Black friday lightsaber sale

Black Friday is drawing around, and as we are all aware, this will be the greatest day to take advantage of all of the amazing offers on mesmerizing lightsabers. 

Best Lightsaber Deals: Where to Find Them?

Although we all appreciate a good bargain, we are also aware that it can be extremely time-consuming to sift through the various stores and discounts in order to locate the finest ones. To assist customers in saving money on their holiday purchases, different stores annually roll out their finest and greatest sales on lightsabers. To your great relief, the NEO Sabers team has completed the laborious tasks on your behalf and arranged the results of your efforts in a way that is easy to use. 

On November 24, 2023, don’t miss out on Black Friday lightsaber deals to grab the best sabers at unbeatable prices. You’ve arrived at the perfect place to find the finest discounts on lightsabers NEO Sabers has them all.

Top 10 Lightsaber Black Friday Deals 2023 

Get ready to light up your Black Friday with the hottest deals of 2023!

We’ve scoured the galaxy to bring you the top 10 lightsaber deals that are simply out of this world. Whether you’re a Jedi-in-training or a Sith aficionado, these discounts will have you wielding the Force in style without emptying your wallet. 

Don’t miss out on these epic bargains!”

Jade II ( Starkiller)

Immerse yourself in the allure of the Jade II (Starkiller) lightsaber this Black Friday—a stunning design replica of the legendary Starkiller lightsaber. 


Crafted as a design replica of the iconic Starkiller lightsaber, its advanced and stylish appearance will leave you awestruck. The meticulously recreated details and flawless craftsmanship make it a true collector’s piece. 

And the best part? It comes at a price that makes it the deal of a lifetime. But this saber isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s infused with the latest cutting-edge technology and advanced features, promising to redefine your lightsaber experience. 


  • Realistic Starkiller design replica
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Super bright blade
  • Flash-On-Clash
  • Smooth Swing motion sensors
  • Duel-grade, durable blade
  • Crystal-clear sound with volume control
  • Wide range of customizable blade colors
  • Long-lasting, removable lithium-ion battery
  • Bluetooth connectivity for an enhanced experience

The Jade II (Starkiller) lightsaber is your key to becoming the hero of your own Star Wars story. This Black Friday, don’t let this incredible opportunity slip away. Join the ranks of the galaxy’s greatest warriors and make your mark on the universe. 

The force awaits; seize it now!

Original Sabine Xenov3

Step into the Star Wars Saga: Your Sabine-Inspired Adventure Begins!


This Black Friday, dive into the Star Wars universe with the Original Sabine Xenov3 Lightsaber. Brace yourself for an unparalleled lightsaber experience – all at an irresistible discount! 

Crafted with an array of cutting-edge features, heightened brightness, and advanced technology that surpasses the standard in-hilt LED sabers, this lightsaber radiates the same radiant Force energy. It’s incredibly lifelike appearance only adds to the magic, making it the ultimate choice for aspiring Jedi and Sith alike.


Inspired by the iconic lightsaber wielded by Sabine Wren in the latest Ahsoka series, capturing the true essence of Sabine’s bold and artistic style. 

This is your chance to own a piece of Star Wars history without breaking the bank.


Prepare to wield the Force like never before with the Original Sabine Xenov3 Lightsaber, and here are its cutting-edge features that will transport you to a galaxy far, far away!

  • Hyper-Realistic: Super-bright blade and thunderous speaker for an immersive experience.
  • Flash-on-Clash: Realistic light and sound effects during battles.
  • Smooth Swing: Motion sensors for lifelike swings.
  • Indestructible Blade: Strong, removable polycarbonate blade.
  • Powerful Speaker: Clear, adjustable volume.
  • Exciting Modes: Various blade and ignition modes, including pixel strip.
  • Bright Colors: Full spectrum and presets for personalization.
  • All-Day Power: Removable battery with Bluetooth support.

Why Wait? Grab Yours Now! 

Don’t let this Black Friday deal slip through your fingers. The Original Sabine Xenov3 is more than just a weapon; it’s your key to becoming a legendary Star Wars hero. Embrace the Force and make this incredible lightsaber yours today!

Jade Hunter Pro

Master the Force like Sith and Jedi: Your Galactic Key Awaits!


Dive into the future of lightsabers with the Jade Hunter Pro, a masterpiece that blends cutting-edge technology with timeless Star Wars allure. This Black Friday, seize the opportunity to wield the Force like never before as you embark on an unforgettable lightsaber journey.


The Jade Hunter Pro is more than just a lightsaber; it’s your gateway to a galaxy of possibilities:

  • Super bright RGB LED: Choose from 12 stunning colors to suit your mood and style.
  • Duel-Grade Polycarbonate Blade: A sturdy 92cm blade built for intense dueling sessions.
  • Solid Frosted Aluminum Alloy Hilt: Crafted for both durability and elegance.
  • Flash-On-Clash and SoundFonts: Experience realistic combat with dazzling flashes and authentic sound effects.
  • Limited Blade Modes: Unique settings for added visual flair.
  • Realistic Sound Effects: Motion sensors bring your swings to life.
  • Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery: Keep the action going all day with a rechargeable/replaceable battery.
  • Bluetooth Support: Elevate your experience to new heights with enhanced connectivity.

Why Wait? Unleash the Force Today! 

The Jade Hunter Pro isn’t just a lightsaber; it’s a gateway to epic adventures. Grab yours this Black Friday and make your Star Wars dreams a reality. The galaxy is calling, and it’s time to answer!

Original DM Weathered

Embrace the Dark Side: Unleash Your Inner Sith!


This Black Friday, seize the ultimate opportunity to harness the power of the Sith with the Original DM Weathered double-bladed lightsaber. If you’ve ever dreamt of channeling your inner Sith Lord, this is your moment! With cutting-edge technology and unparalleled realism, this lightsaber is your perfect match to conquer the galaxy.


Designed as a faithful replica of Darth Maul’s iconic crimson double-bladed lightsaber, the Original DM Weathered lets you wield the same sinister elegance as the legendary Sith Lord himself.


Prepare to be captivated by the dark side with these extraordinary features:

  • Realistic Experience: Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe with a brilliantly bright blade and a thunderous speaker.
  • Flash on Clash: Engage in epic duels as the saber emits a dazzling white light and lifelike sound effects on impact.
  • Smooth Swing: Motion sensors deliver seamless, realistic swing experiences.
  • Strong Shatterproof Blade: A durable, removable 82cm polycarbonate blade, perfect for intense dueling.
  • Loud Speaker: The adjustable, crystal-clear speaker ensures every command is heard loud and clear.
  • Blade Colors: Choose from a full spectrum of colors and preset options to customize your lightsaber.
  • Removable Battery: Keep the dark side alive all day with a removable lithium-ion battery.
  • Charging: Easy charging with a 5V 1A adapter.

Why Wait? Seize the Dark Side! 

The Original DM Weathered isn’t just a lightsaber; it’s your path to becoming a Sith legend. This Black Friday, claim your destiny and embrace the power of the dark side. The galaxy trembles; it’s time to make your mark!

Ashoka Rebel (Duo) Xeno V3

Embrace the Light and Unleash Your Inner Jedi!


This Black Friday, embrace the force of good with the Tano Rebel (Duo) Xeno V3 dual-bladed lightsabers, now at an unbeatable discount! These lightsabers are your chance to channel your inner Jedi and wield the power of the light side. With their ergonomic grip and stylish design, you’ll not only feel like a hero but look like one too!


These lightsabers are faithful replicas of Ahsoka Tano’s iconic lightsabers from Rebels, renowned as the most stylish in the galaxy.


Let the force guide you with these remarkable features:

  • Super Bright RGB LED: Choose from 12 vibrant colors to match your mood.
  • Duel-Grade Polycarbonate Blade: A 92cm blade built for intense dueling.
  • Solid Frosted Aluminum Alloy Hilt: Combining durability and elegance.
  • Flash-On-Clash and SoundFonts: Authentic combat experience with dazzling flashes and limited sound effects.
  • Limited Blade Modes: Unique settings for added visual flair.
  • Realistic Sound Effects: Motion sensors bring your swings to life.
  • Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery: Keep the light side strong with a rechargeable/replaceable battery.
  • Bluetooth Support: Elevate your experience with enhanced connectivity.

Why Wait? Join the Light Side! 

The Tano Rebel (Duo) Xeno V3 lightsabers aren’t just weapons; they’re your ticket to becoming a true Jedi. Seize the moment this Black Friday and take your place on the side of good in the galaxy’s greatest battles. The force is calling; will you answer?

Koon Pro Proffie 2.2

Embrace the Radiant Force: Your Gateway to the Light Side!


Discover the power of the light side at an affordable price with the Koon Pro Proffie 2.2 lightsaber! This Black Friday, it’s your golden opportunity to grab an incredible deal and join the forces of good. Packed with advanced features, it’s your ticket to rule the universe in style.


Crafted as a tribute to the iconic Plo Koon lightsaber, this lightsaber boasts an ergonomic grip and stylish design, ensuring you look and feel the part.


 Experience the force like never before with these remarkable features:

  • Super Bright Pixel Blade: Choose from 20 customizable colors to match your Jedi style.
  • Duel-Grade Polycarbonate Blade: A sturdy 80cm blade built for intense dueling.
  • Solid Frosted Aluminum Alloy Hilt: Durable and elegant.
  • Flash-On-Clash, Smooth Swing, and SoundFonts: Customize your combat experience.
  • Various Blade and Ignition Modes: Tailor your lightsaber’s appearance.
  • Blade with Fitted Pixel Strip: Adds visual flair.
  • Premium Proffie V2.2 Soundboard: Ensures top-notch audio.
  • SoundFonts Customization and SD Card: Personalize your sound effects.
  • Open Source: Supports all customizations.
  • Realistic Sound Effects: Motion sensors bring authenticity.
  • Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery: Keep the light side strong with a rechargeable/replaceable battery.

Why Wait? Seize the Light Side! 

The Koon Pro Proffie 2.2 lightsaber isn’t just a weapon; it’s your path to becoming a Jedi master. Don’t miss this chance to join the light side of the force and take your place as a ruler of the universe. The galaxy awaits; will you answer the call?

Unleash the Force with Epic Discounts on Our Latest Lightsaber Collection! 

Join the cosmic celebration of savings this Black Friday and ignite your Star Wars dreams with our incredible lightsaber deals. Hurry, the force is strong with these discounts!

Don’t miss this chance to own the galaxy’s most iconic weapons at unbeatable prices.

Space Eagle Saber

Are you ready to elevate your lightsaber game this Black Friday? Look no further than the Space Eagle Saber, the stylish yet affordable choice that will make you the ultimate Jedi or Sith warrior in the galaxy.


The Space Eagle Saber offers an unbeatable blend of affordability and elegance. Priced competitively for Black Friday, it won’t break the bank while ensuring you wield a lightsaber that catches everyone’s eye. The solid frosted aluminum alloy hilt not only looks stunning but also provides durability during intense duels.


Now, let’s delve into why the Space Eagle Saber should be at the top of your Black Friday shopping list:

  • Super bright RGB LED with a choice of 12 colors.
  • Duel-Grade 82 cm Long Polycarbonate Blade for intense combat.
  • Solid Frosted Aluminum Alloy Hilt for style and durability.
  • Flash-On-Clash and Limited SoundFonts for immersive battles.
  • Multiple Limited Blade Modes for added excitement.
  • Realistic Sound Effects with Motion Sensors for authenticity.
  • Long-Lasting Lithium-ion Rechargeable/Replaceable Battery for uninterrupted action.

It’s the perfect opportunity to own a premium lightsaber at an unbeatable price. Whether you’re a long-time lightsaber enthusiast or just starting your collection, this deal is too good to pass up.

May the Force be with you as you make your purchase!

Original LSW Saber

Are you ready to take your lightsaber game to a whole new level this Black Friday? Look no further than the Original LSW Saber, the ultimate blend of style and affordability that will transform you into the galaxy’s most formidable Jedi or Sith warrior.


The Original LSW Saber offers an unbeatable combination of elegance and value. With a competitive price tag for Black Friday, it won’t strain your budget while ensuring you wield a lightsaber that turns heads. The solid frosted aluminum alloy hilt not only looks stunning but also guarantees durability during your most intense duels.


Now, let’s dive into what makes the Original LSW Saber a must-have this Black Friday:

  • Brilliant RGB  Blade with 12 Color Possibilities
  • Duel-Ready 92cm Polycarbonate Blade for Intense Combat
  • Solid Frosted Aluminum Alloy Hilt for Durability and Style
  • Immersive Flash-On-Clash, Smooth Swing, and Limited SoundFonts
  • Realistic Sound Effects Enhanced by Motion Sensors
  • Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery for Extended Action
  • Enhanced Experience with Bluetooth Support

It’s the perfect opportunity to own a premium lightsaber at an unbeatable price. Whether you’re a seasoned lightsaber enthusiast or just starting your collection, this deal is simply too irresistible to pass up.

May the Force guide you as you secure your own Original LSW Saber Lightsaber this Black Friday!

Balance V4 Saber 

Are you ready to elevate your lightsaber experience to a whole new level? The Balance V4 Saber is here to redefine your expectations of what a lightsaber can be. 


The Balance V4 Saber combines elegant style with cutting-edge technology. Its solid frosted aluminum alloy hilt houses a super bright pixel blade with 12 customizable colors, ideal for both combat and display. With features like flash-on-clash, smooth swing, and personalized sound fonts, it offers an immersive lightsaber experience. 

Powered by an open-source design and a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, this saber caters to enthusiasts of all levels. Don’t pass up this Black Friday chance to own the pinnacle of style and tech in a lightsaber.


Let’s dive into mesmerizing features of this iconic and stylish lightsaber:

  • Super bright Pixel Blade with 12 customizable colors
  • Duel-Grade 82cm Polycarbonate Blade for intense dueling
  • Solid Frosted Aluminum Alloy Hilt for style, durability
  • Customizable Effects: Flash-On-Clash, Smooth Swing, SoundFonts
  • Versatile Modes: Various Blade, Ignition settings
  • Pixel Strip Enhancement for visual flair
  • Premium Proffie V2.2 Soundboard, sound customization, SD Card support
  • Open Source design for ultimate customization
  • Realistic Sound Effects with motion sensors
  • Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery for uninterrupted action

This Black Friday, seize the opportunity to own the Balance V4 Saber, equipped with all the advanced features you’ve been searching for. Join the ranks of lightsaber experts and become a legend in the galaxy’s greatest battles. The Force beckons—will you answer?

May the Force be with you as you make your purchase!

Black Squadron

Get ready for Black Friday and your ticket to the Star Wars world with the Black Squadron. It offers a one-of-a-kind lightsaber experience, and the best part? It’s on sale for Black Friday!


What sets the Black Squadron apart is its cutting-edge technology, which brings a heightened level of brightness and realism to your lightsaber battles. Unlike standard in-hilt LED sabers, this one goes above and beyond, radiating that iconic Force energy. Its lifelike appearance adds to the enchantment, making it the ultimate choice for anyone dreaming of becoming a Jedi or embracing the dark side as a Sith.


Now, let’s delve into why the Black Squadron should be at the top of your Black Friday shopping list:

  • Highly luminous RGB LED offering a vibrant palette of 12 colors
  • A duel-ready 92cm polycarbonate blade built to withstand intense combat
  • Crafted from solid frosted aluminum alloy for exceptional durability
  • Dazzling flash-on-clash feature complemented by a selection of limited SoundFonts
  • Unique and exclusive limited blade modes for added visual appeal
  • Lifelike sound effects with motion sensors for an immersive experience
  • Extended usage ensured by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery
  • Elevated connectivity with enhanced Bluetooth features

The Black Squadron isn’t just a weapon; it’s your gateway to mastering the ways of the Jedi. Seize this opportunity to embrace the light side of the Force and claim your destiny as a ruler of the galaxy. The vast cosmos beckons; are you ready to heed the call?

May the power of the Force guide you in your purchase!

Take a look at these incredible discounts offered by NEO Sabers.

Ultimate Xmas Mystery Box

Ultimate mystery box neopixel lightsaber

This Black Friday is the perfect moment to get your hands on this ultimate mystery box, so take advantage of this opportunity. Get this incredible set now while it’s on sale for 40% off the original price! This amazing fun kit is equipped with 4 different sabers.

Features exclusive to this Ultimate Halloween Mystery Box includes:

  • A pair of Baselit that swing smoothly, a pair of sabers with four sound fonts, a pair of 92cm blades, a pair of 72cm blades, a pair of convertec wheels, and a pair of belt buckles.
  • There is one Xenopixel lightsaber, three Baselit sabers with smooth swings, in Xeno version a 92-centimeter (1-inch) Pixel blade, a 72-centimeter (2-inch) blade, and a 92-centimeter (2-inch) blade. The accessories include four buckles, four convertec wheels, a pixel plug, and three baselit plugs.
  • Polycarbonate Blades for Heavy Dueling
  • Sound Fonts Customizations via SD Card in Xenopixel
  • Removable Lithium ion battery so that you can last the whole day of cosplay without charging.

All much excitement at such a low price during this Black Friday deal is sure to amplify your enjoyment to new heights.

Saber Scabbard

“A Saber Scabbard is a decorative cover for the blade, adding a stylish touch to your saber.”


Discover the perfect saber scabbard to complement your blades right here. And what’s more, you’re in for a treat with our exclusive Black Friday sale, where you can save a huge amount on the Saber Scabbard. 

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity – it’s the perfect time to treat yourself and enhance your collection. Get your Saber Scabbard today, and be prepared to amazed everyone with its incredible aesthetics.

Incredible Features

Here’s what makes this Saber Scabbard stand out:

  • A Lengthy 95 cm Saber Scabbard
  • Compatibility with All Sabers
  • Crafted from Highly Durable Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Elevate Your Saber’s Aesthetic with a Futuristic Look

Don’t let this fantastic deal on the Saber Scabbard slip through your fingers during this year’s Black Friday sale. It’s the ultimate accessory to take your cosplay and fighting  to the next level.

Saber Wall Mount


Our Saber Wall Mount is the perfect accessory for showcasing, protecting, and organizing your saber collection. On this Black Friday, this is your golden opportunity to get your hands on one.

Exclusive Features

Here’s what makes our Saber Wall Mount a standout choice:

  • Showcase your saber as a decoration.
  • Efficiently use wall space, keeping your saber safe.
  • Minimize damage or scratches.
  • Quick access for fans and collectors.
  • Adds style to your space.
  • Keeps sabers neat and clutter-free.
  • Watch it become a talking point when visitors notice your displayed saber.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive Black Friday sale. It’s the best opportunity to upgrade your saber setup with the Saber Wall Mount.  Grab yours today and elevate your saber experience to a whole new level.

Super Bright Lightsabers For Cosplay: Neopixel Lightsabers

If you’re searching for lightsabers to use in a cosplay and that will stand out from the crowd, the Neopixel lightsabers are the way to go. Lightsabers with built-in LED lights are known as “neo pixel blades.” When compared to standard in-hilt LED sabers, Neopixel Lightsabers are brighter, have more features, and use more cutting-edge technology. Some of the latest eco neopixel lightsabers have also been added to the collection of Neopixel lightsabers.

 There are a plethora of high-tech options for these neopixels like:

  • A 50-watt RGB Neopixel strip light that can produce an unlimited variety of colours and effects. A super-bright RGB neopixel strip with an endless colour palette is included.
  • These lightsabers have powerful speakers and a wide range of sound levels.
  • These lightsabers have detachable polycarbonate blades with a special light filtering surface, making them ideal for intense duels.
  • With its 3.7v, 36,000mAh battery, you can play for hours without worrying about running out of power.
  • 5v micro USB for a wide variety of customizable sound effects

There are many different types of lightsabers to choose from. If you want a custom made lightsaber, you can have that too. You can also buy parts to make your own lightsaber. There is a great selection of lightsabers. These sabers are not only fun to look at, but they also pack a powerful light. Whether you’re using them for a Halloween costume or just to show off to your friends, these sabers are sure to impress.

Black Friday is the best time to get a neopixel lightsaber


When it comes to heavy dueling, few options are as durable as those that utilize RGB technology. Without any LEDs in their blades, these options are less likely to break under pressure. For those looking to get the most out of their heavy dueling experience, RGB is the way to go.

While Neopixel lightsabers have a more realistic appearance, more distinct effects, and are more expensive to build than regular RGB lightsabers, they also require more power to operate. 

You’ll need a sturdy blade that can take the pounding of a lightsaber duel if you plan to use it in combat. Due to the fact that the LEDs of a standard RGB lightsaber are housed in the hilt, the likelihood of blade breakage is low. When going into battle, they are the best option. Simply put, when the stakes are high, nothing beats an RGB lightsaber battle.

Which force do you represent? Dark side or the Jedi?

For Jedi Supporters

If you are a fan of the good side of the Force, then you will want to get your hands on a Jedi Lightsaber replica. These iconic weapons are not only a great way to show your support for the Jedi, but they also look great and are a lot of fun to play with. These replicas are designed to look and feel like the real lightsabers, and they make a great addition to any Star Wars collection. They also make a great gift for any Star Wars fan in your life.

Some of the most popular collection of Jedi lightsaber replica includes:

  1. Original LSW Saber
  2. Original OWK II
  3. Original MW
  4. Original RSW

In addition to the aforementioned replicas of Jedi lightsabers, a vast array of other lightsabers is also at your option. All you have to do is look through Neo Sabers till you find the right one for you.

For Sith Supporters 

Carrying a replica Sith Lightsaber is a great way to express your allegiance to the dark side of the Force. These remarkable replicas are exact representations of the originals, manufactured with the same care and precision as the original designs. Whether you’re looking to add to your collection or just want to show them off, these Sith Lightsabers won’t disappoint.

The following are examples of replica Sith lightsabers that have proven to be particularly popular:

  1. Original Darth Vader Xeno Neopixel Lightsaber 
  3. Emperor DS Xeno Neopixel
  4.  Jade II saber
  5. Grand Inquisitor’s Double Bladed

You can choose from a wide variety of lightsabers, not just the Sith replicas we just discussed. Simply browse our selection of Neo Sabers until you locate the one that suits your needs.

Don’t Miss Out The Chance with Neosabers Coupon Codes

If you are looking for the best deals on lightsabers this Black Friday, you might consider getting one of the sabers that are listed above.

You won’t have any trouble finding the right lightsaber for you because there are so many fantastic options to choose from. This may be your final chance to save big on these items! There are numerous tempting discounts available at the moment, and you shouldn’t let this opportunity pass without taking advantage of it.

There has never been a better moment to go out and get that one-of-a-kind item you’ve had your eye on. So, if you want to get started, why wait any longer? Get a head start on your Black Friday shopping by venturing out today?

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Lightsaber on a Black Friday Sale

  1. Lookout for Buy One, Get One X Offers

When you’re on a search for the perfect lightsaber on this Black Friday, keep an eye out for special deals like Buy One, Get One, or other exciting promotions. These can help you get more value for your money.

  1. Get the Most Futuristic and Collectible Lightsaber

To make the most of your lightsaber purchase, aim for one that not only looks amazing on your shelf but is also amazing for swinging and dueling with friends. It’s all about finding that balance between style and function.

  1. Ensure Warranty and Return Options

Protect your investment by choosing a lightsaber that offers a warranty and dependable refund/return options. This way, you can shop with confidence, knowing you have backup if things don’t go as planned.

All of these fantastic features and more are readily available at NEO Sabers. To make sure you get the perfect lightsaber for your needs, think about these things before delving into the Black Friday Lightsaber sale.

 Happy Black Friday shopping!


When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday 2023 is happening on November 24.

How long is shipping time?

If you’re looking for a fast shipping option, you’re in luck! Shipping time is only 3-7 days. This is a great option if you need your lightsabers quickly.

Which lightsabers come with black box in black Friday 2023 deals?

All replica sabers with pixel variants come with a premium black box.

The black box not only looks great, but it will also protect your replica saber from damage. Whether you’re displaying it in your home or taking it to conventions, the black box will keep your saber looking like new.

Can I return my Black Friday deal saber?

Yes, you can return it; we offer a 6 months warranty of all parts. Any faults can be replaceable. We know that sometimes things can go wrong, so we want to make sure that you’re always happy with your purchase. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service, so if you have any problems, just let us know and we’ll do everything we can to help. And we’re always happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

Can I get a Force FX Lightsaber from Neo Sabers?

Neo Sabers offers replica lightsabers in the Force FX Lightsaber category. Take a look at what we have to offer and pick the one that suits you best.

When I get a lightsaber replica, may I use it in a duel?

Most lightsabers have a relatively lightweight build for easy battling. You’ll want a sturdy build if you intend to engage in more intense or aggressive lightsaber dueling. The lightsaber blades produced by Neo Sabers are made of a shatterproof, ultra-durable polycarbonate, making them suitable for use in duels of any skill level.

Which lightsaber is the best one for sale?

All the lightsabers in our “Sale.” sections are fantastic and ready to be swung. Some of them are simply too cool to ignore, with their eye-catching hue shifts, lifelike sound effects, and other impressive features. Here’s your chance to buy a color-changing lightsaber for dueling that we highly recommend: a Neopixel lightsaber


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