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Original ASW EP3

  • Superbright Pixel Blade with infinite color options
  • Duel grade 92cm long Polycarbonate Blade
  • Solid Frosted Aluminum Alloy Hilt
  • Flash-On-Clash, Smooth Swing and SoundFonts
  • Various Blade and Ignition modes
  • Blade with fitted Pixel Strip
  • Premium Xenopixel v3 Soundboard
  • SoundFonts customization and SD Card
  • Realistic Sound Effects with Motion Sensors
  • Long Lasting Lithium-ion rechargeable/replaceable battery
  • Bluetooth support for much enhanced experience


Play Video
Play Video

Metal Hilt & Advanced Soundboard

  • Solid Frosted Aluminum Alloy Hilt
  • Hilt with Life time Warranty
  • Easy to Grip
  • Smooth Swing
  • Premium Xenopixel v3 Soundboard
  • Bluetooth support for much-enhanced experience

Unbreakable Blade

  • Superbright Pixel Blade
  • Flash on Clash
  • Shatterproof Blade
  • Removeable Blade
  • One Year Warranty

Package Contents

  • Hilt with Kit and Battery
  • Polycarbonate Blade
  • Allen Key
  • Screws Pack
  • Premium Case
  • Acrylic Stand
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

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The Darksaber’s strength doesn’t come from a specific wielder. It symbolizes authority among Mandalorians, passing through tradition and conflicts, signifying power rather than innate strength.

In combat, the Darksaber is similar to a standard lightsaber. Its significance lies in Mandalorian culture rather than as a weapon overpowering other lightsabers.
The Darksaber’s strength is symbolic, representing leadership and historical importance within Mandalorian culture more than physical power.
Bo-Katan Kryze initially held the Darksaber during the Clone Wars. In “The Mandalorian,” Din Djarin (Mando) acquired it after a conflict.
Mandalorian tradition dictates the Darksaber’s owner must win it in combat, creating a dilemma for Mando due to his respect for tradition.
According to Mandalorian tradition, the genuine owner of the Darksaber is the individual who wins it in combat, establishing leadership among Mandalorians, rooted in tradition and power.
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