Neopixel Lightsaber vs RGB Baselit Lightsaber

Neopixel Lightsaber vs RGB Baselit Lightsaber
Neo pixel VS RGB Base lit Lightsaber

The intergalactic arena of Star Wars is full of melodrama and enthralling energy. Jedi and Sith wield different sophisticated weapons to exterminate each other. 

The fandom remains riveted to see the dark red lightsabers brandished by Darth Vader and the green energy wielded by Luke Skywalker. 

To keep the interest alive, the Star Wars franchise has been introducing newer launches of lightsabers. However, there are two that hold the fort for long; the Neopixel lightsaber that has gained widespread traction owing to the sparkling aura. On the other hand, the RGB base-lit lightsabers are also relevant and effective, considering them the best fit for dueling.  

Lightsabers have a myriad of usages. These are equally good in dueling, cosplaying, and displaying. It’s really difficult to decide which lightsaber is the best fit for you. The deciding factor also lies in what you want from the lightsaber at hand. 

To make things easier for you, we have done a brief comparison between Neopixel and RGB base-lit lightsabers. Stay with us to find the right pick! 

Comparison – Neopixel Lightsaber vs RGB Baselit Lightsaber


1. Blade Comparison 

Lightsabers for combat require a sturdy blade to stand against the wear and tear of the tense lightsaber duel. On the other hand, cosplay aesthetics matter a lot rather than tangibility. So, the blade should shine realistically like those displayed in Star Wars. The aesthetics must pay a correct tribute to the Star Wars franchise. The claws on the hilt are also worth attention. In real life, these claws are only useful in display and cosplay. They don’t have any relevance for combat. 

Lightsaber blades are crafted from polycarbonate and made in different grades and lengths. The two basic grades are Mid Grade and Heavy Grade. Both RGB and Neopixel lightsabers have these options. The user can pick according to her preference. As a rule of thumb, Heavy Grade Blades are the best fit for dueling while Mid-grade Blades are often picked up for extending the scintillating flashes in bright color schemes. Heavy Grade Blades are the epitome of sturdiness and extreme durability. 

Besides grading, some other considerations need to be taken into account. The Neopixel blade has LED strips fitted inside and heavy dueling can rough up all of these. This, in turn, gives dark spots to the whole blade. If you are inclined towards heavy dueling, RGB lightsabers should be selected as the LEDs are fitted in the hilt. This is why RGB lightsabers are also known as base-lit lightsabers. 

2. Effects Comparison

Neopixel lightsabers shine just like the one displayed in Star Wars enterprise. Neopixel has a wide range of animations, colors, and effects. These nice variations are not possible with the RGB lightsaber. The only variation in the Neopixel is LEDs installed inside the blade as opposed to the RGB blade that contains LEDs in the hilt. The outer LEDs provide better contrast and brightness. RGB stays to the basics. 

3. Colors Comparison

The blade of the Neopixel seems fuller in terms of brightness. The individual LEDs lighten up different sections. On the other hand, RGB lightsabers also emit light from the hilt, but it fades away as it travels to the blade. Neopixel provides a much better color quality. 

4. Mode comparison

When it comes to different modes, Neopixel lightsabers offer a variety of modes like, combat , rainbow, unstable and blaster bolts. When it comes to RGB its way more simpler as it does not allow you to go for customization.

5. Sound fonts

RGB is a very simple lightsaber as compared to Neopixel. Neopixel Proffie has an option to customise and add sounds, while the standard Neopixel doesn’t come with any addition option for sound fonts. As far as RGB lightsabers, you can add sound fonts using SD cards and can customise it with light as you may want.

6. Aesthetics Comparison

Both of the lightsabers meet the needs for display, combat, and cosplay. Nevertheless, the Neopixel lightsaber is the clear winner in terms of aesthetics. Anyone cosplaying Darth Vader will not like the shiny red light to dull along the blade, so the Neopixel lightsaber is the right choice. 

7. Usability Comparison  

Neopixel lightsabers have a variety of effects while turning lightsabers on and off. The RGB lightsaber simply turns on as a normal tube light. Nonetheless, clashing with RGB lightsabers is much better. From an unstable blaster bolt, you can even roll out rainbow effects. 

Having said that, a Neopixel lightsaber can individually be flashed, you get the handy brightness and effects in a single click. The usability of both lightsabers is “Okay”. 

8. Components Comparison

The basic components of both Neopixel and RGB lightsabers are the same. As there is a hilt that connects to the blade. The hilt contains all the electronic paraphernalia that controls effects and sounds. 

The hilt also contains a coupler, tightening screw, body, pommel cap, and soundboard. The recharged battery is ensconced inside the hilt. The only difference between the RGB and Neopixel lightsaber hilt is the change of radiance. As the former is base-lit while the latter’s base does not brighten up. 

9. Power Consumption Comparison

Neopixel lightsaber is complex and extend realistic effects. These scintillating effects bring in more drainage of battery juice as compared to the RGB base-lit lightsaber. However, the power consumption standards of Neopixel lightsabers have been improved over the years, but it is still more voracious than the RGB rival. 

10. Dueling Comparison

Both variants are great for dueling, but there is a lacuna with Neopixel. The LED strips are prone to damage during extreme clashes. We recommend RGB lightsabers for heavy dueling. 

11. Limitations

Neopixel lightsabers cost more than the LED base-lit RGB lightsaber. But, the former drains the batteries quicker than the latter. The only drawback with the RGB lightsabers is the restrictive specifications of effects. Neopixel rolls out a few more effects. 


Let’s summarize, both Neopixel and RGB lightsabers have their set of pros and cons. In the end, it comes down to your end, what you want from your particular lightsaber. Just pick up the one that suits your requirements. Grab one and enjoy the real-life cosplay!


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