Disney Revealed ‘Real’ Lightsaber at D23 Event

Disney Revealed 'Real' Lightsaber at D23 Event

On May 4th, 2021, the chairman of Disney parks named Mr. Josh D’Amaro was at a seemingly routine press event for the upcoming launch of Disneyland’s new Avengers Campus area where he gave a speech and ended his presentation with a surprise reveal of a real lightsaber. This news spread like fire among the star war fans. The lightsaber which was revealed was not any ordinary lightsaber but In fact, it was definitely the holy grail of replica lightsabers, the one that can fully extend property and it can also retract its blade, just like those actual lightsabers in the films.



The first ever live exhibition of Disney’s REAL lightsaber occurred at the Destination D23 event. This lightsaber is a brand new or you can say first of its kind and might be seen only by guests of the Star Wars. Disney started teasing this lightsaber in April in a full action video and it is now revealed. Fans are loving it! The new sabers, true to form, will be an essential part of Disney’s upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Star Cruiser immersive hotel, which vows to take the underlying reason of its Galaxy’s Edge park and grow it to an amazing Westworld-style intuitive two-night Star Wars experience. 

Disney says that the new sabers are as yet underway by Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development team, yet they probably will be prepared for visitors to purchase when the Galactic Starcruiser hotel experience departures in 2022. There is no news on what the cost is going to be, obviously, yet considering that Disney’s “ordinary” lightsabers previously cost $200 each at Galaxy’s Edge, anticipate that the upgraded models of lightsabers should cost a little bit more.


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From March 2022, the Galactic Starcruiser hotel is going to organize a special event for star war fans called Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser A 2-Night, Immersive Adventure. It is going to be a progressive new 2-night experience where you are the legend. You and your gathering will set out on a first-of-its-kind Star Wars experience that is your own. It’s the most vivid Star Wars story at any point made, one where you get to live the real experience, made encounters and excursions further into a Star Wars adventure than you could ever think of. 

The Galactic Starcruiser Hotel offers so much with a great event like this. Their highlights may include:

  • Familiar and some new Star Wars Characters need your assistance and will welcome you to dig further into the story. Now is the time to cooperate with them more than ever, leave on secret missions and make partnerships. 
  • Use a lightsaber as you go head to head against a remote preparing gadget. You might want to get this new lightsaber there. 
  • Investigate the Bridge and work the boat’s frameworks and controls. Your story might even lead you to find the internal activities of the boat in the Engineering Room.
  • Take a selective vehicle to the planet Batuu, where you’ll have the chance to participate in extraordinary missions and encounters that extend the tale of your experience. 
  • This get-away experience likewise incorporates a section to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, not only that but they also include the rest of Disney’s Hollywood Studios for your planetary excursion to Batuu.
  • Dinning, cabins and suites are also going to be available. 

Thus Show up at the Walt Disney World Resort terminal, board a dispatch unit and meet with the heavenly Halcyon starcruiser. Remain in a lodge or suite with a lovely view of space. All through the cruise, you are going to get interaction with an eclectic collection of characters, sit down tightly to exotic galactic cuisine and maybe even plot a mysterious mission together. 

Along with all these festivities, do not forget about the amazing new lightsaber. As there’s a lot of proof that another toy lightsaber has been in Disney’s mind for some time. The organization is obviously mindful of the way that the enormous plastic cutting edges are a lumbering disturbance, both Disney and a lot of other merchants’ offer carrying bags. 

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Disney’s present lightsaber which are called Galaxy’s Edge Sabers are as of now colossally famous, to begin. Furthermore, a really retractable lightsaber that lights up and looks great would be an enormous upgrade for park fans and cosplayers. This lightsaber is consistently called as REAL by fans because the blade appears to fully extend and retract, unlike other Disney lightsabers.

D’Amaro originally made that big appearance at the show and showed everybody his REAL lightsaber. He then, at one point, showed a video of a new visit he made to Walt Disney World’s newest resort. He visited the spaceship and even got to take part in the same lightsaber training that visitors will actually want to appreciate. Well the fans are appreciating finding out about the intuitive adventures that visitors can experience.


Picture Source: wdwnt.com

Alas! You might not be able to purchase or play with this lightsaber as it is not for sale. The ticket which is worth the multi-thousand dollar that you are about to buy does include some lightsaber training, though. You might not get the REAL lightsaber but instead you will be given what feels like a high-end, yet slimmed-down lightsaber replica with a fixed blade. When you power the lightsaber up, all of the sounds and vibrations you would expect will be there. This replica also has some new updated features. 

This vacation also includes a session where you will be utilizing the given lightsabers to avoid laser beams terminated by a wall mounted training remote. It starts slowly, allowing you to discover how it functions, and afterward it increases to Jedi level where you’re forced to hinder assaults without seeing the lasers. The lightsaber utilized in this movement feels about comparable to a Force FX lightsaber, however it is a bit more limited, yet it’s simply intended to be utilized for lightsaber training and will not be ready to sell.


It is going to be an amazing event of a lifetime. So do not miss it if you are a TRUE fan of Star wars and have a love for TRUE lightsabers. 


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