct hilts, they employ a system that allows effortless customization by interchanging various components to alter the appearance of your lightsaber.

The cost is approximately $200, making it an affordable sound saber option that is budget-friendly. Additionally, there are 20 pre-installed choices available for modifying the blade’s color.

Kyberlight distinguishes itself from other brands by offering a unique lightsaber hilt design. Their  lightsabers are offered at an affordable price.

12. Star Wars: Collect and Cosplay


Image source:

Visit the Star Wars Store on Amazon if you’re looking for lightsabers that mimic the designs of your beloved Star Wars characters. 

They have replica lightsabers of famous Star Wars characters like: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Mandalorian Dark saber.

These lightsabers provide an authentic experience with advanced lighting and sound effects directly inspired by the films. These swords have a slightly greater weight and are sufficiently robust for engaging in moderate duels. 

Additionally, these items serve as excellent collectibles, accompanied by a stand for proud display.

Although they may be more expensive compared to YDDSABER and KYBERS RGB, these lightsabers are incredibly accurate replicas of the weapons used by our favorite heroes and villains. 

If you have an interest in cosplay and desire to replicate thrilling battle sequences from the movies, the Star Wars store is an excellent option that can be found on Amazon.

13. The Custom Saber Shop: Build. Illuminate. Unleash


Image source: The Custom Saber Shop

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS) is a renowned and innovative company in the custom lightsaber sector. This company specializes in the sale of empty hilts and provides a wide selection of components and materials for lightsaber enthusiasts who take pleasure in constructing, fixing, or enhancing their own sabers. 

If you enjoy a practical approach and are interested in crafting your own lightsaber, TCSS is the ideal place to visit. This source offers a wide range of products, covering all the necessary items such as empty hilts, neopixel parts, electronics, and various supplies. 

TCSS has gained recognition for its introduction of the Modular Hilt System (MHS) components, which enable users to effortlessly create their own unique lightsaber hilt by combining various parts.

14. JQ Sabers: Crafted Brilliance Awaits


Image source: JQ Sabers

JQ Sabers, located in the United Kingdom, offers a range of lightsabers in various styles. They provide both hilt kits and fully assembled lightsabers, catering to different preferences. The designs span from metallic and modern to battle-scarred and weathered, giving customers diverse options.

If you visit their website, you can choose from ready-to-ship lightsabers or opt for a fully customized one. 

JQ Sabers is known for its craftsmanship, allowing customers to enjoy a personalized lightsaber experience.

15. Kyber Sabers: Unleashing Elegance and Durability


Image source: Kyber Sabers

Kyber Sabers offers genuine features such as illuminated blades and lifelike sound effects that provide an immersive experience reminiscent of the Clone Wars. 

The Kybers RGB lightsaber hilt offers the option of either black or gunmetal, allowing users to customize the appearance of their lightsaber. Additionally, it includes a handgrip that can be used to enhance your hold during a duel. 

The authenticity of Kyber Sabers is enhanced by the inclusion of three unique sound typefaces for the saber’s flash on clash, as well as sound effects that provide feedback whenever the lightsaber makes contact with another object.

Kyber Sabers offers a cost-effective lightsaber option that allows for additional personalization, enabling you to truly give your saber a unique touch. 

Challenges Faced by Lightsaber Companies

Legal Considerations

Lightsabers are often classified as weapons in various countries, leading to legal challenges for companies. To operate legally, lightsaber manufacturers must obtain licenses, permits, or certifications, navigating through regulations to prevent fines or legal complications.

Safety Measures

Given the potential dangers of lightsabers, companies need to ensure product quality and reliability. Providing clear instructions, warnings, and robust customer support is essential to address safety concerns, preventing injuries or damage due to mishandling or malfunctions.

Competition and Branding

In the specialized lightsaber market, competition is fierce. Companies must distinguish themselves by innovating, enhancing designs, and promoting their brand. Differentiation, coupled with effective marketing, is key to standing out among competitors.

Quality Assurance

Maintaining consistent quality is a priority in lightsaber construction. Companies must uphold high standards for durability, materials, and functionality. This commitment is vital for building and maintaining customer trust in the long run.

Cost Challenges

The use of premium materials and craftsmanship in lightsaber production can be costly. Striking a balance between maintaining quality and offering competitive prices poses an ongoing challenge for manufacturers.

Technological Advancements

Staying current with technological advancements is crucial for lightsaber companies. Adapting to new features and improvements while keeping products affordable ensures that they remain relevant and meet evolving consumer expectations.

Customization Demands

Consumers often desire personalized lightsabers. Meeting customization demands while optimizing production processes poses a challenge for companies. Balancing individual preferences with efficient manufacturing is key to satisfying customer needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Given that lightsabers attract Star Wars enthusiasts, understanding and meeting customer expectations is vital. Offering customization options, understanding fan preferences, and fostering loyalty contribute to overall customer satisfaction, ensuring continued success in the market.

Neo Sabers: Your Worry-Free Lightsaber Experience

Rest assured with Neo Sabers! Our services are designed to ensure that all legal requirements are met, while also prioritizing safety and surpassing our competitors. 

Neo Sabers lightsabers are known for their exceptional quality, affordable prices, and advanced technology. Our focus is on providing customized options that meet your needs, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way. 

Trust Neo Sabers for a worry-free lightsaber experience that exceeds expectations.


Unveiling NEO Sabers’ Distinctive Lightsabers

1. RGB Lightsabers

NEO Sabers introduces a vibrant spectrum with RGB lightsabers, bringing an array of colors to your fingertips. Get yourself in a personalized lightsaber experience with customizable hues that reflect your unique style.

2. Neopixel Lightsabers

Elevate your lightsaber fighting to new heights with Neopixel technology. NEO Sabers’ Neopixel lightsabers are not just for show; they are designed for combat, ensuring durability and a genuine Star Wars experience.

3. Proffie Lightsabers

NEO Sabers takes customization to the next level with Proffie lightsabers. These sabers are not just weapons; they are a true extension of your Jedi or Sith identity. Tailor the sound effects and lighting to match your character, creating a one-of-a-kind lightsaber.

4. Replica Lightsabers

NEO Sabers pays homage to iconic characters by offering meticulously crafted replica lightsabers. From the hilt to the blade, every detail is designed to mirror the weapons wielded by your favorite characters in the Star Wars saga.

5. Double-Bladed Lightsabers

For those who prefer the finesse of dual-wielding, NEO Sabers presents an impressive collection of double-bladed lightsabers. Choose from various designs and customize each blade to your liking, embracing the art of combat with unmatched style.

Why are Neo Sabers the Best Lightsaber Company?

Neo Sabers is known for its outstanding lightsabers, which are crafted with accuracy and feature creative designs. Our devotion to providing an outstanding lightsaber experience sets us apart as the top brand in the industry. 

Neo Sabers is highly regarded in the industry for its precise craftsmanship, use of finest components, and dedication to delivering an enjoyable and genuine lightsaber experience to enthusiasts. 

We have solidified our position as the top choice for those seeking the highest quality lightsabers. Our lightsaber construction is highly accurate and the hilt designs are one-of-a-kind.

Our premium lightsaber collection features:

  1. Neopixel Brilliance

NEO Sabers takes the lightsaber game to a whole new level with their awe-inspiring neopixel technology. 

The vibrant and dynamic lighting effects in their neopixel lightsabers bring a cinematic flair to your duels, immersing you in the Star Wars universe like never before.

  1.  Dueling Excellence

NEO Sabers prioritizes quality, crafting lightsabers not just for display but for thrilling duels. 

The clash of blades, accompanied by authentic sound effects, ensures that every battle feels like a scene straight out of a Star Wars movie.

  1. Distinctive Designs

At NEO Sabers, you’ll find more than just lightsabers. We offer a platform for expressing your love for lightsabers.

With a diverse range of categories, including RGB lightsabers, neopixel lightsabers, proffie lightsabers, replica lightsabers, and double-bladed lightsabers, you have the freedom to choose a saber that truly reflects your style.

  1. Customization Galore

Following in the footsteps of lightsaber legends, NEO Sabers allows you to tailor your lightsaber exactly as you envision it. 

From hilts to lightsaber blades and wraps, the in-house customization options ensure that your lightsaber is a unique extension of yourself.

Neo Sabers vs. Others: What Sets Them Apart

Category       Neo Sabers     Other Top Makers
Neopixel TechnologyImpressive lighting effectsVaries by brand 
Dueling CapabilityRealistic sound and durable   Similar      
Design VarietyRGB, neopixel, proffie, moreLimited choices  
Customization OptionsIn-house customization  Varies; some limited options 
Price Range     Budget-friendly to high-endVaries; reasonable pricing

Why Choose Neo Sabers?

If you’re into lightsabers, Neo Sabers is your go-to. From mind-blowing neopixel lightsabers to affordable options, Neo Sabers ensures your lightsaber isn’t just a prop – it is your journey into the Star Wars universe. 

Neo Sabers offers outstanding lightsabers that are guaranteed to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. No need to stress about legal stuff, safety, or competition when it comes to lightsabers – Neo Sabers has you covered!

Legal Stuff? Covered!

Neo Sabers makes sure everything is legal and good to go, so you can enjoy your lightsaber without worries.

Safety First!

We take safety seriously. Neo Sabers checks and double-checks everything to make sure your lightsaber isn’t just cool but also safe to use.

Stand Out from the Rest!

In a sea of lightsabers, Neo Sabers is the one that stands out. We’re always coming up with new ideas to make sure your lightsaber is unique and awesome.

Top-Notch Quality!

Quality is our thing. Neo Sabers makes sure your lightsaber is super strong, made from the best stuff, and works like a charm.

Affordable Awesomeness!

You get the best without breaking the bank. Neo Sabers gives you top-quality lightsabers at prices that won’t make you wince.

Tech Magic!

We keep up with the cool stuff. Neo Sabers adds new features and upgrades to your lightsabers, making sure you’re always on the cutting edge.

Your Style, Your Way!

Want your lightsaber to be unique? No problem! Neo Sabers lets you pick and choose to make your lightsaber perfect for you.

You’re the Star!

Because we’re Star Wars fans too, Neo Sabers understands what you want. We go out of our way to make sure you’re happy with your lightsaber.

In the world of lightsabers, Neo Sabers is your go-to for an awesome experience that’s just right for you!

May your battles be epic, and your lightsaber, a true reflection of your saga.


There has been ongoing debate within the Star Wars community about who is the ultimate lightsaber maker. 

Despite continued discussions, a clear answer has yet to be determined. It appears that the crown is still available for anyone to claim.

In the end, the decision comes down to personal choice, and there are plenty of differing opinions on this topic. 

If you choose to purchase a lightsaber from Neo Sabers or any other trusted manufacturer, you can be sure that you will have an amazing lightsaber experience. 

The other manufacturers in the industry are also well-known, together representing the highest level of lightsaber craftsmanship currently.


1. What is considered the best lightsaber?

Deciding on the top lightsaber company is a matter of personal preference, as individual tastes are a major factor. Neo Sabers, on the other hand, sets itself apart with its distinctive features and designs. Various lightsabers have unique features and designs, and what’s best for one person may not be the same for another.

2. Which lightsaber is considered the rarest in the world?

In the vast Star Wars universe, black-bladed sabers are a true rarity, especially the infamous Dark saber linked to the Dark Side of the Force. Notable for their connection to Sith or Dark Jedi, they are seldom seen on screen.

3. What is the strongest lightsaber style?

Among the seven forms of lightsaber combat, Soreso, Shein, and Vaapad are considered the most effective. The effectiveness of these forms lies in their strategic elements, each having its strengths and weaknesses.

4. Who has the coolest lightsabers in Star Wars?

The coolest lightsabers are subjective, but some notable ones include the Ahsoka Tano’s Curved Hilt White Lightsabers, Luke Skywalker Saber, Mace Windu purple lightsaber, Dark saber, Darth Maul’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber, and. Each has its unique design and significance in the Star Wars franchise.

5. What is the most respected lightsaber color?

The blue lightsaber is widely respected and commonly used by many esteemed Jedi throughout Star Wars history. Its elegance and association with some of the greatest Jedi make it one of the most favored lightsaber colors.

6. Who made the original lightsaber?

In the Star Wars: The Old Republic lore, the very first lightsaber, named the First Blade, was crafted by a member of the ancient Je’daii Order recognized as the Weapons Master.

7. What was the most expensive lightsaber ever sold?

In 2008, Luke Skywalker’s Episode IV Lightsaber from the collection of movie producer Gary Kurtz became the most expensive lightsaber ever sold, fetching a price of $240,000.

8. Who has six lightsabers?

Jedi Master Skwelli, a notable Jar’Kai master, carried six lightsabers. His exceptional skill and unique fighting form were admired in his era, making him renowned among Jedi.


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